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PRESS RELEASE: Azubu Sponsors TPA and TPS eSports Central

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PRESS RELEASE: Azubu Sponsors TPA and TPS

Azubu today revealed the sponsorship of their newest League of Legends teams, Taipei Assassins and Taipei Snipers, effectively filling the hole made by the departure of their former teams Blaze and Frost earlier this year.


TPA, Season 2's LoL World Champion and sister team TPS –AZUBU EU AG's newest sponsees.

-Both teams will be affiliated with Team AZUBU as AZUBU TPA and AZUBU TPS respectively.
-AZUBU TV will commence airing contents of AZUBU TPA and AZUBU TPS.

AZUBU Europe AG announced signing of its newest sponsorship agreement with TPA (Taipei Assassins) and sister team TPS (Taipei Snipers). On March 7th of 2012, AZUBU and TPA co-hosted the joining ceremony in Taiwan to make sponsorship of the two teams public.

From this point forward, TPA and TPS will perform under the names AZUBU TPA and AZUBU TPS and wear AZUBU incorporated logos at all official events. Responsible for having defeated AZUBU Frost at Season 2 of World Championship in 2012, TPA was named the world champion of the very
competition and the winner of the one million dollar prize.

Sister team TPS has been certainly up-and-coming with two defeats, a tie and a loss in Group A –along with WE and IG –of StarsWar League Season 2. TPA is currently leading in Group B with three defeats in the same league.

Regarding this sponsorship, Andy So, executive director of AZUBU TV spoke, "it is without any doubt that with TPA, the proud and deserved winner of last year's LoL world Championship Season 2 and TPS, the rising star to potentially stand atop all others, Team AZUBU will be reborn to be unsurpassed."

AZUBU TPA and TPS are scheduled to appear on air with footages of both individual and team practice contents via newly launched AZUBU TV's stream services. At the moment, AZUBU TV is operating 1080p high definition stream of materials pertaining to CLG, MYM, and SK Gaming as well as ex-pro-gamer Nada (Yoon-yeol Lee)'s individual broadcast of World of Tanks.

AZUBU's TV services are in function in addition to running an amalgam of e-sports teams for StarCraft2 and Guild Wars 2 to name a few.

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