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Quantic Domination Poses New Threat in NA LCS eSports Central

eSports Author Aidos
Quantic Domination Poses New Threat in NA LCS

There is a new bully in town. Quantic Gaming, the heavily favored challenger team to bust into the NA LCS, rolled over the competition to secure a berth in the NA LCS summer split. They defeated Team Astral Poke 2-0 in the first round. In the second round Quantic went rampant over CompLexity, also sweeping that series 3-0. CompLexity finished up the spring NA LCS season 5-5 and showed some serious promise moving forward. However, Quantic stifled their momentum by outclassing them and showcased their potential moving forward in the summer season.

So what makes Quantic stand out? They are the only North American pro team so far that truly boasts a similar play style to the popular meta in the Korean LoL scene: hyper aggressive early game play, constant early game objective control with forced fights. Quantic never planned for a long game. Instead, they sought out winning every game by 20-25 minutes if possible. Their up-tempo play style and individual prowess was too much for Team Astral Poke and CompLexity to handle.

First, for those who don't know them already, let's meet the players of Quantic!

Balls - Top

Balls likes to primarily play AP Bruisers, and his most picked is Rumble. He also pulled out Shen and Kennen in the summer promotion. He consistently won his lane and excelled in 2v1 situations. It was impressive how much higher his creep score would be in comparison to his 2v1 counterpart. Look for him to pull out Vladimir or even a top Diana moving forward in the LCS.

Meteos - Jungler

When Hai moved to mid after the former roster changes, Quantic had a phase where they had to try junglers in online competitions, and none of them worked out at all...until they found Meteos. He is a rising star in the scene, and dominated with his Zac play all summer promotion; he didn't die a single time during summer promotion. He also likes to play Elise, Volibear and Nocturne.

Hai - Mid

Hai is the main shotcaller, captain and focal centerpiece of this team. He currently favors assassin mid laners such as Kha'Zix and Zed, but also pulled out a mean Twisted Fate in the summer promotion as well. He is an extremely aggressive shotcaller who is very skilled at finishing a game quickly when his team gets ahead. Above all other players his team lives and dies through his success.

LemonNation - Support

LemonNation is the only original member left, and has a wealth of experience at the support position. He reached rank #1 in season 2 playing only support, and again rose to #1 challenger in season 3 for a while. In the lane phase he is a very active and aggressive support player, and always wants an ADC that goes for pressure and kills in lane as well, not a passive farmer. He played Sona all five matches in the summer promotion series.

SnEaKyCaStRoO-AD carry

The newest member of Quantic, SnEaKyCaStRoO joined the team on April 6th and had just over a month to adjust to playing for Quantic before the summer promotion. He gelled very well with LemonNation in the bot lane and they simply crushed their lane opponents, putting out a high dose of pressure and disrupting the ADC 'free farming' stage of the game. He played 2 champs in the summer promotion: 'blue item' Ezreal and even the unorthodox Jayce ADC.

Here's what Quantic shined at that makes them stand out:

Individual Talent in Lane Phase Dominance

Quantic possesses players that are consistently high in the challenger rankings. LemonNation and Hai were number 1 and 2 at one point. Balls, Meteos, and SnEaKyCaStRoO have also been in the challenger league for a long time. Although that doesn't mean everything it does prove that these are 5 especially talented individuals that are on the same team. These guys can solo queue and carry any teams they land on with the highest level of consistency.

SnEaKyCaStRoO gets first blood after a LemonNation Sona bait. Lautemortis was not happy about it..

So how does that transition into pro matches? One of the most similar parts of solo queue and pro matches is in the early lane phase. Players still head toward their respective lanes and try to outmatch and outsmart their lane opponent. This is also the phase where individual talent shines and there is an abundance of that on Quantic. They won their lanes hard throughout the summer promotion series leading to quick wins.

Winning lanes across the board is the most simple way to snowball. Quantic have that high level of laning prowess.

Their Deep Engage/Disengage Team Comps

Quantic heavily favored a style of team comp that could engage hard on their opponents but are also capable to peel, kite, and disengage quickly when necessary. Meteos was the centerpiece of this team comp and ran Zac jungle throughout most of the promotion series. Zac can use Elastic Slingshot from unexpected locations, and his Let's Bounce helps him either stick on the opponent's carries or to disengage in the other direction.

Meteos dives in with Zac just after a Sona Crescendo initiate and escapes from under the tower easily with Let's Bounce.

SnEaKyCaStRoO ran 'blue item' Ezreal three times, a build based around Iceborn Gauntlet and other blue items such as Spirit of the Elder Lizard, Muramana, and Last Whisper. This Ezreal build allowed him to use the slow proc from Iceborn Gauntlet on his Q ability, Mystic Shot, and his slippery ability Arcane Shift helped him move in and out of fights, even kiting for himself.

Balls' Rumble provided slows with the The Equalizer and Electro-Harpoon as well as a disengage on Scrap Shield. Balls also pulled out Shen for his Shadow Dash engage or disengage as well as the Stand United global teamfight pressure. This comp was often rounded out by Hai's mobile midlaners assassins such as Zed or Kha'Zix and LemonNation's Sona that could hard engage with a Crescendo

This type of team comp allowed Quantic to repeatedly dive enemy towers even when the opponents turtle in defense. With the right coordination, this team comp can perform a hard engage, dish out the damage, and the opportunity to disengage if it does not work as planned.

Here's SnEaKyCaStRoO's 'blue item' Ezreal build from game 1 against Complexity:

Quantic SnEaKyCaStRoO

'Blue Item' Ezreal has gotten very popular. SnEaKyCaStRoO went for the Spirit of the Elder Lizard start but you can swap out that path to go for The Bloodthirster mixed with the other blue items as well.

Early Objective Control Snowballs

Quantic Gaming showed off very strong objective control in the summer promotion series. One of CompLexity's biggest strengths in the LCS has been early dragon and buff control. However, Quantic outsmarted and outmatched CompLexity for early objectives. They knew when to shove a lane for towers, hold off lane pressure, or converge on the opponent blue or red buff for the steal.

Quantic Gaming often watched out for opponent mistakes in map control. When their opponents were out of position globally, Quantic quickly responded by sending two or three members to steal a red or blue buff, or rushed a tower from out of nowhere. Here's one example in-game one vs. CompLexity:

Meteos and Hai quickly converge on Complexity's Blue Buff after CompLexity's mid laner Pr0lly went to bot lane for a gank.

Asian Style Hyper Aggressiveness

The above points are based around their overall strategy of being a hyper aggressive team that force engages, especially around contested objectives. They don't like to play the 'stand off' game that NA teams often do, where each team is rotating around an objective and sizing up their opponents for a duration.

Meteos and Hai's shotcalling made split decisions rapidly with their team, and it showed in the summer promotion series. Hai's Zed play in mid was reminiscent of him and his team's playstyle: play mobile champions that can dive heavily for the kill with disengage potential to boot. Astral Poke and CompLexity had trouble dealing with this level of rapid movement and coordination.
After a failed CompLexity initiate Quantic turns around and counter attacks with a well-timed Crescendo, Elastic Slingshot and Trueshot Barrage back to back.

Quantic Hai's Zed from game 1 against CompLexity:

Quantic Hai

Hai and his teammates won this game in under 24 minutes so they could rarely reach full builds.

Eyes on Top Two

Quantic Gaming is new to the LCS but they are already strong enough to immediately compete for one of the top two spots and a berth to Worlds. They are a veteran team and have Meteos, possibly the most talented rising star in the NA LCS scene. Look for them to shock and awe with a strong start against even the best pro teams in the NA LCS.

Here's the Link to the VoD's for Quantic's games.

Player pictures from Leaguepedia

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A Chubby Baby (290) | May 21, 2013 1:26am
Blue item Ezreal is getting really popular.
rudyards (34) | May 20, 2013 5:41pm
Sneaky was also a solid player on Pulse. He's a good player and definitely deserves to be on Quanitc. And Meteos is a god from the games I've seen. His Zac was jaw dropping.

Curse could definitely drop Cop in favor of Nien. I doubt they will, but it wouldn't be a bad idea.
Aidos (3) | May 20, 2013 3:00pm
I think Quantic's happy with Sneakycastro. But Nien needs to start somewhere
Chemoshofbones | May 20, 2013 1:57am
seeign as mrn is out..... get nien in as adc or at least as sub :]
Aidos (3) | May 19, 2013 1:19pm
Look out for their new playmakers Meteos and SnEaKyCaStRoO. Those guys are the real deal. On the flip side, I really hope Nientonsoh finds a new team- he is such a beast ADC
rudyards (34) | May 19, 2013 1:04pm
I miss the days of Quantic.Nientonsoh and Yazuki. But I'm glad to see Quantic finally making it big.
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