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Tweets from Jatt's AMA on Twitter eSports Central

eSports Author Alan LaFleur
Tweets from Jatt's AMA on Twitter

During the downtime yesterday the amazing color commentator, Joshua "Jatt" Leesman, did an AMA on Twitter. He did a fantastic job answering hundreds of questions and actually had his account frozen because of too much tweeting. Since not everyone is a Twitter junkie, I decided to compile the responses that I thought were interesting and that MOBAFire readers might enjoy.

It started on December 30th with this tweet:

Becoming a better player

Most underrated jungler

Best junglers at the moment

Why junglers no longer take exhaust on Shyvana and Dr. Mundo

If vision changes are having the impact that Riot intended

Backdooring team compositions

Why Veigar doesn't see more play

On supports starting all consumable

On Malzahar in this tank meta

Best wombo combo

Soraka's viability

Spellthief's Edge as a starting item over Ancient Coin or Relic Shield

AoE team comps in the current meta

Best mid laner to carry Solo Queue

Best AD Carry right now

On Zilean's passive

Jungle Trundle's current viability

What to do bot lane when lane is pushed and is frozen

On siege strategies

The state of Zed and how to engage fights in the late game

Baron or inhibitor after a won teamfight?

Jungler trinkets

Builds for Hecarim: Lizard or Golem

Why Jinx caught on in NA and EU but not in KR

AD Marks or Armor Penetration Marks?

Thanks for doing the AMA Jatt! Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@RiotJatt)!

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