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Today is the day that a champion will be crowned in Korea but the champion may not be a Korean team. Counter Logic Gaming EU and Azubu Frost battle it out in front of a huge live audience in outdoors Seoul, South Korea. The winner here takes home 50,000,000 Korean Won (~$43,000 USD) and the right to call themselves the champion of one of the most difficult leagues in the world. The winner also gets 400 Korean circuit points, while 2nd place only gets 200 points. Azubu Frost had to win this to clinch first in the Korean Challenger Circuit, otherwise they are in the Korean playoff. read more (0 comments)

Recap: CLG EU and NaJin Sword fight for a place in The Champions final

by Alan LaFleur August 24, 2012
The OGN's Azubu The Champions Season is winding down to what is looking to be an incredible finish. Top teams battle it out for the chance to play in the finals of it all. read more (1 comments)

The Azubu teams battle to find out who is a finalist for Azubu The Champions Summer

by Alan LaFleur August 17, 2012
The Korean scene is synonomous with Azubu Blaze and Frost, so it was only fitting that the brother teams fight each other in the semi-finals with a lot on the line. Azubu Frost got out to a quick 1-0 lead in the best of 5 series with extraordinary play from RapidStar on Diana. Azubu Blaze was able to even it the next game by taking away Diana from RapidStar and having excellent early game turret control. Also, helped that Ambition got really fed on Vladimir. read more (0 comments)

Azubu Blaze continue blazing a trail to the finals of The Champions Summer

by Alan LaFleur August 8, 2012
Azubu Blaze comes into the round of 8 fresh off their incineration of the North American and Europe scene at MLG Summer Arena. Standing in the way of the semi-finals for the accomplished Korean squad was YellOw's team of Xenics Storm. The teams both had a difficult round of 16 group but Blaze was able to go undefeated taking out both NaJin Shield and World Elite. Xenics Storm was able to go 2 and 1 in their group with the only loss coming to StarTale. Could Storm take out the favorites to win Azubu The Champions Summer? read more (0 comments)

Voyboy shines as CLG advances in The Champions

by Alan LaFleur July 27, 2012
Group D of the Azubu The Champions is showing exactly why it is the Group of Death with intense action Friday. The first game of the day was a must win for CLG if they to advance from the group. If CLG won, it would be up to MVP Blue to force a 3 way tiebreaker. So, Incredible Miracle needed to win to seal their own fate, a loss would put their fate out of their hands. read more (1 comments)

Teams lack a miracle to take out CLG EU

by Alan LaFleur July 25, 2012
Azubu The Champions continues on Wednesday with Group D play. The group consists of two fan favorites from the international community, CLG NA and CLG EU, along with two Korean teams, LG-Incredible Miracle and MVP-Blue. Will both international teams be able to make it into the group stage or will the Korean teams smash the hopes and dreams of the international fans? Group D is sure to be exciting since the D in Group D stands for Group of Death. read more (7 comments)
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October 4 - October 13 2012
Los Angeles, California

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