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A couple weeks ago, Riot Games released an infographic that showed how many people actually play League of Legends: 32 million monthly active players. Today they released numbers that proved what that level of a playerbase can do for a viewing audience. read more (1 comments)

Analysing the picks and bans of the Season 2 World Championship

by Alan LaFleur October 18, 2012
The Taipei Assassins proved they are the best team in the world by beating Azubu Frost in the Season 2 World Championship. Find out just how they managed to convincingly defeat Azubu Frost to take the gold with our analysis of the championship match. read more (5 comments)

Preview of the World Championship: Taipei Assassins vs Azubu Frost

by Alan LaFleur October 13, 2012
Azubu Frost and Taipei Assassins face off at the Galen Center tonight, October 13th. These are the two best teams in the world, let's take a look at what makes them the best teams. read more (6 comments)

Interesting builds from the Season 2 World Playoffs

by Alan LaFleur October 11, 2012
Let's take a look at some of the more interesting builds that were seen at the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship. Of course, all builds are subjective and have a lot to do with the situation the player is in. However, I have noticed that players that can change their build on the fly are more successful. Let's take a look:

MaKNooN's build against Team Dignitas

MaKNooN was way ahead the whole game. He owned not only crumbzz but all of Team Dignitas. The Wit's End and Force of Nature were for Scarra since he was the only threat on dignitas.... read more (14 comments)

World Playoffs resume on Wednesday, October 10th

by Alan LaFleur October 9, 2012
Riot has announced the conclusion of the Season 2 World Playoffs. Tune in here as top teams such as Moscow Five, Counter Logic Gaming EU, World Elite, Taipei Assassins, and Azubu Frost battle it out to be labeled the best in the world! read more (3 comments)

Will Riot Learn from eSports History? An Analysis of S2 Playoffs

by Hardy 'SQSing' Pace October 7, 2012
The problems that occurred on October 6th during the Riot Season 2 Playoffs ranged from disconnects to cheating and the blame game was played by many individuals. What is important is Riot's role and their next steps to take a handle on the situation. I draw comparisons between Riot and other companies that have experienced the exact same issues within eSports broadcasting. read more (8 comments)
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October 4 - October 13 2012
Los Angeles, California

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