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A new team broke out onto the scene in the past month and that team is the creation of ForellenLord. The talented AP carry was upset with his former Alternate team at the European Regionals, where they didn't win a game, and decided to start over. The team he created has enough skill on it that they could quickly become a top team in not just Europe but possibly the entire world of competitive League of Legends.

"I played with KottenX alot...we knew each other for some months already. After I decided to leave Alternate, I contacted him, as I knew Na'Vi was disbanded as well." Carl 'ForellenLord' Luckmann continued, "Don't ask me where and how but had Kerp and Metalx in his bag, and I had LeofromKorea because he already played in Alternate."

The team was just picked up by ForellenLord and LeofromKorea's previous team, Team Alternate. The previous team of Alternate featured lesser known players for sure and never placed that well at... read more (1 comments)

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