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The upcoming changes to the items and mechanics of the game we all love may be a bit confusing. In an effort to clear up the confusion, we talked to one of the brighter minds, LiNk, in the game about the upcoming changes and his views on the changes.

How do you think Crystalline Flask (aka Dota bottle) will affect the laning phase? Will it become a starting item since it is 225 gold?

It will become a popular item if not the item to get on every champion. This will save a lot of money because currently everyone buys 2-3 hp pots on their backs coupled with a ward. I would most likely start with flask and boots while running the biscuit mastery every game. In some scenarios where pots are the success to holding your lane, I would just go for the old 3 pot build. The thing about flask is that pots work while you are being damaged. While it may not lead to super clutch plays like bottle did, having constant sustained regen is... read more (13 comments)

CLG Black: "We had to rely on our individual skills more than anything else"
by June 24, 2012
CLG Black impressed everyone at the Gigabyte eSports LAN by making the finals. No other team in the professional scene has risen in the scene quite as fast. Of course, the players on this team were cherry-picked from up and coming teams. There was a reason they were picked and it is because they are all very individually skilled. read more (0 comments)
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