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Team Dignitas takes one more step towards a stable roster in season 3 with the addition of former professional Heroes of Newerth and DotA player, Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen. The new top laner for Team Dignitas formerly played for Complexity Gaming's Heroes of Newerth team. While playing for Complexity they were considered a top tier North American team in the HoN scene. The team broke up around October 2011 and KiWiKiD left the Heroes of Newerth competitive scene.

In the past year, KiWiKiD has been a rising name in League of Legends due to coming into the game later than most of the players in the competitive scene. He gained some attention while playing for the University of Texas - Austin. The Longhorns achieved quite a bit of success in the college League scene with a few 1st place victories, a 2nd place in IvyLoL Premier League Season 1 and 3rd place in Season 2. The team just finished a (if the brackets on the website are correct) lackluster Azubu... read more (5 comments)

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