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IEM Katowice took place this past weekend. The level of competition among the teams was widespread with clear favorites and teams that didn’t stand a chance. Anyone making predictions would have told you that they believed it would be the two Azubus in the finals, fighting against each other for the title to take home from Korea. No one should have disagreed with this prediction, especially after the group stages were done.

The finals consisted of Gambit Gaming and Azubu Blaze. Gambit had a terrible first day in Group A. They were able to make it through but had to rely on the amount of time it took for them to win instead of on their win and loss record because of a 3 way tie at 1-2. Needless to say, this was not the Russian team the international League of Legends community knew and loved. They picked it up on Sunday though with a 2-0 against the powerhouses of Korea, Azubu Frost, which landed them the opportunity to... read more (1 comments)

Former Moscow 5 now Gambit Gaming
by January 14, 2013
The former Moscow 5 roster has announced the team is now under the title 'Gambit Gaming', a London organization. After the poor circumstances that Moscow 5 was dissolved, it was unclear what the future of the former Moscow 5 was, with this announcement we should be seeing them return to their former glory. Gambit Gaming has kept their former roster, the only change seeming to be their support player going under his name, Edward, instead of GosuPepper. With their eyes on Season 3 and beyond, it seems to be a strong move for the Russian team. read more (8 comments)
M5, SK, mouz, and Fnatic Qualify for IEM Katowice

M5, SK, mouz, and Fnatic Qualify for IEM Katowice

As the hype from IPL5 Las Vegas dies down, the League of Legends competitive scene is already gearing up in preparation for the next major event - IEM Katowice, in Poland. One team from Poland, three from the EU qualifiers, two from NA, and two from Asia will play against each other on January... read more (5 comments)
Moscow 5 secure victory in the League of Champions

Moscow 5 secure victory in the League of Champions

The League of Champions, a two day online european invitational tournament took place this week. The tournament used a double elimination format, where the losers of a match were knocked down to the Losers Bracket. The initial rounds were a best-of-one format, progressing into best-of-threes in... read more (0 comments)
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