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Team Spotlight - mTw

by Mowen July 3, 2012
mTw is a German-based gaming clan founded in 1998 by the name "mortal Teamwork." While they've had sponsored teams for many year they only recently acquired their first League of Legends team February 1st 2012. However, mTw wanted to expand their clan into the North American gaming scene, and on February 14th announced the upcoming LoL team "APictureOfAGoose" would be joining their clan as mTw-NA. I am sure Goose felt loved that Valentine's Day!

Goose was not big in the LoL eSports scene, they had made a name for themselves by qualifying for IEM Kiev alongside big names like Team SoloMid and Dignitas. Goose also beat out the teams Epik Gamer, Curse and V8 during the IEM qualifiers; surprising watchers everywhere. Their meta-breaking team compositions caught the competition off-guard. These other teams didn't know how to deal with a jungle Pantheon or Shaco, and were forced to ban champions they normally wouldn't. This gave Goose an edge in... read more (0 comments)

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