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Top Lane Tier list 6.9/Best 5 Top laners

5.Sion-Great laning you are tanky and u scale great for the mid game and late game u should go with the grasp of the undying and core is sunfire spirit vissage and iceborn.
4.Malphite-Not the best in lane/early but when u stack armor u become a moster and u have one of the best teamfights in the game u should use the grasp of the undying again with the same core items as sion.
3.Trundle-Trundle is one of the best picks now becouse of his laning,he is prob. the best 1 v 1 top laner now becouse of his ult and he is great in teamfights core items are sunfire iceborn spirit vissage titanic hydra/ravenous hydra.
2.Maokai-Maokai is prob. my favourite top laner right now.He provides amazing CC in teamfights and he is great laner with his passive giving him great sustain. I highly recommend u picking him and abusing the meta items.
1.Ekko-And the N1 is Ekko he is prob the best laner and he has the strongest early and mid game he is realy strong pick now and u should allways pick him when u can…

Are ranks important?

It's a very asked question : are player's ranks important in ranked 5v5's ?

The answer is quite simple, no. As a player, it doesn't matter if you're gold 3 or master, you need communication and synergy. It is always better to know your teammates, to know their play styles and to be confident and comfortable with them. So to those who are low in ranks, I tell you no worries, all you need is good teammates :D

The top 5 reasons to play Vladimir!

Alright so it's been a little while since I wrote a blog but I figured I should write one due to me really liking a certain champion who is underplayed. You guys already know that the champ is indeed
Vladimir the Crimson Reaper. This guy is honestly one of my favorite champions ever and for a few reasons that I will list below.

1: Vlad has amazing sustain, his Q is great for sustaining yourself in lane which means you won't be super reliant on potions for health, and can often stay in lane longer than any other champion in the game.

2: Vlad also has a wide variety of starting item options. He can start with an Amplifying Tome, Boots, Doran's Ring or Shield, and even Ruby Crystal! The Ring may not be the greatest choice due to Vlad not using the passive, but HP and AP goes well with your passive, speaking of...

3: Vladimir gains Health for buying AP, and AP for buying Health, however it doesn't stack with itself (otherwise you would have infinite AP/HP). This makes Vlad naturally tan…

The Best Ban for Each Lane!

Hello everyone I am back for another Blog. I wanted to bring you some good ideas for bans since some champs really need to be banned in this Meta or they will carry super hard, here they are!

Top Lane: Irelia
Reason: Irelia has seen a massive spike in pick percentage and for a good reason. She can thrive on being ahead, behind, or even with the other champion. Her 2 second stun, 75 true damage, and super high tenacity make her extremely hard to fight. She falls off late, so just bet on that!

Jungle: Jarvan IV
Reason: Super tanky, fast clear, amazing ganks, for more information, look into my last Blog!

Mid: Ahri
Reason: This fox has 3 dashes, a taunt, and high amounts of Magical and True Damage. Avoid fighting her and if you have to fight her, avoid her Charm and Orb. Counter her with any form of hard CC or a spell shield.

ADC: Sivir
Reason: Sivir counters a lot of ADCs, she can block spells and has massive range as well as a speed boost. Most other champs in the Meta have trouble a…

Jungle Tier List Patch 5.2

Hey guys, with the recent release of patch 5.2 Jungle has had some new arrivals on the top list, here is my current tier list of best Junglers in the meta!

1. Jarvan
I have no clue what makes this guy so strong, he just is right now. He has an amazing mix of Tank, damage, and cc. Even when he falls behind, his passive and ult are so strong he is still an issue. Jarvan has seen a spike in ban and pick rate since the patch. Ban Jarvan whenever possible. The only con about this guy is his low sustain in the new jungle.

2. Rek'Sai
Ever since release this Void Burrower has been a menace to players. High sustain, damage, and tankiness are what make her super strong right now. If you cant ban J4, ban her, otherwise she will carry her team due to low counterplay. Cons: Tunnels take getting used to as a new player

3. Udyr
Nicknamed "Godyr" by the man Trick2G this beast is super viable. Sustain, tank damage, and the infamous Gates are just a few issues here. He can take Dragon at level 3/4 if…

5.1 ADC Tier Lists and Notes

+=  Personal S5 picks
(+)= Potential Mid-S5 picks

Ban- Only noobs should play these.
1. Caitlyn- 
* Highest AA Range in the game
* Highest Damage poke of all ADCs
* Unbelievably difficult to counter
2. Lucian-
* Insane burst for an ADC
* One of the farthest dashes in the game
* Most ultimate potential of all ADCs
3. Tristana-
* Leap has high range, not even ult
* AA range eventually exceeds Caitlyn's
* Insane DPS in the general concept
Great- Ideal champions to be playing.
4. Sivir-
* Good burst with Q
* Good Sustained damage with W and ult
* Absurdly high CSing potential 
5. Jinx+-
* Great at counter-carrying
* Amazing Passive
* Good at CS
6. Vayne+-
* One of the best hypercarries
* High mobility
* Easily countered
Good- Certainly viable, but not the best.
7. Varus(+)-
* Outstanding counter-carry
* Most flexible ADC building
* Somewhat difficult to pull off
8. Draven(+)-
* Premier hypercarry
* Difficult to play
* Not ideal CSing
9. Corki-
* Potential for extremely high bursts
* Ha…

Fantasy LCS Preview

For those that don't know Riot has set up a fantasy LCS league for you to make with friends

I wanted to make a tier list of sorts or give a basic run down of what I think will be the best picks, maybe some sleepers, and perhaps some players that will regress:


Scoring is going to work in multiple ways

For Individuals

Kills worth 2 points
Deaths worth -0.5 points
Assists worth 1.5 points
CS worth 0.01 point per CS

There are then bonus points for

Triple Kills worth 3 points
Quadra Kills worth 5 points
Penta Kills worth 10 points
>10 Kills/Assists worth 2 points

Teams get far fewer points with a minimum of 1 for things like first blood and a maximum of 2 for things such as a Victory

Initial Strategy should tell you that individuals are far more important than drafting teams early. Teams can be a strong point stream; for example a team like Cloud 9 which consistently dominates each split with strong Objevtive, Baron, Dragon control and frequent victories will be a stead…

ADC Tier List + Tem Stuff

Bored again so I made another quick tier list.

Disclaimer: I'm taking into account both solo queue and competitive play as well as how risky/situational a pick is. In other words some of the tier 2 picks are situationally stronger than tier 1s and so on. Most ADC picks are very close in strength right now, there's only a few clear outliers - in general there's very little difference between the lower tier 2 picks and the higher tier 3 picks, so please don't take the exact positioning too seriously. Which makes me wonder why I'm even bothering to make this, but fk it.

Tier 1 (Great): Lucian, Caitlyn
Tier 2 (Good):

Jungle tier list - patch 4.5

Hello there,

figured It'd be fun to make a tier list specifically from my point of view as a jungle main. Patch 4.5 is really interesting because it made a lot of junglers very strong. Without any further ado, here's the tier list:

(Please note: tier 1 and 2 are really close. I kinda wanted to rename tier 2 to 1.5 to indicate this very slight difference. Tier 2 picks are generally more situational or have noticable flaws - all the tier 1 champions right now are ban-worthy)

Tier 1: Vi, Pantheon,

League of Legends Champions:

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