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The Perez Family, Professonal Mao Jungle Build.

Last updated on December 12, 2012
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Maokai Build

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Hi there! I'm The Klats, Professonal jungler of The Perez Family. I figure this is a good spot to write about who am I, and why I'm writing a Maokai build.

First off, this is my first guide on Mobafire. Any tips and tricks I can get are a huge help!

Anyway, I've been playing League since January 2012, so I've had just under a year of experience with this game. I picked up Maokai at the prompting of a friend, and from there have begun some crazy jungling rampages with this amazing champion since. After the Season 3 Pre-Season patch went out, I started adjusting my normal Maokai build. Eventually, it worked into something very different, and turned my Maokai into a burn damage sort of chaser, and it's been working very effectively. From there, I decided to go ahead and write my first guide for Mobafire, about this lovely champion.

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Creeping / Jungling

I don't have any diagrams for you, unfortunately, but I'll just give a simple list for my ideal route.

1. Ancient Golem with a strong pull to keep your health up high. Smite to kill.
2. Wolves, using E and Q to clear as quickly as possible.
3. Wraiths. By now, you might want to use your health potion
4. Red Lizard, with Smite again.
5. Depending on my health here, I either recall, or go to Golems.

I then continue my route from here.

1. Wraiths
2. Golems (If you didn't)
3. Wolves
4. Search for some ganks.

Ganking with Maokai is especially easy if you have Flash, as well. Have your teammate lure, run forward, and use your W to root them. Step back and then the root ends, use your Q to knock them up, and throw an E to get some damage out. Hopefully you'll have scored a kill now.

From here, I like to go back into the jungle, and toss a Sapling into the bush nearest to a buff, to deal a bit of pain to the enemy jungler if they go for their buff, and for a free 35 second ward.

I then continue my route, and attempt to do Wraith, Wolf, or Buff steals from here on out, seaching for lanes to gank. Maokai is also very good at sacrificing himself to get a teammate out. By rooting one enemy in a pack, the others will converge on you, and you can Q them to get some distance. This gives allies time to run if need be, and also you as well, if you have a flash up. If you can escape, do so, but if not, die knowing you saved an ally in the process. I don't recommend doing this if you have buffs, however.