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Orianna Build Guide by SeeEl

Middle --

Middle --

Updated on October 10, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SeeEl Build Guide By SeeEl 12 1 40,791 Views 1 Comments
12 1 40,791 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SeeEl Orianna Build Guide By SeeEl Updated on October 10, 2019
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Kill Pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Introduction to Orianna

'I truly believe that a good Orianna has no counters' - PADO (Top 30 player)

This guide was created through the collaboration of knowledge from a competitive coach, multiple challenger level players & various research data from KR VOD's & DOPA.

While initially unsuccessful at utilizing this champion, I persevered because theoretically, this champion is currently top 3/4 in terms of carrying potential in Solo Queue. This is due to her disgusting range, strong laning, ridiculous scaling, incredible utility, flexibility & safety.

After hundreds of matches in ranked as well as extensive research & coaching sessions, my suspicions were proved correct. Orianna can be viewed as a more consistent Syndra (with less burst). She is a indominable laner who when used with correct lane priority & wave manipulation can abuse, out trade and therefore outrotate 90% of the midlane champion pool. Anyone who says that Orianna is a bad laner is a literal gorilla and should not be listened to. In fact, one of the reasons I had come to write this guide is because of these abominations of guides on Mobafire currently available on Orianna.

Think about it this way. The fact that you can as a champion:
a) both shove the wave,
b) poke at the same time as well as,
c) have stupidly high damage auto attacks
d) have no bad matchups...

Very few matchups like Zed (kill pressure), Zilean & Asol (Priority, Presence and Jg Gank Assistance) can have priority over you in mid lane.

*Priority for those who are new to the game is the concept of being in a position to outrotate your laner to help the jungler. This is incredibly important at the moment with the double scuttle jungle meta. This generally involves having your wave shoved in/slowpushing*
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Introduction to Guide Writer (Skip if ceebs)

Hey everyone, my name is Chris, better known as SeeEL (pronounced C L)- a challenger series level coach who has two years of experience at the collegiate levels.

Taking time out of my day to learn more about the game in order to apply them to my coaching of solo queue players as well as pro's in high level competitive play is my passion. As such, I am providing free coaching through VOD reviews & OP.GG reviews on my stream (everyday) while also studying full time and running my own digital marketing business. My peak rank is D3 100LP s8 and currently play primarily Orianna at the High Plat/Low Dia ranks. I have had extensive interaction with the champion as she is a staple pick in competitive and have ample knowledge on how she should be played both in Solo Queue and in the Profession Matches. Personally, I have utilized her with a 55~60% winrate despite my poor micro abilities purely through high level macro & rotations. I am also utilizing knowledge that I have gained from talking to many high Challenger players including the likes of PADO & Hotchelli (Top50+). Others that helped me gain knowledge (but more general) include people like Coach Curtis, who was gracious enough to take time out of his day to teach me and answer some questions.

(Coach Curtis is an OPL coach in Oceania for Dire Wolves, who went to Worlds).

While I may be lacking in many areas, I will do my very best to thoroughly explain and improve your ability to carry with this broken as champion.
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Socials - Taking Questions

My stream:
My youtube:
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Use primarily auto attacks and only use your abilities to farm if you have plentiful mana or are looking to hard shove. Your general goal is 10cspm, with a minimum baseline if 7cspm even as a low tier player. Take your lane slow and maximise your ability to snowball lane leads by creating minion differentials (basically slow pushing). Set this up by having 2~3 more minions then they do. Any kind of shoving by enemy laner should be matched to the best of your ability to force them to play under tower with a huge wave facing them. Finally, remember that this kind of wave management will net you higher creep counts as the farm will slow push back to you, allowing you to set up traps/ganks or freezes.

Midlane, in general, is all about wave management and is actually one of the reasons why Orianna is Broken.

You can opt to watch one of my VOD reviews or APDO's wave management guide (simplified by skill capped) to get a better understanding of how you get leads by having superior understanding of waves. While the champion is not the same, the concept definitely is.
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Ranked Play

Make sure to use this priority aforementioned in the previous chapter to rotate and clear out vision on both top & bottom river bushes all while securing your own vision. Pink ward buys are essential as having a grey screen in ori is the WORST thing that can happen to you.

Make sure that you have a tank/utility champion in your team or opt to dodge as it can not only save you MMR but enable you to carry much harder in many scenarios. This is because it can set up your Ultimate through Crowd Control or the extension of your ball range. Your q range to set up ultimates is relatively short compared to the massive range you are granted when the ball is on somebody else.

Examples include Jarvan, Alistar and Kha'Zix.

Make sure to also dodge games where you are all AP, as Orianna specifically suffers greatly and you miss out on the opportunity to deal true damage with early oblivion orb (morello prerequisite) and sorcerors boots.
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Orianna doesn't really have any mechanics that make it extremely difficult to play. What separates really high tier Oriannas and low tier Oriannass are the use and positioning of their ball.

Great Video, but items/runes Outdated:

General Rules are:
1) Always throw your ball (Q), and kite back during ball travel animation. This is REALLY not looked at enough and its ESSENTIAL to use. I have not seen a guide talk about this but this is HUGE for extending your range up to 25~ and making lanes unwinnable with good spacing. Essentially you can Q + Walk away and the enemy will be unable to touch you. Static Oriannas are BAD Oriannas.

2) Position your ball aggressively and imagine it as a wall. This goes for both laning phase and general purpose situations (teamfights, sieging, etc). In lane, position your Orianna ball near the caster minions and this will deter the enemy from CS'ing. When people disrespect this, make sure to smack them across the face with a QW combo. There are exceptions in matchups like kassadin as you may opt to abuse his melee range and have ball close by to use as a shield. Post-6 this applies to the Kassadin matchup as well however.

3) Your W is utility, not just damage. Use it to speed yourself away or toward enemies in lethal situations or kiting situations. I see too many oriannas focused on QW'ing the enemy then dying, when they could have simply W'd away on top of themselves, Q + Autoed, and repeated.

4) Make sure to smack them with your auto attacks. If you are not weaving in AA's as Orianna, you may want to look for a new set of hands. Her autos are legit so broken, and it doesn't make sense how it does extra damage every time you use it (2 stacks). Even in team fights, you should look to weave in as many autos as you can to the limit of efficiency. Obviously with high CDR and lategame, opt to use abilities.

5) Abuse mid priority through roams and assist your jungler by invading with him, forcing 2v1 situations constantly. Although the champion is different, this is a low level (Silver) VOD review I did for Aurelion Sol. You should abuse mid priority in a similar manner.

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