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Jarvan IV Build Guide by SeMike

Jungle diamond

10.10 Jungle Jarvan IV

By SeMike | Updated on May 14, 2020
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Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

10.10 Jungle Jarvan IV

By SeMike
Early Game & General tips


You can do very scary lvl 2 gank, which is powerful especially in high-tempo ganking jungle, which howerver isnt the case for patch10.10 . Especially in lower elo, you should always try to lvl 2 gank one of the lanes close to your red buff. If you lvl 2 gank mid lane and it works out, you can invade enemy red buff unless enemy jungler started there.

Conqueror keystone

Conqueror is an amazing rune for extended fights. If enemy jungler can't kill you on one spell rotation, such as Elise full combo, you are more often than not going to win extended fights with Jarvan.

Electrocute keystone

Electrocute is better option for short fights and early game ganks, but falls of later on in the game. If you build full damage, it will still deal a bunch of damage later on in the game, and with Jarvan you proc it very easily with just EQ+1aa.

Using ultimate

You can use your ultimate as a damage source, ideally to multiple targets since its pretty wide AoE.
You can use your ultimate to zone someone and jump away (great example is ghost olaf).
You can use your ultimate to zone enemy from your fed carries
Itemization Back to Top
Jungle item Enchantnemt (AD): Go for this if you are ahead or even with the enemy jungler.
Jungle item Enchantnemt (HP): Go for this if you are behind in the game or you have a lot of damage in your teamcomp and your role is to be a tank.
If you are ahead in the game or just even but need to be a strong damage dealer, this is a great 2nd item. Especially good against champions who build armor.
Ideal 3rd item if you want to keep building in the damage-bruiser path. If there are either heavy ad or heavy AP opponents, go for smh else (Maw, Randuin or GA)
Do not combine with Maw! (same passiv)
Strong replacement for Sterak's Gage if enemy has a ton of magic damage. However, will leave you squishy in terms of HP, so you might only wanna go for Hexdrinker, build some HP and then finish this item later.
Do not combine with Sterak!! (same passive)
If you are building tank and your carries are ahead, you can go for this item to give them a little extra bit of protection.
Very strong item, even as 2nd choice, but 3rd and later ideally,
if enemy has a lot of physical damage and critical dmg dealers.

After the little rework of this item in 10.6 it's very powerful off-tank item, works well with the classic warrior->black cleaver->sterak build, as a later option (4th item in this case) an amazing option, adds you a bit of sustain and off tank stats as you miss those in the build mentioned above.
If enemy has a ton of magic damage with repetitive abilities (Cass E, Teemo E/R, Rumble etc.) you can go for this item.
If you already have Adaptive Helm or do not want to go for Adaptive Helm at all, you can go for Spirit Visage instead.
You can also just go for this item if you have a lot of healing from your team (Janna or Soraka support etc.)
Popular item build alternative especially in competitive or if you fall really behind in the early game. You only want to build this item if you are building full tank. You basically want to jump in 1v5 with this item and create as much chaos as possible and let your team carry you.
Good item choice if you are building full tank but want some damage as one of the last items, also a good choice if you are building Gargoyle, as you can use this just before using the Gargoyle active which makes you lose damage.
If you want some extra tankiness with armor and chase down enemy carry, good option to go for.
Pros & Cons if this pick Back to Top


+ Able to gank since lvl 2
+ Decent for soloing epic jungle camps
+ Huge build variability
+ Mid-low skill requirement
+ Decent ganks in every way possible
+ Armor reduction on basic ability (Q)
+ Almost All damage is AoE
+ Decent scale


- Sligthly weak agains't a lot of CC (dash interrupt)
- Risky lvl 1 jungle full-clear
- Not as significant 1v1 damage
- Bad at full clearing camps (unless Tiamat)
League of Legends Build Guide Author SeMike
SeMike Jarvan IV Guide
10.10 Jungle Jarvan IV
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