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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides

Anivia Build Guide by orangepenguinhead

Middle [10.13] Blue Bird Is The Word: Anivia Guide

By orangepenguinhead | Updated on June 26, 2020
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Runes: Main Runes

1 2 3 4 5
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
Standard Route
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
Ranked #19 in
Middle Lane
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.13] Blue Bird Is The Word: Anivia Guide

By orangepenguinhead
Some Information
Introduction Back to Top
Hey guys, this is my first guide on MobaFire. When I started playing League I one tricked Anivia for the whole season. Anivia is a fun control mage that can dish out a load of damage while being safe in the backline. Anivia is not a mechanically intense champion in my opinion but the way you play her is the difference between an average Anivia and a great Anivia. I will continue to add to this guide over time. Let me know what I should add to this guide and how I can improve. Thanks! And good luck with your games!
Abilties Back to Top
Flash Frost: Your Q is an AOE skill shot that can stun enemies where you stop the Q. In the early game, don't waste your Q by spamming it. You want to use your Q to setup or engage for a gank.

Crystallize: This is a unique ability since it's one of a kind. In the early game, I max W at level 4 because in many cases you won't be using your W in lane. When you position your wall inside the jungle and you want to cut off the enemies, don't cut off the whole route because if the enemies burn their flashes, you also need to burn flashes too. So cut of 3/4 of the escape route so the enemies have to burn flash to get away while your team can just walk around the wall.

Frostbite: This is your main source of damage since its always going to hit because it's a point and click ability. If the target was hit by your Q or stepped into your R/ULT, your E does double damage. In lane, you can use your E to harass but don't spend all your mana trying to poke your enemy.

Glacial Storm: Your R is an AOE ability which slows enemies that are inside of it. Positioning your ultimate during a teamfight is crucial because if you don't put it in the right spot, you have to wait a few seconds before you can place it again. I usually press R and then W so that the enemies are forced to move into one direction. Since the enemies are slowed, it makes it easier to hit your Q.
Combos Back to Top
Q>E: This is one of the combos that can dish out a ton of damage in the early game. When you hit level three, you want two points in your E and one point in your Q. If you manage to land your Q, and follow up with an E, you can half health some champions that are super squishy.

R>W>Q>E: When you place your ult, you want to angle your wall so that it guides the enemies in a certain direction. This makes hitting your Q easier and then your team can follow up with their damage and CC.
Laning Phase Back to Top
Pre-6: Try to freeze the wave outside your tower and last hit all the minions. If you get pushed into your tower, try using your E if you feel like you can't get some of the minions. Also, proc your mana band flow with E's when your opponent tries to walk up and cs. Against champs that you know you can bully like Ryze or someone who is squishy, you can use your mana on poking them down to force them to back.
Mid-Game Back to Top
At this point around the 10~15 minute mark, you should have your Rod of Ages and Tear already. Focus on farming whether it's the lane minions or the jungle camps. Make sure to always clear the lane minions because if you don't it is "lost" experience because unlike jungle camps which is always there. If you do clear everything out, look to roam with your jungler or team to get picks.
Late Game Back to Top
This is where Anivia is extremely good, once she has Rod of Ages, Seraph's Embrace and at least one other item. In this stage of the game 25 min and beyond, you should always be looking to team fight and pressure for objectives. Remember that applying pressure doesn't mean you need to get kills, simply getting the enemy team low is good enough for pressure.
Team Fights Back to Top
During team fights, since you will be a damage source, the opposing team might try to engage on you. Make sure that you position your ult and wall properly to cut off and isolate one or two enemies at a time. As an Anivia, you need to make sure that you are dodging any form of CC as your ultimate will go back onto cooldown if you do. Don't be afraid to Zhonyas if you are about to get CCed as your ult will still go on while you are in stasis(when you are untargetable).
League of Legends Build Guide Author orangepenguinhead
orangepenguinhead Anivia Guide
[10.13] Blue Bird Is The Word: Anivia Guide