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Pantheon Build Guide by Keegun

Top [10.14] Keegun, Pantheon Galaxy, Season 10 Top/Mid/Support

By Keegun | Updated on July 9, 2020
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Keegun's Featured Video

Runes: Top vs everyone

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 48%
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Top lane vs everyone
If not fed go support items.
If your fed turn kindlegem into BC and aegis into locket.


Make Pantheon Great Again:

A petition I made to bring attention and highlight the bad state he currently is in for top lane and how being used as a cheese/proplay draft/glorified support is not what a successful rework is. If you support the cause thank you for signing.

In-Depth Pantheon Mid Guide

In-Depth Pantheon Support Guide

Hi, I'm Keegun. I reached top 10 in season 7 and 8 and was the highest ranked pre-rework pantheon player in season 9 with 2 accounts over 800LP. I've also held multiple challenger accounts in each of those seasons with pre-rework pantheon only. Now with reworked pantheon's state its a complete downgrade and cannot 1v9 carry anymore. I'm still trying to find ways for Pantheon Top to flourish and be the carry he once was. Nice to meet you.


I also stream occasionally twitch so if you want to tune in you are very much welcome.

You can watch me play Pantheon live at

If you want to join my community here's my discord:

I have been playing this game since Season 2 and every season my peak elo was higher than the previous year.

Season 2 : 1900 Elo Peak
Season 3: D1 0LP
Season 4: Master
Season 5: Challenger
Season 6: Challenger
Season 7: Peaked at Rank 3 and ended with 3 Challenger Accounts.
Season 8: Peaked Rank 7, Ended top 30 and 3 challenger accounts again.
Season 9: Peaked 2 accounts 800LP+ challenger with pantheon only.

TSM Bjergsen thoughts about my pantheon:

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Flash + Teleport -

The current Season 10 state of the game is very team oriented and team reliant. Before playing with ignite top was fine because of snowballing and team objectives were less powerful. But now with additions of Dragon Soul and changes to top lane (i.e Blade of the Ruined King, Death's Dance, nerfs to panth) getting ahead in lane still will not guarentee a good snowball to win. It is too easy for the enemy team to play defense and comeback through items spikes, scaling, or battles for objectives which allow the enemy team a good teamfight to play their comp along with bounty collection. Teleport is more needed because win conditions are higher when your team gets ahead rather than yourself as you dont scale nor have the damage in your kit to 1v9 compared to old panth. For very low elo you can take ignite if you want but as you climb higher up it's preferred you take TP. The skill of using TP can also transfer into other top lane champions as well so its not entirely wasted not taking ignite anymore. Practise makes perfect TP plays.


Flash + Ignite

When you are mid lane you are the damage of the team. The carry and 1v9 player. You must go full damage and ignite helps you to solo kill or turn duels in your favour. When support ignite gives you the most kill potential in bot lane for snowballing. Exhaust is not needed for the power of early game panth you dont want to let the game scale. Take your advantages early game as much as possible.

Extra: Mid Lane vs hard matchups (i.e Long Ranged)

When against difficult matchups mid lane you can take TP to help you survive the lane. Azir is one of pantheon's hardest counters and this lane is very hard to win as an example. TP will help you come back to lane without giving up minions or when you roam and dont want to fall too behind.
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Works against everyone in top and is the most safest rune. The patch 10.13 conq change did not effect much at all. It gives you the most early game damage for laning phase and Pantheon can quickly stack it with Emp W. But be aware against your matchups in top lane. Just because you have a 5stack passive ready does not mean you should engage a trade with Emp W first. Most juggernauts/tanks/bruisers in top lane all out damage you in duels when they have all abilities up. If you use up W you have no escape ability. A better trade pattern for laning phase is using 3/4 stack passive and going W>auto>EmpQ and saving the E for their trade. Although you dont stack conq you can quick trade and back off without committing 100% to the fight and die.(i.e Darius/Sett matchup if you engage with Emp W first you are asking to die. They both have higher damage numbers than you and you'll get stat checked to death)


Do not need Presence of Mind when taking Biscuit Delivery. It already gives increased max mana and anything after that is not needed. Healing is nice for clutch plays and teamfights.

Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity

Alacrity when the enemy team comp has not much CC.
Tenacity when the enemy team comp has lots of CC.

Last Stand

You fight to the death in top lane so this is activated more often than Coup de Grace.

Biscuit Delivery

Gives increased max mana and more sustain for lane phase or you can use along with Timewarp Tonic to gain a boost of HP during fights in lane. It also sells for 30g so if you recall and need extra gold to buy something then do so. Selling it still gives you the max mana.

Time Warp Tonic

Gives you extra movement speed to catch people with W or run away. Using corrupting pot in fights gives you a boost of extra HP to survive or win the duel. This movementspeed increase can be the difference of you being in range for W or just barely running away or dodging a skill shot.



Most damage possible when bursting. Easily proc with W-Auto-EmpQ from 3/4 stack passive. The playstyle of this rune is similar to old panth. Assassin style and one-shot power. Very fun rune to go if you choose to use it. The damage output will also surprise you.

Taste of Blood

More sustain vs ranged mid laners to keep you in lane for as long as possible. Way more useful than sudden impact which is just a little boost of dmg compared to staying in lane longer for more XP/Gold and not forcing the recall.

Eyeball Collection

Stacks the quickest if you are constantly fighting. You can also go Ghost Poro. Gives you RAW damage increase for snowballing.

Absolute Focus

One of the core secondary runes I want from this tree. Gives you more AD to wave clear, and takedown enemies quicker when you are roaming or ulting in. Makes your first strike more deadly which is usually all you do because your cooldowns are so long.

Gathering Storm

The second core rune I want. Permanent AD throughout the game to keep you dealing more damage as the game goes on. Every point of AD increases your full combo greatly and could be the difference if they get under 20% hp for the crit or one-shotting minion waves. These two runes together give you more AD than full stacked Conqueror does at all times not even in combat.

Extra: When vs hard matchups.

You could also go Conqueror and Inspiration for maximum early game power. This rune page is the same as Top lane. The movement speed from timewarp helps to juke spells and biscuits gives added sustain to live the early game. Hard matchups would include Azir, Velkoz, Xerath as examples.



Can easily proc with W and makes you tanky. Scales when you buy Knight's Vow and Locket of the Iron Solari. More defense for the tank support playstyle and makes sure you arn't completely useless in mid-late game. You can be tanky enough to frontline for the team or protect your ADC.


Other 2 in this level are useless so take this one. Can take tower plates easier. Can be the difference of getting an extra plate worth of gold during laning phase.

Bone Plating

More tankiness but if they have alot of poke then take Second Wind.


More HP to survive and be more tanky. I dont take Unflinching because you are already building tanky and having extra health is always more useful for most situations.

Taste of Blood

Gives you free sustain in lane. Can easily proc by hitting a long range Q either at them or through minions. Very useful against double poke lanes like Ashe+Zyra. Helps to get free health and stay in lane longer.

Relentless Hunter

More movement speed to roam quicker. If you get early kills this rune is OP when you rush tier 2 boots you become super fast in the early game. This rune essentially turns your tier 2 boots into mobility boots quality for free.
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Top Lane:

Starting Items:

Corrupting Potion - Gives you sustain for lane and helps to win duels, chase an enemy, or escape with Time Warp Tonic. Pantheon has no innate mana sustain so you must start with a mana sustain item otherwise you'll run out quick and have to force a recall losing minions. Your E costs a large 80 mana so incase you use it in lane it'll put you out of mana very quick.


Youmuu's Ghostblade - 1st core. Gives you movement speed to catch or run away since you are a immobile champion. The lethality helps to kill squishy enemies early on and gives you decent damage.

If enemy team is squishy:

Edge of Night - 2nd item. More damage and tankiness for early-mid game. The spell shield can be the difference of surviving or catching an enemy. VERY useful when combining it with your R. When you land you wont immediately get CC'd to death. (i.e Against a Veigar, Xerath, Vel'Koz, or Caitlyn the spell shield will prevent them from using their CC right where you land)

Black Cleaver - 3nd core item. You get more health, cdr, and armor pen. Everything in Pantheon's basic kit can proc Black Cleaver. Q is AoE, W is physical itself, and every tick of E applies additional BC procs. If you use Emp W thats 4/6 stacks instantly on a target. Followed by E procs to AoE as many procs as possible.

If enemy team is tanky:

Black Cleaver - 2nd item. You get more health, cdr, and armor pen.
Lord Dominik's Regards - 3rd item. More armor pen. This item is best when facing multiple tanky enemies that will stack more armor as the game goes on. (i.e Ornn top, Zac jg, Ezreal ADC)

Last Items:

Guardian Angel - Best for mid-late situations. The active makes your dives more impactful during baron/dragon/teamfights.
Lord Dominik's Regards - If they have lots of armor or tanks.
Mortal Reminder - Lots of healing
Maw of Malmortius - For the MR and against heavy AP damage.


Ninja Tabi - For lots of AD/Auto attack damage.
Mercury's Treads - For lots of AP or high CC.

Mid Lane: You can run the Conqueror setup when vs hard matchups (i.e Long Ranged) or need to win the early game.

Starting Items:

Corrupting Potion - Gives you sustain for lane.


Duskblade of Draktharr or Youmuu's Ghostblade

Duskblade gives you highest dmg possible. Youmuu's for utility and catch potential. Most often I go duskblade to one-shot and better carry potential. If you were an old panth main you will enjoy this item and playstyle alot as its most similar to how he was pre-rework.

Edge of Night - 2nd item. More damage and tankiness for early-mid game. The spell shield can be the difference of surviving or catching an enemy. VERY useful when combining it with your R. When you land you wont immediately get CC'd to death. (i.e Against a Veigar, Xerath, Vel'Koz, or Caitlyn the spell shield will prevent them from using their CC right where you land)

Lord Dominik's Regards - If you buy this 3rd you'll have the highest dmg possible 3 item combination. Makes sure their armor stack at mid game doesnt counter your dmg an works very well against squishies. Downside you dont have GA so if you have a big bounty by now you can easily give it away. You get high dmg but low survivalbility so becareful while you enjoy the dmg. This is the most glass cannon build you can get on this champion. Very fun to play when you get to this point.

Guardian Angel - Get this after LDR to survive after you one-shot someone. If you have 2800 gold on recall or more you can buy this item straight up if your bounty is already really high then get the dmg items later. You can also buy this item 3rd if you already have a big bounty.

Last items:

Black Cleaver - Keeps you alive and more armor pen.
Maw of Malmortius - Take against high AP.
Youmuu's Ghostblade - If your against all squishies.


Starting Item:

Steel Shoulderguards + Health Potion

This item is targons. Helps to keep you alive and gives AD as well. Dont take the sickle. You will have trouble procing it and it does not gives bonus damage on your basic attacks or abilities.

Rush Tier 2 boots

Ninja Tabi - For lots of AD damage.
Mercury's Treads - For lots of AP or high CC.
Boots of Swiftness - When they have lots of slows

The Tier 2 boot rush is to abuse the highest ms in the game (355) and to have an easier time catching people with your W and roaming in the early game for pressure/vision control. ADC's also have the lowest base ms in the game so it makes it easier to jump them with your high ms. When tagged along with Relentless Hunter you will be on par with mobility boots ms.

Rush Executioner's Calling next.

This is the cheapest source of AD while having one of the best utility for the team. You can easily proc it by your Q, W, and E ticks. All of Pantheon's basic abilities are physical. All enemy comps nowadays are guaranteed to have lots of healing anyways so very worth investment item so your team doesn't have to build it themselves!

Then get these two next. Kindlegem + Aegis of the Legion - Gives you health and defense for mid game. If you get fed you can turn the kindlegem into Black Cleaver.

Now depending on how fed you are in the game you decide to build more support or turn into damage.

If your are not fed: Get these two.

Knight's Vow - Helpful item to your ADC to keep them alive. Also gives you tons of armor.

Locket of the Iron Solari - Gives you alot of MR and helps to shield your team.

If you are fed: You can buy Black Cleaver.

Black Cleaver - Turn the kindlegem into this item. Gives you health, CDR, and most importantly, AoE armor shred for your team. Everything in your basic kit procs this and you can help increase the damage of your team drastically while dealing decent damage and being tanky with the health from this item tagged along with maxed out support item. You can decide to either turn the aegis into locket and then finish off with upgrading executioner's into mortal reminder or if you are SUPER FED then you can even turn the aegis into Death's Dance and be a carry for the team.

Extra: Why I do not go lethality as support.

If you ever fall behind building lethality you are going to be useless the rest of the entire game. You will not only be squishy but be basically a stun-bot and die in 0.1 seconds in teamfights after you use W on someone. The damage from going lethality will also be useless when falling behind as you are support and are constantly down levels on your opponants. The enemy also gets free armor as they level up making your lethality more useless. Whenever you get ahead or fed when building Kindlegem + Aegis of the Legion you can side track and flex the kindlegem into Black Cleaver without losing out on tankiness. Black Cleaver also scales the rest of the game with the health and armor shred for your team. If you get even more fed you can even turn aegis into Death's Dance.
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For laning phase applies to all lanes:

3 stack passive : W>auto> Emp Q. For a quick trade. I use this alot. Less obvious to react to from the enemy.
4 stack passive : W>Emp Q>auto. Same as above.

These combos are the best for burst and gets your damage out the quickest. Use E afterwards to finish up or block their retaliation combo.

5 stack passive : Emp W> E or cancel > auto > Emp Q. Downside is that its very obvious what you want to do to the enemy so they can react accordingly with defense spells or flash. Keep in mind you dont always have to go in with Emp W at 5 stacks. You could use it for Emp Q poke dmg followed up by E and save the W to chase.
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Manamune Tank Build

This build is only good in games where you dont need to play for early game (i.e Your jg is farm jungler and enemy is tanks) and you can scale for free. You can also use against melee juggernauts. If your entire team is squishy running this build isn't that bad either. DO NOT USE INTO RANGED.

Here is an in-depth explaination of the build at 14:01 in the video.

Here are a couple games in Diamond+ using this build.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Keegun
Keegun Pantheon Guide
[10.14] Keegun, Pantheon Galaxy, Season 10 Top/Mid/Support
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