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Jhin Build Guide by 3lifer

ADC platinum

10.16 - freelifer - Jhin Main - Jhin Build

By 3lifer | Updated on August 10, 2020
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Runes: Vans if no poke on enemy line

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Champion Build Guide

10.16 - freelifer - Jhin Main - Jhin Build

By 3lifer
So you want to play Jhin
Jhin The Virtuoso
Jhin is super fast adc with big burst dmg and long range skills. If you like adcs with diferent playstyle, Jhin is definitely for you.
Ionia - Faction
Hitman - Occupation
Jhin is a meticulous criminal psychopath who believes murder is art. Once an Ionian prisoner, but freed by shadowy elements within Ionia’s ruling council, the serial killer now works as their cabal's assassin. Using his gun as his paintbrush, Jhin creates works of artistic brutality, horrifying victims and onlookers. He gains a cruel pleasure from putting on his gruesome theater, making him the ideal choice to send the most powerful of messages: terror.
+/- Back to Top
* Extremely high burst damage, even able to one shot people with some builds
* Very long range abilities
* His damaged is oriented to execute targets
* Easier to last hit each minion (higher damage per hit)
* One of the highest AD escaling in the game, you can reach 900+ AD with some builds
* Good map control through Captive Audience
* Able to chain cc with Deadly Flourish
* His fast as a Sonic
* Harder to farm a wave, having to reload might cause you to lose cs until you get
he hang of it
* No escape mechanism aside getting extra movement speed from Whisper
* Feels weird to play compared to other marksmen
* Needs help from the team to deal with high health enemy tanks
* Has 5 skill shots which travel slow
* Can become mana hungry if you don't manage it properly
* You become almost useless while reloading
* One of the worst 1v1 marksmen if not ahead
* Farm, farm, farm! Farming is key on Jhin. It's not easy, due to his ammo system, so use your Q to last hit minions if you're reloading. Always try to last hit with your autos if you can, and use Q and W as a last resort if your minion is about to die. It's nice to have a support who can bring a Targon's Brace to help you farm when you're reloading.
* Harass with a quick Q - 4th Auto Attack combo any chance you can. The speed burst from your passive will let you escape the fight easily and win the trade.
* Jhin's abilties reset his auto attack time. His Q has the shortest animation, so a good trade would be AA --> Q --> AA. His E also has a short animation, but his W is the longest of all. It might be wise to throw down a trap to try and reset his AA before using your W for a snare.
* Place traps to the sides of the lane to prevent ganks, aggression by your lane opponents, and in brushes to give you vision. Be careful to not put them where minions might step on them!
* Traps give vision inside brushes, so keep at least one in a river bush at all times if you can.
* Try to get your 4th auto crit as fast as possible in lane and use it on the enemy carry immediately. You can out trade most lanes with a fast AA-Q combo at level 1 thanks to your Life Steal. You'll reload by the time your first minions are ready for last hitting.
* Place traps any time you have extra mana available. They're your zoning tool to keep you safe in lane and will dissuade aggressive supports from attempting anything.
* An early Bloodthirster will counter champions who can build a Thornmail early, such as Rammus or Malphite.
* Use your W from far away to get extra cs when you're walking back to lane.
* Always have a control ward on the map and a control ward in your inventory.
MID GAME Back to Top
* Don't walk around alone, don't push too much trying to get CS. You're an easy kill if caught alone.
* Don't get busy chasing kills and forget to farm! Farm! Farm! Farm!
* Stay grouped, go for objectives, help your teammates on other lanes push.
* Farsight Alteration is your best friend! Don't go around face checking bushes.
* Be wary of enemy flanks and assassins, they will try to snipe you. Keep yourself save, kills aren't as important as your farm is.
* Use your Captive Audience for vision, help your team.
LATE GAME Back to Top
* Stay with your team, don't wander off solo, you'll be giving a free kill.
* If you are behind, farm both lanes and your jungle, but still use vision and don't risk it too much.
* This is where your damage really starts to shine, so do your best not to die too much, in order to increase it.
* Stay calm, don't panic. You have the ability to turn the tables, on your, OR on enemy side!
Consider starting off by softening the enemy team up and supporting your team with your ultimate. If you're fighting around an objective like baron or dragon, their tanks will peel off the objective to body block their carries. This can create a do-or-die choice for the objective that can give your team a favorable fight.
* Put one trap in front of your position rather than in the center of the team fight. There's a good chance that at least one person on the enemy team will try to take you out as fast as possible. The slow from the trap and the massive damage it deals will allow you to blow up and peel anyone coming after you.
* If your team loses the fight and you're still alive, use your other charge of your trap to save yourself or your teammates.
* If you're versus champions that can dive without being stopped ( Vi, Malphite) then it's a good idea to stack some traps on top of where you're posturing before a fight happens.
ADC Matchups Back to Top
ADC MatchupsBack to Top
One of the most important things about laning phase is simply knowing your matchups, how to play them, and what to expect. Jhin has a decent amount of kill potential in most lanes, and benefits greatly from achieving a lead in lane and carrying it across the map. In this section, I will be detailing playing Jhin vs. each "standard" ADC plus a little bonus for some of the rarer bot lane picks such as Yasuo or Mordekaiser.

In general, what you can expect during lane as Jhin is trading with Q's and autos, avoiding taking harass, farming (obviously) and looking to set up engages/ganks with your team. Jhin scales fairly well so losing lane on him isn't the end of the world, but he has a lot of strengths that make winning lane on him fantastic for carrying a game.


★ Ashe is very immobile, making her weak to ganks and all-ins. Try to put her in a position where it will be easy for your jungler to gank her and/or allow your support to engage on her and follow up with W Deadly Flourish.
★ In lane, be aware of her W Volley and avoid taking free poke damage by positioning behind minions.
★ Poke and harass her with Q's and autos (use Fourth shot if you can), as she cannot trade back nearly as effectively. When she walks up to CS, try to get a Q and auto onto her for free damage.
★ Once Ashe hits 6, you need to be wary of her ult Enchanted Crystal Arrow, especially if their support has CC that can follow up or vice versa.

WIN CONDITION: Abuse her for her weak laning phase by setting her up to be vulnerable for ganks and harassing her with poke. Look for chances to all in her with your support. Be careful of her level 6 power. Jhin should be able to win this lane fairly easily, so long as he doesn't make mistakes and end up giving her free kills.


★ In this lane, Caitlyn will most likely try to push in and bully Jhin. Avoid allowing her to do this, you may want to start Doran's Ring to be able to spam more Q's to try to prevent her hard shove and sustain with an extra health pot.
★ In the event that you do get shoved under your tower, be wary of sneaky Yordle Snap Traps hidden behind the tower. If you step in one, it'll give Caitlyn a lot of free damage.
★ Avoid using only autos in trading with her (the exception is if she lets you get Fourth shot onto her), since she outranges you greatly she will be able to get in more autos than you can while you run up and/or back. Use your Q as well, this is another reason it is beneficial to consider starting Doran's Ring in this lane.
★ All in all, Caitlyn will be looking to poke Jhin and shove the wave. If you can avoid taking too much harass, staying even in CS and try to prevent allowing her to get free tower plates, you will be in a good position to punish her and kill her.

WIN CONDITION: Consider starting Doran's Ring in this lane, especially if Caitlyn has a support that applies a lot of lane pressure. Avoid taking too much harass or losing CS, and look for an opportunity to punish her with an all in.


★ Jhin will pretty much never win fights against Draven unless Draven gets himself caught or has fallen extremely behind in HP/gold (but a Draven that is behind is still dangerous.) Avoid getting greedy and trying to fight him when it doesn't look free, especially early.
★ Consider buying Ninja Tabi early, but remember that the Ninja Tabi still don't mean you will be able to 1v1 him in most cases.
★ Due to Draven's Q Spinning Axe and his passive, he will likely be pushing the wave nonstop. This makes him a good target for your jungler, but Jhin needs to do his best to stay healthy while waiting for an opportunity to all-in him. Similarly, if your jungler is low on health or weak, tell them to not come. A 3v2 ending with Draven getting kills can be disastrous. It's better to stay behind and wait to outscale Draven than to give him kills in a desperate attempt to shut him down early. It's just not worth it if that will be the outcome.
★ Draven also excels at dives, so ward accordingly, set up traps in places that would help you in the event of a dive, and know when to just back off your tower.

WIN CONDITION: Do not give him kills. If a fight with Draven looks bad or risky, it probably is. Farm, scale, and wait for an opportunity to punish and all-in Draven.


★ Pretty much all of Ezreal's lane pressure is in his Q Mystic Shot and his W Essence Flux. Take advantage of your minions to avoid getting hit by Q Mystic Shot, but be aware that W Essence Flux can pass through minions and all it takes is an auto or E Arcane Shift bolt to pop it.
★ If you can avoid getting hit by Q Mystic Shot (consider buying early boots to aid in sidestepping if it's a problem), Jhin is 100% the bigger lane bully. Harass Ezreal with auto attacks and Q's, and try to push him out of the lane.
★ Some Ezreal players like to take Teleport. If you see an Ezreal with Teleport, it means that he is planning to get enough for Tear of the Goddess, back, then TP back to lane. If you see him do this, try to deny him as many creeps as possible. You might want to try to hard shove the wave into tower early.
★ Once Ezreal has his R Trueshot Barrage he has a lot better all-in combat potential than Jhin so keep this in mind.

WIN CONDITION: Avoid his harass by positioning and dodging in lane, and bully him back with fourth shots and Q's. You outscale him anyway, but putting him behind in the early game will make the game much easier.


★ It should be very easy for Jhin to bully Jinx in lane, due to her low range and weak early game. Force trades on her with autos and Q's whenever there is an opportunity, and try to bully her out of lane.
★ When your Fourth shot is up, try not to use it immediately on the minions if you can hold it. Either use it on her, or if she isn't in range, you can use it to threaten her as she will likely back off the minions to avoid taking the damage.
★ Look for opportunities to all in her, if you have been harassing her and reducing her health it should be even easier. Follow up your support with W Deadly Flourish, or try to get W onto her yourself.
★ It's very easy to shove against Jinx early without meaning to while spamming Q's, so be wary of enemy jungler ganks. Jinx snowballs very quickly if given a few early kills, you want to avoid this at all costs. You want to shut her down early.

WIN CONDITION: Trade aggressively with her, try to all in her or harass her out of lane. Be wary of being punished for aggression by enemy ganks.


★ Kai'Sa has low range and is fairly weak in lane, so try to abuse her for this. Use autos, fourth shots and Q's on her when there is an opportunity.
★ Before 6, you should try to all-in Kai'Sa if possible. She doesn't have a reliable means of escape besides a small burst of movement speed from E Supercharge, so she is vulnerable. Just be wary of over-committing, and letting her get her passive Second Skin onto you too much.
★ Also due to her low mobility, try to set up ganks on her with your team. She is an ADC that is valuable to shut down early.
★ Once she hits 6, Jhin needs to start being wary of Kai'Sa as her all-in potential becomes much stronger with her ult Killer Instinct. I wouldn't suggest trying to 1v1 her at this point, unless she is very weak.

WIN CONDITION: Harass her and bully her as much as possible in lane, and look for opportunities to all-in her early while her combat potential isn't the best. Just be cautious of extended trades, as her passive benefits from long trades wheras Jhin's kit doesn't.


★ When trading with Kalista, Jhin will want to look for short/efficient trades, like Fourth shot + Q then running back.
★ The longer a fight goes on with Kalista, the less likely Jhin is to win since the more Rend stacks Kalista builds up, the more dangerous she is.
★ To beat Kalista, Jhin will need to bully her out of lane with short/efficient trades or by waiting for his support and/or jungler to lock her down. Don't try to take extended fights with her besides in cases like this, as Jhin will more than likely lose.
★ Once Kalista hits 6, Jhin needs to be extra cautious about being pushed up or alone as it will be very easy for Kalista and her support to catch him with her ult Fate's Call. Plan accordingly.

WIN CONDITION: Take short but good trades with her, avoid engaging in extended fights. So long as Kalista doesn't become a monster in lane, Jhin will outscale so just don't take any dumb fights and he will win.


★ Kog'Maw is extremely immobile and scales extremely hard, so Jhin needs to do his best to take advantage of his early weaknesses to shut him down and come out on top.
★ Poke him with Fourth shots, Q's and autos as much as possible. Also look for opportunities to snare him with W Deadly Flourish for all-in potential.
★ Whittle down his health, and look for opportunities to all-in him or create a gankable situation for your team.
★ Be wary of over-committing and taking the full duration of his W Bio-Arcane Barrage, as in this case Kog'Maw will win the fight and it may be hard for Jhin to make a comeback.

WIN CONDITION: Take short trades with him as much as possible, and try to bully him and look for opportunities to all-in/punish him. Don't give him free kills, and the game should be easy.


★ Lucian will likely look for opportunities to all in Jhin and get his full combo off on him, so watch for this and try to react accordingly.
★ Though Jhin's early combat potential isn't as good as Lucian's, Jhin can abuse his range advantage to try to get favorable trades onto Lucian.
★ To win this lane, you will have to try to get poke/good trades onto Lucian whenever possible, otherwise you will probably get pressured out of lane.
★ Though Jhin will outscale Lucian, a Lucian with a huge early lead can become very oppressive. Try to keep even with him as much as possible, and look for chances to punish him for overextending.

WIN CONDITION: Avoid getting all-in'd, and poke him with Q's and autos as much as possible to try to keep his HP below yours. Stay even in CS, and outscale him out of lane.


★ One of the most important things you need to do in a Miss Fortune lane is pay attention to the health of your own minions to avoid taking a ton of damage from Q Double Up.
★ You will want to constantly be re-positioning in lane in order to avoid letting her Q bounce to you. Farm with caution.
★ If you can avoid her Q's, you should be able to out-trade her in lane with your Fourth shot passive and Q's.
★ Once she hits 6, Jhin needs to be wary of her R Bullet Time. It can turn a fight very easily in favor of Miss Fortune, or cause Jhin to have to blow summoner spells. Always be wary of choke points/fighting in the jungle for the remainder of the game.

WIN CONDITION: Pay attention to your minions to avoid letting her get Q Double Up bounce onto you. Try to out-bully her in lane. You will outscale, just be wary of her ult Bullet Time as this is her main danger past level 6 and out of laning phase.


★ Sivir is a hard pusher and scaler, but she has extremely low range, so Jhin can bully her very hard in lane with her superior range and abilities.
★ You can try to use your Q to bait out her Spell Shield, because without Spell Shield a caught out Sivir will die very quickly. You can then use your W Deadly Flourish on her to try to lock her down, or your support can follow up with their abilities or vice versa.
★ Past level 6, be cautious about being caught out alone or pushed up since Sivir and her team can run you down easily with On The Hunt.
★ You can consider starting Doran's Ring in this lane if you wish, so that you can use the additional mana to spam Q's to push the wave back against her and have additional poking power.

WIN CONDITION: Avoid allowing her to shove in, punish her for her low range and weak early game. Be careful about being caught out by her ult, especially in the mid and late game.


★ Similar to other ADCs that are weak earlier and stronger later, you will want to try to take advantage of your strong short trades.
★ Even early, avoid taking extended trades with her. If you stay in combat with her for too long, she will be able to pop her E Explosive Charge, and get a free W Rocket Jump which will likely cause Jhin to die or have to blow summoner spells.
★ Tristana can take out towers very quickly and easily, so keep this in mind and try to time your backs accordingly so that she can't get free tower damage, avoid getting pushed in, and try to rotate to match her in other parts of the map.
★ Avoid 1v1ing her at all points of the game, unless she is extremely far behind.

WIN CONDITION: Bully her in lane, and don't die to her by over-committing to fights or getting caught out. She will outscale you, so you need to do your best to secure an early lead.


★ Twitch is another ADC that will be very easy for Jhin to abuse in the lane. Harass him with Q's and Fourth shots, and don't allow him to farm freely.
★ Try to take only short but meaningful trades, because the longer you engage in a fight with Twitch the less likely you are to win due to his Deadly Venom stacks. Take short trades then run back.
★ Look for opportunities to all-in him and punish him for his low mobility.
★ More than any other ADC, Twitch is the one you will want to be spam pinging about when he goes missing from your lane. Help your team be aware of his attempts to roam.

WIN CONDITION: Take short trades to try to bully him out of lane and get a CS lead, and look for chances to all-in and kill him. Be wary of his stealth ganks/flanks at all points of the game, and help your team know when he has gone missing.


★ You may want to consider buying early boots if you struggle to avoid getting hit by Varus's Q Piercing Arrow.
★ Like other immobile ADCs, you will be looking to try to harass Varus in lane and look for chances to all-in him, and set up opportunities for your team to gank him and kill him.
★ At level 6, you will want to try to keep your distance from him or be ready to Flash to avoid his Chain of Corruption.
★ Varus isn't in the best spot in the current meta, so don't feel too pressured to stomp him in lane. You will outscale him and be more relevant later in the game due to crit item power.

WIN CONDITION: Harass and look to all in, be wary of getting locked down and dying at level 6. You will outscale him because your items are in a better state than his.


★ Like other ADCs with stacking auto attack passives, you will want to avoid taking extended trades with Vayne because of her Silver Bolts. It is better to walk up and throw an Q + auto, then back off.
★ You will want to do your best to bully Vayne in lane, try to punish her with damaging her when she walks up to farm.
★ Once she hits 6, you will never want to 1v1 her. You will not win unless she is extremely behind.
★ Be wary of her running you down or flanking you, since her passive Night Hunter will allow her to chase you down. This is mainly a concern if the two of you are farming lane together alone, and she has ult.

WIN CONDITION: Try to put her behind and kill her in lane while she is weak. Be careful about 1v1ing her, and be wary of her flanking potential.


★ Pay attention to the position of Xayah's Clean Cuts feathers, so that you don't get rooted or take a lot of damage for free.
★ Prior to level 6 when Xayah gets her ult Featherstorm, she is very vulnerable to ganks and all-ins. Try to harass her during this time, or try to freeze the wave near your tower to make her an easy gank target for your team.
★ Remember that at level 6 she can also use her ult to dodge your bullets, so try to hold Curtain Call until she has already used her ult, if possible. If not, just keep in mind that she can dodge one of your shots for free with Bladecaller.
★ Unlike other scaling ADCs, due to her kit, Xayah is much better at early all-ins than other ADCs, especially if she has a Rakan. Be careful about getting engaged on by her support.

WIN CONDITION: Play cautiously to avoid getting hit by her feathers if possible. Harass her in lane. Don't forget about her R Bladecaller.
League of Legends Build Guide Author 3lifer
3lifer Jhin Guide
10.16 - freelifer - Jhin Main - Jhin Build
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