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Swain Build Guide by Pyroen

Top diamond

✔️ [10.16] Make Top Lane Great Again - Top Lane Raid Bos

By Pyroen | Updated on August 7, 2020
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ak521 (12) | August 18, 2020 6:39am
Hey, I saw a few builds utilizing Conqueror on Swain. Do you think this is viable? When would you recommend this (if viable) / what matchups
V0idbane | June 26, 2020 6:35pm
What are your opinions on utilizing Aftershock on Swain?
Kingarthur720 | June 30, 2020 3:51pm
im not aswain player by any means but alot of the times hes not gonna be in close enough range to actually deal any damage with it if you are looking for support maybe consider guardian and for other lanes try out grasp
V0idbane | June 30, 2020 4:36pm
Out of curiosity, I did some testing after finding surprisingly sparse data on Aftershock's range. I have found the damage radius is equal to that of Sunfire Cape's Immolate: 325 Units. This is ~60% of his basic attack range and ~38% of Nevermove's reach. Considering Ravenous Flock's pull you can force an enemy in range from 615 units away within 1 second of detonation. This is greater than Swain's basic attack range.

Basically: The tiny ring you see before detonation is not it's damage radius, often misleading.

I have trouble using Guardian effectively due to it often relying on your ally remaining in a similar radius to Aftershock, which is often frustrating due to lack of coordination.

I suppose the same can be said for forcing Aftershock's range as well, I just thought the full extent of it's area should be clarified.
Qballa124 | January 4, 2020 4:42pm
I was wondering if running Conq on swain was a good idea?
Pyroen (4) | January 9, 2020 2:50pm
hey Qballa124 - Good question. Swain can benefit from Conqueror 100% - but the rest of the tree is kind of sub par for him. With the recent nerfs to Conqueror bringing the healing down to 8% for ranged champs is almost always better to pick up Ravenous as it gives us more healing overall and better secondary options in the tree. ie. Eyeball Collection/taste of blood/cheap shot
Azoth | February 18, 2020 2:53pm
I thought you went Grasp and inspiration? Is conqueror better than Grasp?
Dr Eggmund (6) | October 17, 2019 1:02am
Hi Pyroren!

This guide is very well thought out! It's in-depth but very simple to read!

I am a Vladimir main but Swain is one of my favourites to play super-duper fun. I have a Vladimir guide myself under the name 'DrEggmund' and I'd love to hear from you how you coded this beautiful guide.

Love to hear from you and keep up the good work!
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Swain Guide
✔️ [10.16] Make Top Lane Great Again - Top Lane Raid Bos
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