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Thresh Build Guide by Veropena

Support [10.3] RANK 1 Thresh WORLD IN DEPTH GUIDE

By Veropena | Updated on March 1, 2020
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Runes: My Rune Page since 9.23

1 2
Bone Plating

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Ranked #21 in
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Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide


By Veropena
I am Veropena, also known as Flame. Peaked 630 Lp late season 9, with only playing thresh. Rank 1 Thresh World atm . I also Stream at . If you have any concerns, or just questions about ANYTHING related to Thresh, make sure you come by my stream, or message me in discord!: veropena#3265
Runes Back to Top

Aftershock: Great for Thresh. Makes him tankier, and has no problems proc'ing it,even if you miss your hook(Q), his Flay (E)is very easy to hit.. Also gives you that little extra damage that could help you survive, especially on lane.

Demolish: Really the best option out of the 3 you have, the damage you do to turrets with this rune is really A LOT.I used to go Font Of Life, but after checking the stats, Demolish is just so good. It does on average 1500 damage to turret in 1 game, which is insane.

Bone Plating: Great rune for laning phase,blocking that extra 30 damage in a lvl 2 fight could be crucial. The best option out of the 3 options you have. You might wanna test around, Second Wind is good against hard poking laners aswell.

Overgrowth: With my Rune Setup, you do not need Unfclinching, because you get Tenacity from your Secondary Runes. With this Rune, you pretty much have Permanent slcaing with Armor and HP. Overgrowth givesx you HP, and your Souls give you Armor+ Ability Power. You can go Unflinching if the enemy has HUGE amount of CC, but I recommend goiung Overgrowth.


Presence Of Mind

Restore 20%& of of your Maximum mane with every kill/assist AND every kill/assist increases your maximum mana by a 100, Up to 500 in Total.

Legend: Tenacity

Gain 5% Tenacity+ an additional 2.5% for every Kill/Assist you get, up to 10 stacks(30%). You also gain stacks from killing minions, so with your Shouldedguards you can stack this quite fast.

This is my Rune Setup I have been running lately, and can promise you, it's better than inspiration.
Builds Back to Top
BUYING PINK WARDS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE FIRST IF YOU HAVE 1 ITEM SLOT LEFT. Steel Shoulderguards the best option from the new suport items(Rip Coin). Perfect first base is mobi boots, but a lot of the times you cant affrod it. Go for Boots of Speed and Ruby Crystal, you're going to use both items early game. Mobi boots into Kindlegem, into Glacial Shroud(20%cdr). Here, you still have 3 valid options. Finishing Knights vow, finishing Zekes, or going for 30% cdr with Forbidden Idol. I usually finish Zekes, of course depends how your adc is doing. Not always you wanna build ONLY for your adc, Look at your teammates and think what's the win condition. Personally I go Redemption 2nd item, i've had long talks with other Thresh players arguing that it is not good, but i've tested various build paths, and think Redemption 2nd item is the best. Not always you wanna complete Knights Vow 3rd, Solari also a really good option. ALWAYS KEEP A SPOT FOR 2 CONTROL WARDS, EVEN IF YOU COULD AFFORD BUYING ITEMS.
Laning Phase Back to Top
Play aggressive. Thresh Early game damage is insane, try to look for hooks when enemy ad is going for last hits. With the right adc you have full prio/kill potential on lane. Personally i hate playing with scaliung adc's, I just wanna play aggro on lane and snowbnall into quick win!
Mid Game Back to Top
Try to get mobis on your first back, of course control wards if u can afford. Always, except if your adc is diveable, ROAM after mobis. Even if you do not get anything out of it, help your mid with vision. Mid game you want to be constantly roaming, you dont wanna get stuck botlane as Thresh. Try to get lane prio, go deep ward, and setup objectives. Thresh's pick potential is insane, so try to use it. If there's no dragon up you want to swap with your top, get plates for your adc, get deep top vision and take Herald. Sounds simple,also it is simple.
Late Game Back to Top
With your 3 cdr items(Knights vow, Zekes, and Redemption) your peel is insane, try to stick to your adc and cc people who try to go on him. Do nt be scared to try some fancy hooks,your cd's are low after lvl 9 anyways. You dont wanna be the "frontline" as Thresh, You wanna stay alive and cc everyone. melee champs always struggle vs thresh,because of your insane Peeling. U can do a lot of greedy plays with your team, since your W is just stupidly good and low CD...
Outro Back to Top
Thanks for reading, as i said, If you have any questions, make sure to come by my stream , or message me in discord : veropena#3265
League of Legends Build Guide Author Veropena
Veropena Thresh Guide