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Volibear Build Guide by berronii

Top [10.5]Inter arma, silent Leges - Volibear TOP

By berronii | Updated on March 11, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Second Wind


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello. I am berroni. My current division is Platinum 3 and I main Volibear.
I'm using this website for a while, and I've got a lot of help from it.
Now, I have decided to create my first guide, so I can help others too :)

P.S.: everything underlined(like this) is URL, press it to get redirected.

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The unforgiving northern reaches of the Freljord are home to the Ursine, a fierce and warlike race that has endured the barren tundra for thousands of years. Their leader is a furious adversary who commands the force of Thunder Claws lightning to strike fear within his foes: Volibear. Both a warrior and a mystic, Volibear seeks to defend the ancient ways and the warrior spirit of his tribe.

Though history recorded their once legendary feats in battle, the Ursine now lived in tranquil seclusion. The warriors were headed by a triumvirate of leaders who maintained a long-lived isolation, avoiding the petty affairs and conflicts of others. As shaman to the three, Volibear was a respected sage known for his insight. It was an era of unprecedented peace, but Volibear felt dread stirring within him. Prosperity was turning the tribe soft and weak, and many had long forgotten the sacred art of war. In time, Volibear felt the fire of their souls would be extinguished. When he revealed his misgivings to the triumvirate, they refused to listen and warned him to know his place.

Seeking wisdom, Volibear undertook a perilous climb to the peak of the Ursine's sacred mountain, a place forever shrouded in a thundering maelstrom. The eye of the storm was said to bestow portents, and legend held that the tempest would mark the next great chieftain of the tribe. As Volibear ascended the peak, he was struck by an unnatural bolt of lightning. When the shaman awoke, he was possessed by a horrific vision of the Freljord utterly consumed by darkness. Volibear saw an unprepared and complacent Ursine force slaughtered by terrible creatures of ice. In an instant, he knew his race would perish if they did not prepare for war.

Volibear rushed down the mountainside to recount what he had seen, but found the path blocked by three Ursine - the triumvirate. Knowing he would end the lasting peace, they refused to heed Volibear's warning and demanded his silence, by his word - or his death. Resolute and adamant, Volibear swore that the Ursine's very survival depended on his message, and launched into ferocious combat against the three. A terrible clash ensued, and just as Volibear succumbed to his opponents, he called upon the power of the maelstrom. Unleashing raw Thunder Claws lightning, he struck the trio down with a thunderous blow. Stunned and astonished, the triumvirate beheld the sign of Ursine leadership: the force of the sacred storm.

Recognizing his foretold ascendance, the triumvirate appointed Volibear as the Ursine's new leader. His influence was swift and decisive: he roused his tribe from complacency, revived their battle-hardened traditions, and allied with Sejuani, the warrior who would fight with them against the coming Lissandra. With time, the tribe grew lean and fierce, becoming known again as fearsome warriors of legend. Volibear and the Ursine now stand ready for the dark day that looms on the icy horizon.

P.S. Did you know that Volibear, Ornn and Anivia are oficially siblings?
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Starting Items

-> Standard Starting Items.

First back

-> - These are the items you should get on your first back.
Tiamat is great wavecleaning item, Boots of Speed to boost your Q and Control Ward for ganking resistance.

Core Items

-> Titanic Hydra is the item you need to buy first. It's a great wavecleaning item and it's passive, Crescent goes well with the Dead Man's Plate passive, which will be brought later. Spirit Visage is the item that gives Volibear's passive, Chosen of the Storm, 30% effectiveness boost and it's the second item you are going to build on Volibear, after Hydra.

Next 2 items

-> Choose one between Sunfire Cape and Dead Man's Plate, and one between Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads boots. I prefer taking Dead Man's Plate here because of the Dreadnought boost which will give you 60 movement speed and we need that since we have Ignite instead of Teleport, and as I already said - Crescent goes well with the Crushing Blow.

Ninja Tabi boots are OP because of the passive that blocks 12% of the damage from basic attacks. You will take it against the hard-hitting champions.

Mercury's Treads are needed if you are playing against champion you can't easily use your combo on, like Darius, Shaco..


-> Sterak's Gage is great item for Voli. You already have a bunch of health and armor, the damage is needed and also Sterak's OP passive goes well with the items we built before.

Back to the HP

-> Take the one you didn't take before

Other Options

-> Again, choose one depending on the enemy team. Go Maw of Malmortius if enemy is poking you with AP, or the Warmog's Armor against the AD team.
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This passive is definitely one of the strongest passives in the game.It restores 30% of your max health when you drop below 30% health. This passive is most likely going to get you a first blood because your opponent will underestimate it. Take Spirit Visage every game and your passive is going to get 30% effectiveness boost. Be careful with your passive, because Grievous Wounds reduces its effectiveness and after they see your pick your opponent is most likely going to take ignite. I miss ranked solo/duo blind pick :/

Included in every possible combo you can do with Volibear and also a speed boost with the flip that allows you to do great ganks when your opponent is back.

Great attack speed bonus and a great damage spell for finishing your opponent.

Great for baiting your opponent's under turret. Even if you have 5% hp and no passive you can easily kill enemy jungler with E and ignite at the start of the game If he decides to revenge the first blood. Also, it can be used for the escape, with enemies getting knocked back by its effect while chasing you.

Great ultimate for Volibear and the team. If you damage your top opponent below 30% hp, and he gets gank while you are 50%+, just turn on this ultimate and start damaging(the one with more HP). Chaining damage will prepare the lower HP champ for Frenzy and you can actually take the one with more HP with the help from your passive.
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Pros and Cons

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Press the Attack is the rune you will be playing on Volibear. Since this is an aggressive guide, you'll logically push the whole game. It's a great combat rune, and since you have your passive this rune is going to give you a bunch of extra damage to opponent. We're playing it now because of the Conqueror nerf.

Triumph is great rune for every toplane champion. since you won't be afraid of 1v2 fights against your opponent and his jungler, smash them with your Thunder Claws and after you take down any of them, this rune is going to heal you so you can take the other one too!

Legend: Alacrity is also a great choice for the Volibear. Since you will be playing ad-tank, there is no space for attack damage speed. This rune is going to boost it!

Coup de Grace goes well with Frenzy

I always play Demolish on Volibear, because I just keep pushing a top lane. As I already said, by minute 15 if everything goes great, you should have 2 turrets destroyed!

Second Wind is a rune great for healing.
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Summoner Spells

Flash for not letting your opponent escape with Flash- Rolling Thunder combo.
Ignite for not having to Flash- Rolling Thunder every time.

Exhaust is pretty useful, you won't have to chase the opponent with Flash- Rolling Thunder combo, you could just Exhaust- Rolling Thunder and save the flash for later.
Cleanse is great rune for Volibear, in early-game against champions like Shaco or Teemo, and can be useful late-game while they're not allowing you do your job.

Barrier can be useful if you're experimenting mid with Volibear or something like that, otherwise, we don't need it since we are the tank.
Teleport is pretty useful, but since we are playing aggressive, we can't replace Ignite.
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Game Phases


During the first few minutes, you should hunt the first blood for the bonus gold, that will grant you Tiamat faster. It's pretty easy actually because of your passive that won't let you die.
Don't push. Let your opponent do that and come close to your turret. He will think that you are unable to fight him, but just keep playing like that. Wait until you reach level 3. Your opponent is coming to your turret with the bunch of minions which gives him a morale boost because he seriously thinks that 2 waves of minions can do damage to you... Ha-ha.
So, minions are damaging your turret and opponent is standing at the edge of the turret, waiting for another wave. Kill the melee minnions and then go onto ranged ones. He should be close to them. Start damaging them, and when you see him close to yourself, Q him. He's in turret zone now, and he's not going to fight you - he will start running. If he uses any dash to get away from there, stop that dash with E. If he doesn't use anything, just E him. Keep damaging him. Turret should hit at least 1 hit by now. Your opponent is on something like 50%. Keep damaging him with basics attacks, but DON'T use your W. When he drops at 40%, you are ready. W him and ignite. He has 20% now. What to do? You have your Q on 2-3-4 secs cooldown, so chase him. If he flashes, you should flash too. First Blood is needed for Voli.


Don't rush to help your teammates on other lanes, let the jungler do his job.
Keep pushing your lane and destroying turrets. By min 15 you should have at least 2 turrets destroyed on top. Call your jungler to help you with the second.


During the team fights, focus enemy's damage source and don't save your flash for later. Feel free to use it to get him. Activate your R and keep smashing him. W him for the end. You already did great damage to others, because of your R. Just start hitting the closest one to you. If you take the enemy's damage source with R your opponents are finished by your teammates because everyone is going to try saving the one you were after but that's going to be impossible, you are the Ursine warrior. You will surely take him down and then you have your passive to damage even more enemies. Your teammates will finish them while they are trying to take you down.
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  • Don't be afraid of fighting, you have passive. Just push for the whole game.
  • If more enemies attempt to take you down, use your Rolling Thunder to escape. When they get in your range Majestic Roar is going to flip them back.
  • Rolling Thunder deals bonus damage to towers.
  • If your passive comes off cooldown while you are below 30% health, it won't trigger until you take damage(even from minnions)
  • If you are having troubles reaching the enemy, use Majestic Roar before Rolling Thunder
  • Don't use Thunder Claws unless you're 100% sure your opponent can't escape
  • Thunder Claws does great damage to the enemies close you're not even hitting, so after you take down the main threat, save your Frenzy for the one you damaged most with chaining ability of your R.
  • Use Rolling Thunder to fling enemies to turret zone, then use Majestic Roar and kill is granted with the finishing Frenzy
  • Frenzy does extra damage for every 1% your opponent is missing, so use it only as the finishing strike.
  • Spirit Visage increases your passive's healing effectiveness.
  • Majestic Roar's damage is increased if enemy is airborne. ex. use it while Kha'Zix is jumping on you
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Some of the great scores I had with Voli

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So, we have come to the end of this guide. If you liked it, please let me know with your vote. This is my first guide, so I would really like if you guys can guide me about writing guides down in the discussions :D
This guide will be updated with every patch If needed.

Good luck in the Fields of Justice.

League of Legends Build Guide Author berronii
berronii Volibear Guide
[10.5]Inter arma, silent Leges - Volibear TOP