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100% crit Teemo

Last updated on June 5, 2012
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The concept behind this build is fairly simple; 100% crit, 150% attack speed, 250% crit damage, life steal and movement speed for sustainability and chase.

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This Teemo only has one goal; get in, get the kill FAST and get out. For this reason I go with attack speed and armor penetration glyphs. The added 23% attack speed make a notable difference in early game, and still is viable late game. The armor pen keeps tanks from holding you down too long, and does increase your damage through out play.

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Masteries I go 28/2/0. There is room for play here, but with my aggressive play style, this seems to work best for me. I use Teemo as an assassin and a carry, I usually do not run away, and I get kills fast, so armor and health aren't my greatest concern. I focus on speed, damage, and survivablity; not in the sense of a long fight, but in the sense of being able to get away. That 540 movement speed you'll have by mid game makes it nearly impossible to catch this Teemo on the run... and even harder to run away.

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Start with boots; fairly simply, fairly safe, you can get in for kills, get away from ganks. Upgrade boots to Bez greaves for the speed and attack speed; big focuses with this build. I get a vamperic scepter next, for sustainability in lane, and in some champ fights. Next upgrade your scepter to an executioner's calling; I go with this item over a few other choices because of the price; this is not a cheap build, and this early item really gets things rolling verses waiting for a more expensive item with similar stats. Next is another dagger for the first Zeal, then upgrade to phantom dancer. I go for an Infinity Edge next, before my second dancer, for a few reasons; one it's more expensive, so now, mid game, is a good time to focus on it; also it's added crit damage keeps this build rolling since just getting crits isn't enough if your crits don't hurt. Finish off with a second Phantom Dancer, and save up for a last item (there will be one open slot) depending on how the game is going. If you need more sustainability, look at armor or health items; more damage go for a good AD item to add damage to each hit/crit. With this core build, and not counting a last slot item, you'll be hitting with 100% crit, 150+% attack speed, and each hit will be for upwards of 500dmg. You'll melt faces and even eat tanks... trust me on this.

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Team Work

This Teemo is a bit under proforming in early game, or at least can be. Lane on bot with either a tank or a good support. I prefer to lane with a tank like Voli, Blitz, or Ali; someone who can put my target right where I want them and ensure they can't get away. Get kills early, and everything falls into place very quickly. Soon you'll see their whole team fleeing from little ol' Teemo.

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Pros / Cons

The largest draw backs I've seen on this build and style are two parts; one, if you do well early, and you should, the other team will start to send their jungler or a free person to gank you. This can shut your game down fast, as it can with most carries. Secondly, once you get some of your key items, very few champions can stand up to you 1v1 or in some cases even 2v1, this is a draw back because you'll start seeing them avoid you in even fights, and only face you when it's a large gank. If you're doing well, and find yourself fighting a champ who stands his ground, expect him to have back up, and lots of it. You will quickly become the main focus, and you will need to either stay with your team, or always plan your escape.

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In summary, this Teemo is all about damage, with enough life steal to survive a team fight, and enough speed to get out of a bad situation. Don't expect miracles, but don't be afraid to stand in a fight. The best opportunities on this build, as with most Teemos, is to bait a champ by running in, getting a shot off with that poison, then back away, let him chase you till he decides to turn back, then go in for another hit... if he runs, kill him from behind, if he turns around, rise and repeat... You'll be surprised how often you get solo kills like this.