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Shen Build Guide by asdfajigs

Jungle (11.1) Shen Jungle

By asdfajigs | Updated on January 19, 2021
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Shield Bash

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Top Lane
Ranked #22 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

(11.1) Shen Jungle

By asdfajigs
Shen Basics
Ability Sequence
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Notice 0:47 in the video when he mentions river Shen XD

Empowered Q Notes

When playing Shen, you should optimize the position of your spirit blade-- as it has the ability to slow the enemy if it passes through them giving you: attack speed, damage, and range to counter act their play. Which gives you lots of power to kite them out to only give you the chance to win the fight in the end.

Some easy ways to utilize empowered Q is:

1) Aligning your Q to go through enemies + hit your empowered Qs off + then E afterward + Q as it will go off cd(making sure it goes through them).

2) E into enemy, then go behind them to pull your Q behind them to activate the empowered Q. A faster approach here is to Q, then E right after wards or flash taunt / taunt flash as the Q will land where ever you stop the taunt.

Shen in the Jungle? Back to Top


Clear speed for shen 1-6 is not too bad. If you take advantage of the lazy Q technique + titanic hydra, it will make the clear much faster.

For example, activate Q before walking into clear camps, so the CD is activated before you start clearing it. Meaning, after you're done with the 3 empowered Q attacks: the Q is back up again-- giving you 3 more empowered Qs.

As you can see here, I casted my Q a little bit before blue spawned so after I was finished with the 3 empowered attacks-- my Q would be back up immediately for me to cast again. This strategy will help you clear your camps much faster as compared to not using it. Using this will also keep you healthier when clearing your camps!

Global Role

On another note, Shen is very useful for initiating fights and saving people across the map. Which gives him the capability to becoming a great champ to carry your team with.
Pros / Cons Back to Top

Huge game impact

At times, shen jg can have an impact at two places of the map in seconds by using his ultimate.

Has one of the best level 2 gank potential out of other jg champs with his taunt
E combo cc + empowered Q

Provide great peel with ult, taunt, and Spirit's Refuge

Great engage / disengage with his E.

Can start a fight instantly, or get out of situations, with his E or flash E.

Has W to shield from incoming autos.

W can shield himself, and others that are inside the radius for a limited time.
This can tremendously help out in ganks + teamfights if properly positioned.

Energy based

Pretty good sustain when farming. Especially Shen's Q refills a bit of energy on hit.


Ult CD is pretty long early to mid game depending on runes + items.

Energy based

Running out of energy during a fight can be lethal.
Pathing Back to Top
It's best to look at the team comp and see where you want to gank though for a cookie cutter clear you can look below.

There are 2 different ways you can approach clearing your first wave.

1) Faster gank

red/ blue -> wolves -> red/blue -> gank top/mid -> scuttle.

90% of the times, when you get to the lanes, the XP soaked in the lane will give you your W. So, you have to act fast and upgrade your W to use it.

If both top + mid are pushed up, ward for them, do krugs/gromp head towards bot.

What I usually do if pushed up is to try to counter gank the other jg. They are at red or krugs/gromp with low hp in most cases.

2) Level 3 approach

(Red side)

red -> blue -> smite frog

(Blue side)

blue -> frog -> smite red
Awareness Back to Top
This part is kind of self explanatory, though as a Shen player, you probably are keeping your eye on the map 80% of the time-- looking for plays with your ult.


Make sure to also keep an eye on the health tabs located in the HUD. Here, you can quickly see teammate's health stats. If you see someone bot that gets their health shredded out of nowhere, this means they may be in a fight.
This is good opportunity to take a chance on using your ult on them.

Early vs Mid / Late Back to Top
Like any other Jungler, in the early phase your role is to balance farming with ganking other lanes to get them snowballing.

Though come mid to late game, your role changes to split pushing away any pressure your team mates have on the map. Obviously being the jungler, you have to be around the dragon and baron pits to get the objectives. Though if your team is pushing mid and top lanes, you should be pushing bottom lane to add pressure on the map with your ult.
League of Legends Build Guide Author asdfajigs
asdfajigs Shen Guide
(11.1) Shen Jungle
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