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Vex Build Guide by IKeepItTaco

Middle [11.20] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Detailed Vex Guide!

Middle [11.20] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Detailed Vex Guide!

Updated on October 10, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Build Guide By IKeepItTaco 493 19 269,210 Views 7 Comments
493 19 269,210 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Vex Build Guide By IKeepItTaco Updated on October 10, 2021
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Runes: Default Electro

1 2 3 4
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
Default Page
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Middle Lane Ranked #75 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
More Vex Runes

Champion Build Guide

[11.20] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Detailed Vex Guide!

By IKeepItTaco

I'm I Keep It Taco, a Grand Master ADC player
(peaked 450 LP) and streamer.

I'm also known as Jordanian Sniper, Jhindiana Jones, Jhingle Bells, and other names. I'm typically an ADC player, but thanks to the addition of the mid lane ADC Akshan I have been playing more mid lane champions in my free time. Vex is one of those mid lane champions that I've been messing with.
Vex is designed to be a battle mage to shut down the many many highly mobile champions that have been introduced into the game over the years. Riot heard you were all tired of it so they went ahead and designed a champion just for that. She's also on the simple side of champions so you won't need to read 10 pages for a 200 year champion like Aphelios. Hopefully this guide will be able to get you right on your feet when picking up Vex!

Disclaimer: Vex is a new champion and all my experience comes from PBE. I'm giving what I think fits her best and as the meta develops I will re-visit this guide and update it with any new builds and changes I see!
There's quite a couple choices when it comes to runes. There are 3 Rune Keystones that you'll be able to choose from each with its own purpose and goal. There's Dark Harvest which is when you want to invest damage into teamfights and believe you'll be able to get the resets needed to proc it over and over across different targets. Electrocute is when you want to maximize your solo kill burst potential and want to make sure you get those individual pickoffs to start snowballing. Lastly, there's Phase Rush which will give you a ton of mobility each time you pull off a combo whether it's a trade, 1v1, teamfight, resetmania, etc….
Primary Domination
Keystone Option

Dark Harvest

Hail Of Blades
Dark Harvest: When you damage an enemy with auto attacks or abilities below 50% of their HP you will proc it and harvest their soul and dealing damage. The cooldown is 45 seconds but when you get a kill it resets to 1.5 seconds so you can use it on another enemy making it perfect for teamfights or multi-kill resetting with your ultimate!

Electrocute: This rune procs fairly easily when 3 different sources of damage hit your target. The cooldown is 25-20 seconds (based on level) and that's the drawback compared to Dark Harvest. This rune provides more damage to a single target compared to Dark Harvest so when you just want to focus on locking down kills then this is the rune to go!
Rune Tier 1 Option

Cheap Shot

Cheap Shot
Taste Of Blood

Sudden Impact
Taste of Blood: Cheap Shot encourages you to try to proc it often and trade, but sometimes you just want to chill out and stay healthy while you safely scale so Taste Of Blood is the go-to sustain rune for this.

Cheap Shot: Your passive applies fear a lot during trades, skirmishes, solo kills, etc… So, this is a rune you should be able to get a lot of value from especially since the cooldown is 4 seconds!
Rune Tier 2 Option

Zombie Ward

Ghost Poro
Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection: This one is pretty direct, the more kills you get the more AP/damage you get.
Rune Tier 3 Option

Ravenous Hunter

Ingenious Hunter

Relentless Hunter
Ultimate Hunter
Ultimate Hunter: I enjoy playing Vex aggressively so I look for opportunities to use her ultimate whenever I can and Ultimate Hunter helps a lot with this since it'll reduce your ultimate by a decent chunk!

Ravenous Hunter: This is similar to Taste Of Blood in which it's just a sustain rune to help you stay alive and keep your health bar at full so you're prepared for anything that might happen!

Secondary Sorcery
Secondary Option

Nullifying Orb
Manaflow Band

Nimbus Cloak


Absolute Focus



Gathering Storm
Manaflow Band This rune is just a stat increase to your mana pool so it's great since you'll be using abilities often as a mage.

Transcendence You want to reduce your abilities as much as you can while still getting value and Transcendence is one of the best ways to get that CDR for practically free!
10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor
Primary Sorcery

Keystone Option

Summon Aery

Arcane Comet
Phase Rush
Phase Rush: Hitting the enemy with 3 different instances of damage will give you mobility instead of damage if we compare it to electrocute! This will make you extremely slippery after you go in for trades or do some wombo combo magic on the enemy allowing you to position better for your next wave of abilities.
Rune Tier 1 Option

Nullifying Orb
Manaflow Band

Nimbus Cloak
Manaflow Band: This rune is just a stat increase to your mana pool so it's great since you'll be using abilities often as a mage.
Rune Tier 2 Option


Absolute Focus
Transcendence: You want to reduce your abilities as much as you can while still getting value and Transcendence is one of the best ways to get that CDR for practically free!
Rune Tier 3 Option


Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm: The runes on the third row are not the best if we're being honest so Gathering Storm is the go-to here where it'll give you scaling damage in the form of AP every 10 minutes!
Secondary Domination
Secondary Option

Cheap Shot
Taste Of Blood

Sudden Impact

Zombie Ward

Ghost Poro

Eyeball Collection

Ravenous Hunter

Ingenious Hunter

Relentless Hunter
Ultimate Hunter
Taste of Blood: You can keep yourself very healthy with this rune when it comes to trading and overall being able to stay in lane and get a good first recall without being forced to recall too early. Also, reduces the chances of you dying from being low health! 8)

Ultimate Hunter: I enjoy playing Vex aggressively so I look for opportunities to use her ultimate whenever I can and Ultimate Hunter helps a lot with this since it'll reduce your ultimate by a decent chunk!
10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor
It will be mandatory. It is valuable as a tool to make plays, chase down, wombo combo, escape, ruin a gank, etc….
This rune is very good if you want to invest in your wombo combo all-in with your ultimate. It requires an aggressive playstyle to get the most use out of it!
You won't be taking this one often, but if you're playing against a CC champion mid, usually a mage, then you can consider taking Cleanse since removing their CC will be the most important thing when it comes to fighting them, killing them, or running away from them. Examples: Twisted Fate, Lissandra, Veigar, Cassiopeia, etc…
This is the ultimate anti-assassin rune in the game because it massively reduces the enemy's burst by 40% while also reducing their movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. Take this when you're up against an assassin or multiple assassins where those 3 seconds will be the difference between life and death!
Take this when you need an extra safety net and won't be in range to use an Exhaust or the time window isn't the same compared to Exhaust! So, what do I mean by this? Let's say you're playing against a Fizz with his long range ultimate Chum the Waters, a Xerath ultimate Rite of the Arcane, or a Karthus ultimate Requiem. These are all abilities that will deal a decent chunk of damage to you and you won't be able to use exhaust on them so Barrier is the way to go if you're trying to play safe!
Take this summoner if you think you'll be forced to stay mid and farm a lot. This way you can just keep soaking up exp and gold midlane, but you always have the option to Teleport flank or counter-gank your sidelanes (bot/top lane) and help the team when needed!
> >
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Effect Radius: 1600 | Static Cooldown: 25 / 22 / 19 / 16 (based on level)
Doom 'n Gloom
PASSIVE - DOOM: Periodically, Vex gains Doom, which empowers her next basic ability to knock down affected enemies and cause them to flee from her for 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 (based on level) seconds, during which they are slowed by 60% − 99% (based on distance from Vex).
Doom's cooldown resets upon respawning. If Looming Darkness triggers Doom, all targets will flee from the center of its area of effect instead.

INNATE - GLOOM: Nearby enemy champions that dash or blink, as well as targets hit by Looming Darkness, will be marked with Gloom for 6 seconds. Vex's next basic attack, which becomes non-projectile, Mistral Bolt, or Personal Space against a marked target will consume the mark to deal 30 − 180 (based on level) (+ 25% AP) bonus magic damage and refund 25% of Doom's cooldown.

Against marked non-champions, Gloom deals 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% (based on level) damage and refunds 10% of Doom's cooldown.
MY NOTES: Her passive fear Doom 'n Gloom is essentially the biggest factor to play around in her kit so it's important to understand this. When the bar is full you will be charged and the next time you use an ability Q Mistral Bolt, W Personal Space, and E Looming Darkness on the enemy then they will get feared, this part of the passive is called DOOM. The next is Gloom where if an enemy dashes, blinks, or gets hit by E Looming Darkness then they will get marked with Gloom for 6 seconds. This means when you do damage to them with auto attacks or spells they will take extra magic damage AND it reduces your fear cooldown (Doom) by 25%. This means the more they dash the more often you will have fear up and the more damage they will take!
Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 mana | Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
Magic Damage: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+ 60% AP)
Mistral Bolt
ACTIVE: Vex unleashes a wave of mist in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through and accelerating in speed though reducing in width after travelling 500 units.
MY NOTES: This ability is a bit weird with how it works. So, it starts off wide and slow then it gets smaller but MUCH faster. You'll learn the different angles and ways to use it to hit your enemies better or catch them off guard through experience. The damage is great, the cooldown is EXTREMELY low reaching as low as 3 seconds, and its cast time is short. There isn't much you have to know about it other than it's your primary range damage ability, but it will be important to use for combos with your kit. The best tip I can give for this ability is that it's a great poke and face-checking tool. You can snipe people from the fog of war with it if they aren't too careful!
Cost: 75 mana | Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
Shield Strength: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 80% AP)
Magic Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 30% AP)
Personal Space
ACTIVE: Vex emits a shockwave around her before the cast time, gaining a shield for 2.5 seconds and dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies.
MY NOTES: Personal Space has multiple uses and most of the time it'll be in combination with your fear passive Gloom n' Doom. If you're playing against a melee champion like Yasuo, Talon, Qiyana, etc… You can use your W Personal Space when fear is up to instantly fear them then follow it up with your E Looming Darkness then Q Mistral Bolt. If you're about to get poked or get all-in'd by the enemy you can simply use your W Personal Space as a shield to block the damage or mitigate it as much as possible. Lastly, in teamfights you can have very reliable and easy multiple champions feared by combining it with Gloom n' Doom so look for opportunities to do that as well! A cool way to do it is to use your ultimate Shadow Surge when your fear is up so you can close the gap then use W Personal Space as the fear is ready this is great for solo all-ins or for getting those multi-champion fears!
Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana | Cooldown: 13
Magic Damage: 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+ 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% AP)
Slow: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%
Looming Darkness
ACTIVE: Vex commands Shadow to fly to the target location, increasing the radius of the area as it travels. Upon arrival, Shadow deals magic damage to all nearby enemies and slows them for 2 seconds.

Looming Darkness will cast at max range if cast beyond it.
MY NOTES: Looming Darkness is a great setup tool for combos and trades when you combine it with fear from your passive Gloom n' Doom. It's long range and when you hit and fear them you can immediately follow it up with the rest of your kit! You can use a simple Mistral Bolt or walk up close and use Personal Space then Mistral Bolt or do a full all-in combine by following it up with Shadow Surge! Remember, the further you throw Looming Darkness the longer it takes to hit them so it's preferred to use it up close if you can since it'll be a lot more reliable to hit and be almost instant!
Cost: 100 mana | Cooldown: 140 / 120 / 100
INITIAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 75 / 125 / 175 (+ 20% AP)
TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 225 / 375 / 525 (+ 70% AP)
Shadow Surge
ACTIVE: Vex commands Shadow to launch itself in the target direction, granting sight of the area along its path for 0.4 seconds each and dealing magic damage to all enemies hit.

Shadow stops upon colliding with an enemy champion, marking them for 4 seconds and revealing them for the duration. Shadow Surge can be recast while the target is marked.

RECAST: Vex commands Shadow to pull her towards the marked target with displacement immunity, upon arrival consuming the mark and dealing them magic damage.

If the marked target dies within 6 seconds of being hit by Shadow Surge, Vex can cast Shadow Surge again at no additional cost for the next 12 seconds after 0.5 seconds.
MY NOTES: This is one of the longest range initiation ultimates in the game. It has two casts, the first is to shoot Shadow out and then second cast is if you hit the first cast then you can fly over to them and ruin their day! The hitbox is fairly big so just make sure you have a clear shot when you want to use it. This ability goes through minions so don't worry about minions blocking it! I try to use this from the fog of war whenever possible because people usually don't react in time. You want to use your ultimate when you're ready to win an all-in or you're looking to initiate a fight whether it's a gank/dive in the botlane or a full on teamfight at dragon!
Starting Items
Doran's Ring + 2 Potion
This will be the default go-to starting items for Vex as it gives you a bit of everything you'd want. 15 AP + 70 health as well as an extra 5 physical damage to last hit minions better and each time you kill a unit you get 6 mana back and if you're at full mana you'll gain 3 hp instead. On top of all this you'll have 2 potions as well so it's overall just an amazing set to start with!
Corrupting Potion
This has 3 charges and each charge gives you 125 health and 75 mana. It's refillable and it costs 500 gold. It's great if you want sustain in-lane. This is usually combined with the runes Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic to go all-out in lane sustain consumables!
Dark Seal
BUY THIS AFTER FIRST RECALL. If you really want to buy it as your first item then feel free to do so, but it is way better if you combine it with doran’s ring after your first back. Only buy this if you’re trying to gather stacks to snowball a bit off the early ap gains and maybe turn it into a mejai’s in the future. I don’t recommend this item if you die a lot or play too aggressive to keep stacks up!

Core Build
The core build for Vex will start off with Luden’s Tempest, Horizon Focus, and Zhonya's Hourglass. We'll get into the details of each of them below! Since your kit revolves around fear and sometimes going up close and personal to cause havoc with your ultimate and W then you'll want the appropriate items in order to do so!
Luden's Tempest
Right now Vex’s damage and burst potential is super high so Luden’s Tempest is the perfect mythic for her given her massive early-mid game burst! It gives you 80 AP, 20 Haste, 600 mana, 6 magic penetration, and an additional 5 magic penetration per legendary item. The unique passive echo is pretty straightforward where dealing ability damage to an enemy deals 100 (+10% AP) additional magic damage to them and launches orbs at up to 3 other enemies within a 600 unit range. It will also give you 15% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. It's essentially just more damage on top of damage which is what you’re looking for.
Horizon Focus
I originally undervalued this item, but it has an incredibly high amount of AP for the early game to get right after Luden’s Tempest which will give you a lot of burst. It also gives you 10% additional damage to your combos if you use it on someone 700 range away or more as well as being CC’d. 10% isn’t a lot early, but as you gain more and more AP that 10% makes can make a considerable difference. This is essentially just a big damage stat item that will help snowball and burst people down early-mid game!
Zhonya's Hourglass
You can buy this before or after Horizon Focus. 80% of the time you want to build it after Horizon Focus, but if you really need a Zhonya's Hourglass early due to needing the defense and utility then you can get it before Horizon Focus This item will be a huge playmaking tool for you with your kit as you'll be getting extremely close and in the center of the action with your ultimate and your W combined with your passive to try to fear as many people as possible in your combo. This means you'll be vulnerable to being turned on and focused the second you go in so Zhonya's Hourglass will be the tool to buy you some time to stay alive while your team plays off your initiation combo! It's active Stasis puts you in stasis for 2.5 seconds and has a 120 second cooldown. It gives 65 AP, 10 Haste, and nice defense stats of 45 Armor!
Alternative Mythics
This has been replaced by Luden’s Tempest as the #1 Mythic item. Everfrost is a good alternative if you want to become more of a CC utility team player over a burst solo killing snowballer. Everfrost will give you 80 AP, 20 Haste, 250 health, 600 mana, as well as +15 AP per legendary item. It gives you stats across to board to round you up, but the most important part about this item is the active which is glaciate and after .3 seconds it unleashes an icy cone that deals 100 (+30% AP) magic damage to all enemies and slowing them by 65% for 1.5 seconds and if they're in the center it will root them for 1.5 seconds! This is HUGE because you'll be constantly fearing people very reliably which means you'll basically guarantee the 1.5 second root from Everfrost which will make your combos and presence all the more powerful and controlive!
Liandry's Anguish
This is the item you'll want to go when you feel the enemy is tanky or straight up filled with tanks. It gives you 80 AP, 20 Haste, 600 mana, as well as 5 additional haste per legendary item. It has two % health focused passives with the first being torment which burns enemies causing them to take 60 (+6% AP) (+4% of target's maximum health) as total magic damage over 4 seconds. Then we have agony which deals 0-12% (based on target's bonus health) bonus magic damage against enemy champions. Essentially, the more health they have the more value you get out of this mythic entirely. You won't take this often, but it'll come in handy vs some team comps for sure.
Legendary Items
Cosmic Drive

This item is great when you want to focus more on being able to spam your abilities to get your fear up more often through recharging it with your E Looming Darkness then spamming your Q Mistral Bolt. This item is just a big CDR stat stick, but one that you'll find a lot of value from! It gives you 80 AP, 20 Haste, and 200 health as well as the passive Spelldance which gives you an additional 20 haste and 20 bonus movement speed if you reach atleast 160 ability power (which will be reached when combined with Everfrost). It allows you to spam your abilities more often which will allow you to do more.
Void Staff
This will usually be the item you buy after you have your core build up and ready. It's pretty direct as it gives you 70 AP and +40% magic penetration. That's about it! It's going to be the biggest tool in your arsenal when the mid and late game arrives since you'll want to shave off as much magic resist from your enemies as possible so you can keep doing damage and killing them!
Rabadon's Deathcap
This is best as a late mid game or late game purchase alongside Void Staff as it's a big AP booster, but it's based on your current ability power so the more you have the more value you get out of this! It gives you 120 AP as stats then the passive increases your total ability power by 35%!
Banshee's Veil
Zhonya's Hourglass gives you armor which naturally should have you covered for physical damage, but if you ever find yourself struggling against AP champions whether it's the enemy mid laner or their entire team then Banshee's Veil will help tremendously. It gives 80 AP, 10 Haste, and here's the important part with 45 magic resistance. It also has a passive called annul which gives a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability to hit you, but the cooldown is fairly long at 40 seconds so try not to let simple abilities remove it before an important teamfight!
This will be the anti-heal item that is mandatory if your team doesn't buy any themselves and you notice the enemy will be healing a lot this game. It gives 80 AP and 250 health while the passive affliction will apply 40% Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds upon dealing magic damage to enemies. It can increase to 60% if they're below 50% of their maximum health.
Sorcerer's Shoes
This will be the best and most common boots for Vex as it gives you 45 movement speed and a WHOOOPING 18 magic penetration. 18 magic penetration is HUGE in the early to mid game so this will ramp up your powerspike by a lot and it should not be underestimated!
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
You should already have more than enough CDR in your kit with the core build, but if you don't want magic penetration and instead want even more CDR then Ionian Boots of Lucidity is the choice for you with 45 movement speed, 20 Haste, and 12 summoner spell haste!
Plated Steelcaps
It provides 20 Armor and reduces damage from auto attacks by 12% making it a rare situational boot that you will buy if you're playing against a full AD team or you're REALLY struggling in an AD match-up and want to stop dying as much as possible!
Mercury's Treads
It gives 25 Magic Resistance with 30 Tenacity and it has the same goal as Plated Steelcaps except instead of AD champions this is extremely good at countering AP champions. Should also be a rare situational boot.
Laning Phase
So the laning phase is actually pretty calm and straightforward when it comes to Vex! Her kit in-general is one of the more simple kits to come out in this year's batch of champions. Your Q Mistral Bolt and E Looming Darkness will be used to poke and waveclear while your W Personal Space will mostly be kept to defend yourself whether it's from trades or all-ins. You can also use W Personal Space for waveclear as well as it does damage, but usually that'll be overkill and you'll have to risk walking inside your minion wave to do that.

Your goal for the laning phase will be to soak up exp and gold and reliably scale for that sweet level 6 so you can start making plays for teamfights, skirmishes, roams, 1v1 out plays, etc… Of Course this doesn't mean you have to play safe until level 6. If you learn how to trade properly with Vex then you'll be able to bully the enemy when they make mistakes and might be able to snag a few kills! So, I'll be teaching you exactly how to do that!

First, let's learn about some of the details of Vex's abilities you might not realize so you can use your kit properly for trading. Vex's passive Doom 'n Gloom fear is a key component to her gameplay and when an enemy is feared they will run away from Vex facing the other direction, however, with Vex's E Looming Darkness they will run away from the center of it instead of Vex so be sure to remember this so you know which direction they'll run to. To better hit your E Looming Darkness you should know that it has a travel time meaning the further you throw it the longer it'll take to connect. If you throw it right in front of you it'll cast a lot faster meaning it's harder for the enemy to dodge/react to it.

Also, Vex kicks Shadow (the sidekick) to where you aim your E Looming Darkness so visually it'll help you understand the cast time a bit better if you look at it once. Using your E Looming Darkness will apply “Gloom” when it hits enemy minions or champions and when you auto attack or use another ability on these marked targets it will reduce the cooldown of your passive Doom 'n Gloom fear so you can use it even sooner! When you proc your passive Doom 'n Gloom fear on the enemy make sure to adjust your aim with their movement to fear since it'll allow you to consistently land your full combos.

The two basic spell rotations when it comes to trading would be to use the passive fear and if you're against a ranged champion try to use E Looming Darkness followed up by Q Mistral Bolt and maybe an auto if you're in range to fit them. When you're against a melee champion sometimes it's better to wait for them to get close to you and use your W Personal Space for damage and fear proc then follow it up immediately with E Looming Darkness then Q Mistral Bolt for a clean and swift trade!
(showing the speed difference for E Looming Darkness)
Closer is faster and further is slower.
This one is very important to use vs melee match-ups especially
( Yasuo)
Notice at the very end I waited for the last possible second to use my R since I was waiting for my Q to come off cooldowns so I can use it instantly after I land.
( Ahri)

Your R Shadow Surge is your ultimate tool when it comes to having successful ganks. It is vital that you have it ready when you're roaming otherwise you're better off staying mid and farming a bit until it's ready. It's very hard to go in and get things done without it otherwise! It is great for ganking as well as tower diving :D

It is important to remember the basics of roaming. Do not feel pressured to roam if you don't see a good opportunity as failed roams will just lead to you falling behind. Just because you have your ultimate ready does not mean you should always be ganking. Also make sure to clear your waves and push them into the enemy quickly whenever you do try to roam!

Mid Game + Teamfighting
When the mid game comes over then you'll want to leave the midlane and allow your bot laner to farm it because botlaners will be the easiest people to kill and they need the shortness of midlane to farm safely. You'll be farming one of the sidewaves top or bot until you're needed for objectives, grouping, invading, etc… Be ready on standby for anything that might happen, but be farming while you wait so you're constantly getting stronger. If you see a free solo kill then feel free to go for that too if you're confident.

Teamfighting with Vex is a balancing act between when you should be playing back and throwing your Q Mistral Bolt around to poke or E Looming Darkness and then going in deep and dirty with your R Shadow Surge and W Personal Space. This will come with experience, but these teamfighting examples should show you what I mean by this. Try to keep track of your surroundings at all times and the cooldowns of the enemy as those are the biggest factors in determining how deep you can go without getting one shot!
This one especially showcases how much you can do in a teamfight :D
If you made it this far congrats! I hope this guide was able to help you out! I'm excited for Vex to be released as we really do have too much mobility in the game and it's nice to have a champion that will excel at finally bringing them down and making them stop moving for once! Her ultimate Shadow Surge especially looks like she'll be lots of fun to watch in pro-play. This is my first guide for a non-adc champion since I've been playing mid lane more as an adc main so hopefully you found this all helpful :D Good luck in your Vex games and thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Hopper for banners and coding as always!
League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco
IKeepItTaco Vex Guide
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