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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Multiboxer

ADC [11.20] MISS Fortune Guide

ADC [11.20] MISS Fortune Guide

Updated on October 5, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Multiboxer Build Guide By Multiboxer 1416 83 2,813,613 Views 45 Comments
1416 83 2,813,613 Views 45 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Multiboxer Miss Fortune Build Guide By Multiboxer Updated on October 5, 2021
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Runes: dark harvest

1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role
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ADC Role
Win 52%
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ADC Role Ranked #17 in
ADC Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.20] MISS Fortune Guide

By Multiboxer
hi guys,
I try to help you getting better with Miss Fortune in LoL, doesnt matter which ELO you are.
currently I play platinum Level, ADC since end of season 10 and I am an MF OTP.

I will keep this guide updated all the time and for every patch, so bookmark it and always have a look if something has changed.

pls give me an UPVOTE if you like it!
gracias amigos
Pros / Cons
+ Lanebully with nice Q and good burst damage to follow up CC
+ Passive movement speed boost and active attack speed boost
+ AE slow with E
+ awesome ultimate to decide every TF
+ good passive with Love Tap

Miss Fortune is one of the best ADCs in laning phase, but also has a very good scaling and teamfight strength with her R.
- medium range on AA
- no dashes/jumps
- Q may be difficult to hit because of same range as AA
- R needs to be well-placed to be effective

Miss Fortune has no jumps/dashes, that makes her automatically weak against the high mobility assasins, but if you use your movementspeed wisely and focus on positioning you can be always a top Carry for your team.
summoners spells

FLASH: No explanation needed, we all have to take it as ADC!
HEAL: Use Heal to save yourself, support or team from dying, or help escape (using Heal causes 30% movement speed bonus for 1 second).
You can also use the movement speed boost from Heal to catch an escaping enemy to finish them.
CLEANSE: take Cleanse for matchups against heavy CC. I would recommend it always against Ashe/ Leona for example.
I always try to show you here my most favourite runepage atm. But on the start of my guide I show you all possiblites.

first tree:

Keystone: Dark Harvest
gives you a nice extra scaling and makes you super strong in lategame. you can collect "souls" pretty good with your E.

second: Cheap Shot
synergizes very well with your E- Make it Rain.

third: Eyeball Collection

fourth: Ravenous Hunter
what should I tell you man? only one that makes sense here and gives you nice sustain.

second tree:

first: Absolute Focus
nice tool as an ADC you know... if you have less then 70% HP you usually oneshot by everything... so if you above 70% HP you get some extra stats. On level 10 you get 10 bonus AD that is worth 350 gold. think about it.

second: Gathering Storm
SCALING!!! most games are around 25-30 minutes I would say and this rune gives you nearly 30 bonus AD at minute 30 that means a free B. F. Sword. sounds pretty strong or not? and on minute 20 you get around 15 bonus AD, what is worth around 550 gold.

hard choice, its up to you. 2x adaptive Force or 1x Attackspeed and 1x adaptive Force.
maybe I would take 2x adaptive force against more squishy enemies and 1x/1x against more tanky comps.
Armor you should always take, only reason if you change to MR is when you play against a Casterlane with an APC like Syndra, Ziggs. But that usually happens maximumly 1 time in 50 Games.

Look at all my Builds I put into the guide please. The decision between some small runes are not that easy these days.
Starter Items:
I recommend in S11 to start with Doran's Blade and 1x Health Potion or Tear of the Goddess and 2x Health Potion if you have a poking support and a weak enemy lane with less sustain. You can poke your enemies very hard with your E Make it Rain but only when you start with Tear.

Patch 11.8:


the Collector

infinity edge
usually go for Galeforce, The Collector and then Infinity Edge
This is what you always need to be usefull. Galeforce is a very hard powerspike, so go for some plays if you are ahead and just finished this.
After this item you build The Collector what synergize super well with your E Make it Rain, because usually it makes zero damage in mid/lategame, but you can finish enemies with the Passive from this item.

4th item: Boots
Now I would buy my complete boots. Usually Berserker's Greaves but I also can recommend the defensive options Mercury's Treads and Plated Steelcaps, depends on enemy team.

5th item:
I recommend most time Lord Dominik's Regards because of the nice extra damage vs armored targets and all his stats. But also Bloodthirster or Guardian Angel are a good choice. one as fifth, the other as 6th item maybe.

6th item:
Last Item I usually take Guardian Angel, but always buy Stopwatch before, so you can use it, and then build your complete GA.
Or Bloodthirster as last item, it gives you even more damage and the shield, because sometimes the GA is kind of useless if you die in a bad situation in which the Guardian Angel is worth nothing.
(we all know that situations xD)

a) against comps with a lot of heal ( Yuumi, Soraka, Senna etc.) or selfheal (fed Kayn or Master Yi, I always would recommend you to buy Executioner's Calling and build it later on into Mortal Reminder.

b) against comps with lot of tanks/armor:
always think about a Last Whisper and build it later on into Lord Dominik's Regards vs. heavy tank comps I recommend this item as 3rd item!

c) when you fullbuild and have enough money when you sell your boots for another legendary-item, then do it. in S11/Preseason you get more bonus from your mythic item with another legendary, so its even more worth then last season.
If you dont wanna lose that much Movespeed, I would recommend Youmuu's Ghostblade, if you not already builded it. Otherwise take one of the items above, as replacement for boots, they all make kinda sense.
Passive: Love Tap
great passive for last hitting and poking enemy champs.
also good synergie with your Q, reduce the HP of a minion with lovetap to few HP and then instantly press your Q on it to hit the enemy champ who is standing behind it.

Q: Double Up
your strongest tool with MF. nice for poke, autoattack reset and also a very good finisher. Its super satisfying to make a double kill if two enemies position bad and you can kill the first one with your Q and it jumps on the second one with a Crit and finish him with around 20-30% HP.

good to know about your Q:
1) target area behind the first target is in a cone
2) Once the opposing champion is in the cone of Double Up behind the first target and you take the shot, the opponent cannot escape from the shot (not with walking away from the area, flash, dash and so on...).
3) Double Up has relatively low Mana cost and cooldown. Don't hesitate to use it.
but dont waste it for farming, maybe a Cannon is worth it.
4) it always crits, if you take down the initial target with your Q.

W: Strut
great nice gain of attackspeed bonus and out of combat movementspeed bonus.
Also use it for situations you need to lasthit faster. And definitly use it on every fight, very less mana costs. And it gives you the attack speed you need in some situations because besides Berserker's Greaves you usually dont but any other attackspeed.
the out of combat movement speed bonus synergize very well with Youmuu's Ghostblade and it gives your more chance to dodge some abilities like hooks etc.

E: Make it Rain
the only "CC" you have. The good thing about it, its AE and it has a long range. The bad thing about it: it costs a lot of mana.
It synergize very good with your R. So usually always you should put your E on the enemies before using your R. You also can use it for initiate ganks or slow enemy jungler on a gank.

R: Bullet Time
you love to make triple-, quatra- and pentakills?
Then you love the R from MF. this tool gives you the possibility to decide every game if you are not tremendous behind. A full Bullet Time on 4-5 enemies wins you definitly every teamfight.
But be care... the enemies know you have this crazy ultimate, so try to use it wisely and also be prepared about being hard focused with any kind of CC and stuff like that. I know you also should be prepared for it as ADC, but with MF even more. Its all about positioning and timing.

If you know there will be no Teamfight in the next 90 seconds for Drake, Baron, Herald and so on, then you also can use it to fast push a big wave of minions and go back. But as I said, only do this if you sure you will not miss it in the next 90 seconds.
lane phase / early game
its all about bullying your opponents, preferable the enemy adc.
but sometimes your dependent on your support, depends on enemies skill and comp.

your Passive Love Tap and Q Double Up are the tools you need for crushing the enemy lane hard if you play it well. But MF abilities have a high manacost, especially her E Make it Rain, so use them wisely... and use your E definitly only for very good plays and to initiate your junglers ganks or deny/slow enemy ganks.

Always think also about your jungler. Does he need help for scuttle or Drake? is it worth to go there? Thats also a part of wave management. with your Q and W you can destroy enemy minion waves very fast.
For a quick and fast Recall when your own Cannon-Wave is coming, you can also use sometimes your R Bullet Time to pick up the enemy Cannon-Wave super fast and then take the recall. But only use it, if you know you dont need your R for a TF around Drake etc. in the next 90 seconds.
midgame / teamfighting
all about objectives. look always for upcoming Drakes and also for early barons after a won Teamfight. ping the timers from time to time to show to your team on what time the objectives coming up and also you show that you are concentrated on it.
If your team is tremendous behind and you cannot win the teamfight if the enmey team dont make crazy mistakes, then give up the drake . ping this early to your team, because most worst thing is 3 of your team are going in and die and enemy team also get the drake .
Elder Drake and Soul are usually always neccessary to fight... sometimes you can look for a trade with Baron , but thats decisionmaking at the end.

most important: positioning,if you dont be able to care about it, you cannot play MF. you have no dash/jump besides every 5 minutes your Flash, so use it wisely. ALWAYS attack the closest target to you, most important rule as an ADC. If you are more in high elo, you know about your targets. but attacking the closest target is always a very good advice.

second: use your R Bullet Time not to early and not to late

if you know an important Teamfight is coming for example for Baron or Elder Drake , then buy a Stopwatch if you have the 650gold, it can change every teamfight if you use if well and the enemy are not prepared for it.

matchups / bans
look at the synergies above, but I also will make some more detailed matchup descriptions here in a few.

recommended bans:
I would recommend you to ban Tristana, Jhin, Morgana or Hecarim at the moment. (Patch 11.08)

if your teams shows you what they want to play and you have like no CC in team, then maybe also banning Master Yi or Vayne is a good idea. But usually you should punish Vayne in lane very hard but if you have bad feeling vs. her, she is always worth a ban.
current / next Patch
Patch 11.08 and the changes which affects Miss Fortune
1) important item changes:

2) other champions:

3) not really important:
last chapter: lore
for guys who are interested in lore of LoL:

Biography of Miss Fortune:
Like most who rise to notoriety in the twisting, salt-crusted labyrinth of Bilgewater, Sarah Fortune has no shortage of blood on her hands…

Beloved daughter of the renowned gun-dame Abigale Fortune, Sarah spent much of her happy childhood in the forge of their island settlement just off the coast—learning to file wheel locks, set trigger pulls, and even cast batches of custom pistol shot. Her mother’s skill in crafting firearms was legendary, and her bespoke handguns were to be found in the collections of many a wealthy merchant captain.

But oft-times, they were coveted by those with more meager means, and darker hearts.

One such individual was an up-and-coming Bilgewater reaver, known to his crew as Gangplank. ****sure and certain of his power, he demanded a pair of Fortune pistols the like of which no other man could hope to possess. A reluctant deal was struck, and a year later to the day, Gangplank returned. With no intention of paying for the work, he had masked his face with a grimy scarf. He was there to take the guns by force.

Abigale had crafted two masterpieces, twin hand cannons of exquisite workmanship and pinpoint lethality—indeed, she declared, too fine for the likes of him. She could see the brutish thug that Gangplank had become. Enraged, he seized the pistols and gunned her down with her own creations before turning them on her husband, and young Sarah too. Then, out of nothing but spite, he set the workshop ablaze and smashed both pistols on the cobblestones, to wipe the Fortune legacy from the face of Runeterra completely.

Sarah awoke to agony. Her wounds were grave, but she managed to crawl from the burning ruins with the remains of the two pistols clutched to her chest. In time, her body healed, but waking nightmares and night terrors would torment her for many years to come.

Even so, she endured. She was determined to have vengeance. She rebuilt her mother’s pistols, and learned all she could of the masked murderer who had since declared himself the new reaver king of Bilgewater, and forced even the most influential ship captains to honor his claim.

No matter. When Sarah faced him again, she would be ready.

Taking a ship to Bilgewater Bay, she killed her first man within minutes of setting foot on the crooked timbers of the quayside—a drunken pirate with a gallon of Myron’s Dark in his belly, and a price on his head. Sarah dragged his corpse to the bounty board officials, before tearing off a dozen more warrants and heading off into the city.

Within a week, every one of them was settled, and those with the misfortune to be hunted by Sarah were either dead or in chains. She quickly earned a reputation in the taverns and gambling dens, becoming known only as “Miss Fortune”. Gangplank would never see her coming. What was one more bounty hunter on the streets of his city?

In the years that followed, tales of Miss Fortune’s exploits spread far and wide, each more fanciful than the last. She drowned the leader of the Silk-Knife Corsairs in a barrel of her own stolen rum. She took the Syren from a captain who learned the hard way what it meant to slip a hand where it wasn’t wanted. She tracked the insane Doxy-Ripper to his lair in the belly of a half-dismembered leviathan down on the slaughter docks, and shot him in the back as he fled.

In spite of all this, Gangplank was far too powerful to confront openly, with the fierce Jagged Hooks crew always at his side—but Miss Fortune knew just killing him would never be enough. Only his abject humiliation, and the burning to ash of all he had stolen, would satisfy the girl who had died on the floor of her mother’s workshop.

And so, little by little, she began to surround herself with a small but loyal cadre of allies that would eventually help her lay her demons to rest.

Miss Fortune risked everything to make her move against Gangplank. Plots within plots saw his ship, the Dead Pool, blown to flaming wreckage in the harbor, and the tyrannical reaver king overthrown. Best of all, everyone in Bilgewater saw him fall. It was everything Sarah could have hoped for, exactly as she’d planned.

And it was over in moments.

With Gangplank gone, the other rival captains quickly descended into fighting amongst themselves for control of the city. What little semblance of law there had been was gone in an instant, with countless innocent civilians caught between the warring crews. Reluctantly, Miss Fortune stepped up—as captain of the Syren, and backed by her own people, she brokered an uneasy truce that has somehow held to this day.

But little is ever really permanent in the port city, and Captain Fortune still finds herself having to impose her own brand of order on every reaver, ganglord, and distant threat that comes her way.

The real battle for Bilgewater has only just begun.

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