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Zilean Build Guide by Arcurath

Support [11.21] [EUW Master] - Rank 1 - Zilean Support Guide

Support [11.21] [EUW Master] - Rank 1 - Zilean Support Guide

Updated on October 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arcurath Build Guide By Arcurath 41 1 87,676 Views 7 Comments
41 1 87,676 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Arcurath Zilean Build Guide By Arcurath Updated on October 22, 2021
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Runes: Into hard engage

1 2 3
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Manaflow Band

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
Swap based on what adc takes
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role
Win 51%
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Support Role Ranked #14 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.21] [EUW Master] - Rank 1 - Zilean Support Guide

By Arcurath

Hey there soon to be fellow Zilean enjoyers! My name is Arcurath. I am a 300k points Zilean main. I am Master on EUW and have got here with the help of Zilean.

I first began playing Zilean because I have always loved playing underrated champs in any game I play since majority of player base don't fully understand how the champ works and is rarely picked by anyone else so you always get to play it.
I have been playing Zilean since Season 8 and I have been in the top 100 Zilean players ever since then, I am currently 3rd in the world and 1st in EUW.

You can catch me streaming here! I am usually playing Zilean most of the time obviously, but other Support gameplay in general if you are interested.


Very low pick/ban rate
Never directly nerfed/buffed
Underrated champ
Best speed/slow buff in game
Protect MVP ally very well
Useful utility even when behind in gold


Extremely weak early game
Have to rely on teammates
Can be easily bursted with no ult
Takes a long time to master his kit
Must have good positioning
Long CDs + high mana costs early

Time in a Bottle (Passive): Zilean stores up xp then can give it to an ally close to levelling after channeling for a second. Zilean also recieves the same amount of XP that he gives. This can be helpful getting level powerspikes earlier than enemies.
Time Bomb (Q): Zilean's bread and butter ability. A timed bomb that sticks onto any living unit and explodes after 3 seconds. This is Zilean's only damaging ability. Combo'd with your W makes a stun after placing 2 bombs on somebody.

Rewind (W): Zilean reduces his Q and E cooldown by 10 seconds. This is the ability that lets Zilean string together combos such as double bomb or perma slowing.

Time Warp (E): Zilean can either buff his allies speed or slow enemies. Personally I think this is the best speed buff/slow debuff in the game. Can be incredibly powerful super speeding allies to run after or away from enemies, and oppositely perma cripple slowing enemies.

Chronoshift (R): Zilean can respawn one of his allies or himself. Pretty much a free guardian angel on a lower cooldown later on. Very strong for protecting the MVP ally on your team.

Resolve Primary Runes

  • Guardian

  • Guardian: is Zilean's best keystone imo. It gives Zilean that one missing part of his kit, shielding. Very nice being able to give a shield to an ally you buff with E and also yourself. Only downside is sometimes when you go to R an ally and Guardian is up it can proc and protect ally from taking lethal damage for the ult to proc.
  • Font of Life

  • Font of Life: is just the best choice out of the top resolve tree options. Gives a nice bit of healing to allies who aa during fights, especially since I like building items with HP. It procs every time you slow enemies with E or stunning with double bombs.
  • Second Wind

  • Second Wind: is what you want to take when you're against poke lanes since they can just aa you once and Bone Plating becomes useless. It gives you a nice bit of sustain in lane and for drawn out poke fights at objectives.
  • Bone Plating

  • Bone Plating: is what you want to take when you're against engage lanes that can threaten to kill you if they get on top of you. It protects you from a good chunk of their damage combo stopping you from being one shot most of the time. Be careful tho they can just aa you and wait for it to be on cooldown before going in.
  • Unflinching

  • Unflinching: is the best choice into very heavy CC lockdown teams, since if you are perma CC locked on Zilean you are useless. You can't ult anyone and will get bursted down before you can do anything. It can be very useful since the tenacity kicks in when you are low on HP so you can bait enemies if you have R ready.

Sorcery Secondary Runes

  • Manaflow Band

  • Manaflow Band: is always solid choice since Zilean's combos take a lot of mana so it helps out a lot with mana issues in lane since later on you have lots of mana regen from support items.
  • Transcendence

  • Transcendence: is a must have on Zilean. Ability haste is extremely valuable to Zilean since his abilities are quite long CD and he relies on them. The bonus effect they added this season of semi resetting the CD of basic abilities after takedowns is very nice for later fights.


  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity

  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity: is the nicest boots choice since Zilean really values ability haste and it gives you 20 for very cheap early on.
  • Mercury's Treads

  • Mercury's Treads: is a solid choice when you are against a whole lot of heavy CC lockdown enemy team or if they are very AP heavy to stop you getting bursted.

Mythic Items

  • Shurelya's Battlesong

  • Shurelya's Battlesong: is hands down the best mythic item choice for Zilean. You can give your entire team a speed boost to engage/disengage enemy team. It also gives you a speed boost when you E an ally so you can catch up to them.

Legendary Items

  • Shard of True Ice

  • Shard of True Ice: is the best support starter item. The mana regen and AP is very nice. They also buffed it this season to give more gold per proc than before so it doesnt seem worth to take Relic Shield anymore.
  • Redemption

  • Redemption: is overall very useful nice feeling item that gives good stats for Zilean such as heal/shield power, HP + ability haste. The heal also procs Shurelya's Battlesong speed buff on whoever you heal.
  • Mikael's Crucible

  • Mikael's Blessing: is a solid choice into heavy CC and AP burst damage team. Very useful against champs like Zoe so you can cleanse the bubble on ally or yourself.
  • Anathema's Chains

  • Anathema's Chains: is a new item that probably need to play and test out more. From the stats and active/passive it has seems very useful imo so far. Gives HP and ability haste which are useful stats for Zilean. The ability to take 30% reduced damage from the enemy MVP is very helpful to not get bursted, also them having reduced tenacity is insane so you can perma slow/stun them.
  • Vigilant Wardstone

  • Vigilant Wardstone: is solid choice for those rare long slow late games that you can get 3rd or 4th item to just have a lot more vision control to help close out games. I think the mini rework they did to this item was a nerf for Zilean since before it gave a lot more ability haste and some movespeed but it is still a decent late game item.

Double Bomb

The bread and butter of Zilean, the bare basic combo you need to know before moving on to anything else.
To do this combo you use your skills in this order: Q + W + Q in rapid succession before the first bomb times out.

Slow into Double Bomb

A much better version of double bomb combo, makes much easier to hit it since they are slowed.
To do this combo you use your skills in this order: E + Q + W + Q. The E slow lasts a 2.5 seconds so gives a decent amount of time to hit the double bomb.

Flash Double Bomb

This is probably the most stylish mechanic you can do on Zilean. But it also quite suicidal unless you have R ready since you are flashing into the enemy team.
To do this combo you use your skills in this order: Q on yourself + W + Q + then Flash where the bomb will land.

Minion Double Bomb

This is when you want to catch enemies off guard in lane if they are in range of the minion wave.
To do this combo use your skills in this order: Q + W + Q. You have to aim on a minion so it doesn't end up with 1 bomb on an enemy champ and 1 bomb on a minion or it wont stun.

Perma Stun Combo

This rarely has a practical use in game, I guess the only situation would be if you have won a teamfight and just their tank is left, then you want to perma CC and kite them to delay their respawn timer. Do note you need quite a decent amount of ability haste and points in Q and W for this to even be possible.
To do this combo use your skills in this order: Q + wait until it almost blows up + W + Q + and repeat. You can add E slows in there too for even more CC such as E + Q + wait until it almost blows up + W + Q + E + and repeat.

My personal Zilean playstyle is heavily focused on the utility side of his kit. I really enjoy buffing up my allies with insane speed and reviving them to keep going in or out of fights, while also tilting my enemies not being able to reach my team or ruin any reset based champs.

Before Lane

For the first minute of the game there isn't too much you can do since Zilean is weak early game. Only thing you can do is throw a few bombs in bushes over the wall on either red/blue side in bot river, you may get a few manaflow band or spellthief procs if people are sitting there.

Lane Phase

Zilean is extremely weak early game so you are aiming to just sit back and scale up usually. Some matchups you will be able to poke for free early on such as Alistar level 1, however some like Karma will hard beat you. So depending on matchups either sit back poke here and there for spellthief gold, or if possible you can somewhat bully.

After level 3 you have very strong gank setup with E + Q + W + Q combo, pretty much impossible to miss this unless enemy champ has a dash or they flash it. However before level 3 you are quite a useless champ compared to most supports.

Zilean makes getting wave priority very easy to move to help jungler tho, either single or double bomb the wave and most enemies can't match this. As long as you are level 3+ and move to help with scuttles fights etc and if you focus E + Q + W + Q combo on 1 person it should be a guaranteed kill.

Once you are level 6 you are a very strong champion now. You can go for easy tower dives if your team is on the right page, just make sure to spam ping your R is ready otherwise your soloq teammate will flash away and ruin the play. Your R will also make enemy team feel less likely to gank you unless they are 4 or more.


Zilean doesn't have the strongest roams by himself and usually prefers to stay in lane getting XP so he can hit level 6 ASAP. But if you walk together with your jungler it makes things much easier and stronger, you can just speed them when they go gank a lane and help slow or combo the enemy.

General Tips

If you are going to ward neutral or enemy areas make sure to throw a bomb in unwarded bushes to give yourself vision to see enemies instead of getting bush cheesed and one shot.

When you or your allies are walking back to lane or rotating to objectives spam E + W on them and yourself to have a tempo lead on your enemies.

Early game dont use double bomb unless you're super sure it will lead to a kill. It costs too much mana and doesn't do that much damage, you can E + Q an enemy and they will either back off out of range or waste cooldowns, then you can try again during that window.

If you dont use it already then I highly recommend using the alt key to self cast abilities on you much easier and quicker.

Don't be afraid to flash E/R an ally or even flash E an enemy. If you have a fed teammate who you can buff up that will kill enemy team or an enemy is out of position you can go for this play and it should work in your favour.

In a messy fight where everyone is stacked on top of each other you can use the champion icons above minimap to cast your E or R on somebody, don't use this too often but in some cases it can be useful.

Don't think you have to use bombs just for CC, you can also just throw them out in choke points to zone enemies off. Can be very useful stopping them walking in to contest objectives.

Work out who is the most important player on your team and the enemy team. You want to make sure you are buffing and peeling this ally, meanwhile you want to make the enemy have a rough time, perma slowing and bombing them. If your ally has a big shutdown make sure to save them. However if your MVP ally is safe and your front line is dying you can R them instead and you should win from numbers advantage. Just have to think who is more valuable to keep alive, sometimes letting someone die to respawn yourself to peel and buff allies can be more important than having someone who brings more damage.

I will look to update this guide every patch, I doubt much will change unless there are new item changes since Zilean is rarely directly nerfed or buffed.

If you managed to read through my entire guide and learned something new or found more success playing Zilean then I have done my job well!

I hope you enjoy your adventure with Zilean in your champ pool now and climb with him.

If you have any questions about anything in my guide or in general feel free to leave a comment or come tune in to my stream and get your answers live in chat!

Otherwise thanks for taking the time to read my guide, I greatly appreciate any votes and feedback I get!

League of Legends Build Guide Author Arcurath
Arcurath Zilean Guide
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[11.21] [EUW Master] - Rank 1 - Zilean Support Guide

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