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Master Yi Build Guide by Light_creative_mind

Jungle [12.10] Light's On-hit Carry Yi

Jungle [12.10] Light's On-hit Carry Yi

Updated on May 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Light_creative_mind Build Guide By Light_creative_mind 16 2 40,833 Views 0 Comments
16 2 40,833 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Light_creative_mind Master Yi Build Guide By Light_creative_mind Updated on May 27, 2022
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

[12.10] Light's On-hit Carry Yi

By Light_creative_mind
This used to be an Eclipse Yi Guide

About Me and about YI:

Hello everyone! Thank you all for noticing my guide!
To start off, you may call me Light, I am a casual League Player who has watched a lot of Pro and High Elo game play, as well as in game analysis and theory crafting. I am not a high elo player myself, however I am very interested in theory crafting and am alwyas trying to find new builds to make Yi more diverse. Shout out to xPetu, who not only got me into Shen, but also inspired me to do the same he does with my favorite champion!
Why do I like Master Yi? That's a great question! The biggest reason as to why I like Yi so much is that he is a champion which is easy to play, thus easy to recommend for others to try, since I really love to share my thoughts on the game and espacially my favorite champions. Even still, Master Yis Kit has a lot of potential, making him really hard to play perfectly and I find it really fastinating to see the best of the best players on Yi and how they make him seem broken even in higher elos. The only thing sad about mastering Master Yi is that the rewards for playing optimal are pretty low. The Results between someone who knows how to play Yi correctly and perfectly are very minor, which makes it seem like the best Yi Players aren't actually doing much, when they are being as mechanial as possible on a champ with a very simple Kit.

I am a huge Fan of Eclipse on Master Yi and have invented the Atk Speed Eclipse Style back in Season 11. Due to the changes made in Season 12, which ended up making it worse, due to a longer passive cooldown, which means you cannot abuse it's shield and passive damage as great as back then, it is no longer a meta build. The Changes made in Season 12 have also had a great impact on Master Yi himself, as his mini rework has led to On-hit Builds being even greater than before and nerfing AD Yi, my worst Nightmare to the ground. Patch 12.10 is arguably a blessing for Master Yi, as he benefits from early sustain a lot, helping him out to scale into the late game. All of these changes did not exactly help Eclipse to be viable again, however I still recommend you give it a shot, since it is fun in my opionon.

This is my Guide on how to play and build On-hit Yi,
I hope you enjoy!

Benefits of playing Master Yi

Yi is the perfect champ to start learining LOL.

- You don't have to be very mechanical to play Yi effectivly. => you can focus on learing makro play and how to jungle in general.

- He Teaches you the basic mechanics of the game pretty well (examples):
Alpha Strike Q: Over time you will quickly learn, that abilities like Alpha Strike which make you untargatable should be used wisely, to dodge enemy skillshots, avoid lethal damage and most importantly dodge CC spells.

Meditate W: You can auto attack and then W and cancel it with another auto attack, which resets your auto attack cooldown -> teaches you about auto attack canceling.
It also teaches you to be patient and wait for you abilitys to come up again ( it also gives you free passive stacks over time), to maximize your combat power in close fights, as in he is one of the best Champs to learn this, thanks to his W healing you and proving damage reduction.
(It also teaches you to bug abuse, to cancel turret damage after a towerdive ;) )

Wuju Style E: It's pretty simple... don't use important Abilities in the jungle, if an enemy could be close to you.

Highlander R: Same case, here it is about fighting on ultimate timers and don't waste your R before and Objective spawns. Also use it to get out if you mess up, it's better than dying. Also teaches you how important movement speed is, as a means of ganking and in general.

- Slow Immunity on his Ultimate

- On-hit effects work with his Q Alpha Strike since Patch 10.5

- Master Yi Slowballs really hard on top of,
- being a great scaling champion. There are only a few Champions which can face a lategame Yi on the Sidelane

- We all know the Master Yi Clips. He is great at teamfighting, as a follow up on the team engage, as he is a reset champion which likes to clean up fights, after someone else goes in.
=> Master Yi is a great montage / pentakill champion

Downsides of playing Yi:

- every resonable player will focus you in fights
- On-hit Yi has a lot of bad matchups and is easy to counter and itemize against
- Master Yi has to build some from of defensive Item to work consistently
- You have not CC in you base kit
- If you fall behind early on, it can be rough to come back
- weak Level 4 and 5
- is very reliant on items.

Team Composition (Synergies and Counters)

If you want to make great use of this champ, it is highly recommended to build the team entirely around Master Yi, this however is an issue, since the team pretty much falls apart if the Yi Player falls behind and/or is bad.
He synergized really well with enchanters and every other champion which can protect him, though whatever mean they have, be it shields, cc, heal, invincibility or something else.

About the enemy team composition:
Everyone with easy cc on you is soft or hard counter and invisibility champs will ruin your day. So pretty much every enemy team will have a treat opposing you.
Notice that Plated Steelcaps are a huge powerspike against you
Notice Jax Teemo Shen hardcounter you because you can't effectivly auto unless they waste their spells.

Which runes work the best?

Back in Season 10, everyone who was sane took Conqueror. Due to all the nerfs Conqueror has recieved it is not that great anymore and there pretty much is no situation in which is is better than Lethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo used to work differently in Season 10 and 11, which is also why it syngerized really well with my old Eclipse build.
In the Preseason auf Season 12 Lethal Tempo recieved some major changes, making it work like the old Guinsoo's Rageblade from Season 10. Which should be enough for Yi mains from back then to know, this is great.
Why is it the best Rune at this moment?
- It provides you with free attack speed, which synergizeses with On-hit effects.
- It scales better than Hail of Blades and is more useful in teamfights / long fights and it does not go to waste, if you attack someone while being blinded (it even stacks up while doing to damage)
- It has the best Synergy with your passive
- It is the strongest rune in early 1v1s aswell

The other Option is only really useful on Burst Builds
Hail of Blades provides you with 3 really quick auto attacks, which can help you burst enemys down, with just these autos and one Q.
This is a lot harder due to the changes made in Patches 12.5, which nerfed his AD Scaling and Patch 12.10 which provided everyone with more sustain.

Summoner Spells
It should be obvious that taking Smite is required to jungle with Master Yi

I usually take Flash as my secondary Summoner Spell, as it provides me with more mobility, which Yi benefits from a lot, as well as another means to dodge enemy skillshots / CC (example: flash over a Lux Q)

I am not a big fan of Ignite, eventhough it is the best Summoner Spell, if you want to be useful in the early game and snowball. Which seems better on AD / Burst Yi, then on the classic On-hit Yi.

Ghost is another mobility Summoner Spell, which can also help you dodge Skillshots, eventhough it is a lot harder than simply leaping over something like Lux Q, since you have to walk around it. It helps you stick to the enemys, which I have not trouble with in most cases, but against enemy teams with a lot of disengage and displacements, this can be a lifesaver.

Cleanse Does not provide you with offensive power. Only pick this, if the enemy team has to much CC to outplay and you can't wait to buy Quicksilver Sash which build into Mercurial Scimitar.

Itemization on Master Yi:

All my build can be seen above, in the Item Section of this Guide.
As you may notice, the Item you should buy on you first back is in every case the good old Pickaxe, as it is the best of your Item Components. You need AD in the early game or you deal no damage compared to others. (your base AD is not enough to make use of more attack speed, trust me on this one)

As I have already mentioned, I believe On-hit builds to be supperrior to Burst builds.
This is all due to the changes made in Patches 12.5., which is why I only recommend On-hit builds.

The Reason we make use of the Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End combo is to get as much atk speed as possible with the least amount of gold and to abuse the damage of Wit's ends on-hit passive. The magic damage Wit's End provides is insane, due to Rageblades passive we can procc it more often aswell as Guinsoo's Rageblade phyisical on-hit damage. After these core items we will build either defensive items or more damage. Back when I recommended Eclipse Yi the Rageblade + Wit's end combo was my way of abusing Eclipse Passive, granting us more burst, more sustain through shield, which helped to 1v1 others making it a viable atk speed option. Blade of the Ruined King also benefits from Guinsoo's Rageblade, the Reason we buy Blade first, is due to the changes made to Q, as it can procc on-hit effects since 12.5 and was buffed, so that the passive does more damage in return for only 100 gold more.


Kraken Slayer is the Mythic which provides the most Damage in attack speed builds. It should be obvious why this is a great Mythic on Yi. Kraken Slayer is a viable option espacially in lower elos. It provides a lot of atk speed through the mythic passive, the passive synergizes really well with your playstyle, as you want to be auto attacking as much as possible, to procc On-hit effects, which also means you will be dealing a lot of true damage through Kraken Slayers passive. This item has great stats, helps you against tanks, is a great first item powerspike and the passive goes through Shen W, eventhough it shouldn't in my opinion. However it is definitly worse the higher you climp, since it doesn't grant you any combat utilty and you will not be allowed to just run up to everyone and auto attack them until they die, quite like you can in lower elo.

Immortal Shieldbow is another ADC Mythic, which does not grant you a lot of damage like Kraken Slayer, but it provides you which the much needed Sustain Yi needs. An Argument should be made for Immortal Shieldbow, as it helps you 1v1 others (exept tanks) and gives you better survivabilty to comeback, very similar to Eclipse. In the Past (Season 10/11) Yi has build Steraks as the Shield was all the nessesary sustain he needed to put out his damage, due to the nerfs Shieldbow is your go to option now. One of the downsides is that it does not give you enough damage to snowball, once you would be strong enough to do so with the other two Mythics Kraken Slayer or Duskblade of Draktharr. If you find yourself facing a lot of burst in the enemy team this may be your only hope and eventhough it may cripple you in the early/mid game if you build it first or second, it does scale pretty well and is a decent second Item (but loses a lot of strength due to the lifesteal nerfs throughout Season 12)

Duskblade of Draktharr is the mythic of choice for many players, eventhough AD Yi is longer to be seen. Why is that you may ask? Well... Duskblade was orignally build for the Invisibility passive to begin with, not for the stats itself. This changed once people found out how broken lethality builds were, back when Master Yis Q Alpha Strike had way to high AD Scaling. Duskblades Stats are quite nice, but they are not exactly what we want. The main Reason Duskblade of Draktharr is still viable, is because it provides you with ultility in form of invisibility. Through this you can go in and out of fights easily. It is great in teamfights and limits the enemys capabilites of hurting you in combination with you Q Alpha Strike, which means you need less sustain Items to work effectivly.

Which Champions are the worst to face as Master Yi?

I prefer to ban either Shaco, [Warwick, Rek'Sai, Evelyn, Kha'Zix or Graves, as they are the most common and most frustrating to deal with jungle matchups.
My most banned Champion has to be Shaco

Other champions which are frustrating to play against are: Teemo, Jax, Skarner, Quiana, Talon and many more which you will usually not encounter as enemy jungler.

Your Gameplan

Auto Attack the enemy

Your game plan may be simple but hard to master.
You want to auto the enemy until they die and unlike the memes this build doesn't make you spam Q and win (reminds me of the old AD Yi...). Instead you will have to use Alpha Strike to dodge enemy spells which are a threat to you, which will be cc in most cases since your W Meditate can block a ton of damage from life threatening dangers.
Your main damage source are your auto attacks, this means you shouldn't Q for damage, since it doesn't outmatch your auto dps by a notiable amount and leaves you vulnerable afterwards.
Never engage with Alpha Strike unless you know the enemys cc spells are of cooldown. Even if it may seem tempting to Q in and kill everyone, your Alpha Strike is to valuable to dodge enemy cc. You can catch up with different things (you have the highest movementspeed base in the game)you can run them down if you are fast enough, you can flash on top of the enemy and you'll stick to the movement speed this build provides (having someone who can speed you up is really comfortable which is why some use ghost instead of flash). You can even bait some enemys into casting their cc spell just by runing at them while being in Q range and not using Alpha Strike until they use them to dodge it and you have your engage!

Makro Gameplan:
As Master Yi you will want to power farm early on and avoid ganking, unless you are on a powerspike, have to fight an objective, you see an easy gank, your teammates matchup is unplayable without help or similar cases.
You want to contest every single objective, as you are great in teamfights, but don't force it, if you lack the need vision, or you team is too far behind to contest e.g. one drake, in that case it may be better to just give them up. Try to always farm your jungle camps effectivly, as farm is really important on a scaling champion like Master Yi

Once you are strong enough, you should be able to get every objective and you should definitly go for every single one of them, as you should win every teamfight.
You can splitpush, if your team does not have a better splitpush champion, while objetives are not up in the late game.
Remember not to be on the opposite side of the current objective.
If your Support sets up Vision in the enemy jungle, you can follow and try to catch enemys, who stepped out of line.
You can also get every lane ahead, once you are fed, by repeatingly ganking them (avoid enemy laners, that hardcounter you if you can)
Play around your Powerspikes. (Items and Lv. 3, Lv.6, Lv. 10, Lv. 11, Lv. 13 and Lv. 16)

I really hope you liked this guide and found it useful for your own gameplay of League of Legends. I hope you enjoy playing around with this atk speed monster called Master Yi.
PS: Try out my old Eclipse BUild, if you are interested in playing fun off-meta builds!

Good Luck, Better Skill !
your average Yi Player
League of Legends Build Guide Author Light_creative_mind
Light_creative_mind Master Yi Guide
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