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Rengar Build Guide by BiriRamen

Top [12.11] Self Guide for Rengar | Top/JG/ADC/Support/Aram | Updating Daily

Top [12.11] Self Guide for Rengar | Top/JG/ADC/Support/Aram | Updating Daily

Updated on July 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BiriRamen Build Guide By BiriRamen 19 1 22,739 Views 11 Comments
19 1 22,739 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BiriRamen Rengar Build Guide By BiriRamen Updated on July 3, 2022
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Runes: Tempo 12.6

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Top Lane

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.11] Self Guide for Rengar | Top/JG/ADC/Support/Aram | Updating Daily

By BiriRamen
I'm a Rengar main.

Currently ranked Bronze 2 in Solo/Duo. I wouldn't say I'm good, so take this whole guide with a HUGE grain of salt.

I believe I should at least be able to climb out of this elo hell hole, and this "guide" is mainly to remind me of what the hell I went against a matchup, and it worked kind of deal.

I appreciate anyone actually taking an interest in this guide as I'm dookie, and if I help anyone out, this is awesome. I play League A LOT, and I'm still bronze... level 300+ btw...

Anways, hope you enjoy the Guide, I'm updating daily so I can keep remembering what worked for me, and what didn't. o7
how are the threats and synergies decided?
everything is MAINLY based off my personal encounters, majority of the time, if I genuinely hate the lane, they will be placed higher, like "Yorick" perma ban, **** that champion. "Trundle" you're forced to go AP, things like that are what I believe would make the lane a 5/5 threat level. For Synergies, I think more of what Rengar benefits off the MOST, like a Ivern, complete bush control, and well as extra bushes when you jump onto someone. Senna, whom in this patch currently, You're able to jump out of her shroud post 6 because of the "Chemtech Dragon Map" buff that ended up being removed cause the dragon was busted, but we kept the Rengar leap, thanks Riot.
why rengar?
I believe Rengar in ANY side lane is actually beneficial as he has bushed all around in River, as well as the side of the lane, I'm not specifically saying he's better in side lanes compared to jungle, however as I'm a ****ty jungler, this is by far the best way I can go about playing Rengar to any effeciency. Rengar is probably the funnest champ I've ever played and having so many different build paths that work for him, like the old Turbo Chemtank build, to the Assassin builds, to the AP builds, to the ****ing Bruiser build. Everything works on Rengar, and I think that's why I really like him, he's super fun to play, as well as an actual good all around unit, but there are some downsides, like the size of the chad that is Rengar, he often gets minion blocked on almost nothing. Needing bushes, so Infernal map isn't ideal, however if you're ahead, that isn't really a big problem, and I think the biggest problem, is if you One Trick him like I do, you're kinda ****ed when he's banned, or picked by someone else, but I guess that can be said about any other OTP.
summoner spells
Ignite and Flash are pretty much the standard at least for Rengar in low elo, as a lot of people oddly don't expect it to be Rengar Top, so they don't really know how to play against you until you're a kill or 2 up.

Teleport and Ignite are the best TECHNICAL combination in top lane as you rarely need to Flash away from much as you have much mobility by going into the bush and when they enter, you jump to a minion and walk away. Also you can just abuse this for when you take a REALLY inty trade, tp back and act like nothing happened...

Teleport and Flash are basically the standard for any top lane since XP matters almost more than gold, and if you think your lane is going to be a hard losing lane, wouldn't hurt to have Flash.

Smite and Ignite TOP are really interesting for the amount of Utility it can actually give. Push 2 fast and for a fight with the laner, get level 14 or higher and buy the Emberknife and stack up your Jungle item so you can get a 950 smite and never miss objectives.

Smite and Flash in the Jungle is literally the basic setup, Flash is just an amazing summoner spell as well as you need smite in the Jungle which is what makes you a jungler.

Smite and Ignite in the JUNGLE however! That's when things get spicy, if you think you can fight the enemy easy without needing to Flash out. Ex (Invading, Split Pushing) you can really easy control the fight if you are even or ahead if it's someone who cannot fight you. Super good when you're an aggressive jungler, like Rengar. However, Smite/Flash is the safer bet.

Smite and Exhaust is the SAFEST way to Jungle, if you get invaded, you're able to turn fights, able to get away if they are strong, or a way to 1v1 a duelist like Fiora, etc.

more will be added as I'm updating daily and I haven't really put a crazy amount of time into this guide yet.
matchups (updating periodically)
this will have the reasoning behind every build I did against said matchup so you'll have a better understanding as to what went through my mind during the time I was building it, and as to why I figured what would work, as well as the stuff I tried, and it didn't work.

vs Aatrox

So Aatrox, I went Smite/Ignite, and it's just a pretty good build vs him, start Long Sword, Triple Pot, play safe, but still poke him down until you get Phage, Boots, and a Cloth Armor, then start going for trades. If he ults, simply walk away since you don't have executioners at that moment, and when it's down, go back to how you were playing before. I focus on killing 3 minions, going for a trade, if he farms with his Q, wait for his Q, then jump on him for the trade, play around your empowered movement speed as he has one chance to E with his Q. If he misses everything, or only hits you not in vital range, it's pretty much smooth sailing. Rush Sunderer as the item is still such a good item in matchups like these, and continue trading, try to get him to lethal, and hell if you get some early kills, just bully him. Bork is REALLY helpful when you get it, as the slow will indefinitely make you power spike against him as he won't be able to run, or follow you (at least in my testing). If you're winning, go Lucidity boots, however if you're even, or behind go Steelplates. Zeal is a go to for Rengar since he's going to have Tempo in this matchup, so it's just A LOT of attack speed buff, not to mention the crit chance, be it miniscule, it'll come together in the long run cause Rengar benefits more off Mortal Reminder than the other Executioners item. Hopefully by the time you got Zeal, you're already level 14 and you buy Emberknife, and start stacking up your smites for the never missing objectives spike. buy a dirk for cheap extra dmg and for the lethality item for your last item, finish Mortal Reminder so you have Executioners for the aggressive 1v1s you're gonna put out now, and finally, grab a Ghostblade for the MS + CDR. Finish with a GA and now magically Aatrox isn't a problem for you. It is a tough matchup, but I've won more than I've lost against Aatrox. You just really REALLY have to avoid the Vitals of his Q. Nerf this ****ing champion though, he heals WAY to much.

vs Akali

This matchup has gotten a LOT easier for me with Rengar's E buff giving true vision. I just try to be as aggresive as possible early and spike harder than her. preferably doing trades before 2, and killing her the moment I hit 2. Conq and Ignite are your best friend in this lane imo.

vs Camille

I will always go Sunderer, EON, and Ghostblade into Stasis. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to actually deal with Camille, if someone has assistance for me, I'm all ears cause this champ just ***** on my soul

vs Corki

Corki lane was pretty free, so basically I go for being a front line for the team, hinse why I rush Goredrinker as 1st item. Corki R does hurt, and late game he'll still be an annoyance, but since you're pretty much always going to be ahead of him, you can just snowball, roam, get your passive stacks. sadly there isn't much to really put on this matchup, I found it super easy the multiple games I played, went same build every game, and pretty much always top damaged, and ended up as the front line of for the team.

vs Darius

The Darius matchup is pretty self explanitory. You lose extended fights, you need to play around stacks, and bait his E. Go for Double W trades, and try to not get 5 stack bleeds on you. Basically, play smart in this matchup, go CONQ and if he's bad, you win. It's a skill matchup, but more in Darius's favor. Sunderer is your ****ing FRIEND in this matchup. Rush Caulfield's, and T2 Lucidity boots, into Executioners, you should be able to trade with him if he's not fed, or if you're not behind. You can skip executioners early if you're just ****ting on him and go straight into Sunderer. Cleaver is just broken, so I see no point in not going it. **** slaps like Kim's Booty cheeks on a Tuesday. After cleaver, make sure you either buy, or finish Mortal Reminder, cause this is around the time that Darius will become a problem again. Essense Reaver is self explanitory as it's one of the best items for Rengar. GA for Stasis and a Revive for you to keep fighting with the team. LT or Conq, I highly suggest Bone Plating.

vs Fiora


vs Gangplank

If Gangplank goes grasp, trade hard early after he autos a minion with his passive. First Strike GP, just focus on hitting him first so he doesn't get free gold, you can easily kill a gp if he's not good, but I've come to notice this is mainly a skill matchup, and I'm basically even in terms of games against him. Focus on farm, and if you don't kill him early, level 6 push and roam.

vs Gwen

This one is such a yikes from me. if you don't just on her first, it's kinda impossible to win this. I go BT/Shieldbow just because of her mega damage Q which is completely unbalanced. I usually roam when it's Gwen top, get a kill and go back top and see if I'm strong enough to kill here. I rarely stay in this lane after 6 for longer than like 5-10 minutes
League of Legends Build Guide Author BiriRamen
BiriRamen Rengar Guide
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[12.11] Self Guide for Rengar | Top/JG/ADC/Support/Aram | Updating Daily

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