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Zeri Build Guide by CookieLoL

ADC [12.15] Challenger Zeri Build & Guide by CookieLoL

ADC [12.15] Challenger Zeri Build & Guide by CookieLoL

Updated on August 10, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CookieLoL Build Guide By CookieLoL 1016 68 1,055,422 Views 27 Comments
1016 68 1,055,422 Views 27 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CookieLoL Zeri Build Guide By CookieLoL Updated on August 10, 2022
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Runes: Default Page (Check Runes Section in Guide for in-depth)

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Default Setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



Starting Items
VS Dive Support (Rell, Ali, etc)
VS 2x Ranged / Poke (Caitlyn & Karma, etc)
First Recall
If the enemy has a tanky team
Second Item
Best zeal item
If the enemy has an EXTREMELY tanky team
Third Item

Check out my latest YouTube video!

Hey there! I'm Cookie, the former ADC for the academy teams of Vitality and SK Gaming. I've played competitively for 2 years but now am committed to streaming and releasing educational content to help others reach their goals.

I have been Challenger on the EUW server since Season 6, playing with and against every European Pro, such as Rekkles, Perkz, Caps, Jankos and many others. I am accustomed to playing at the highest level.

I peaked rank 10 in S10 and maintain Challenger to this day. Currently, I focus on public coaching and educational content, such as these guides to help a broader audience.

I hope that you enjoy my Zeri Guide.

Huge thanks to bowkuto#4866 and valdezae#6654 for formatting and designing the guide!


Zeri is an unconventional, mid-late game focused, high mobility, mid-late game hyper carry, offering a unique kit that is both challenging and enjoyable. Straying away from the traditional right click auto-attacks, Zeri offers players a new way of dealing damage, with her Q Burst Fire.

As she is a new champion, many aspects of the champ have yet to be discovered, such as matchups, new itemizations, runes, and support synergies. I will constantly be updating this guide upon Zeri’s release, so that you can have an easy time mastering her.

Passive: Living Battery
Zeri gains 10% bonus MS whenever she receives a shield for 3 seconds. Additionally, Zeri can shield herself for the portion of the damage gained from attacking a shielded enemy. This lasts for 3 seconds each time Zeri steals a shield.

Q: Burst Fire
An interesting 2 part ability, as this primarily replaces her method of auto-attacking.

  • Zeri’s basic attacks (her right click) deal magic damage, scaling with AP. This has a 500 range that can never be changed (through Lethal Tempo or Rapid Firecannon) and is treated as an ability/spell (can stack Tear of the Goddess). This ability cannot crit or apply on-hit effects. Moving and casting charges up this ability, at which point it will deal max Health magic damage and consumes all charge.

    Without max charge, this ability deals absolutely no damage, and at times is helpful in last hitting minions.

    This ability will be most beneficial when used at full charge, for weaving in with Q Burst Fire - active, your auto attacks.

  • Zeri’s Q Burst Fire - Active is a burst of 7 rounds that deal physical damage to the first enemy hit. This will be her primary method of “auto-attacking”. Q Burst Fire has a range of 825 range if both players stand still, or an effective range of 700 for a moving enemy. This range can be increased by Lethal Tempo and Rapid Firecannon. The burst fire is treated like a basic attack that can critically strike and apply on-hit/on-attack effects at 100% effectiveness to the first target struck.

    The cooldown of this ability matches her attack speed, capped at a maximum of 1.5 AS. 60% of any bonus AS is converted into AD.

    Q Burst Fire has an interesting interaction with control wards and honey fruit, which it can hit without vision, and regular wards with vision. Additionally, Q Burst Fire passes through these wards, meaning that in addition to hitting the ward, it can also hit the enemies behind it.

    The Q Burst Fire is an interesting ability, as this will be your primary output of damage to trade or hit minions, like Ezreal; however, the Q Burst Fire will always hit the first target it encounters (without E Spark Surge, explained later). Note that these bullets, although counting as one instance of attack, can be dodged. Therefore, you may hit the initial bullet on the enemy, but can miss the remaining 6. Positioning will be crucial to effectively trade or poke with your Q Burst Fire - active.

W: Ultrashock Laser
Zeri fires a linear laser that deals both AD and AP damage (Magic Damage 10/45/80/115/150 + 150% AD + 70% AP), while slowing the first enemy hit by 30-50% (based on level) for 2 seconds. If the trajectory of the laser collides with terrain, it expands into a laser that applies the stated effects within a larger area and can CRIT. The distance the W Ultrashock Laser travels upon hitting terrain is fixed, so it does not matter whether you are right in front of the wall, or are shooting your W Ultrashock Laser from max range.

This ability is similar to Jinx W Zap! in functionality, however becomes unique when paired with the terrain of botlane. This ability will primarily be used to either poke or to follow up on enemies running away. Combined with the MS gained through abilities, this makes it hard for enemies to escape, or chase, and enables you to maintain a large movement speed advantage.

In lane, W Ultrashock Laser can be a good tool to harass enemies when they least expect it. For enemies hiding behind the turret, W Ultrashock Laser can pass through it, while buffing its area of effect, providing great damage and poke when the waves are pushed in. Alternatively, this can be used to poke enemies looking to harass you under your own turret.

E: Spark Surge
Arguably one of her most fun abilities, Spark Surge allows you to dash in a short direction, vaulting over any terrain she touches and granting you 60-100% pierce damage for the next 3 casts of Q. This functions similarly to a Bard E Magical Journey in terms of use, and thus can allow you to vault great distances.

Like Ezreal E Arcane Shift, hitting enemy champions with an attack or ability, reduces the cooldown by 1.5 seconds. Additionally, the cooldown of this ability is reduced by 0.5 seconds for every champion she hits with a baisc attack; increased to 1.5 seconds if she does so with Q or W that critically strikes.

In lane, this will be your primary method of trading autos, or following up on engage. The piercing autos allow you to attack enemies through minions, like Twitch ult Spray and Pray providing 60-100% to enemies after the first. Playing around this ability’s cooldown will be critical for surviving the laning phase, as without it, trading with enemy champions will not be favourable.

E Spark Surge has an additional interaction where certain abilities can be channelled while casting it. For example, when traversing terrain, you can cast your W Ultrashock Laser at any point, buffing it with the large area effect, and can create some unique combos. Alternatively, you can also channel teleport, or recall when vaulting through terrain.

Ultimate: Lightning Crash
Zeri’s ultimate Lightning Crash, casts an AOE nova of electricity, dealing magic damage scaling with both AP and bonus AD, granting her 8 stacks of Overcharge for each champion hit for 6 seconds. Attacking enemy champions graints 1 stack per hit, increasing to 3 if she does so with a cast of Q or W that critically strike. Additionally, this refreshes the duration by 2 seconds and can be stacked indefinitely.

Hitting enemy champions with basic attacks grant an addition Zeri gains 1% bonus MS per stack and 30% bonus AS.

Overcharge - Zeri gains 1% bonus MS per stack and 30% bonus AS. Burst Fire is additionally empowered to have a 20% shorter cast time, increased speed and deal bonus magic damage to the first target struck (10/15/20 +15% AP). These "lightning bolts" can chain up to 4 subsequent targets, dealing 25% AD physical damage, which can critically strike. The bonus magic damage is affected by critical strike modifiers.

This attack speed increases Zeri’s max AS and the physical component of the chain lightning (like Statikk Shiv) can critically strike.

The ult Lightning Crash will be best used as the team fight breaks out to grant you a **** ton of movement speed and bonus AS. With the bonus AS, you can easily stack Overcharge, and can reach godly amounts of movement speed within the teamfights. This truly unleashes Zeri’s potential as a high mobility hyper carry that can turn teamfights around. Be careful of how much movement speed you have, as you don't want to be charging headfirst into the enemy at 700 MS. Use this to navigate the teamfight, reposition, barrage them with your Q Burst Fire and chase any enemies trying to escape. Mobility holds a high level of skill expression and this ability allows you to showcase your mastery with Zeri.
Great overall rune for helping extend Zeri’s Q Burst Fire range. During teamfights it is fairly easy to stack up with your long range Q Burst Fire. Zeri loves extended trades, especially with her ult Lightning Crash that grants her more MS based on the number of stacks. Lethal Tempo synergizes well with her ult Lightning Crash, helping chase down fleeing enemies, or to reach backlines with the extended Q Burst Fire range and the increased MS.
This rune synergizes well with Zeri’s passive Living Battery, where she gets MS based on shielding and Immortal Shieldbow. When combined with Bloodthirster for the crit build or a shielding support, you can easily maintain a movement speed advantage over your enemies, keeping you out of reach.
As Zeri doesn’t often struggle with mana issues with Essence Reaver in the crit build, Triumph is a solid rune to take for those close teamfights, providing HP to keep you safe.
If you’re not building Essence Reaver it’s ideal to go with Presence of Mind to ensure you don’t struggle with mana.
This rune is great for providing a bit of sustain for Zeri’s early game. Required if you are not going Immortal Shieldbow or Ravenous Hydra.
If you are building Immortal Shieldbow, this is a solid rune to give some early game laning power. Both runes are quite similar in terms of performance, so pick what you like best.
Can be a decent rune with Immortal Shieldbow. The caveat being that you require to be low HP to get max use of this rune, which can be risky for ADCs.
Great rune against HP stackers on enemy team.
These two runes are only good if you are certain that the games will go for longer than 30 minutes.

Really good against enemy all-in supports like Pyke, Leona, and Rell.

Synergizes well with a support that provides heals and or shields. Examples include Yuumi, Taric, Soraka, and Rakan.

These two runes are only good if you are certain that the games will go for longer than 30 minutes.

The most common and iconic summoner spell in League of Legends, it offers great versatility as it allows you to dodge deadly abilities, chase down enemies, reposition and make some insane animation cancels and flashy plays. It is necessary to have Flash every single game.

The most consistent summoner spell for ADCs besides Flash because its really nice for 2v2's as it heals both you and your teammate while also giving you an MS buff which can be very useful to chase enemies or to run away from them. Keep in mind that Heal will target the allied champion that your cursor is on, if no champion is under your cursor it will heal the most wounded ally in range.

If the enemy team has one or multiple of these characters then take Cleanse: Fiddlesticks , Morgana, Ashe, Varus, Amumu, Lissandra, Lillia, Lux, Maokai, Seraphine, Sona, Twisted Fate, Zoe, Sejuani, Leona, Galio and Rammus. Keep in mind that Cleanse removes any summoner spell debuff, such as Ignite and Exhaust.

Exhaust is good if enemy has a lot of dive champions such as Talon, Samira, Tristana, Zed, etc. But if you have a lot of CC in your team then enemy ADC might take Cleanse which removes Exhaust so keep that in mind.
Zeri’s early game is quite weak due to her low range Q Burst Fire-passive, and that your Q Burst Fire, auto attacks, can’t pass through minions without E Spark Surge. Together, this makes trading against enemy champions extremely difficult. Your primary goal will be to stay safe, farm up, and avoid deaths if possible. A safe laning phase will ensure a good transition into mid and late game, where you shine.

If you notice that the enemies tend to stay out in the open, feel free to harass with your long-range Q Burst Fire, to deal some damage. Level 2 and 3 can be a great power spike if you have an engage support like Leona or Nautilus. Pair their CC with your E Spark Surge empowered Q Burst Fire auto attacks, and W Ultrashock Laser to slow anyone trying to run away. Do not try and force anything yourself, and let your support initiate.
With a few items underneath your belt, you now begin to deal quite a bit of damage. Although Zeri has a lot of mobility, you want to restrain yourself and analyze the teamfight prior to making your move. If the enemy composition is your traditional front-to-back, you will most likely need to melt the front line prior to focusing on the backline. Here, look to use your Ult Lightning Crash to stack up Overcharge on the enemy frontlines. This will grant you bonus attack speed, Lethal Tempo Range, and most importantly, movement speed. The more stacks you get, the quicker you become, and the faster you can shred through enemies and reach the backline.

At the end of the day, remember that you are an ADC cursed with high mobility. So if you dive headfirst into the enemy team, there is a good chance you may not make it out.
Within teamfights, it is important to be conscious about a couple things. First, your Q Burst Fire range is quite large (approximately 700 effective range). It is important to maintain this range, as it prevents enemies from easily gap closing on you, and allows you to maintain distance to maximize dps. Secondly, make sure to constantly proc your R Lightning Crash stacks so that they don't run out. Once players start understanding how Zeri works, they may look to disengage or deny you autos once you activate your Ult. Therefore, it becomes increasingly more important on how you manage your Overcharged Stacks, the longer the better.

Together, you want to navigate teamfights by running around, dodging skillshots and being as annoying as you can with your Q Burst Fire. Make sure to weave in your fully charged Q-passive (right click) for additional slows and damage. Without the fully charged Q-passive, it is only recommended for last hitting minions.
Late game
Lategame Zeri will revolve around how you effectively pilot teamfights. Here, it is important to be conscious about a couple things. One of the first things that you should be factoring are the champs and abilities that can kill you. Examples include Malphite ult Unstoppable Force, Blitzcrank Q Rocket Grab, and any assassins like Zed. Therefore, it is crucial that you wait out these abilities or have vision of these champions before you committ your ult Lightning Crash. The longer the fight goes, the better you get, so position carefully and play safe around your team. Secondly, it is important to stay around the champions that can protect you. Far too often I see ADCs split pushing the map and getting caught out by the enemy team. You and your support need to follow the team and play around objectives. It is far more important for you to be present during the fight than split pushing across the map.

Within teamfights its important to utilize the large range of your Q- Burst Fire. Maintaining max distance (~700 range) will allow you to effectively kite, maximize DPS, and prevent being targetted by engage champions. Additionally, positioning near walls can be beneficial for moments you need to quickly escape with your E- Spark Surge. Juggling your ult Lightning Crash overcharged stacks can be a bit hard to manage, so it is important to use it when a teamfight has broken out. If used too early, the enemy team can simply look to disengage and deny you stacks, before attempting to engage again. Therefore, wait for enemies to commit the crucial abilities and punish with your ult Lightning Crash. At this point, you deal a lot of damage and should be able to chase down anyone running away.

In conclusion, you want to play Zeri to be the most annoying ADC you can think of. Maintain a safe distance, keep harassing with your Q- Burst Fire, and look to maximize your ult usage. Zeri is a deadly late game champ, and extremely fun to play.
AP Zeri


A new build has been popping up recently on Zeri sincer her W Ultrashock Laser changes. In patch 12.11, Riot changed her W Ultrashock Laser so that it now critically strikes for (75% + 35% with Infinity Edge) bonus damage against champions and monsters if it collides with terrain. At the same time, its cooldown has been reduced by 1 second at all ranks and the slow has been increased by up to 20%.

At first the Crit build had become more popular on Zeri as you were rewarded by building crit with a high impact W Ultrashock Laser that can be a teamfight decider. Realizing the safety of spamming W’s over and over from a safe position, people have started to think of a way to max out on her W potential.

This is the way the new AP mid Zeri build has sprung to life. Corki mains will find this build similar as the first 3 items + boots are the same as Corki’s R Missile Barrage focused build.

You start with Long Sword and Refillable Potion / 3 Health Potions or Doran's Shield if you are versing against a lot of Poke early game. The build then continues into Caulfield's Warhammer and Tear of the Goddess, eventually building into a Manamune first item, followed by Sorcerer's Shoes, Luden's Tempest and Ravenous Hydra. The build can then be continued into more defensive items like Randuin's Omen or more damage like Void Staff. Alternatively, other full AP builds often skip Ravenous Hydra for other AP items, such as Shadowflame or Void Staff. When enemies have greater than 60 MR, Void Staff starts gaining tremendous value.

The idea of this build is to stack your Manamune as fast as possible and get Luden's Tempest, that is your amazing 2 item power spike that will allow you to demolish enemies with your W Ultrashock Laser with a relatively low cooldown. As Corki spams rockets to chunk the enemy, Zeri will spam W Ultrashock Laser to destroy them before a fight even begins.

From what we have seen, you can clearly understand that this is a mid game focused build that will start to fall off in the late game as people start building more Magic Resistance.

The rune setup for this build seems to be pretty consistent at the moment and is made up of First Strike, Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight in the Inspiration tree and Second Wind/ Conditioning with Overgrowth in the Resolve tree or Taste of Blood and Treasure Hunter if you think you can be more aggressive in the early game and score some kills in the 2v2 mid jungler.

First Strike is a consistent rune that many control mages have started to pick up post 12.10 as Summon Aery sometimes is not as relevant in winning a lane. Getting someone out of the lane and forcing them to reset happens a lot more rarely at the higher levels of play so focusing on scaling is becoming a better alternative as the mid game has become much more explosive since the durability patch. This benefits Zeri as her mid game power spike is amazing. Focus on getting as many First Strike procs as you can in the early game to farm as much Gold as you can before the big fights. When the fights begin, your W Ultrashock Laser can net you a ton of golf if procced on an unsuspecting opponent.

Another thing that needs to be said is that by building AP, your fully charged Passive and your R Lightning Crash deal a lot of unsuspecting damage. The R Lightning Crash can now be used as a self peel nuke that will obliterate assassins that dear to get close to you and not one shot you, something that is a lot more common now after 12.10 (see videos of rengar “tickling” adcs). So be mindful about keeping your R for the damage as well now as in the Crit build, you would use it as fast as possible so you would have time to stack your R Lightning Crash movement speed so you could weave in and out of the fight, dishing damage with your Q Burst Fire. With this build, W Ultrashock Laser and R Lightning Crash are your main sources of damage now so be aware of their potential in every situation.

All in all, I think this is an underrated build that will become more popular unless Riot decides to nerf it. Her W Ultrashock Laser has been hit a bit in 12.12 but the nerfs are not going to disrupt the power of AP Zeri mid. I hope this build will get some room to breathe and evolve in the coming patches so the Summer Split meta will be a bit more spicy. Try this style out in a couple of normal games or flex games before hopping into rank as it feels very different to the normal Zeri playstyle.
Figuring out how to play with your E Spark Surge and W Ultrashock Laser will greatly improve your quality of life. Whether using E Spark Surge to use the piercing autos for trading, or to simple reposition, note that it does have a high cooldown. E Spark Surge can be helpful when running to or from lane, but more interestingly, it allows you to channel other abilities (excluding Q Burst Fire) during its duration. For example, you may be looking to create distance between you and the enemies to recall. Here, you can actually use E Spark Surge to transverse terrain while initiating your Recall. Simply press E Spark Surge, followed by your Recall and you will not be interrupted, even if you stop traversing the terrain. Teleport, Smite, Ignite, Exhaust, and your W Ultrashock Laser may also be used during this time, allowing for endless possibilities of how you want to combine these abilities.

Whether you are pushed in under a turret, or have pushed the enemy under their turret, remember that your W Ultrashock Laser can actually pass through turrets. As it is considered terrain, your W Ultrashock Laser will be buffed and receive the increased area of effect, dealing damage to those cowering behind turrets. It is important to note that your W Ultrashock Laser follows a fixed distance once it collides with terrain, despite where you cast it from. Therefore, you can cast your W Ultrashock Laser at max range into terrain, and it will travel right through to the other side.
Here are some simple combos that you can try out to maximize DPS, or add some spark to your gameplay.
Q + E + Q + AA + Q + Q

Q + E (wall) + Q + Q

E + W + Q + AA (W and Q are masked together)

E (terrain) + W

10/02/2022: Updated build sections for patch 12.4.
26/01/2022: Runnans-Ult interaction micropatch, itemization updated.
24/01/2022: Changed Runes and added teamfight section.
20/01/2022: Added changelog.
ADC Matchups

Ashe is a long range ADC(600 range) that wants to poke the enemy in the early game with her W Volley and slowing attacks. Her ability to punish the enemy ADC on last hits is on par with champions like Caitlyn and Draven. Be careful after level 6 as her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a reliable way to get kills or burn Flashes.

As Zeri you should take Flash and Heal in this matchup. You can consider Cleanse if the enemy has other key CC abilities that you cannot easily avoid( Leona, Ahri etc) so it becomes worth to take Cleanse into a multi-threat comp.

Ashe’s main source of damage differes depending on the stage of the game. In the early game, her W Volley is the most reliable damage she has. Most Ashe players will look to spam it on cooldown in order to chip at your health. Try to stay behind your minions every 12-14 seconds so her W Volley will not hit you. Also remember that her range is 600u so she can also get some autoattacks off with the help of her Passive Frost Shot. After lvl 6, her R Enchanted Crystal Arrow becomes her main ability that you need to be afraid off. A nice trick is to stay close to a wall so you can dodge her R Enchanted Crystal Arrow by E’ing Spark Surge over the wall or at least buffer the stun as you can cast your E Spark Surge right before her R Enchanted Crystal Arrow will hit you so the stun duration will be consumed by the E Spark Surge hop over the wall.

Ashe’s win conditions are pretty straight forward and are dependent on her key damage threaths. In the early game she wants to deny minions with her W Volley and extended range. After lvl 6, she will look to stay in the fog of war so she can R Enchanted Crystal Arrow from out of vision to surprise you. Ashe spikes really hard at 3 items. At this point she can slowly shred any opponent with her Q Ranger's Focus so she will look for Front-to-Back teamfights where she can kite one opponent at a time.

In lane you should avoid her W Volley as much as possible. You can try to bait it by moving in and out of your minion line. Try to stay on the other side of the lane compared to Ashe so she cannot hit you with her auto attacks. You outrange her with your Q Burst Fire but if you have an open line between yourself and Ashe, her W Volley + AA damage is much greater.

You can punish Ashe by surprising her with your E Spark Surge + W Ultrashock Laser from over the wall. The W Volley slow is pretty massive and the fact that it crits now can chunk her pretty hard before the fight even begins. Getting the jump on an Ashe without R Enchanted Crystal Arrow is the best thing you can do if you are at a point where you can kill her. Until 3 items she will win most 1v1s because of her Q Ranger's Focus and slow on auto attacks.

In teamfights you should look to keep your R Lightning Crash up as much as possible as you can get to a point where you can make circles around Ashe. Kite the first enemy if the fight is front to back but remember you can always jump on Ashe with your E Spark Surge if you find a good spot for it.

Your main goal as Zeri vs Ashe is to survive the early game. If you can keep your CS equal to Ashe then you can scale side by side with her and your Teamfight is superior if you get your R Lightning Crash stacks rolling.

Aphelios has a versatile playstyle. His roles change depending on the guns he has at that particular moment but one thing that remains certain is that Aphelios wants people to engage on him so he can decimate them with his Severum, the Scythe Pistol + Crescendum, the Chakram / Crescendum, the Chakram + Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle combo.

Flash Heal are the most used summoner spells in this matchup. Exhaust is not as useful on Zeri in this matchup as you can kite him with your R Lightning Crash movement speed and superior range (Q(825) + Lethal Tempo 75 bonus range) of 900.

His key weapon combos to look out for are his Severum, the Scythe Pistol + Crescendum, the Chakram for close up sustained damage, his Infernum, the Flamethrower + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon combo because of the burst + snare potential in the early game and his Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon combo that can lock you down from afar. If you want to learn more about Aphelios and his weapon combos make sure to check out my guide on him.

Aphelios wants to keep his Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle ammo early to harass you as he will have the same range as Caitlyn. He will look to zone you out of cs so try to stay on the opposite side of the wave as him and look to get some poke in with your Q Burst Fire when he moves out of his minion line.

In the early game your ability to fight him is really limited because he can poke you from his minion line with Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle and he can heal back up with Severum, the Scythe Pistol. After he uses his ammo on Severum, the Scythe Pistol, he can then look to snare you with Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon so all his early guns annoy you in one way or another. Look to poke when he moves outside of his minion line but remember that his trading is much better compared to yours.

Aphelios can be poked if he has a bad positioning in lane and you can all in him if your support finds an opportunity for that. Be careful to hit your W if you want to go for a kill.

This matchup is really difficult for Zeri because of Aphelios’s weapons. The early game is pretty difficult straight up because of his superior range and weapon rotation that allows him to poke ( Crescendum, the Chakram), burst + cc( Infernum, the Flamethrower+ Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon) and even deny you engages( Severum, the Scythe Pistol + Crescendum, the Chakram). Your later items power spikes are stronger than his so you can try to play front to back as you will outrange him and kite him with your range on Q Burst Fire (Remember that Aphelios wants people to go into him so avoid getting too close). Poking him with a W Ultrashock Laser through a wall before a fight starts is a sound strategy as he is an immobile champion and will most likely be hit by it.

Caitlyn is annoying for Zeri to lane against because of her superior auto attack range and kiting capabilities with W Yordle Snap Trap and E 90 Caliber Net. Her ability to harass you on every CS will be your biggest problem so you will need to be careful about every cs you take and your positioning at all times.

Flash and Heal are the go to summoners against Caitlyn. Exhaust can be used if you have an engage support and you wish to fight with the enemy bot lane. In that case Exhaust should help secure a kill.

Her main source of damage are her passive Headshot and Q Piltover Peacemaker. She will always use her Q Piltover Peacemaker to push the wave and also hit you, while her passive Headshot will allow her to walk up and take control of the lane.

Her early game plan is to punish you for cs, crush 2 or 3 waves into your tower and make a wall of traps to deny you cs. If this is what she does, a gank by the enemy junger will save you or an engage by your support as your pushing power is really limited in the early game so you cannot match her shoving power unless your support can exact enough pressure and can help you shove ( Karma, Janna , Seraphine, etc).

Your trades are really limited in this matchup as her E 90 Caliber Net allows her to disengage from you and her W Yordle Snap Trap denies you additional follow-up. If her E 90 Caliber Net is on cooldown you can try to engage on her with your support and your E Spark Surge + W Ultrashock Laser. You can also look to poke with Q Burst Fire when you have a clear path between yourself and her. Beware not to get hit by her E 90 Caliber Net + Q Piltover Peacemaker combo.

Her E 90 Caliber Net is an amazing spell in this matchup because you want to Q Piltover Peacemaker poke and she can deny that with her E 90 Caliber Net + Q Piltover Peacemaker combo. A good caitlyn player can also use her W Yordle Snap Trap traps to combo and get 2 headshot passives off.

Teamfighting against Caitlyn can be tricky as her item power spikes and superior range will allow her to play more to the front of the fight and her line of traps will require your team to engage from the side in order to force a fight. Try to keep your R Lightning Crash stacks so you can kite her around in a teamfight. Be aware if she goes Rapid Firecannon as she will outrange you with the energized auto and that can really hurt. You can play aggressively with your R Lightning Crash stacks as long as you are healthy so preserve your Health around her.

Your main goal should be to get as much CS as possible and get to your item spikes that will allow you to play the fights front to back. Caitlyn wants to use her traps to deny entrance to the river or around other objectives but that means you can use your W Ultrashock Laser on the walls next to the traps to maybe get some poke before fights. If Caitlyn doesn’t shut you down in the lane, her mid and late game against you will be pretty hard so focus on surviving.

The bane of most ADCs and of Zeri too. Draven’s main damage comes from his Q Spinning Axe as he will try to maintain 2 of them up at all times. As Hail of Blades has remained the dominant rune on him, his ability to triple axe you and kill either you or your support during lane is still a big problem and makes this one of the most difficult matchups for Zeri.
Flash Heal or Flash Exhaust are the main summoners in this matchup. Take Exhaust if you have an engage support and your jungler looks to gank bot lane early in order to easily secure a kill. Other than that, your Exhaust won’t help that much in the laning phase, it might help you survive against a diving bruiser in the teamfights or a fed assassin.

His Q Spinning Axe is an insane damage spike that will hurt at every trade and Coupled with his ability to close up to you with his W Blood Rush and Hail of Blades makes you unable to equalize his trading potential.

He will look to force trades with his W Blood Rush and force you to E Stand Aside away. Your can look to W Blood Rush him if walks forward with his W Blood Rush active in order to try and engage on him if your support can do so effectively but only if you are sure that you can kill him.

Your can only force trades when Draven has no spinning axes and that will rarely happen the higher your elo is. So try to not fight with him at all, only look to poke him with Q Spinning Axe if he miss positions outside of his minion line and he cannot retaliate with his W Blood Rush.

The downside of his trading patterns is that he will always want to keep his axes up and thus he has to push the wave so your jungler can look for ganks when Draven crashes multiple waves into your tower.

In mid and late game team fights you can play around your maximum range or look to W Blood Rush the enemy team from over a wall. Engaging on Draven is not recommended because his E Stand Aside will leave you in a bad spot.

Your goal in this lane is to have your jungler gank him early when he eventually pushes the lane into your tower as his power level drops significantly if he is put behind in the early game and you can even start forcing trades against him. If your jungler doesn’t want to play around bot then you need to try and survive as much as possible and be careful of enemy dive attempts. If you are unsure if you can outplay the enemy dive, then just leave the tower and try to scale. Make sure to not miss any free cs as it will be very limited in this matchup.

Ezreal will try to play beside the minion wave to land Q Mystic Shot on you. His main goal will be to stack his tear and get to his extremely powerful 2 item power spike.

Flash Heal are the recommended Summoner Spells as Ezreal does not impose on you taking special summoners for him.

Ezreal’s main source of damage is his Q Mystic Shot so look to stay in your minion wave. His Q Mystic Shot will out damage yours so do not look to trade damage with him in this way. Other than damaging you, his Q Mystic Shot also reduces his cooldowns, thus missing a Q Mystic Shot can become a problem for him as he will also run out of mana. Also be mindful of his W Essence Flux + E Arcane Shift combo that can poke you through minions but will leave him vulnerable. He will usually do this when your key abilities are on cooldown and you cannot retaliate.

Ezreal’s win condition is to get a CS lead in the early game from his long range poke and be the first to enter the mid game in order to abuse his spike in power.

In lane, try to stay behind your minion wave in order to not get hit by his Q Mystic Shot, essentially forcing trades in AA vs AA battle that you will win because of the extra damage you dish out with your Q Mystic Shot and W Essence Flux.

Ezreal will try to always line up to use Q Mystic Shot on you so try to abuse the windows when his Q Mystic Shot is down to position more aggressively in the lane with your support. Your kill threat on him is really high if you land a W Essence Flux and you also have your R Lightning Crash for added chasing power.

In team fights you can easily melt through him if he uses E Arcane Shift to damage someone but is unaware of your positioning. If this is not the case and he plays the teamfights safe then you can deal with the front line by kiting with your Q Mystic Shot and also stacking your R Lightning Crash. You can then get on to him whenever you like to finish him off

Your main goal in this lane is to not get poked down by Ezreal and get to the point where you will outdamage him. His 2 item spike is huge but his ability to play around his team’s engages is less reliable than yours. Look for W Essence Flux over walls before teamfights to get a chunk of his health bar. Ezreal cannot teamfight properly if he is low hp as he cannot look for aggressive E Arcane Shift’s.

All of Jhin’s damage in lane comes from his 4th shot and Q Dancing Grenade, especially if he can kill minions with it to increase its damage. He will look to force trades on every 4th shot since it will out-trade almost every ADC.

Flash Heal are the recommended runes in this matchup as Jhin does not force you into taking special Summoner’s Spells.

His main source of damage is his poke with his 4th shot and Q Dancing Grenade that he will use to chip away at your health. He is not able to burst you straight up but will look to go for the kill once you are at less than 50% of your health. Be mindful of your minions and do not get close to them when you think he wants to use his grenade. If you are mindful for that, you will see that this lane is not as hard.

His win condition is to poke you while remaing safe and then finish you off with R Curtain Call at level 6. If he gets to his Mythic ahead of you he will play more aggressive and look for kills because now he has the extra execute damage from Galeforce + 4th shot.

You can look to trade when he reloads his gun if he is too overextended but be mindful of his W Deadly Flourish as ,if you take any damage from any enemy champion, it will root you in place and can easily catch you off guard. Use your Q Burst Fire for poke when he moves across his minion line but trading with him should not be your priority. You should be careful to keep the wave on your side so that Jhin will always be overextended when looking to cs.

The biggest mistakes a Jhin player can do in lane is spam his abilities or not manage his autos correctly, leaving him to reload while being overextended for a trade or CS. This gives you opportunities for all-in if your support catches them. Also Jhin is easy to gank so look to set up the wave on your side and ping the jungler to come bot.

In team fights you can look to assassinate him if he is out of position as he is completely immobile when his Galeforce CD is down.If this is not an option, you can look to fight front to back as your tank shredding capabilities are incomparable to Jhin’s and your W Ultrashock Laser can zone him from the fight. Jhin needs protection to teamfight against you so be careful to always have every enemy’s position in mind before engaging.

Your goal in this matchup is to dodge his main sources of early game damage and farm up so that you have your mythic at the same time as him. Your Shieldbow will give you the needed survivability so that Jhin will not be able to look for kills with his Galeforce.

Jinx is a long range poking ADC that has a finishing burst with her W Zap! and R Super Mega Death Rocket!. She out damages Zeri from range in the late game so going toe to toe with her can be tricky without enough movement speed from your R Super Mega Death Rocket!. Her passive is also really scary in the late game as it will turn her into a cleanup machine.

Flash and Heal are your go to summoner spells in this matchup. No other summoners feel good or needed against her.

Her main damaging source during the laning phase and throughout the game is her Q Switcheroo! rocket launcher. Be careful about standing close to minions as her Rockets have splash damage which can add up if you get hit multiple times. Her E Flame Chompers! is also a problem if she can combo it with another lockdown from her teammates. If you get caught in it she will burst you with W Zap! + R Super Mega Death Rocket!.

Jinx players will look to poke you down with rockets and W Zap! in order to get control of the lane and zone you with her superior range. Be careful of getting cc-ed by the enemy support as her E Flame Chompers! follow-up snare is a powerful tool that will allow her to finish you or your support off and then her passive Get Excited! will deal with the person left alive. Through this pressure, Jinx will look to secure priority in the lane while having a cs advantage. With this she will look for kills and maybe dives with the jungler. Leaving her alone with the tower is also a big mistake as jinx is one of if not the best ADC at shredding towers.

Avoid trades against her if you are close to her max range as she will dance around you with her rockets. Try to all in her after level 6 if she positions poorly or your support can engage on her. You will need your support’s assistance before you get your Mythic as you will lack the damage to 1v1 her. Poking her with your Q Burst Fire when she steps outside of the wave is you best bet if you cannot look for an engage.

Because Jinx will look to attack caster minions with her rockets in order to poke you, she will usually be the one to push the wave in this matchup so rely on your support to engage on them when the wave is in front of your tower. If she misses her W Zap! and E Flame Chompers! she is usually in a weak spot and you can look for all-ins. Your jungler can also help when the enemy is close to your tower as you will have a long lane on which to chase Jinx.

In the midgame try to catch her by surprise by using your E Spark Surge + W Ultrashock Laser through a wall and get close to her. After that look to kite her with your R Lightning Crash stacks. In teamfights look for high value W Ultrashock Laser’s over the walls and be mindful of opportunities to assassinate Jinx if she miss positions or if she is left alone, especially at lower elos.

Your main Goal is to not get poked down by Jinx and get to your mythic. After that you can sustain the poke and be a bit more aggressive as your Q Burst Fire and W Ultrashock Laser will start dealing damage. In fights you are advantaged if Jinx does not get a reset but be careful when starts going crazy as she can clean you up pretty quick

Kai'Sa is a short range ADC that has good wave clear and amazing execute potential with her passive and W Void Seeker. She will look to abuse her Q Icathian Rain during the laning phase as she will be able to poke you and push the wave at the same time, getting priority in the botlane to help her jungle at the scuttle crab. She can play fights in different ways depending on the context because of her R Killer Instinct that can be used as a reposition tool for engaging or kiting.

Heal is the most common Summoner spell in this matchup. Exhaust can be situationalif the enemy consists of other targets that may require you to Exhaust them, if not, Kai'Sa does not require exhaust by herself as you should be able to get away from her with your E Spark Surge and W Ultrashock Laser.

Her Q Icathian Rain is a versatile ability as she can use it to wave clear, to harass you or to burst you if you are isolated so be mindful of its CD and play around it in lane

In lane, Kai'Sa wants to abuse her potent trading pattern of AA + Q Icathian Rain while following up with Hail of Blades and W Void Seeker if she can land it, though most Kai'Sa players will keep their W Void Seeker’s and only use it when their support’s cc can guarantee a hit or when there are no minions between you and her.

If she uses Q Icathian Rain to farm, then you have a window where you can proc your stacked passive on to her. You can poke with Q Burst Fire if you have a direct line between yourself and her but be careful to dodge her W Void Seeker if she decides to fire back as that will outdamage you.

Keep your W Void Seeker for when you can chase her down or slow her after she uses R Killer Instinct. Keep your E Supercharge up to jump over a wall if she wants to engage on you and you don’t want to fight her. Punishing her in lane is hard because of her early game threats (Q Icathian Rain, W Void Seeker, Hail of Blades, Passive Second Skin) but you can look to scale and not miss that much CS.

In Teamfights you need to be mindful of enemy CC sources as if you get hit, Kai'Sa will be sure to follow-up on the catch. If the enemy can burst you down like that at the beginning of the fight, then your team will not have a chance. Play safe, get a QSS or Cleanse if needed and kite the enemy with your R Killer Instinct. Kai'Sa can easily be kited if you have enough movement speed, just be careful to not let her get close with her E Supercharge invisibility.

Your goal is to try and avoid her early game power and then scale to your second and third item spikes which are pretty good compared to the Kai'Sa. If she goes Galeforce then she will be less of a threat in teamfights as she will not burst you that hard with your passive and you can be mindful of the active. If she goes Kraken Slayer then she will shred your front line pretty fast so you need to look for W Ultrashock Laser poke in order to slow her down from a far.

Kalista’s early game is the most important part of her game and will determine how relevant she will be during the game. She will always force trades and try to harass you in order to get an early lead. Be aware of her Q Pierce and E Rend as they will chunk you really hard in the early game.

Heal is generally okay in this matchup but, as with Kai'Sa, Exhaust can be situational as it will deny her E Rend damage or delay it for the Exhaust timer. This means you have a longer window where you can either get out of her E Rend range or kill her before she procs it. Exhaust will also make her jump a lot slower so her attack speed will be slowed indirectly.

Kalista's dmg comes from stacking multiple spears for big damage with E Rend and her Q Pierce; in contrast, her autos deal little damage by themselves. Kalista can auto a caster and then use her Q Pierce + E Rend instantly to proc the E Rend damage on a caster minion while also killing it with the Q Pierce damage. If that spear lands on you, you will get a Q Pierce + E Rend damage procced on you and her E Rend will reset its cooldown because she has technically killed an enemy with it, the caster minion. It is a hard thing to pull off but it is her main source of poke in the early game.

Kalista is looking to get an early lead to snowball for the late game in order to have some value. She relies on getting an advantage early and wants to force fights all the time so her support will most likely be an engage support. If needed take Cleanse to avoid all ins.

She’s going to try and Q Pierce low health minions if you’re standing behind them, as it will kill the minion, transfer the E Rend stacks to you and apply the Q Pierce damage as well. Once you are aware of this, position similar to how you would against Miss Fortune. Use your Q Burst Fire from a far to CS and try to stay away from her as much as possible as you can’t really trade vs her in the early game.

If she misses Q Pierce or wastes her E Rend, you can try to get an extended trade with Q Burst Fire + AA + W Ultrashock Laser. Other than that, look to Q Burst Fire her when she jumps to the side of the wave and try to match her pushing power to the best of your abilities. She will push by nature so she is susceptible to ganks. Ping your jungler for help when she gets close to your tower. If you manage to kill her she will be really set behind and she will need to do catch up for the rest of the game which Kalista hates to do, similar to Draven.

In Teamfights try to fish for W Sentinel’s over the wall for poke and try to kite her with your R Fate's Call stacks. If she cannot auto you she cannot move so she will be a sitting duck. Teamfighting against her should be pretty easy if you tether properly and you do not allow her to auto you. Be aware tho of her R Fate's Call as she can surprise you with a knock up when you least expect it.

Focus on not giving her a lead in lane, play around her cooldowns on Q Pierce and E Rend, don’t die and scale up. You will be much stronger once you start getting items because it gets increasingly harder for her to 1v1 you as you will just run around her. The difficulty is set because of her oppressive laning phase, not her mid or late game.

Kog'Maw is an on-hit Tank Shredder that will look to abuse his superior range to poke you down during the laning phase and then get to his mid-game power spikes where he can start destroying the enemy team in a few autos.

The general summoner spells of Flash and Heal are recommended in this matchup. Exhaust can be good with an engage support if you feel you can shut him down early but Kog is usually paired with an enchanter support so killing him will be pretty difficult.

His main source of damage are his autos whenever he has W Bio-Arcane Barrage active; additionally, Q Caustic Spittle can deal some damage due to the resistances shred as well. If he can hit you for free with W Bio-Arcane Barrage he will often win the trade/all-in, especially in combination with Q Caustic Spittle + E Void Ooze.

His win condition is to poke you down with W Bio-Arcane Barrage and farm up to the point where he has enough on-hit damage to kill everyone in a couple of shots. Be mindful of his W Bio-Arcane Barrage cooldown in lane and try to just CS when it is active, your Q Caustic Spittle range should allow you to do that safely in most cases.

Never trade against him unless his W Bio-Arcane Barrage is on CD. Whenever he uses it (he starts glowing when it’s active) just walk back and come back after it’s gone to play aggressively. This champ is pretty weak if he’s not paired with Lulu since he'll be pretty squishy and won't deal as much damage without Lulu pixy + attack speed steroid; if they’re paired together never trade when Kog'Maw has W Bio-Arcane Barrage available and/or Lulu has her shield available. Poke with Q Caustic Spittle when he walks up and cs, going for an all in is tricky against an enchanter support because your early damage is lacking until you get your mythic.

You need to play around his W Bio-Arcane Barrage and E Void Ooze CDs since the slow and extended range will allow him to run you down. As we have learned, play around his cool downs and cs from a safe distance.

In team fights you can look to W Bio-Arcane Barrage him for poke and threaten to engage with E Void Ooze. I don’t recommend all-inning him unless his support is dead because he can dish out more damage in some autos then you can at 3 or 4 items. Fighting front is not really great either as he will kill your frontline faster so look to disrupt him as much as you can and your W Bio-Arcane Barrage is your best way to do that.

He lacks wave clear so you can keep the wave in the middle depending on the support matchup but your main goal is to stay healthy and farm up to your power spikes and maybe find opportunities when he goes to farm alone on a sidelane to force a 1v1 which you can win after you get your first item. The difficulty is set in the idea that Kog'Maw will be paired with an enchanter to help him through the early game.

Lucian is a more mobile version of Draven as his short trades are still amazingly powerful and will out damage Zeri up to two items. He is looking to do 3 things: poke you while last hitting with Q Piercing Light, force trades with his passive + auto resets and all-in. His scaling is not as amazing as yours so he needs to get an advantage in the early game.

Exhaust can be picked up in this matchup to counter his all-ins but Cleanse can be a niche pick if you think he will go Exhaust and his support will go Ignite. This way you can remove one of the summoner spells or maybe both.

Lucian is looking to poke you a lot with his Q Piercing Light by hitting you with the tip by casting it on a minion. Try to bait this ability and side step it, if he uses it and misses a lot of his damage is gone.

His favorite short Trade is AA + Q Piercing Light + Passive + E Relentless Pursuit + Passive as it will chunk you to less that half so be mindful of his cooldown and positioning. He relies on chipping away at your health in order to zone you out of CS and get an early lead. The most important thing to do in this matchup is to not die as kills will allow him to snowball the lane and deny you lots of CS.

Try to sidestep his Q Piercing Light and play around it, when it is down his damage is highly reduced and for him to get a good Trade on you, he has to E Relentless Pursuit into you which can allow you to turn on him with your W Ultrashock Laser and your support. His W Ardent Blaze might seem as just a passive enabler in the early game but the added MS and Vigilance procs will allow him to chase you down. You can’t really fight him early so making sure you CS well and you do not allow him to engage on you

Try to time his Q Piercing Light and learn to dodge it by not having a minion between yourself and him. Poke him when he moves outside of his minion line. Use W Ultrashock Laser as a response to him E Relentless Pursuit’ing aggressively and maybe take a good trade in that regard. If you dodge most of his Q Piercing Light’s, his mana will be pretty low so you will be able to try and keep him in lane. After 2 items you outscale so have that in mind when laning against him.

He will usually look to burst people down with his Galeforce so wait for him to overextend with his E Relentless Pursuit before engaging onto him. You can outrange him and kite him pretty well. You can also look to front to back as you will deal with the enemy frontline much better than he will. Keep the R Lightning Crash stacks up and run around him.

Your main goal is to play around his CDs early game and try to get to your item power spikes when his damage will not be a big problem for you anymore.

Miss Fortune relies on her poke and zone control in the early game to poke you down and allow her to deny you cs by either pushing you under the tower or walking up to the lane and not allowing you entrance to it.

Flash Heal should be your go to summoners in this matchup.

Her main source of damage is her E Make it Rain with the assured Arcane Comet proc and her Q Double Up. She will use E Make it Rain to deny you entrance to the wave and chunk you down in the early game while her Q Double Up will force you to play next to your minion line and not behind it, making you susceptible to being harassed by the enemy support.

Her main goal is to chunk you constantly and make your laning phase as annoying as possible. Her annoying zone control from afar coupled with her passive that doesn’t allow you to take upfront trades either makes Miss Fortune a pretty hard matchup for Zeri.

Again, playing around her cooldowns and next to your minion wave is your best bet. Try to learn her E Make it Rain cooldown and play around it as most Miss Fortune players will use it whenever they can get a Manaflow Band stack off of it so try to position at the maximum range of her E Make it Rain, bait her to cast it then walk off and come back to CS after the ability runs out.. This way you have 15 seconds where you can walk up to try and CS the wave. Your Q Burst Fire range is a saving grace as she cannot zone you effectively because you can CS from afar.

The best way to punish her is to engage with your support onto her post level 6. You need the added movement speed to move around her and not allow her a good R Bullet Time placement. In those cases she is pretty weak so you can 2v2 her. You do need at least a Noonquiver under your belt so your damage is good enough for a skirmish.

Remember to NEVER play teamfights against Miss Fortune inside choke points in the Jungle if your E Spark Surge is down She will melt through your entire team in seconds with her R Bullet Time, this is the reason why MF is so popular in lower elos as players will not be mindful of her amazing zone control. If she uses R Bullet Time and she is over a wall, W Ultrashock Laser her to either chunk her or force her to cancel her R Bullet Time. Other than that, kite her as much as possible and be mindful of her E Make it Rain cooldown as that is a reliable slow that can result in you being CCed by the enemy team.

Your main goal is to survive the early game poke and to try to stay as healthy as possible with as much CS under your belt as you can. After 2 items you start to pack a punch so MF will be a lot more scared to go against you

Samira is extremely weak lvl 1 as she is relying on small pokes with her Q Flair to get damage off in the laning phase. She has a strong follow-up with her E Wild Rush + Q Flair and her R Inferno Trigger and W Blade Whirl makes her hard to engage on.

Take Exhaust into Samira and remember to build Executioner's Calling to deal with her in the laning phase.

Her main source of damage is her E Wild Rush + Q Flair combo followed up by her R Inferno Trigger. In this case, be mindful to keep your E Wild Rush in order to create a gap between yourself and her, preferably over a wall. She wants to be in the middle of the fight all the time so she can proc her ultimate. Your job is to kite around her as you can Q Flair her from outside her R Inferno Trigger range.

Her W Blade Whirl in Condition is to follow up on her support engagements and all-in you around her item and level spikes which start as early as lvl 2. Avoid their gap closers by staying at your maximum range and avoiding enemy hooks or engagements. Samira has quite mediocre scaling outside her teamfighting abilities and it’s really hard for her to deal damage without items. Because of this snowballing since lane is kind of her win-con and playing off her team’s engagements.

You have a range advantage over her and she cannot damage you through minions so trading against her can be avoided, only harassing her with your Q Flair when the opportunity arises. Samira has insane all-in damage since pretty much every ability is an auto cancel, she can insta proc Conqueror and has increased damage at melee range. However, her trading potential is quite low since everything but Q Flair is an all-in ability.

The best way to punish Samira is to position well into the lane and chip away at her health when you can Q Flair her. Be mindful of the enemy support at all times as their all ins are really strong.

In teamfights be always aware of Samira’s positioning and her Passive stacks as she can now cast R Inferno Trigger without mana cost and will always look to get into the middle of the fight to use it. Kite her away and stay away from the middle of the fight. Keep stacking your R Lightning Crash and use W Ultrashock Laser when you think she wants to jump in the fight to chunk multiple people. Be aware that her E Wild Rush resets if she gets a takedown so she can jump on you if you are not careful

Your main Goal is to try to avoid her engages by staying around your maximum range. You will outdamage her in fights and outscale so you need to be careful to not let her take an advantage in the early game.

Syndra is not as annoying for Zeri to deal with as your Q Burst Fire range allows you to cs just about at the same range as her Q Dark Sphere so side stepping them will not be as difficult. She is very immobile and her E Scatter the Weak cooldown is pretty high so look for an engagement opportunity with your support when her E is on cooldown and your R is up.

Focus on dodging her E Scatter the Weak and take Barrier if you are afraid of her burst. Exhaust can be an alternative but that means you need to kill her or get away while she is exhausted.

So the way Senna works is that she loves trading because her passive Absolution will give her a soul if she hits a champ with 2 attacks or abilities. She is annoying right now as she can be played as a support and ADC right now and her support role is even more annoying for Zeri. Her range on Q Absolution and slow on it makes laning against Senna pretty difficult.

Take Flash and Heal in this matchup as other summoners won’t help you against her. Cleanse can be situational to cancel her W root but take only if there are other key CC threats in the enemy team.

Her passive Absolution has a 6 second cooldown so she will AA+Q Piercing Darkness you off the Q Piercing Darkness cooldown to get as many stacks as possible. She can hover aggressively against you because she will heal with Q Piercing Darkness while you will just scratch her HP for the most part until you get some items. Her burst becomes a problem after she gets access to her R Dawning Shadow and long fights which usually benefit Zeri, will benefit Senna more in the early game.

Her way to win the lane is to poke you down while sustaining herself with her Q Piercing Darkness while getting as many passive stacks as possible. She will look to get a CS advantage this way and poke you out of lane for possible turret plates.

Her superior range and great sustain will make trading against her a nightmare so you better look to dodge her Q Piercing Darkness and stay on the other side of the lane as her if possible. If she misses Q Piercing Darkness then you can look to get some Q Burst Fire poke of yourself but remember that she can W Last Embrace if you make an open path between yourself and her. If she W’s you she will get a pretty big chunk off or she might even kill you.

Senna can be engaged upon once you get some items as you can damage her through her E Curse of the Black Mist because your Q Burst Fire is not targeted. She is still pretty squishy so using W Ultrashock Laser to poke her will leave her pretty low after 2 or 3 items. In the laning phase it is hard to punish her but you can look for all ins if she overextends for a soul stack.

In teamfights make sure to not get into her range and play front-to-back as her ability to burst down tanks is limited compared to yours. Your ultimate should allow you to play the teamfight to your advantage. Use W Ultrashock Laser as often as you can to get her poked down.

Your goal is to trade as little as possible so you don’t let her stack for free, which means standing outside her auto range. Abuse your superior midgame and try to force even fights or get a pick onto her if she is not careful.

Sivir is a nimble Marksman that looks to chip away at your health with her Q Boomerang Blade and W Ricochet while remaining safe because of her E Spell Shield. Her R On The Hunt engages in the mid game can force skirmishes pretty easily and give her team the initial advantage. She scales really well, especially against teams without tanks. Her damage with her W Ricochet should not be underestimated in the late game.

Flash and Heal are the recommended summoner spells against Sivir.

Most of her damage in lane comes from her Q Boomerang Blade which is kinda slow and easily dodgeable; you can position far from her so her Q Boomerang Blade will have some distance to travel before hitting you, allowing you time to react and dodge it.

In lane she will look to push you under tower and punish you whenever you look for last hits. Depending on supports she can look to then freeze the wave in front of her tower because of her zone control.

You should try to dodge her Q Boomerang Blade and not proc her E Spell Shield if possible. Your Q Burst Fire does not proc her E Spell Shield so she will waste her mana trying to push the wave. If you are careful and you use your Q Burst Fire constantly to counter push the wave, you will be able to match her push.

When her main damaging spells are on CD, her Q Boomerang Blade and W Ricochet, you can look to poke her and deny her some creeps with your charged up passive.

In the mid game be aware of her team’s chase potential because of Sivir’s R On The Hunt. She likes to hunt down targets one at a time with her team so beware to be hunted. You can kite her with your R On The Hunt movement speed as Zeri likes to kite her enemies but beware that the enemy team’s damage is not high enough to kill you. Use your W Ultrashock Laser and E Spark Surge as zoning tools and run around them.

Your main goal is to avoid her early poke and to stabilize the wave in the middle or on your side. You do scale side by side with Sivir but be careful of her W Ricochet in the late game.

Seraphine is a very situational pick that you will see taken with mostly other enchanter supports. Her role is to not die in the early game and to get poke with her long range Q High Note and E Beat Drop while sustaining through fights with her W Surround Sound. She becomes a healing and cc bot in the later stages of the game, making engages very difficult.

Flash Heal should be the primary summoner spells against Seraphine botlane. Cleanse can be used instead of Heal when the enemy has other reliable CC other than Seraphine R Encore as you can dodge in in teamfights if you position correctly.

In the early game Seraphine prioritizes her Q High Note as her main poke ability, dealing damage to you and thinning the wave at the same time. The later the game goes, her W Surround Sound becomes a bigger menace as it will heal most of her teammates to full so bursting enemy champions should be your priority.

Her win condition is to survive the early stages and get to her mythic item. She will spam her abilities in order to chunk you so she can get lane prio. Dodge her Q High Note as the travel time of the ability is pretty high and keep moving to the side to make yourself unpredictable for E Beat Drop.

You should look to avoid her poke and get Q High Note poke as much as possible. You can punish her with an engage support but it will not be easy to kill her, especially after Zeri got her slow removed from the passive.

You can punish her when her abilities are on cooldown. She becomes useless if she spends her entire mana bar for poke that she doesn’t hit. You can also keep your E Spark Surge up to dodge her R Encore as the windup animation takes a pretty long time and she can be engaged upon if she misses.

In teamfights look to stack your R Lightning Crash and zone her out from her team with your W Surround Sound. She will look to stay grouped and R Lightning Crash your team if it engages so be aware of her positioning so you don’t get charmed. Remember that if a teammate is in her R Lightning Crash range, the range will extend and can hit you from afar. If you get enough R Lightning Crash stacks you can kite her around and dodge her abilities.

Your main goal as Zeri in this matchup is to survive to the late game where you can shred her team if you zone her from her teammates. Her healing power is really annoying but you can get through it with patience. Remember that she shields all allies around with your W Surround Sound so you can eat those shields and get added movement speed for it. Be careful not to smash yourself into a wall.

Tristana is known for her ability to fast push waves and burst people down with her E Explosive Charge. She can be a hard matchup for Zeri as she can jump on top of her with her W Rocket Jump and burst her with her E Explosive Charge. She scales pretty well because her range scales with levels so she will be a threat even in the late game.

Always take Exhaust into Tristana to mitigate her E Explosive Charge burst damage. Good Tristanas will take cleanse to remove your Exhaust but that should not be a problem until the peak elos.

Tristana’s key abilities in this matchup are her E Explosive Charge and passive Draw a Bead so make sure to let her openings to W Rocket Jump on you and burst you down. She will get range as time goes on and she can burst you after lvl 6 if you misposition. If she has Galeforce then she becomes an even larger threat.

Her passive Draw a Bead is really strong in this matchup as she will look to poke you with it and get you close to kill range. She wishes to get plates in this matchup and push you under tower. If you have an engage support, call for your jungler and try to punish her aggressive playstyle.

Trading should be limited in this matchup and should be done mostly when her E Explosive Charge is on cooldown as then most of her damage is down but she can still engage on you with her W Rocket Jump and her support if you overextend so be careful.

If she ever hits E Explosive Charge on you just back off so that she can’t stack it up meaning it will deal very little damage. Whenever she uses E Explosive Charge on the tower, wave, support or on you and doesn't fully blow it up you should play aggressively since she will have no damage. She relies completely on bursting someone down with the bomb and that’s why we take Exhaust against her.

In teamfights remember that Tristana will look to W Rocket Jump onto people and burst them down so wait for her to use W Rocket Jump before punishing her. You can outrange her but your damage won’t be as high as hers so she can burst you with E Explosive Charge + R Buster Shot.

Your main goal is to survive the early game and to not allow her to push you under tower or to punish her for it. Exhaust makes this matchup much better than it would be without it and allows you to counter her amazing burst. You can farm pretty easily in this matchup so try to get as much CS as possible.

Twitch has an extremely low range but he makes up for that with his W Venom Cask, which slows for 30%, enabling him to get more autos onto you. He will always look to surprise you from stealth and assassinate you. Buy Control Wards and ward the most reliable ganks paths. Stay close to a wall so you can always E Contaminate away to safety.

Take Flash and Heal in this match as you will rarely get close in time to Exhaust him if he gets the jump on you.

His W Venom Cask is the annoying part of his kit in the early game as it can zone you out and give you passive stacks that will chip away at your health if he uses E Contaminate. After the early game his Q Ambush and R Spray and Pray become the biggest problem as he can spend a long time Camouflaged and will look to hunt you down when you are alone. As a small advice, if you think twitch is close keep your E Spark Surge up in order to jump over a wall so you can escape him.

His win-condition is to play like Evelynn and abuse his long camouflage to get kills on your teammates. Remember to always ping when he is missing to alert your teammates that they might be his next target.

Trading in lane is dependent on the support matchup but you can take small trades against him if you play around his W Venom Cask + E Contaminate combo.

His stealth plays in the early game are pretty predictable so always ask yourself where twitch should be and you will find that 9/10 times you will suspect that he is looking to get the jump on you. Once the midgame has started and the first line of towers has dropped, his ganks and paths become harder to predict. Then Control wards in the sidelane bushes will be your best friends.

Teamfighting against Twitch comes down to disengaging from him when he uses his R Spray and Pray and re-engage once its duration has worn off. As I previously mentioned, keeping E Spark Surge up for his ambushing strategy is essential if you are his main target. You will not outrange or outdamage him when his R Spray and Pray is active so kite backwards and wait for it to end. In theory you should try to always know where Twitch is before a fight starts.

Your goal is to force good trades in the early game when his cooldowns are down as you both have the same range so his poke on you will be limited to his spells. Your mid game fights are stronger if you start them but his are way more impactful if he gets a good R Spray and Pray on all of you. As previously mentioned, Control Wards and game sense are essential here, even if you cannot control your teammates unfortunately.

Varus has strong lane agency as he can poke you through minions and also push the lane. His abilities are hard hitting and with the different builds that he can do, both crit and poke, he is menace to deal with.

You should take Cleanse in this matchup as Zeri since Heal has very little value against him.

His main damage comes from his Q Piercing Arrow + W Blighted Quiver active/passive combo but his attacks are also hard hitting as he can proc his W Blighted Quiver passive with his E Hail of Arrows as well which is guaranteed to hit if your E Hail of Arrows is on cooldown.

His main goal in this matchup is to poke you down with all he has and take short trades with you as his are a lot stronger than yours. He wants to shove the wave and then keep it frozen in front of his tower. If he goes crit, then he wants to scale and he can be annoying to deal with as he can get an R Chain of Corruption on you which can lock you down and kill you. That’s why Cleanse is needed against him.

In the early levels try to bait him to use his E Hail of Arrows and trade when it is down. You can punish his positioning with your support as he is susceptible to getting engaged on.

After level 3 don’t walk up to auto him since he can just triple auto you with Hail of Blades and instantly proc his passive Living Vengeance with E Hail of Arrows or Q Piercing Arrow tap and he will win pretty much every fight. Focus on keeping your distance and if he misses Q Piercing Arrow, walk up to hit a charged passive Living Vengeance and maybe get some Q Piercing Arrow hits on him.

In teamfights be very careful when walking up to him as you should never get too close to him if his R Chain of Corruption is up and your Cleanse is on cooldown. Kiting him with your R Chain of Corruption stacks might be the best you can do but always be mindful to dodge his abilities as all will do a lot of damage, especially his Q Piercing Arrow. Look for W Blighted Quiver’s over the wall and be careful about your positioning.

Your goal is to survive the early lane agency he has and abuse your mid game spike at 2 and 3 items. Cleanse is your best friend after lvl 6 as his only way of making distance between himself and his enemies is removed.

Vayne is a short-ranged ADC that loves to play extended fights front to back where she can decimate the enemies with the help fo her W Silver Bolts. She can reposition easily with her Q Tumble while being invisible so teamfighting and 1v1ing are both things she scales at. Her damage comes mostly from her auto attacks so if you can lock her down or outrange her, she has nothing to do to counter that other than to get in your face which can spell disaster for her.

Flash Heal are the usual summoners against Vayne. Exhaust is situational and you can only use it after she Qs into you in order to see her while she is exhausted. You will not cut her true damage though as it is unaffected by Exhaust but it can help you to land your Q Burst Fire and W Ultrashock Laser on her or for a teammate to more easily lock her down.

The main source of her damage is her W Silver Bolts which starts to hit really hard in the late game when she has Guinsoo's Rageblade and can proc it more often. Be careful of her range as she can always surprise you from a bush if she tumbles with R Final Hour active.

Vayne’s win condition is similar to Zeri’s and that is to get to her 2 and 3 item spikes and then look to teamfight front to back. While Vayne has more sustained damage thanks to her W Silver Bolts, Zeri has more mobility and can weave in and out of fights more easily than Vayne. Vayne also has a stronger laning phase as her W Silver Bolts can dish out a surprising amount of damage even in the early levels, while Zeri needs item to start dealing damage with her Q Burst Fire.

Avoid getting hit by her auto attack as she can then Q Tumble + E Condemn to get a full W Silver Bolts proc on to you which will chunk you pretty hard. You can look to predict when she will Q Tumble forward for poke in order to move back and counter with your Q Burst Fire as you have a lot more range than she does so you can stay safe while harassing

You can punish Vayne when she overextends for a trade or in a teamfight. She will go agressive for W Silver Bolts procs and you can use that to your advantage by shooting a well placed W Ultrashock Laser where you think she will Q Tumble to.

In Teamfights try to avoid challenging her 1v1 as she can Condemn you if you decide to E Spark Surge over a wall towards her. Kiting her with your movement speed and Lethal Tempo is more reliable but still hard to execute. Remember that if Vayne doesn’t auto attack after using Q Tumble, she is stuck there without a way to cast Q Tumble again.

Your main goal against Vayne is to avoid her early poke and exploit her aggressive tendencies. You can punish her if she goes too aggressive and in teamfights you can kite her if you play it properly.

Veigar is becoming a more common appearance in the bot lane so a small section for him would be of great help. Veigar wants to scale and get as many stacks as possible so try to push him under tower when you can and deny him as much CS as possible.

Flash Heal should be taken against him. Cleanse can be good if you feel like you cannot keep your E Spark Surge to dash away from his cage.

His scaling is really strong and the fact that he scales with Csing is a problem for Zeri as she is not the one to punish such champions effectively in the early game.

His win condition is getting to his third item which will most likely be a defensive item as that means he now has enough AP to one shot and he is tanky enough to not die too quickly.

He will avoid trading as much as possible as his focus is on CSing. He will only look to Q Baleful Strike you and a minion as he gets a passive Phenomenal Evil Power stack when he hits an enemy champion. If he cages you, make sure to not get stunned so his W Dark Matter won’t hit you.

Punish him early by pushing as hard as you can and maybe set up dives or ganks with your Jungler. You need to shut him down in the early game if you want to have a chance in the later stages.

Teamfighting against Veigar can be rough. You need to hit high values W Ultrashock Laser’s over wall to chunk him before the fight. You need to be mindful of his E Event Horizon so you don’t get stunned or his Everforst. Playing around his team and your R Lightning Crash stacks is the best you can do but getting close to him can be done when his E Event Horizon, Everfrost and R Primordial Burst are down else you will probably get popped.

This is a hard matchup if he has enough stacks in the late game so shutting him down is the key. If he is behind he is just an E Event Horizon + R Primordial Burst button so be careful not to give him any shutdowns as he can be right back in the game with one shut down.

Xayah has potent zone control with her feathers and will look to abuse her poke as much as possible against you. Her Feathers plus R Featherstorm makes her a very hard target to stick into as Zeri. Be aware of her Feathers as they can always be used to lock you down and that is the worst thing that can happen to a Zeri, you want to always keep moving.

Flash and Heal are the recommended runes in this matchup.

Her key abilities are her Q Double Daggers and E Bladecaller. You always need to be mindful of her feathers as she can kill you with her Crit build if she gets a snare.

Xayah will look to poke you down in lane with Feathers and make you miss cs by threat of an E Bladecaller snare. She can fight if her W Deadly Plumage is up and she will win most trades. She wants her first item so she can look for kills.

As with most ADCs that have strong damaging spells early, your trade patterns consist of getting Q Double Daggers poke off whenever you have a clear path between yourself and the enemy. Long engagements on her are tricky as you need to position in order to chase her but at the same time not get hit by her E Bladecaller.

If she uses Q Double Daggers at max range followed by E Bladecaller and she misses she is down on important cooldown and can be engaged upon. Look for these windows to fight her and after lvl 6 abuse her long R Featherstorm cooldown.

Her build has now come back to Crit so her teamfighting is again a big problem. Her damage and areas of control with her Feathers is amazing and you need to remember to not got hit by them. You do outrange her and you are more mobile so use that to your advantage and go on her when her R Featherstorm and E Bladecaller are down as she is much more manageable then.

Your goal is to dodge as much as poke as you can during the laning phase and get to your powek spike items. Beware though as her 1 item power spike is pretty huge and she will look to force fights.

Ziggs can be really good into Zeri as he can push the wave with relative ease and deny her engages with his W Satchel Charge and E Hexplosive Minefield, but if Zeri manages to surprise him, he is as good as dead.

Flash Heal are the Summoner choices for this matchup. Teleport can be picked up if you are afraid of getting chunked and in order to match the TP timing of Ziggs.

Basically what you want to do is NOT stay in minions because the easiest way for him to poke you is by Q'ing Bouncing Bomb the minions and then the splash damage will hit you as it’s very big, so stay on the side of the wave instead.

His Win Condition is to deny you CS and poke you down from afar without ever getting close to being in danger. In a perfect world he would love his jungler to play bot side so he can take your tower early with his W Satchel Charge.

You can only trade onto him after he uses his E Hexplosive Minefield as the mines can deny your ability to walk up to him. His W Satchel Charge cooldown is also long so abuse this whenever he uses it for ManaFlow procs or to get away from a bad fight.

You can punish Ziggs when he gets to your tower as his abilities will no longer cover enough ground that you cannot catch up to him, though you need to let your support engage on him first. Tracking cooldowns is your friend here, check out the wiki and practice trading when his abilities (mainly E Hexplosive Minefield) is on cooldown.

Teamfighting against Ziggs can be really rough because at this point his cooldowns are low and his R Mega Inferno Bomb will deal a lot of damage even on the outskirts. You can look to move around his skillshots with enough R Mega Inferno Bomb stacks but getting to that point in a fight against Ziggs can be really tricky.

Your goal is to not get poked out too much and get denied CS as you need to get your items as soon as possible in order to split push. Ziggs should require to stay midlane during the midgame as he cannot side lane against you. Get as much cs as you can and try to match his item spikes so you can teamfight against him. If he gets far ahead, one Q Bouncing Bomb spells the doom of your fight. You can cs well in the early game against him but denying him priority will be really hard.

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