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Rengar Build Guide by YEKURA



Updated on August 15, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YEKURA Build Guide By YEKURA 5 1 11,834 Views 1 Comments
5 1 11,834 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author YEKURA Rengar Build Guide By YEKURA Updated on August 15, 2022
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First Strike
Magical Footwear
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Every single game
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide



Hi my name is YEKURA and I am a GRANDMASTERS Rengar player. I am making this guide to teach a lot of you how to play Rengar the correct way and making sure you know everything about Rengar like I do.

I have been maining Rengar since season 6 and I really enjoy him as a champion. After years of playing and learning so many secret things about him, I will explain all the secrets behind Rengar that most people don't know.

I have achieved HIGH ELO with Rengar on two competitive regions (NA=GM EU=MASTERS). I combined my knowledge from both regions to get the best possible outcome of my aggressive playstyle. I learned to capitalize on Rengar 's strongiest points at every aspect in the game and no minute of gameplay is wasted. You will learn a lot from this guide and if you don't, hop on my twitch or add me on my discord YEKURA#0214. Enough talking about me and let's get onto the guide.

There's alot of Rengar playstyles out there that a lot don't really realize. You got the assassin, tank and bruiser playstyle. These playstyles are all consistent and do their jobs pretty well in game which can for sure make you average 50% winrate when playing them. Although what will skyrocket your winrate is knowing which playstyle perfectly suites you and ontop of this which playstyle you should plan on going every single game and adapting while in game.

Duskblade is by far the best item you can go on Rengar. It offers invisiblity which is probably the most broken item passive in the game. It makes you untargetable and on top of that during a teamfight people will get confused where you are at which gives you a big advantage over the other team.

Eclipse is an alright item for Rengar. Not my favorite item to rush every single game but I highly rush it on top lane Rengar and sometimes in the jungle vses full tank comps or bruisers. If you are all ad its also good rushing cause it gives armor pen. over anytime for me.

Goredrinker is a really good consistent item b ut it's only for the bruiser Rengar playstyle. I don't normally play bruiser Rengar but if there is a team comp where you cannot oneshot I highly recommend going goredrinker into blackcleaver deathstance etc. The amount of healing it gives helps with peeling.

These items have different playstyles as said above. When rushing Duskblade you want to go more of an assassin playstyle. Which means not jumping in first. Not peeling and not exposing your location as an assassin. You want to be always hiding and making sure they are scared to do anything cause they know once they start doing something you might be there to kill them. The Eclipse build is more of a peeling brusier playstyle type build which means you can jump in first sometimes to get damage off then run away with your passive that gives ms and a shield. You can go for more aggressive plays and you can expose your location so cause oneshotting will be kinda hard with this build. As you can see bruiser Rengar is way better than assassin Rengar except assassin Rengar creates much more pressure on the map. As of the Goredrinker it's a brusier playstyle build which I highly color=#ff0080]recommend[/color] peeling for your DPS carries taking all the damage healing up and doing a lot of damage to their backline or frontline.


This is probably the most standard clear on Rengar overall (this can be swapped from blue side full clear to red side). I recommend doing this majority of your games where you start red buff and you full clear to your blue buff then get level 4 and either fight at scuttle or go for scuttle take it and then gank top or mid. Make sure to push the scuttle to the direction you are going to gank so you can get your empowered ability up and make sure to kill them with it. Having an empowered ability up during a gank makes the gank 10x easier. As said above this clear should be perfected because it will be used for most of your games and on top of this your clear needs to be perfected. You should full clear and end up at scuttle @3:15 every single game with and without a leash. This clear is the most consistent clear that's why it's used every single game upon all Rengar players.

I recommend doing this path in low elo (this invade works to their blue or red side if they are full clear junglers started the opposite side). Why it's good in low elo because you can easily invade and people don't really expect an invade in the lower elos so maybe around d2 under. This can easily give you a kill early game which will allow you to snowball the lead. Always make sure where the enemy jungler started though because you don't want to randomly go to their red buff and realize they cleared their red and they are either top ganking or bot side ganking. This will make you lose tempo get you behind and he will be ahead because of this mistake that happens commonly. Please make sure that you do this invade properly so read this throughly. Make sure you pay attention that the mid laner has not warded the river sometimes they push the wave then go there to ward for scuttle control. Also as said above make sure the enemy jungler is a full clearing jungler and started his blue buff. This will cause you to see him at his red buff or blue buff for a free kill.

This is probably a really new clear that most Rengar players don't know about. This clear is the fastest way to get level 3 overall. "Why is it fast?" you might ask well first of all you can easily get a leash from your top or bot side for your red buff. With the leash you transfer to raptors where you can easilly just oneshot it. You get your 4th stack all the way to gromp which you can burst it with your smite to kill it extremely fast. Here's some examples:
1) The enenmy jungler is gonna 3 camp clear into a gank top side or bot side so you can counter it.
2) Bot lane or top lane is playing extremely aggressive so you can go through lane into the bush to get an unexpected gank off.
3)You want to invade extremely fast the enemy jungler cause you know you have prio and they are extremely weak early game.


Rengar early game is ther most important thing in the game for this champion. Understand the early game and knowing your full potiential as Rengar is extremely important. You are a very strong champion and you win against most people. The idea of Rengar in the early game is clearing consistently, while getting ganks off that you know will work or counter ganks, pulling invades off and finally getting free objectives or forcing them when you have a lead. It's pretty basic and straight-forward.


Make sure to choose from the clears listed above to make this your main clear for the early game. You can swap up your pathing later to go on the other side but during the early game you want to make sure you can full clear a lot while getting more gold from kills and ganks. So by choosing what side to play with is really good. That means if you are strong enough to win the 2v2 or 3v3 top side go play top side vice versa for bot / mid. If top / mid is win con and ganks are extremely free cause it could be a matchup like Fiora vs Malphite that means if you play around fiora the 2v2s / 3v3s should be extremely free cause malphite is useless early game. If bot side there is a Draven & Lulu vses Jhin & Nami it's better to play with bot side cause your bot lane is gonna be extremely aggressive so the jungler will gank bot most likely so counter ganking will work and also you also win the 3v3 bot side.

Win con:

Playing around your win con is the way to win games. By determining what lane you should play with and get ahead really easily. You want to full clear towards that lane. Getting rift herald and using it in that lane to make them roam with you is also a way to snowball your way to victory. Forcing tower dives constantly even level 3 tower dives works if you know the jungler isn't there to counter it. There's a lot of ways to play with your win con so just make sure you play with them even when you are not level 6+ you can still play with them and hover them.


Make sure to play aggressive early game when you can. If you are vses junglers like Rek'Sai, Olaf, Graves etc. These junglers are extremely strong early game so forcing fights against them isn't the smartest idea but in general if you see that they are going for an "int" play then you can capitalize on it and make them lose the game by going for their int play and making them int. If you are vses jungers like Evelynn, Volibear, Nunu & Willump etc these junglers are extremely weak early game and they depend on full clearing so if you have prio you can invade them to make their time disturbing. Killing them constantly makees them extremely behind. These junglers also suck at objective control so you should sit there and make sure to control the objectives and force it against them. Make sure to not overdue it cause you might throw the whole game but if you have a lead and your lanes have prio you can force things pretty easily against these junglers.

Tracking enemy jungler:

Tracking the enemy jungler early game is extremely important. You want to track where they are so you can counter their plays. If they are the champions that I listed that are weak early game. You want to match them so and invade them. So clear towards where they are gonna full clear to and counter their plays and invade them on top of that. If they are extremely hard early game champions vses you, the best way is to path away from it and focus forcing plays away from them. This means forcing objectives when they are on the other side of the map and all that. The way to see where the enemy jungler starts you want to look at the side lanes and see who potientially leashed or just knowing which junglers usually start where that could be learned from playing the game.

That's pretty much it for the early game. The important things you need to focus on I recommend focusing on (counterganking, invading, counterjungling, objectives, tracking the enemy jungler and clearing consistently).


Mid game on Rengar is probably the hardest point for Rengar cause the amount of frame perfect plays and decision making could cost a game to be a lost or a win at this point. I highly recommend reading this section throughly cause I will touch on majority of the topics in this section.

Objective control:

Yes this was in the first section but objective control is the best thing for Rengar on 3 stages of the game because that's usually where you want to fight and skrimish around cause the amount of bushes in that area is crazy. You want to clear towards the objectives or full clear fast to reset buy your items to attend to the objectives. Get vision with your team don't just run in and die but scout around and never face check bushes only if you need to. Try getting vision and sit around the bushes to be able win fights by getting a pick and being above advantage. There's certain ways to control the objectives and when you should attend to it:
1) When your team is ahead you want to force the objectives. In no world should the enemy team steal the objectives when you are ahead. Only times you can drop the objectives when ahead is if you guys are just not in the position or haven't resetted to attend it. The last reason is if you are ahead but your team is a scaling comp so if you attend that dragon you have a high risk to lose cause they have insane early game champions. This I would not attend and just keep your lead by farming and attend the others.
2) Attend to the dragon if it's soul point. Any soul point is very crucial and will lose you the game. If it's cloud drake or mountain drake you can not attend to it and just give the soul but anything else you want to attend cause it's just over if they take it.
3) If you give dragons and you DO NOT want to attend to it you need a gameplan on why you gave it and what you will do it with giving it. Every drake is closer for the enemy team to win the game. So you need to realize when you give a drake cause you might be behind, not in a good position or you can't fight that fight then you must be full clearing, getting sidewaves and on top of this getting either rift or enemy top side camps.

After realizing how good objective control is and when you can attend the dragon or drop it you will climb really fast in the ladders. Every game is lost usually aroundobjectives or for an objective so if you get really strong in this trait you will win majority of your games. As of rift herald and baron I recommend getting rift herald to trade for the dragon if the enemy jungler is doing drake most likely. Going for the first herald is really good and better than drake but 2nd is pretty useless but still good in ways. Herald should not be a game thrown for no reason if you can't attend it and need to give just give. As of baron I recommend attending every single baron if you don't have a scaling comp. If you are already behind and they are doing baron I recommend try stealing it or forcing a greedy fight and you might win. Why cause at the end they will just push mid Rengar is useless when they group mid and you will die. If you have a scaling comp you can always gift herald.

Efficient clearing:

Even though it's mid game you want to still be full clearing constantly but clearing towards your win con or objectives. A failed full clear mid game will be full clearing to bot side when baron is up. This will make the enemy jungler see you maybe because of a deep ward in your jungle and they can try forcing baron if they can melt it on time. This is bad cause you need to recall cause of all the gold you recieved so now you need to run straight to baron which is pretty useless to do so. This situation should never happen ever in your game you should be full clearing bot side when dragon is up or is coming up. You want to be full clearing towards baron when dragon is not up or coming up but baron is up. This will make you be able to fight constantly and be in places where you need to be. Also clearing towards yourstrong laners is the best way to clear also. You should never clear towards top side when your Kassadin split pushing over clearing to your Darius who's really strong and he's bot side. So in general you would like to hover mid / bot side and shadow your Darius cause if a 1v2 happens you can easily jump in and win the fight then snowball your lead by getting turrets. Now Kassadin isn't always useless so if you suspect someone that might go and kill your Kassadin you can freely hover him and pick up a free kill. This is where clearing is all up to you. The way the game is played and the way the game is gonna be ran is all on how you clear where you are and if you pick the right times to attend these places. So it would be much more efficient if you full clear constantly and end up in the good plays instead of skipping your clear to attend to the fights cause that means less gold and xp which can lose you a game.


As spoken above shadowing is very broken cause you are able to win fights like crazy if you do it right. This all really depends on what your gemplan is. Always hover your win con and your bot lane who's sitting mid. This will make you able to find potiential openings to get free kills, picks, and even game changing fights. So always hover your strongest members but never put yourself behind for them so you should never sit there and waiting all game. Clear efficiently and skip your clear if you see your strongest member is in danger and you can easily ult to save him or win the fight or clean up. You also don't want to shadow someone who's side laning opposite side of baron. This is probably where all throws happen cause once you show up bot side the enemy team can easily melt baron and take a lead. Once you get in the habit of shadowing and knowing when to shadow your mid game sky rockets like crazy.


Rengar is extremely broken with picks. If dragon, baron or rift herald is up and you expect someone to be around these objectives. You can easily use your ult to scatter around their jungle and see rotations maybe they might be catching a wave, clear their jungle or a random support running around for vision. You can pick them off and win the game. Making the game a 5v4 cause you picked someone off can allow you to force dragons, rift heralds and baron. So never be scared to use your ult randomly if you suspect a free kill there.

These are usually the only thing you want to do mid game. By knowing who to shadow, what fights to force, having objective control and getting picks off will win you games like crazy. These are the things you should work on cause later the other things will align.


Rengar late game is pretty basic and there's really not much you can do on Rengar late game. Usually when late game comes you want to prioritize objectives of course with your team. Although, usually this is where getting picks become the big point of Rengar. It's late game so you need to get a pick on Rengar to make sure you can snowball this pick to get towers, dragon or baron. Not only picks matter but teamfighting which I will discuss in the other section and second wave management for your team. Let's explain those two then make way to the teamfighting section.

Picks (again):

It's lategame so you need to try getting a pick if you ARE BEHIND and you think you don't win 5v5. If you are extremely confident you will win the teamfight 5v5 then don't go for these risky pick plays cause it could cost you the whole game. Although, if you don't win 5v5 I recommend ulting randomly as I mentioned before to try seeing if anyone's lurking. They could be rotating through their jungle, trying to get their red buff because they are adc or they are just making their way to a sidelane to farm for their last item. These moments to get picks are really broken. Another way to get picks is sitting in bushes with VISION SWEEPED and sitting around the objectives to wait for someone to face check which you can easily kill that way also. Killing someone in side lanes are also a good way of getting picks but Rengar does get outscaled so make sure you know you are capable of killing.

Wave management:

Make sure the waves aren't getting pushed like crazy. To end the game YOU NEED WAVES. So making sure to push waves before objectives are always good to do. If you personally don't want to go for a pick cause you know you win 5v5 you can push mid wave or top/bot considering where the next objective is to get a wave going so when you win the 5v5 you can end with it. Not having a wave will make the game extend for longer and longer which will cause a lost in that game. So hovering your teammates when they are clearing is a good way to wave management and also just clearing the wave yourself BUT ALSO MAKING SURE your teammates aren't fighting is a good way to manage the wave. Nothing else is really important here it's just please make sure you are doing this cause so many games becomes loses or are extended for no reason.

This is all for the late game. Usually this is all you need to know which are wave management, teamfighting and picks. When you master all 3 of these topics you will see your late game becoming stronger and stronger on Rengar.


Team fighting is one of the most important thing in the game. I recommend a lot of things on this topic so make sure to read this whole thing.

Clicking tab:

So many people underestimate this small little mechanic because they are too lazy to click tab and see what items the enemy team has. If the enemy team has a guardian angel I recommend buying a stopwatch to match his item essentially. Therefore if the enemy team has multiple zhonyas or guardian angels try realizing which person you can jump in and kill on Rengar to proc his passive to win the fight. YOUR GOAL ON Rengar is to proc your in a fight and killing someone when the fight begins. If you take too long you will lose the game. So to eliminate all the awkward moments where you jump and do no dmg or don't kill people cause they have a guardian angel or zhonya just click tab and see who has those 2 items or even ninja tabis. You will eliminate a lot of awkward deaths which will win you consistent teamfights.

Analyzing who to focus:

A lot of people just randomly jump in on the nearest person they see which is the only way to lose the game on Rengar pretty much. I recommend using the "tab technique" while analyzing who's the win con in the teamfight. Usually adcs / enchanters want to be focused first from your position but it can be the mage also or even the top lane bruiser. This depends on you to analyze the situation. Let's say the enemy team has a Lulu, Caitlyn, Malzahar, Graves and Jax. Usually with this information you DO NOT want to jump on the malzahar cause he probably has zhonyas which will make it hard to kill him but his passive can also be a problem for Rengar's burst. You usually don't want to jump on jax or graves you want to focus the two squishies which are either Lulu or Caitlyn. This is a reason a lot of Rengars lose games cause they brainlessly jump in and expect to kill everyone. You need to analyze their positions which I will say and use the process of elimination which I will say. Although knowing who you should focus (which are usually squishies) is a strong way to win teamfights.


Knowing their positioning is good and YOU positioning is also good in teamfights. So if you see that the enemy adc is might step away from his enchanter / support you can easily jump on him and get a oneshot combo on him. If you see anyone stepping outside of their group circle you can jump aggressively and try oneshotting them. By analyzing their positioning and see who messes up and looks like a good angle to jump in will win you games. I can't sit here and describe all the ways that it will look good to jump in but if you get the point you can try improving this yourself.

Process of elimination (All traits together):

Now that you got all the traits of teamfighting essentially that I think are important you can now work on your process of elimination. So you want to use all the traits I said above and eliminate all the champions to see who is a good target to jump in. So let's get the same exact example from earlier. If they have a Lulu, Caitlyn, Malzahar, Graves and Jax. You want to NOT FOCUS Jax, Graves and Malzahar cause the chances of oneshotting them is hard. Although this is where the process of elimination comes if they are positioning very or they don't have any items that essentially won't make them get oneshotted you can jump and kill them. If their positioning is alright and you think jumping on them is risky that's good keep doing this process now you know the free kills are on Caitlyn or Lulu. Although, Caitlyn has a guardian angel which means you can't really oneshot her and if her positioning is pretty okay going for her is grief. So it all goes to focusing the Lulu getting her out of the fight then make your way towards the Caitlyn to proc her guardian angel. This is how process of elimination needs to work. You analyze everyone in a teamfight. You see who you can jump on and who you can't. You look at their positioning, the wincon and their itemizations which you can easily determine which to go for. This will make you win TONS of your teamfights in the future so I recommend doing this seqauence that I suggestted.

This is really it for teamfighting. There are a lot of more things to know in teamfighting on Rengar in general but this is something that I recommend learning asap cause it will make you improve a lot on the champion.

League of Legends Build Guide Author YEKURA
YEKURA Rengar Guide
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