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Seraphine Build Guide by Cupic

Middle [12.17] Cupic's Challenger 1000 LP Seraphine Guide - S12

Middle [12.17] Cupic's Challenger 1000 LP Seraphine Guide - S12

Updated on September 12, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cupic Build Guide By Cupic 395 19 688,054 Views 33 Comments
395 19 688,054 Views 33 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cupic Seraphine Build Guide By Cupic Updated on September 12, 2022
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Cupic's Featured Video

Runes: Aery Page (Inspiration)

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Minion Dematerializer

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Hello, my name is Cupic or you can call me Jack, and I've been playing League of Legends on the NA server since season 4. For the past few years I've been challenger, maining Lux, Zoe, and now Seraphine! Before starting, I would like to say that these are all my opinions on how to play Seraphine, and below I discuss how I best think she's played. What I say is not set in stone just what I think is best taken. If you have any tips on how to improve the guide please drop a comment below!
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Why play Seraphine mid?
  • Viable?
  • "Why play Seraphine mid? Isn't she a discount Sona/ Lux?" Although she may share similarities thematically with other champions; Seraphine is a very different champion compared to them. Notably she has some very game-changing abilities. She can turn a losing fight in an instant with a well-timed Encore, similar to the power of Orianna's Command: Shockwave. Seraphine is a very powerful mid laner, and I guarantee you she'll be played in pro play thanks to her amazing wave clear and game-deciding Encore. Personally, I believe she is played best mid lane as Surround Sound has much too long of a cool down for bot lane in my opinion. Either way, whether you're here to learn about Seraphine mid or support I'm sure you'll be able to learn something about Seraphine that you previously didn't. :)
+ Very fun to play
+ High carry potential with Stage Presence and Encore
+ Late game utility with Surround Sound healing and shielding
+ Landing 5 man Encore's feels very satisfying
+ Safe lane phase thanks to great wave clear.
+ Ultimate skin!!!
Seraphine is a long ranged mage and her strength lies in being able to dominate team fights with range from Stage Presence and her other long range abilities.
Zone enemies with High Note and Beat Drop and hide out of vision to surprise with Encore or you may choose to start a fight with Flash into Encore or just follow up on previous teammates engage as champion hits extend the range of Encore.
- No solo kill potential
- Relies on teammates grouping to carry with Stage Presence
- Low damage without 3+ members for Stage Presence
- Cannot side lane
- Easy to dodge abilities
- No mobility aside from movement speed from Surround Sound
Seraphine isn't perfect, her lack of mobility and her difficulty side laning are things you have to get used to while playing her. Easy to dodge abilities limit her from being a top tier mid laner, none of her damage is confirmed besides Stage Presence however it's the fact that her spells are easy to dodge so while something like Lux's Lucent Singularity is a skill shot it is much faster and easier to lane making it consistent damage compared to High Note , and Beat Drop.
Runes & Summoners
  • Summon Aery: Allows Seraphine to poke down enemies as well as being able to shield allies. It's a good standard rune that deals decent damage and duality as you can clutch save teammates with Surround Sound and Summon Aery. Aery can be used to poke down melee champions and bully them with Stage Presence auto attacks.
  • Phase Rush: Is something that I've been using recently. It's good for escaping ganks and it helps Seraphine kite around team fights with ease; she can easily proc it with her double cast and when cast with Surround Sound provides insane movespeed. It doesn't help with damage but honestly, it's not currently needed, Phase Rush is my favorite rune to use on Seraphine however, that may be subject to change.

  • Manaflow Band: Gives back 1% of missing mana when low, as well as stacks 250 free mana. This is useful for a champion like Seraphine, as you spam your skills quite frequently to stack Stage Presence. This also gives additional mana regen as when your Seraph's Embrace is stacked with a Liandry's Anguish your mana pool will be very large allowing more % missing mana to be regened.
  • Transcendence: Ability haste is very hard to come by in the new season, and this rune is essential most mages and Seraphine is no exception. This rune grants 5 Ability Haste at level 5 with an additional 5 Ability Haste when you hit level 8. Once level 11 Transcendence gives a cooldown refund on basic abilities on takedown which is a direct buff from last season. Very powerful rune, make sure you take this!
  • Gathering Storm: You could also take Scorch for a stronger early game though it doesn't do much on a champion like Seraphine as you will never be able to solo kill. Personally I much rather prefer Gathering Storm for the stronger late-game scaling on a late-game champion like Seraphine.
  • Magical Footwear: Overall good rune lets you save 300 gold from buying Boots as well as granting you 10 additional movespeed, the one downside to this rune is the time you need to wait for Magical Footwear is quite long however you don't really roam as Seraphine so it's not that big of an impact.
  • Minion Dematerializer: "Seraphine has good wave clear isn't that enough?" Well, yes it is however personally I like taking this rune and using 2 on casters to oneshot the backline with double Beat Drop into High Note or Beat Drop into double High Note. Being able to clear a wave in this fashion allows faster push and safer laning. You can clear a wave in this fashion at level 5, the remaining dematerializer can be used on melee or cannon.
  • Taste of Blood: This rune is good for topping you up in the laning phase when you get low, it's not the best but the other options in this tree aren't really the greatest either. Try to proc this everytime it's up by using Beat Drop High Note.
  • Ultimate Hunter: This rune is overall good and with your normal build you can achieve a cooldown of 40-50 seconds which is insane because as you all know Seraphine's Encore is one of the strongest abilities in the game.
Summoners Spells
  • Flash: Standard summoner spell great in all elo's take this at all cost for max survivability as well as outplay potential. Will show more combos that can be used with Seraphine's abilities later in the guide.
  • Teleport: Also standard in high elo, as it allows you to get a "free recall and affect the map if your opposing lane chooses to rotate. Personally, I like to use it if I can't shove my wave fast enough for my wave to bounce back and reset for an early tear.
  • Barrier: This allows you to play into matchups you struggle with or sense yourself dying a lot in, as it goes combo's with Seraphine's Surround Sound as well as having a short cooldown. I will explain more in the matchup section of the guide.
  • Cleanse: I'll explain which matchup's this spell is good for but, in a general rule of thumb this spell is situational and only good at champs that rely on
    cc to kill you either with help from the jungle or by themselves such as Ex: TF, Zoe.

What Runes do I go?
  • Phase Rush with Inspiration this page is good when faced against slows and tanks, helps with peel and allows you to pull of some crazy plays. Paired with Minion Dematerializer you sit in lane and scale till late-game with relative safety. (Better in high elo)
  • Phase Rush with Domination This page is similar to the one above however this one is better when you know you'll pick up kills and don't need lane priority this page allows you to pull off big team fight plays with Encore's lower cooldown. (Better in low elo)
  • Summon Aery with Inspiration this page is generally good and is also what Faker takes, except replacing Minion Dematerializer with Biscuit Delivery. This allows you do deal decent damage with the rune and be able to poke down melee champions while also improving your ability to safe teammates as a result, however you don't get the added safety from Phase Rush which could result in you dying easily. (Better in high elo)
  • Summon Aery with Domination This page is better late-game with the lower cooldown on your Encore ability, this page offers better poking potential than phase rush as well, however you lose the waveclear and safety from Inspiration. (Better in low elo)

What Summoner Spells do I take?
  • Flash with Teleport These are the standard spells to go and it's good in all elo's! Teleport helps if you mess up and die early somehow and allows you to be able to pressure the map in a multitude of ways. I go these spells against most champions, just the go-to best spells to take.
  • Flash with Barrier These spells shine with each other when faced with engage that can kill you with relative ease such as Ex: Leblanc, Talon. Playing against these champions normally can be hard but with your waveclear and this spell, you shouldn't be able to die in the laning phase.
  • Flash with Cleanse These spells are very good as well, although a bit situational they can completely shut down kill options that the enemies may have. Cleanse is able to save you from point and click stuns like Pick A Card in the matchup section I'll go more in-depth about the matchups I take this spell in and why.
Abilities & Combo's

Stage Presence (Passive)
Stage Presence is a two part passive, firstly Seraphine's third cast of an ability, similar to Sona Power Chord is double cast, the effects of the double cast depend on the spell cast. The second part of this ability stack notes which increase Seraphine's auto range by 25 per note and deal 5-10 (based on level)(+6/7/8/9%)(based on level)AP) magic damage for each note. Gain maximum 4 notes per ally and for yourself as well. Additional notes on the same target deal 95% of the previous notes damage.(on non minions) And notes on minions deal 200% bonus damage, making it a great skill to aid in last hitting.

High note (Q)
RANGE: 900
COST: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 MANA
COOLDOWN: 10 / 8.75 / 7.5 / 6.25 / 5
High Note is a fairly simple ability, you cast it in an targets direction where it quickly expands and deals 55/70/85/100/115(+40/45/50/55/60% AP) this ability deals more damage to low targets increased by 0%−50% (based on target's missing health).

DOUBLE CAST: Double casting High Note is good for clearing wave, as well as maximizing your damage output. When clearing waves you can use single Beat Drop into double cast High Note as High Note has a higher Ability Power ratio as well dealing more damage to low health targets. Double casting High Note's deals the most damage in a team fight, a lot more than double casting Beat Drop however it depends on the situation. If you land a 5 man Encore you need to make the quick decision to either follow up with double cast High Note for damage or Beat Drop for more cc.

Surround Sound (W)
COST: 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 MANA
COOLDOWN: 26 / 25 / 24 / 23 / 22
Surround Sound is very powerful ability hence why it's cooldown is so high. Seraphine grants herself 20%(+4% per 100 AP) Movement speed decaying bonus movement speed and her allies 8%(+1.6% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed as well as a 60−120 (based on level)(+30% AP) shield for the next 2 seconds.
If Seraphine is shielded by any source, this ability also heals for 5%(+1.125% per 100 AP) of missing health per ally.

DOUBLE CAST: Double casting Surround Sound may seem useless, however in team fights you can use this to top up low health allies after a fight if you don't have a teammate that can activate your healing with a shield. I don't use this ability unless my teammates are less than 50% health as it heals based on missing health. Casting double Surround Sound is also quite good for laning especially with the new buff of her shield being increased by 50% for herself only. When faced with threats engaging on you, quickly double cast Surround Sound as it will give you a 180-360(based on level)(90% AP) shield. Needless to say, this ability is very strong and will allow you to chase enemies with the movement speed granted or defend against hard engage mid such as LeBlanc or Lucian

Beat Drop (E)
RANGE 1300
COST: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 MANA
COOLDOWN: 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9
Seraphine sends a heavy soundwave in a singular line dealing 60/80/100/120/140(+35% AP) magic damage and slowing for them for 99% for 1 second, if enemies are already slowed root for 1 second. If affected by hard cc stun for 1 second.

DOUBLE CAST: Double casting Beat Drop is what you use most, either to combo with your teammates or setup even longer team cc in combination with Encore. With recent buffs, this skill no longer needs to be maxed and with it, you can wave clear with ease. If the wave is not in a position for you to double cast High Note, you can double cast Beat Drop as it has more range with similar damage to High Note. If you have a jungler that has cc such as Nunu & Willump or Rek'Sai wait for them to use their hard cc first such as a root, however, if it's too hard to time you can also just use Beat Drop in combination with a slow such as red buff. When a jungler is ganking double casting
Beat Drop will allow for long cc and an easy kill.

Encore (Ultimate)
RANGE 1200
COOLDOWN: 160 / 140 / 120
Seraphine sings a captivating song in a singular line dealing 150/200/250(+60% AP) magic damage and charming for them for 1.25/1.5/1.75 second. On champion hit extend the range by double, constantly refreshing on champion hit. If this ability hits allies grant them max notes instantly. Encore is one of the strongest ultimate abilites in the game and learning how to land great ults is important. Standing out of vision can increase your chances of landing a great ult, as well as using your teammates to extend the vision.

Skill Sequence

  • Seraphine maxs High Note because it's the main waveclear ability and points into it increase's the Ability Power ratio. It benefits the most in terms of damage and cooldown and is Seraphine's main poking tool.
  • Surround Sound this is maxed last as this spell gains nothing from skill points, putting points into this ability only increase's the mana cost and reduces the cooldown. This spell is very powerful staying at rank one as it scales with level.
  • Beat Drop This is maxed second as it's cooldown gets lowered and it's damage increases per level, allowing Seraphine to deal more consistent damage and increasing utility.
  • Encore As your ultimate ability like most other champs you level this skill at 6/11/16. Skill points in this gives longer charm duration, damage, and lowers the cooldown.
  • This is the bread and butter trading combo for Seraphine, landing Beat Drop to slow into an Stage Presence auto-attack then using double cast of High Note into one last Stage Presence auto at the end. The reason we auto after each spell is because Stage Presence reduces the damage of notes if it's used all in one auto, hence why weaving autos after a single spell cast is better.

  • This is Beat Drop into Flash combo, this combo can cover a great distance and catch people off guard, since Beat Drop has a cast time you can flash after casting it to send it from the new location. This combo is great for chaining on other people's cc from a distance you couldn't reach prior. You can use this combo early game to catch enemies off guard with a near-instant root and setup for your jungler.

  • High Note into Flash combo is not something that I use very often but it can be used in very niche situations, it's very fast and deals instant damage. For example, I would use this combo on a low health Vayne when she's using Final Hour as it would be too hard to land a guaranteed hit on her however with this you can kill her without worrying about her dodging with Tumble. Use this to kill key enemies instantly when they are about to break free of cc, such as when a normal High Note would be too slow to kill and they can escape with flash.

  • This is Encore into Flash combo, similar to the combo above, this combo is hard to react to as it's near-instant. This combo can be used to set up fights as well as extend and use off of allies cc. After your Encore Flash you may choose to follow up with double cast Beat Drop into High Note for more cc or cast Beat Drop into double cast High Note for more damage.
  • Doran's Ring Safe starting item for mages, grants 15 Ability Power, 70 health. Autos deal additional 5 physical damage to minions. Killing a minion restores 6 mana. This item is what most control mages start and that stays true with Seraphine, she enjoys the extra sustain from the mana passive as well as the Ability Power and health and helps her through the lane phase. Personally, I start this item in every game.
  • Corrupting Potion This item is used to gain lane priority and fight your enemies early which is neither of which Seraphine exiles at, however, if you do wish to fight your opponent you can start this item. If going Corrupting Potion make sure to pop it during fights as it deals magic damage per second. I also advise taking time warp tonic with this item.
  • Tear of the Goddess This item is very strong, granting 240 flat mana while stacking an additional 360 mana. Personally I would never start this item as it does not provide any combat stats which is very important in the laning phase, however I do buy this item after my first recall as it leads into one of our core items.
First Back
  • Dark Seal This item gives 15 flat Ability Haste and 40 health. Additionally gaining 2 stacks per kill and 1 per assist. Glory stacks provide additional 5 Ability Power per stack meaning this item can give you 65 Ability Power provided you don't die as you lose 4 stacks per death. Personally, I haven't been buying this item as much because it's a very high risk high reward item, I like building towards my expensive mythic item and buying a tear instead however this item is still very good if you can stack it. If you think you can stack this item without dying buy this!!!
  • Fiendish Codex Aim to buy this as your first back item, although not as good as Lost Chapter. This item provides 35 Ability Power with 10 Ability Haste. These recent patches I find myself buying this item as a first back item quite often as I like to recall on 1300 gold and buy this accompanied with Tear of the Goddess.
  • Lost Chapter I normally buy this second back however if I stay in lane for 1700 gold I will buy this item on first base. Lost Chapter gives 40 Ability Power, 300 man, 10 Ability Haste and a great passive where leveling up grants 20% of max mana. This item is hands down the best laning item for Seraphine Allowing you to stay in lane, stack Tear of the Goddess and clear waves without going out of mana.
Boot upgrades
  • Sorcerer's Shoes These boots grant 45 movement speed with 18 magic penetration. Sorcerer's Shoes are a standard buy for most mages and increases your damage to squishy targets by a lot. Buy these in most games, it does good damage, especially in the early game or to enemies without magic resistance.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity These boots grant 45 movement speed with 15 Ability Haste, as well as reducing the cooldown of summoner spells by 10%. If you have Liandry's Anguish with these, your full build will have you at 52% cooldown reduction honestly more than is needed. I prefer going these boots when going Everfrost to make up the cooldown reduction I miss from Liandry's Anguish.
  • Mercury's Treads These boots grant 45 movement speed with 25 Magic Resistance and 30 flat tenacity. These boots are good against mage threats such as LeBlanc, Syndra or Zoe. Personally, I don't like building these boots however I thought I'd add it as an option if you are afraid of these AP threats.
Mythic Items
  • Liandry's Anguish My go-to mythic, it's great for dealing damage to tanks and shreds decent amounts of magic resist from squishes as well. This is Faker's preferred item on Seraphine as well this item provides 80 Ability Power, 600 mana, and 20 Ability Haste. Liandry's Anguish passive is great, dealing damage causes burn damage for (15+1.5% AP)+1% max health magic damage for 4 seconds, while burning they lose 5% magic resistance per second (Max 15%). Mythic passive- grants all legendary items 5% Ability Haste. This item is still very strong despite its nerfs, the damage it deals is ok but the main reason I like this item is because of the magic resistance shred as it allows you do deal a lot of damage to tanks, even more so when stacked with a Void Staff.
  • Everfrost Stat wise is the most gold efficient item out of all the mythic items. However, this passive of this item is what prevents it from being good, despite having the most gold value this item is still receiving buffs to its stats when in my opinion believe the active should be changed as it's very mediocre. This Mythic grants 80 Ability Power, 200 Health, 600 mana, and 20 Ability Haste. Active: Deal (100+30% AP) magic damage in a cone slowing enemies by 65% for 1.5 seconds. Enemies in the center of the cone are rooted instead (20s cooldown). This active may look good on the outside but the unfortunate truth is that this active has no range, and Seraphine is anything but wanting to go close. This active is good for peeling enemies off of yourself and you can use it in combination with your Encore as I show in combos. Mythic passive- Legendary items grant 15 Ability Power.
Legendary Items
  • Seraph's Embrace Is core for Seraphine, grants 60 Ability Power and 860 mana. The unique passive of this item is to convert 5% of bonus mana to Ability Power, with your Mythic item and Manaflow Band this grants an additional 97 Ability Power. The second passive of this item is to also increase Max Mana by 5%(+2.5% per 100 ap). This item stacks fast with the buffs, and max level and full build (no Boots, Lich Bane) increase Ability power by 121 and total mana by 25% (716). This item allows you to stack spells for Stage Presence and spam spells without concern as well as giving you Ability Power. Build this item third after your early Tear of the Goddess is stacked.
  • Cosmic Drive Is a very strong item for mages, providing 75 Ability Power, 40 total Ability Haste, and 200 health. Adding on to these stats the passive grants (10-30) bonus movement speed. This item is good for Seraphine as it reduces the cooldowns of all abilities, and is the item that grants the most Ability Haste. This item has great synergy with Phase Rush and Surround Sound and is normally built second.
  • Void Staff Allows you to deal massive damage to Tanks, as well as squishes that are stacking magic resistance. Grants 65 Ability Power and 40% Magic Penetration and thus this item is a staple as even if they aren't stacking magic resistance as most champions gain Magic Resistance per level. Void Staff has always been a good item and is better than ever in the new season with a build path now including Blighting Jewel. This item is built 4th, or 5th depending on if you choose to go early Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Rabadon's Deathcap Is the best late-game item you can go, granting 120 Ability Power while it's passive increases total Ability Power by 35%. This passive benefits greatly with Seraph's Embrace's passive granting you close if not 800 Ability power with your full build. The only downside to this item is that it costs 3800g. If the enemy team isn't building Magic Resistance I'll build this item 4th however if they have Magic Resistance I normally build this 5th as my final item.
  • Lich Bane For when you hit full build and have an additional 3000g you may sell your Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Sorcerer's Shoes for this item. This item is my preferred 6th item to go compared to Rylai's Crystal Scepter because Lich Bane grants 10% movespeed and 80% Ability Power, giving you some extra mobility that you lose from selling boots. This item deal additional (150% base attack damage + 60% of AP) magic damage on your next auto attack after casting a spell. This item is a very strong final item as it has great synergy with Stage Presence, as your autos can half health squishies with when it's fully stacked with 1000 range.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter For when you hit full build and have an additional 3000g you may sell your Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Sorcerer's Shoes for this item. This item grants 90 Ability Power and 350 health while additionally slowing all enemies hit by abilities by 30%. This is the second option for the 6th item, I don't like this item as much since you have no additional movespeed from it so you are essentially stuck with 325 base movespeed. I don't really see any reason to go this item over Lich Bane but it is important to note that this item has great synergy with Beat Drop as it allows the first cast to root and double cast to stun.
Stages of the game
Early Game
  • Early game as Seraphine is pretty simple; stay mid, don't fight and scale. Pretty easy huh? Well, in reality, it's not always that way, however, in this guide, I will discuss how I make it through the laning phase. Mage matchups are quite simple as they don't normally have tools to pressure you or look for kill opportunities. Laning against mages is mostly you shoving the wave and backing off and rinsing and repeating until you hit level 5/6, recalling buying Tear of the Goddess and using Teleport back to lane. (Unless you got a good shove off in which case you may save Teleport).

    You don't need to force fights against them because Seraphine has no kill pressure anyway. Early jungle fights depend on what champion you are playing against but for most mages, you will have priority from level 5 onwards as your shove from that point on is unmatched. You will have to decide with your own discretion on whether or not you can win the 2v2 jungle matchup, since even though Seraphine may arrive first you may not deal enough damage to win the fight even if the enemy mid arrives late. In most of these cases, you should back ping your jungle, push the wave, and secure a good recall.

    For AD and AP assassins you want to play similarly except these champions, for the most part, will not have nearly as much waveclear as you. You can abuse this to your advantage and every time they roam you can shove the wave to their turret forcing them to come back and get the wave, less they choose to forfeit cs. When pushing in this manner you have to beware of hitting the turret for plates as assassins may easily choose to come back and kill as you will be overextended. In addition, I normally don't try and follow their roams because champions like Zed, Talon may sit in the bush waiting for you to approach. Assassins normally attempt to kill you during the laning phase, however, with Barrier and if need be double cast of Surround Sound you shouldn't die.

    Adc matchups are quite simple as well, double casting Surround Sound when they dash onto you and sitting back and clearing the wave with ease. Make sure you don't try to trade with them as going even in lane for Seraphine is a win and you should play towards this condition. Adc's look to harass you and freeze your wave, so when played against them I like the wave slow pushing to myself. If your wave is ever frozen on their side of the lane, request assistance from your jungler to reset the wave.

    Finishing up the early game portion, Seraphine's early game is fairly easy if you make sure to play to your strengths and not commit to fights as this is her weakest stage of the game. Seraphine has no mobility and as such you must beware of ganks that may occur, I prefer to shove my lane quickly so that there isn't much of a timeframe for the enemies to pull off a gank. Seraphine early goal is to survive through the laning phase with a slightly losing or even cs count and scale towards the mid/late game.

Mid game
  • Midgame as Seraphine is not easy and is probably the hardest stage of the game to play her, as she is not a great side laner. After the laning phase is over bot lane SHOULD switch with mid lane in order to open up the mid turret, however, this isn't always the case because when playing certain mages such as Zoe, Lux or Seraphine side laning can lead to death almost 100% of the time. Knowing your limits is very important during this stage of the game as you should not push your limits while side laning as it is very easy to die.

    This is not to say that side laning is impossible as it purely depends on the champion composition of the enemy team. Most mages shouldn't be able to kill you in the side lane allowing you to head there and waveclear safely, at this stage of the game I wouldn't force any 1v1's as during the mid game you are usually not strong enough to do so as well even if you know the location of the enemy jungler however it depends on your relative strength compared to the enemy laner, if you are stronger you can attempt to 1v1 if you know the location of all enemy champions. If they have a Rengar, Zed or any other assassin of the sort you most probably don't want to side lane instead, making your bot head for the top turret before the dragon spawns so you can sit and safely farm mid waves.

    Dragon fights as Seraphine are quite easy, staying in the backline and looking for good opportunities to cast Encore, while harassing with Stage Presence and your spells. Be aware of flanks as Seraphine as you can be quite easy to kill, hiding behind your frontline is key and realizing when to use double cast Surround Sound is very important, not just for the sake of self-peel but also for the sake of peeling your team with movement speed and extra shielding.

    You should never hesitate to inform your team if you can't side lane, as side laning when you know you will die is just giving the enemy team more resources while losing your own. If both you and your bot lane don't wish to side lane at the time you can immediately group mid after the laning phase, however, if doing this you MUST secure the mid turret as doing this means you are losing resources from side waves meaning you must get something in return such as taking the mid turret or picking their bot/jungle protecting the mid turret. afterward, with mid open either you or your bot lane should be ahead enough to either side lane or snowball through the picks you achieved from grouping early and win the game off of the lead.

    Concluding the mid game portion, either through game knowledge or streams you should attempt to learn the limits of a mage like Seraphine and know how to safely get through the mid game with her. Learning how to side lane improves your gameplay not just on Seraphine but every champion in mid and even top lane. With experience, you should be able to learn about what champions are safe to side lane against not just against your own laner but roaming champions such as Rengar and Pantheon as well. And if you can't side lane, once again just inform your bot lane to head to the top lane instead! (Unless a dragon is spawning, in that case, attempt for a pick). Remember that for every second you group up with your team in the mid game phase you ARE losing experience and gold that the enemy mid laner is picking up in the side lane. Hence you should attempt to make a play before you lose too much.

Late game
  • Late game as Seraphine is where all your fruits of labor come to fruition, you have scaled, and if you did good enough in the laning phase/mid game you should win with ease. Seraphine is one of the best late game mages, having; full team shields, full team movement speed, and one of the best team fighting ults in the game. However, as most mid laners in the game, you must still mind your positioning as a single cc and lead to you dying in an instant.

    Baron/elder dragon fights with Seraphine are easy to an extent, if possible it's better to fight before starting baron if the enemies are threatening to fight. It is generally better to start fights off of someone else's engage as Encore is a great follow up tool, however if not possible you can look to start the fight yourself. If you land a 5 man ult, the majority of the time it's better to double cast Beat Drop instead of double casting High Note as this will allow for a near 3 second cc in late game team fights.

    Late game jungle fights are great for Seraphine as there is not much room to move, which makes laning a great Encore all the much easier. Fights in the jungle allow you to control and zone your enemies with ease due to the size of High Note and range of Beat Drop. If anyone is caught by an ally's cc try and send your Beat Drop immediately as it has great range and if it cc's it can lead to an easy pick thanks to Encore depending on the situation.

    In conclusion, Seraphine may have a rough time in the early to the mid game. However, landing a great Encore at any stage of the game can cause the game to shift in your favor. Seraphine's team fight is great thanks to the poke and range of her spells as well as the grouping effect of Stage Presence. In these team fights knowing how to control and zone areas while dealing damage shows the difference of ability between a novice Seraphine player compared with an expert Seraphine player.
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