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Poppy Build Guide by Kocykek

Top [12.22] The only Hero! - Master Poppy Top Guide

Top [12.22] The only Hero! - Master Poppy Top Guide

Updated on December 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kocykek Build Guide By Kocykek 180 12 295,059 Views 22 Comments
180 12 295,059 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kocykek Poppy Build Guide By Kocykek Updated on December 3, 2022
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1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Hello! I'm Kocykek and welcome to my guide!
What you will find here are the best viable items, runes, summoner spells and combos for Poppy on Top Lane. About the guide, the entire text code was written by me and I took some inspirations from other guides. I will link them in credits.

About me, I'm from Poland and I'm peaking Master 128 LP player (Diamond II at the moment because it's preseason) who mains Poppy with over 500k mastery points on her since the beginning of Season 10. My in-game name is now "Kocykek" and I play on EUW. Poppy Top Lane is the reason why I hit Master 2 times on both EUNE and EUW.
If you will have any questions about my guide, feel free to leave a comment. Anyway let's get into the guide!

Poppy is a great laner that has strong laning phase. Her damage output is big and her scaling isn't bad either. She's a very tanky Yordle. Poppy's iconic spell Steadfast Presence can be either used to gain mobility or to block dashes (or even both) and that's what makes her viable even if she falls behind. Overall tankiness and damage and utility Poppy has makes her a strong pick in the Top Lane.

Poppy like every champion has weaknesses. Poppy has stoppable Heroic Charge which means enemy champions can interrupt it. Vladimir, Zed and Ezreal are perfect examples because of Blink and Untargetable effects. She's weaker on Ranged matchups, she's designed to fight bruisers and tanks not ranged champions!
Poppy is weaker to Magic Champions. Mages deal a lot more damage to Poppy than anything else. Our Yordle can be easy to be kited as well.


Iron Ambassador

Poppy periodically throws her buckler as her next basic attack, gaining 350 bonus range and dealing 20 − 180 (based on level) bonus magic damage. The buckler then falls near her target, where it remains for up to 4 seconds.

When Poppy picks up the buckler, she shields herself for 13 / 15.5 / 18% (based on level) of her maximum health for 3 seconds. If the buckler kills its target, it bounces back to Poppy automatically. Enemy champions can step on the buckler to destroy it.

Additional info:
Range: 475
Cooldown: 13 / 10 / 7


Hammer Shock

Poppy smashes the ground in front of her, dealing 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+ 90% bonus AD) (+ 8% of target's maximum health) physical damage to all enemies hit. Against monsters, the damage based on their maximum health is capped.

The impacted ground becomes unstable, slowing enemies by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% standing on it before erupting after 1 second, dealing the same physical damage to all enemies hit.

Additional info:
Range: 430
Cooldown: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4
Cost: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55


Steadfast Presence

Passive: Poppy's total armor and magic resistance are both increased by 10%, doubled to 20% when she falls below 40% maximum health.

Active: Poppy gains 40% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds and generates an aura around herself for the duration, causing all enemies who attempt to dash through it to be dealt 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 70% AP) magic damage, knocked up for 0.5 seconds, and afterwards both grounded and slowed by 25% for 2 seconds.

Additional info:
Range: 400
Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
Cost: 50


Heroic Charge

Poppy dashes to the target enemy's location, and if they are in range of her, she deals them 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (+ 50% bonus AD) physical damage and carries them along with her for up to 300 units.

If the target collides with terrain, she deals them the same physical damage again and stuns them for 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 2 seconds.

Additional info:
Range: 475
Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
Cost: 70


Keeper's Verdict

Poppy charges for up to 4 seconds, slowing herself by 15% for the duration. Keeper's Verdict can be recast at any time within its duration, and its cooldown is set to 15 seconds if canceled.

Recast: Poppy smashes the ground, sending out a shockwave that travels in the target direction. When it hits an enemy champion, a massive hammer erupts, dealing 200 / 300 / 400 (+ 90% bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies around it. Enemies struck by the hammer are knocked back an incredible distance towards their fountain.

Releasing the ability within 0.5 seconds of the activation ends the charge to launch the hammer upwards, dealing 50% reduced damage and knocking up all enemies around Poppy for 1 second.

Poppy has sight of enemies she knocks airborne and they are untargetable for the duration if she charged the ability for more than 0.5 seconds, with their displacement distance increasing based on how long Keeper's Verdict was charged.

Additional info:
Range: 500
Cooldown: 140 / 120 / 100
Cost: 100

There are 2 ability orders that we can use on Poppy!

Skill Order #1




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Default skill order. Since Poppy highly relies on damage from her Hammer Shock it will be maxed first. The cooldowns on Q will shorten so much. From 8 seconds to 4 seconds!

Skill Order #2




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Best skill order against tons of dashes which makes pain a real thing on enemy side.

Best rune set on Poppy at the moment. Poppy's strongest aspect of the game is laning phase so if we take runes and mathematically make them strong throughtout the whole game while making Poppy scale... Well. This is what happens. You can call it a Scaling Rune Set.
Grasp of the Undying is the best keystone on Poppy. With Iron Ambassador you can proc it many times easily. And the bonus HP from Grasp of the Undying works great with items that Poppy builds.
Demolish grants you damage proc on turrets which will give you tons of gold.
Conditioning turns on at 12 minutes mark and gives you tons of resistances.
Overgrowth gives you more HP.
Magical Footwear will give you free boots with additional movement speed. Helps with kitness and gold problems if you have to buy too many items at once.
Biscuit Delivery will grant you 3 biscuits, starting at 2nd minute and at 4th and 6th minute you'll receive a biscuit that will help you with sustain on lane. And also grants 50 maximum mana.

Default rune set on Poppy. Allows you to dominate on lane even more.
Grasp of the Undying is the best keystone on Poppy. With Poppy Iron Ambassador you can proc it many times easily. And the bonus HP from Poppy Grasp of the Undying works great with items that Poppy builds.
Shield Bash grants you bonus Resistances while shielded ( Iron Ambassador, Sterak's Gage).
Bone Plating makes you tankier for 3 next spells or autoattacks and it works the best against burst champions such as Renekton or Sett.
Unflinching grants you more tenacity the less HP you have.
Biscuit Delivery will grant you 3 biscuits, starting at 2nd minute and at 4th and 6th minute you'll receive a biscuit that will help you with sustain on lane. And also grants 50 maximum mana.
Time Warp Tonic instantly grants you movement speed and 50% of potion's HP and Mana. Movement speed lasts while the pot is working.

Situational runeset as it helps if against ranged matchup while still having some utility.
Unsealed Spellbook is the best keystone on Poppy in this situation because you won't proc Grasp of the Undying as many times. Having more Summoner Spells to use means more utility for your team! For example you can Exhaust a carry.
Magical Footwear will give you free boots with additional movement speed. Helps with kitness and gold problems if you have to buy too many items at once.
Biscuit Delivery will grant you 3 biscuits, starting at 2nd minute and at 4th and 6th minute you'll receive a biscuit that will help you with sustain on lane. And also grants 50 maximum mana.
Cosmic Insight grants you bonus CDR on spells and items. Faster summoner spells such as Teleport and Flash can be very useful.
Second Wind helps you with poke you're against. It regenerates your HP everytime you get damaged.
Overgrowth grants you a bit of HP.

Demolish can be good if you have priority in your lane. You'll then take some plates which means a lot of gold.

Revitalize can be good if have an enchanter support like Lulu, Sona, Soraka that will grant grant even more shield amount or heal amount.

Legend: Tenacity can shine if against heavy CC team.

Presence of Mind is a replacement to Biscuit Delivery. Grants mana on trading and on takedowns though...

Last Stand is a rune that can be good if you're staying on low HP often.

Future's Market can grant powerspikes even earlier.

Manaflow Band can be used as a replacement to Biscuit Delivery. It grants more mana but no HP.
Classic spell to take on Top Lane. It got a big change recently that you are now allowed to Teleport to anything else than towers when the game hits 14 minutes. It still lets you pressure enemy, catch wave and help your teammates which definitely will help you a lot!

Ignite is a really good spell. Poppy's early damage is great and it's even better with a bit of True Damage. Ignite lets you snowball enemies and it works great. It even reduces healing so it's great against healing champions. With its low cooldown it's a great spell to take.

Flash is a spell that in my point of view isn't needed on Poppy but it's still good overall. Helps with mobility and overall combos and plays.

Corrupting Potion - Best starting item to take on Poppy. It literally gives you massive powerspike. You can use Corrupting Potion to heal and regain mana but you can also use it to proc Grasp of the Undying and at the same time deal more damage.

VS Poke (ranged)
Doran's Shield - Alternative item. It's better to take than Corrupting Potion in Ranged matchups. Health regeneration it gives helps you enough to survive laning phase.

Sheen - Since Grasp of the Undying is main rune and you have Iron Ambassador you can buy Sheen to poke enemy for a lot of damage.

AOE Damage
Bami's Cinder - if you're going tank then you can grab the classic item. Bami's Cinder helps you proc Grasp of the Undying.

VS Autoattackers/Healing Champions
Bramble Vest - If you're struggling against Healing Champions like Irelia, Aatrox or Autoattackers like Jax you can grab Bramble Vest and they will do a lot less.


Divine Sunderer and Sterak's Gage combo is godly in teamfights and fighting anyone because of Armor Penetration passive and %HP Damage. Damage and Tankiness is great for a reason. Divine Sunderer heals you and Sterak's Gage gives you shield and overall health regeneration. Not to mention these both items grants a lot of HP.

You can go this anytime and this combo will do great anytime!


A bit safer option but still great! Sunfire Aegis provides a lot of Magic Damage with the combination of Sterak's Gage's HP. In teamfights you're so tanky and hard to kill. Because of Sunfire Aegis passive you're less vulnerable to CC which helps a lot in teamfights and many other situations that you could get caught in. Not to mention shield you get from Sterak's Gage...

Probably go this if you lack a tank or there aren't any tanks in enemy team.


Tanky support way. With Iceborn Gauntlet and Dead Man's Plate you can easily engage and stick to the enemy. You're tanky and mobile. In teamfights you can pretty much choose anyone and they'll have a hard time escaping you.

Probably go this if you don't have ANY tanky champion in your team...

Teamfighting - getting burst down
Sterak's Gage - Grants a maximum health regeneration and a shield if bursted down in teamfights. The shield is increased if fighting against multiple champions.

Damage (%HP) + Health
Titanic Hydra - Great offensive item to take on Poppy. Poppy scales with HP and Titanic Hydra converts the bonus HP into AD which is great since you will always receive a big amount of damage every time!

Serylda's Grudge - Another item for tanks and maybe even tanky bruisers. It shreds through armor and also slows enemies which is amazing if using Hammer Shock with this item. Grants Ability Haste as well which is a nice thing.

Serpent's Fang - Actually a good item if enemy have shielders like Ivern, Janna and Lulu. You also gain a lot of AD so it'll be great against squishies.

Damage & Mana
Manamune - A great item if you've bought Tear of the Goddess earlier. It "upgrades" kinda your every ability and grants tons of AD and some Ability Haste.

Hullbreaker - To be honest I tested this item a few times and it was really fun to use but if your team is really behind and you can't splitpush or every lane is pushed then it's useless sadly.

Antiheal, AH and AD
Chempunk Chainsword - This item is underrated. For its gold it provides so much Ability Haste, AD and on top of that it even provides antiheal. Great item.

VS AD (autoattacks,healing)
Thornmail - Classic item. Great against autoattack based champions like Jax and Warwick.
It's also good against healing champions. Applying 60% of Grievous Wounds on immobilizing enemy. Very good against champions like Kayn and Aatrox.

VS AD (autoattacks,crit)
Randuin's Omen - Gives good amount of armor and even an active that reduces attack damage and critical strike damage. Also you have passive on this item and it works like Amumu's Tantrum, reducing damage from autoattacks by 5 per 1000 health. Has an active that reduces damage of nearby enemies.

VS AP (better heals,shields)
Spirit Visage - Increased healing and increased shielding which works on Iron Ambassador and other items. Also gives good amount of health, magic resist and ability haste.

Force of Nature - Probably the best magic resist item at the moment. Also gives movement speed. Unlucky that it doesn't give ability haste but you're tanky and that matters!

Shields on CC
Winter's Approach - This item grants bonus shielding on slowing and immobilizing enemies. Grants ability haste and health based on mana. Not a bad item.

VS AD (autoattackers)
Frozen Heart - Good item to take because of mana, ability haste and especially armor it gives. Grants passive working like Amumu's Tantrum, just like Randuin's Omen. It also can give you more HP or AD depending on which Tear of the Goddess item you went!

VS HEAVY AD (burst)
Death's Dance - Situational item I would say. Buy it for heavy AD teams because taking bleed effect is better than being burst down. Also grants movement speed and heals you if you participated in someone's takedown.

Guardian Angel - Good against AD teams that can burst you down. You will have second chance in fight too.

VS AD/Autoattackers
Plated Steelcaps - Boots that reduce enemies damage output from auto attacks and also grants armor. You will typically build this in most of the games.

Mercury's Treads - Boots that grants you tenacity and magic resist. You will build this against heavy CC team comps.

Ability Haste
Ionian Boots of Lucidity - If enemy doesn't have any autoattackers or any hard CC you can buy these that grant you a lot of Ability Haste that definitely won't go to waste.

Combos are part of League of Legends of every champion so let's see possible combos of Poppy.

Basic combo on Poppy is...

...and in this one combo you can add more abilities and damage sources.
Basically you use combo based on situation you got in and how much damage you can put out.

Combos for examples:
+ + AA + + AA
+ + AA + + + AA

This one here is:
+ AA + AA + + + AA

I hope you understand "Combos" section!

If you don't, feel free to ask me questions.

In Laning Phase your task is to win it. Depending on the matchup it can be hard but not always. Starting Level 1 with Hammer Shock you can take first 3 melee minions with one proc and then farm and start trading with enemy laner. Level 1 Poppy isn't that bad but not good either. Wait until next level or Level 3 to effectively trade.

If against melee you can Hammer Shock enemy either by going up to him or blocking a dash and then using it. You also should've Corrupting Potion. Use it on trades in order to stack Grasp of the Undying. Damage ticks are important because they are key factor of Poppy's Iron Ambassador. You can throw the passive just before the number on Grasp of the Undying goes to 4 to proc it instantly and let another one stack. It works even better later with Sheen bought. You can also Hammer Shock minions if it's needed for Grasp of the Undying proc. If the enemy has no dash you can just Q him and run away. It's the best if you can proc Hammer Shock 2 times because it'll do a lot of damage. And if enemy is near a wall then you can easily stun him. Remember also to pick up your shield from Iron Ambassador!

If against ranged you should save up mana and slowly farm. You can't really proc Iron Ambassador that often unless they are short ranged but it's possible sometimes. They can be annoying but with Second Wind and Doran's Shield not so much. Try to scale instead of trading.

Later on when you'll get a bit tankier you can pretty much trade under enemies tower.

While taking turrets try to take as many plates as possible. And while farming try to last hit as many minions as possible.

Speaking about minions you can also maange your lane like any other laner.
Early on it is important because of Scuttle Crab fights. So if your jungler is pathing into the Scuttle Crub you're near to try to push the wave.
Also if enemy has more minions on his side you can freeze meaning your jungler can gank you easily.
And if you have more minions on your side you can pretty much expect enemy jungler to gank you easily because he will freeze.
Freezing means (in my words) last hiting minions at the very last moment while having more enemy minions on lane slowly dying resulting in enemy laner to lose many XP.
I'm not a fan of freezing but whether on enemy side or your side it can happen and opposite side can lose a lot.

And somewhere at 15th minute comes Mid Game...
In Mid Game you should either try to help your teammates as your Teleport is now Unleashed Teleport or keep pressuring enemy on lane. Either way you're helping your teammates so much.

Mid Game focuses on objectives so it's very important to go bot as drake is here. Bonuses that are coming from drakes are key factor to victory. Eventually you and your bot can change lanes depending on the situation.

Taking drakes isn't that hard but you've to think because you're a Top Laner. You're not a Jungler. You're Top Laner.
So in this case you have 2 choices: Either join a fight on drake or pressure enemy on one specific lane.

Fighting on drake:

You can use Control Ward or Oracle Lens to clear wards so the enemy doesn't have vision on you. If you have prio your team can easily take down the drake but if not then you have to either wait for engage, engage or even use ult. Focusing jungler and killing him makes taking objectives a lot easier. As Top Laner as said a moment ago you can use Keeper's Verdict to knockout the enemies away or knockout the specific enemy away (jungler). This will make a better situation for a minute.

You can also stop enemies from blastconing either into dragon pit or in the jungle.

Stopping blast cones and dashes on objectives with Steadfast Presence:
On drake it works the best against enemy on blue side.
On baron it works the best against enemy on red side.

Pressuring enemy (splitpush):

Well pressuring enemy is just being on your own on whether opposite lane or any lane. While it's kinda egoistic from many point of views it brings a lot of pros. Let's take an example. You are on Bot Lane and you're fighting LeBlanc, her team is coming down there but your team is doing dragon. You kill LeBlanc and not only that... You're distracting them from doing objective. They kill you but they lose dragon and LeBlanc. At least that's what happened in my game.

Splitpushing is just for the good of your team. One thing you'll need available on splitpush is Unleashed Teleport. If your team is just weak or they need to farm and not you then they need to deal with you or either you'll win the game by taking all the turrets on the lane you are. And if you're that fed then one enemy won't be enough...

Remember that you can't really decide whether to Splitpush or Join a drake fight. It depends on the situation you're in. You can splitpush if you have Unleashed Teleport available so you can Teleport to a dragon fight if you don't really pressure enemy and you can join a drake fight if your lane is in good state and everything's alright. It really depends on the situation.

And then there is Late Game...
Late Game is just crazy phase of the game. At this moment Inhibitor is probably taken from one of the teams. Either a Teamfight or just killing someone can change the game. Winning a Teamfight in Late Game can basically mean ending the game but killing somebody can mean taking objective or towers or inhibitors. Late Game also relies on minions state. For example if someone's base is being pushed by superminions then somebody has to back. It's even worse if someone is pushing with superminions. Either someone defends the base or just leaves it and open nexus. And it's very important to track these key things. It often happens when the lane with superminions is pushed to opposite site when Baron, Soul or Elder Drake is spawning. If you're on winning site then you can easily take objectives and fight enemies since it's win-win situation. If not then you're supposed to defend the base and push the minions as far as possible. Remember that destroying inhibitor allows opposite site to gain more Gold and XP if you're struggling to end. It just depends on the situation.
In Late Game just focus on objectives. If you're planning to start a teamfight then either focus the most fed person on their team or protect your carry. It can also depend how fed are you. And remember that in teamfights you can block blast cones and knock someone with Keeper's Verdict.

Aatrox is an easy matchup. Don't trade with him early without W. His early full combo can literally one shot you. If you block his Umbral Dash using Steadfast Presence during trades then you can easily outdamage him and even kill him with Ignite. You can either go Ignite or Bramble Vest to reduce Aatrox's healing because most likely he will outheal trades and fights anytime. If you manage to win laning phase then mid and late game will be easy for both you and your team.

Camille is a weird matchup. If she knows how to play, she could definitely have a chance on the lane that you should win. Anyway, Camille will poke you with Tactical Sweep and then will try to hit you with charged Precision Protocol. You can Hammer Shock her easily while in minions or when she's coming to you to trade you. She also can Hookshot to the wall to either escape or engage onto you and you can block it with Steadfast Presence. Most of the times if you block the dash you can easily hit Heroic Charge into the wall. When trading try to Iron Ambassador her when she has no shield activated. Problem will begin with the moment she will get Divine Sunderer. She will definitely deal a lot of damage and not only that, she will also heal herself for so much. Buy Bramble Vest for the healing reduction. You can still fight her but remember that Camille gets stronger the longer the game goes on. In teamfights try to stop her dash or just Keeper's Verdict her from your carry since she can oneshot anyone.

Cho'Gath is not that easy matchup for Poppy. Early on he will easily outdamage you and even can oneshot you when he hits level 6. His sustain on lane is crazy. Try to take short trades with Hammer Shock and dodge his Rupture. Just scale until you get Divine Sunderer. Conditioning will be good here since you can easily scale and Mercury's Treads will be good too because the CC Cho'Gath provides is obnoxious. If you somehow die early then the game will be much harder for you and your team. Don't understimate Cho'Gath.

Darius is well... Impossible matchup. I never won against Darius and probably will never ever win as I ban him every game. I tried facing him a few times but it went completely wrong. He will cheese you, outdamage you, outtrade you and just do everything better than you. In that case I recommend you to take Unsealed Spellbook, Minion Dematerializer and Bone Plating. First two can be weird but just think. If you can't win lane then at least have a bit of CS and utility for your team. Bone Plating is well important because Darius is melee range. Since I ban him every game I can't give no tips. Sorry about that.

Dr. Mundo is almost the same matchup as Cho'Gath. He has powerful laning phase where you can't kill him early on. His cleavers can hurt so be careful of them. Your Heroic Charge or Keeper's Verdict drops Goes Where He Pleases. Take short trades and scale until you get Divine Sunderer. Dr. Mundo shouldn't be a problem in the game unless you die early... Also take some healing reduction.

Fiora is a very hard matchup. Try not to fight early without Steadfast Presence because she will outdamage you easily. Buy Bramble Vest as fast as possible to reduce her healing. If she lunges in try to Steadfast Presence and take a short trade. What is weird that she can Riposte your Steadfast Presence during lunge meaning you will get stunned and get hurt a lot. Armor won't really that matter against her because her true damage is literally like 50% of overall source. Try not to understimate her. Play safe and smart. In teamfights either interrupt her dashes or knock her out. She can be a pain if she will keep splitpushing as she has potential to it.

Gangplank is an annoying matchup. In laning phase he can easily annoy you with a lot of Parrrley. At least on start Second Wind and Doran's Shield makes up for it. You can kill him too early on if you play smart and if you have Ignite. Problem begins when Gangplank buys Sheen. He will just poke you to the state that you will return to base. You can't really farm then too because he will place barrels and if he's smart then you'll definitely won't have a great time. And if you will drop his HP to low he can just heal himself with orange. His ult and gold passive also makes you weaker overall. Cannon Barrage makes you offline on the map. Later on be careful against him. His barrels will deal a lot of damage. He has better teamfighting. Try to kill him early on and deny his scaling as much as you can.

Garen is an easy matchup on lane. He will try to snowball and he doesn't have any gap closers so you can just trade with him and deny it. If he charges at you you can just Steadfast Presence and run away. After Divine Sunderer you outdamage him easily anytime... the moment he has 4 items. Then he just comes back in the game like that. Try to end the game after you have Divine Sunderer because Garen won't be a champion to you then. If you won't end that fast then well, Garen just comes back as tanky huge damage dealing juggernaut.

Gnar is ranged-melee champion that is easy to beat. On lane he can outrange you early on when he has ranged form but most importantly he's also squishy in this form. You have to poke him with Iron Ambassador in ranged using Sheen and Grasp of the Undying. It will literally melt his HP away. So don't get too much poked early and you're good to go. You can also block his Hop whether it's one casted or two casted. In melee range you can definitely trade with him easily with Hammer Shock. After Divine Sunderer you easily one shot him anytime.

Gragas is easy matchup. He's melee range and has long cooldowns early on. Trade with him early with Hammer Shock and poke him too. He has built-in sustain Happy Hour so it's not gonna be that easy killing him anytime. If Gragas is AP then he can deal a lot of damage if he knows how to play but if he goes tank then it's no problem. You can block his Body Slam. Play aggresive during laning phase.

Graves is kinda not an easy matchup. His laning phase is insane and the damage is crazy. Go Warden's Mail or Bramble Vest or even both because the damage and healing he has is too much for you to handle without them. After you bought items you should outdamage him but don't understimate him. Try not to get hit too often by his End of the Line. You can block his Quickdraw and Collateral Damage. Beware of his early damage, play smart, scale.

Gwen is an easy matchup but you should be careful at any point. Early on don't get cheesed by her and avoid any trades. With Steadfast Presence you block her Skip 'n Slash. You can trade her then because you will outdamage her easily. After level 6 be aware of her Needlework damage. And at anytime be careful about Hallowed Mist resistances and immunity. Poking or finishing her can be hard because of it.

Heimerdinger is very hard matchup. You can't really gap close him because he will just one shot you. His turrets will prevent you from farming. However calling your jungler can make this lane possible to win. Play as safe as possible and wait for your jungler. You can't proc Grasp of the Undying as much so grab Unsealed Spellbook. You can try to roam as well.

Illaoi is one of the easiest matchups in my opinion. You can easily see her skillshots and dodge everything so easily. Her Test of Spirit is literally the only source of damage. You dodge it easily and she has nothing to damage you. You also block her Harsh Lesson. You also outtrade her easily. You will win the matchup and make Illaoi useless easily if you will dodge Test of Spirit.

Irelia is hard to kill early on. Level 1 she will stack passive and cheese you. You can't fight her without Steadfast Presence. You can block her Bladesurge then. Try to deny her dash so she can't stack Ionian Fervor. If she knows how to play then she will definitely wait for you to use Steadfast Presence incorrectly. She can stun you with Flawless Duet so try to dodge it. Bramble Vest is a must because her healing is huge. Try to play smart and don't understimate Irelia.

Jax is an easier Irelia to beat. Early on try not to get cheesed by him. You can block his Leap Strike using Steadfast Presence. Knowning Jax he will leap to you whenever he has it available so you can block it easily. Don't understimate his damage because if you somehow mess your abilities up then Jax can make you pay for it. Trade with him using Hammer Shock. Keep in mind that he can deny your poke damage using Counter Strike. After 6 be careful but if you play smart enough it isn't a problem.

Jayce is an easy matchup. Try not to get poked by him too much and short trade with him. You block his To The Skies! which denies his entire combo if he aims for it. You will outdamage him anytime on lane and outside of lane but keep in mind his late game potential. His damage is huge if he is scaled enough.

Kayle is an easy matchup. Be careful of her early damage with Lethal Tempo. After you get Sheen you can snowball hard. Poke her and trade a lot. You outdamage her anytime, even if she will transform to ranged form. Keep in mind that she can scale hard.

Kennen is an annoying very hard matchup. He will poke you, he will CC you and he will most likely outdamage you too. Try to play as safe as possible and scale. You can't proc Grasp of the Undying as much so grab Unsealed Spellbook. Same situation as Heimerdinger. Try to call your jungler for help or roam around the map.

Kled is a very easy matchup. Be careful of his first 2 levels and then you outdamage him easily. If he engages onto you, you just Steadfast Presence and block his dash. Your %max HP damage from Hammer Shock melts him. You outtrade him everytime and after Divine Sunderer it's over for him.

Lillia is rarely picked on Top these days but it's extreme counter to Poppy. Early laning phase can be easy for you but as match goes longer you can feel the difficulty of versing against her. Max %HP Magic Damage, mobility and healing she has makes you useless. She can also build Frozen Heart and just delete you from the game. Early on try to snowball as hard as you can. You block her Watch Out! Eep!. Play smart.

Malphite is an easy matchup if you have any AP damage in your team. You can easily outtrade and outdamage him. After Divine Sunderer you can easily kill him anytime. The worst that can happen is that your team is full AD. Then you will lose any trade and any fight. The less AD you have on your team the better the matchup for you.

Maokai is very easy to beat. You outtrade him, outdamage him anytime. Don't go into bushes that often because his saplings will most likely be there. Also beware of his sustain from Sap Magic. He's only useful at providing CC so Mercury's Treads or Unflinching is a must. Divine Sunderer melts him.

Mordekaiser is a very skill matchup. His early damage is hurtful. You have to buy Sheen and poke him a lot and trade him when it's possible. Dodge his Death's Grasp because if not then he will outtrade you anytime. His Indestructible allows him to heal himself or get a shield while in fight. Beware of that. After Divine Sunderer you definitely have a chance. Grab some Magic Resists if needed. Play smart.

Nasus is an easy matchup. You outtrade him easily because he lacks damage early on and he has to come close to stack. You will outdamage him anytime. Divine Sunderer melts him. Your kit makes Nasus unable to do anything to you. Play aggresive.

Olaf is a difficult matchup after his rework. He can deal a lot of damage early on, cheesing with his Undertow. Don't understimate him anytime. You can short trade with him if he positions himself near a wall or he doesn't has Undertow available. If he reaches level 6, you can't be very close to him. He can just run you down with Ragnarok and you can't do nothing if you let him autoattack you. I usually Heroic Charge into the minion wave to let his Ragnarok disappear. Antiheal against him is a must. Try to not feed him too much.

Ornn is not a hard matchup. He can deal a lot of magic damage while being tanky. Don't understimate him. You can short trade with him a lot. He's kinda immobile so most likely you will hit a lot of Hammer Shocks. You can block his Searing Charge using Steadfast Presence which allows you to deal a lot of damage during trade. You can also block his Call of the Forge God recast. With Divine Sunderer you can easily melt him. Play aggresive.

Pantheon is not a hard matchup. He can deal a lot of damage early on but you outscale him easily. Just be beware of his early damage, short trade with him if possible. You can block his Shield Vault. After Level 6 he can roam around the map so try to ping it. Try to scale, play safe early and Pantheon won't be a problem. If he's dealing too much damage try building some armor.

Quinn can be annoying as she is ranged matchup. It's not that easy to win against her. In laning phase you will get outkited and poked a lot. Second Wind and Doran's Shield is a must. You can block her Vault with Steadfast Presence. After level 6 she can roam around the map and make huge impact on the map. Try to roam too if possible or just scale. Buy some armor items against Quinn. Play safe and smart.

Renekton is an easy matchup. Just be careful of his early damage. His enhanced abilities can be hurtful. Go for short trades. You can block his Slice easily with Steadfast Presence. You can also grab Sheen and poke him a lot. After Divine Sunderer you easily outdamage him anytime. Just play smart early and you're good to go. If you're having problems you can grab Bramble Vest.

Rengar is an easy matchup. Play safe first levels because of his leap and early power. Grab Bramble Vest as fast as possible because his healing from Battle Roar can be huge if you will deal a lot of damage in trade. You can block his leap whether it's from bush or ult using Steadfast Presence. Rengar gets outscaled quickly. Play safe early on and you outscale him easily.

Riven can be a tricky matchup. She has unpredictable combos that can one shot you anytime. Level 1 be careful. Try to Steadfast Presence her Q3 since it will knock you up. Grab some armor items and play smart. Trade with her and poke her as well. Her mobility is crazy but you can deny it easily.

Rumble is rarely seen nowadays but he's unpredictable too. He has huge damage that can melt anyone. Try to grab Sheen and poke him. Maybe grab some Magic Resist items too. His Electro-Harpoon reduces your Magic Resist. Try to not be hit by it because if hit then his entire combo will destroy you. His The Equalizer is huge in teamfights. Be careful and don't understimate Rumble.

Ryze is a very hard matchup. He can just damage you from far away and easily scale. You can call your jungler for help because if you will Heroic Charge into him he'll Phase Rush out of your range and outtrade you. It's possible to win this matchup but it's very hard. He can easily scale because it's ranged matchup for you. Play safe and wait for your jungler to help.

Sett is a skill matchup. His early game is strong so be careful. His sustain is also insane. Grab Sheen and poke him a lot. Try to trade with him with Hammer Shock and run away with Steadfast Presence in order to not get hit by his Facebreaker. You can also dodge his Haymaker with mobility on Steadfast Presence. Rush Divine Sundere to outdamage him most of the times. He still can deal a lot of damage if behind. Beware of that. Play safe early, poke him and scale.

Shen is not an easy matchup. His early damage can be hurtful because of Twilight Assault. Take short trades. You can block his Shadow Dash. His Spirit's Refuge blocks your Iron Ambassador and his Ki Barrier makes him hard to kill. From Level 6 he can grant a shield to any of his teammates on map. You can easily outdamage him when you get Divine Sunderer but his Stand United can make a game a lot harder. Try to play safe early levels and scale.

Singed is a very easy matchup since he lets you easily scale in Top Lane. If he comes close to you you just Hammer Shock him and run away with Steadfast Presence. You can trade with easily and poke him as well. He lets you easily buy Divine Sunderer and duel anyone.

Sion is a skill matchup. Short trade with him and interrupt his Decimating Smash with Heroic Charge. Try to annoy him as you can because Sion will stack a lot of HP then. His damage can be insane, especially from Sunfire Aegis later on. Play smart and try to not get hit by his abilities. Divine Sunderer helps here so much.

Sylas is one of the easiest matchup on Top. You can easily trade with him as you have better early game. Hammer Shock him everytime he comes close and poke with Iron Ambassador. You outtrade him and outdamage him throughout the whole game. Divine Sunderer eliminates him from the game as he's useless to you then and he can't do anything against you. If he somehow gets fed a bit grab Magic Resist but it really shouldn't happen.

Tahm Kench is a pain of a matchup. He has insane damage, he can run through minion wave and oneshot you using autoattacks. His sustain makes him immortal and tanky. And on top of that he also has a shield and tons of CC. Just scale until you get Divine Sunderer. Trades with him most likely go wrong so don't think about them that often. Poke him and just scale...

Teemo is very hard matchup. Just like Ryze, Kennen he outranges you and deals a lot of magic damage. Play safe and call your jungler to help you. Oracle Lens is a must for his mushrooms since you can destroy them then. Unsealed Spellbook, Doran's Shield and Second Wind are great here. If you're having problems buy some Magic Resist.

Trundle can be a tricky matchup. His early game is one of the strongest in the game. His passive King's Tribute can heal him a lot on lane. Only short trade with him, poke him and scale until Divine Sunderer. His Subjugate is insane as it removes your resistances. Meaning he will be tankier than you. With smart plays he definitely can be outplayed. Bramble Vest is a must to his healing.

Tryndamere is an easy matchup. He's only a problem for you on Level 1 and Level 6. Trade with him if you have Steadfast Presence and poke him a lot. Bramble Vest gets the job done with his healing. Your abilities make his champion useless. After some minutes you outdamage him easily anytime.

Urgot is an easy matchup. Be careful of his Level 1. You can trade with him easily afterwards and poke him too but he can still deal a decent amount of damage. You can block his Disdain. After Divine Sunderer you can easily outdamage him anytime but be careful. If anything goes wrong you can go Bramble Vest.

Vladimir can be a hard matchup since he's ranged but doesn't deal that much damage as other ranged toplaners. Try to not get hit by his charged Transfusion. Poke him a lot with Sheen.
Somehow you can outdamage him early on and later with Divine Sunderer. If he is bit of a problem then you can buy some magic resist items.

Volibear is an easy matchup. Short trade with early on. You can block his Thundering Smash.
He's immobile but he's tanky. Dodge his Sky Splitter if possible. Try to not fight him that much until Divine Sunderer. He outdamages you in extended trades or fights so just focus on short trading and poking. Short trade with him, play safe and just scale.

Warwick is a very hard matchup. His early game is insane and his sustain even more. Try to get something to reduce his healing. And rush Divine Sunderer. Your trading won't really matter early game as he will outheal it and maybe even outtrade you. Be careful and just scale. He falls off hard.

Wukong is an easy matchup. You easily outtrade him early and outscale him. You can block his Warrior Trickster and Nimbus Strike. Only be careful of his Cyclone damage as it can hurt. Otherwise you should win as he is really vulnerable to poke and trades from you.

Yasuo is a very easy matchup. Just be careful early on since his early is much better than yours and you're good to go. Rush Bramble Vest. You outtrade him anytime when you have Steadfast Presence. Yasuo is squishy and you can literally one shot him. Dodge his Steel Tempest if possible but even if you can get hit by it then it shouldn't be a problem since you can outdamage him anytime.

Yone is even easier than Yasuo to beat and is probably the easiest matchup on Top Lane. His Mortal Steel is literally a mobility and you can easily block everytime. Bramble Vest just eliminates him from the game as he can't do any damage to you and you deny his healing. His damage is low and he's squishy just like Yasuo. Trade with him, poke him, you win everytime basically.

Yorick is a matchup like Illaoi but harder. He also relies on one ability to hit and that is Mourning Mist. He will Last Rites minions and if he has enough Mist Walkers he will throw Mourning Mist at you. If you dodge it then you can easily outdamage him and if not then you can block Mists dashes with Steadfast Presence. Most likely if you got hit by it then he will also trap you in his Dark Procession. His splitpushing potential can also be huge. Short trade with him, poke him and dodge his Mourning Mist.

She plays with a wall as well so you can help each other with hitting abilities.

He can place a bomb on you when you engage, he can boost your movement speed and even guarantee your safety with Chronoshift.

Since you have Heroic Charge you can stun enemy into his Dark Procession wall where enemy is locked up.

You can Heroic Charge the enemy into her wall and stun the enemy.

Jarvan IV
You can stun the enemy into his wall!

He ganks really nice.

He can R your R and W.

She boosts you everything that is needed to make you immortal.

You can somehow Heroic Charge into his cage but it's so buggy.

If you somehow stun an enemy with Heroic Charge you can't ever do a whole combo if this guy is near. He literally drags everybody. Anyway he drags and your whole damage output is gone by one simple click by him.

Thank you for checking out my guide! If anything looks scuffed or ugly then I'm sorry. I tried my best to make my guide look the best on both desktops and phones.

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