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Lee Sin Build Guide by TruckDriver

Jungle [13.21] RANK 1 LEE SIN - Truck Driver's Lee Sin Guide [In-Depth]

Jungle [13.21] RANK 1 LEE SIN - Truck Driver's Lee Sin Guide [In-Depth]

Updated on November 3, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TruckDriver Build Guide By TruckDriver 363 22 1,201,172 Views 48 Comments
363 22 1,201,172 Views 48 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TruckDriver Lee Sin Build Guide By TruckDriver Updated on November 3, 2023
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1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

[13.21] RANK 1 LEE SIN - Truck Driver's Lee Sin Guide [In-Depth]

By TruckDriver
Patch 13.19


Nothing too crazy here, I think Bel'Veth is actually in a good spot after these buffs, glad they werent too big.


Not sure why they insist on making every champ a jungler.. Apparently Brand jungle clear is sub 3 minutes right now.. A lot of people are picking him. If you're against Brand try to invade him early (Level 1 or Level 3) and keep objectives warded as he does them so quickly.


Some small Hecarim buffs, but his main rune Phase Rush got nerfed so they kind of cancel out. If you're playing against a Hecarim try to make a play on his jungle level 1 with your laners/team, if he gets behind it's hard to come back.


I think this champ is so OP honestly lol. If you don't draft CC into Master Yi DODGE!!! I don't think he needed any buffs personally but the Yi mains will argue with me on that one. Try to combo him before he uses his Meditate or just don't fight him lol. Counter ganking his ganks usually works out really well.


Again not sure why they are trying to make all these champs junglers lol, Morgana clear is so fast right now hence why people are playing her in the jungle. If you are against a Morgana try to invade early, she has to start W to clear so she'll be pretty useless. If you disrupt perma farming junglers clears they are REALLY hard to play.


Some good nerfs here to Briar. I think she was really overperforming last patch so I'm happy to see some nerfs on her. Still haven't really figured out how to counterplay Briar, just avoiding her on frenzy and building antiheal.


This guy has been way more than A OK last patch.. (lol) Glad to see this braindead champ being nerfed, I think tank play is the most boring class there is especially in the jungle. Not to mention Rammus is so easy to execute on it's frustrating to play against. Sorry buddy but I'm glad you got nerfed.


Some nice overall buffs to jungle as well this patch after they gutted it. Happy to say it's feeling much more balanced now, although farming and ganking EFFICIENTLY is so much more valuable than spam ganking. Still feels like early kills arent as rewarding so unless it's a free Gank/Objective, I'm farming.

All in all some pretty good changes here. Lots of changes to Lee Sin's matchups. I still think Lethality is a very strong build most games, although I run Conqueror into multiple tanks. Pushing for challenger right now on my Twitch, feel free to come by and hang out :)
Hello my name is Truck Driver.

I am a 542 LP (peak) GM jungle main and a dedicated League of Legends Content Creator. I have been playing League since Season 2 and have been maining jungle since Season 4. I peaked 542LP Grandmaster this season mainly playing Lee Sin.

I created this guide because I felt as though there weren't any high elo guides that cover all aspects of Lee's playstyle, clearing options and matchups. My hope with this guide is that I am able to share my unique insight and experience on Lee Sin to help you on your path to becoming the best Lee Sin player you can be.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me, please feel free to stop by my Twitch Stream at or join my discord where you can interact with me directly, and ask me any questions you'd like! I stream every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST, and in the afternoons on the weekends.
[1] Extremely Fun to Play
[2] Strong Early/Mid Game Jungler
[3] Great Snowball Potential
[4] Flexible Build Path (Bruiser vs Tank)
[5] Playmaking Potential is unlimited
[6] High Mobility
[7] High Skill Ceiling

[1] Poor Scaling
[2] Lacks CC
[3] Weak when playing from behind
[4] Need strong macro to close out games
[5] Takes a lot of games to Master playstyle/mechanics
[6] High Skill Ceiling ;)

Lee Sin is an evasive, high mobility fighter who can snowball games out of control given you utilize him correctly. Strong Macro, as well as really good Mechanics can help you carry and end games quickly. It's important you play to end quickly, and avoid inting any leads as the more time goes on, the weaker Lee Sin gets.
Why Electrocute?
Disgustingly strong early game damage, pair this with Lee Sin's strong early game and you have a recipe for destruction. The early damage from Electrocute allows you to thrive in winning early game fights/invades. This allows you to snowball and takeover games. Not to mention once you start to get items 1 and 2 you are literally 1 shotting enemies with 1 rotation of abilities, sometimes you don't even need Dragon's Rage. Trust me, try this out. I'm up almost 300LP so far with this build. Pair this with Ingenious Hunter and oh baby. YOU ARE COOKING.

What Pet?


I will go Scorchclaw Pup when I am in need of extra dueling power, but also extra chase ability. With it's true damage and AOE slowing affects this pet makes it a perfect choice when you need that little bit of catch-up ability to finish off enemies. Not to mention the Damage Over Time that does true damage is nice as well. I also think this item is just so go into champs like Hecarim/Lillia because the active will slow them down, and make them easier to hit with abilities.

I will go Gustwalker Hatchling more often nowadays. This pet gives bonus movement speed in brush and after killing a camp. The added map mobility for an assassin style build is very nice, but also for repositioning/chasing kills and escaping is very nice as well. If you don't need extra Tenacity

I will go Mosstomper Seedling when the enemy team drafts A LOT off CC. This pet gives you a shield when out of combat, and provides you with 20% Tenacity and Slow Resists for 3 seconds after the shield has been broken. That being said I think this pet is really situational, and depends on the enemy team comp. I usually build this when I'm against A LOT of cc, and/or team needs a reliable engage tool (usually when no tanks on my team).

With that being said, I almost always go Blue Pet, if enemy team has lots of burst damage I will go Green.

Standard Build Path

This is the build I use in almost every game. So why this build.. I usually run this build with Electrocute Why? Well, with the recent buffs to Eclipse, when you take Ingenious Hunter your Eclipse active goes down to a 4 second cooldown. This is crazy. You can literally 1 tap squishy champions with Sonic Wave Resonating Strike Auto Attack Electrocute Tempest Auto Attack.. Or just simply Sonic Wave Dragon's Rage and Resonating Strike.. or proc the max health active on tanks every 4 seconds..

Now why Edge of Night? Well this active cooldown also gets reduced by Ingenious Hunter so it's a really good pick into champs with pick potential, like Ashe, Lux, Morgana, Fizz, Twisted Fate, basically any champ where blocking their 1 ability could be very useful, or blocking burst from an ability would be useful Kha'Zix for example.

Why The Collector? Since this is a one shot build, this item is just like icing on the cake. You'll be able to 1 shot squishies with simply Sonic Wave Resonating Strike and Tempest. This also makes it so Sonic Wave Dragon's Rage Resonating Strike almost always one shots all squishies as well. Really fun build, and a REALLY good snowballing item.

Why Serylda's Grudge? The 30% armor penetration right off the bat just makes for one shotting people so easy. It also helps by slowing them extra when you hit with Sonic Wave. This is great for chasing amd double slowing with Tempest Cripple.

When to go what boots


If I'm snowballing hard I'll almost always go Ionian Boots of Lucidity. This lowers CD of Dragon's Rage and Flash, and is just really cost effective for cooldown reduction. Lower CD on Dragon's Rage and Flash means more opportunities for plays to snowball your lead. I'll only really deviate from Ionian Boots of Lucidity when snowballing if it's too good to go another boot. For example, enemy team all AD or AP.

If I'm vs heavy AP/CC comp I'll always take Mercury's Treads.

If I'm vs heavy AD or autoattackers I'll always take Plated Steelcaps.

Situational Items


If the enemy has a strong AP carry Maw of Malmortius is always a good buy. Good amount of AD/CDR/MR, extremely low CD on the shield, and you get 12% Omnivamp when it procs. I will always build Maw of Malmortius over Spirit Visage.
If they are a very AP heavy team I'll couple Maw of Malmortius with Spirit Visage, if not Maw of Malmortius is great on it's own.


If you are looking for survivability Death's Dance is always a great pick, especially into heavy AD comps. If enemy team is full of crit-type auto attackers (Yasuo, Yone, most ADCs, Kindred etc.) Randuin's Omen is a very good counter to this. Couple this with Plated Steelcaps and you'll be unkillable.


If team needs anti-shield Serpent's Fang is a viable option for Lee Sin. Typically I'll build this right after Goredrinker or Death's Dance if needed.
Guardian Angel is a great option if you are hard snowballing. This way if you make a mistake you're not inting a 1K shutdown to the enemy team. This also allows you to play like a chimp and look for an insane Dragon's Rage, and your team can follow up on the Guardian Angel revive.


Typically Lee doesn't build anti-heal that often, only in certain matchups and vs team comps. That being said if team needs anti-heal but lacks damage Chempunk Chainsword is good on Lee. If team needs more tankyness but lacks anti-heal go Thornmail.

I'm telling you guys, if you want to try a fun build that has item cooldowns on a stupidly low cooldown, try this out.. It's like an in-and-out full damage build. You're 1 tapping people left and right because you're activating Eclipse so often. Not to mention you have so much survivability.. I've been dropping 20 KILLS in Master with this build! TRY IT OUT!!!!
Analyze your Jungle matchup, are they an early game jungler like Lee Sin? or would they rather full clear and scale for late? If they are an early game jungler, establish your win con and look to gank that lane, pay attention to summoner spell usage and regank lanes who don't have Flash. Track the enemy jungler's starting buff and pay attention to where they show on the map. Communicate these things to your team and always think about where the enemy jungler could be if you aren't 100% sure.

If they are a scaling/farming jungler you want to look to punish their weak early game by doing a potential invade, or setting up a countergank. Disrupting a scaling junglers first clear/gank is a great way to gain jungle tempo. Look for a fast level 3 (Red/Raptors/Gromp or Red/Blue/Gromp) into an invade on their second buff. Make sure you are tracking where they start and invade the opposite buff. Communicate to your team you want to invade. If you don't have lane prio, don't invade. Instead gank the lanes that are pushed in.

It's important you consider laner matchups (volatile vs farming lanes) as well as gank setup when deciding who to gank first. Sometimes you want your bot lane to win but you know its hard to gank the enemy Ezreal/Yuumi without any CC or gank setup. That being said, play for a lane that has gank setup in the mean time and you can start to focus bot when you have your ult. Remember to punish lanes who don't have flashes.

You don't always have to hit a flashy insec/play to win games and team fights. Analyze the game state, is your carry stronger than theirs? do you need to peel yours? or is it more important for you to kick the fed enemy carry into your team?

Always look to make plays when R is up, look for number advantages in fights and punish the enemy team accordingly.
Typical pathing for me is a 3 camp clear into some sort of gank or invade. Fastest and strongest level 3 clear is Red>Raptors>Gromp. You want red buff (Slow and DOT) for these early plays. You can also do Blue>Gromp>Red it's slightly slower but works just as well.

I will alter my path depending on lane/wave states. That being said if it looks like there are no chance for ganks/invades, I'll simply do a 4 or 5 camp clear take scuttle and recall. It's important you are paying attention to your lanes while clearing, it's always best to move to a potential opportunity than to greed for extra farm. That being said, use your judgement, if you're lvl 1 still on Lee and it doesn't look good don't move. Finally don't force invades or ganks, if there isn't an opportunity don't force one.

There are slight optimizations in ability order to certain clearing paths which I will outline below:

Start Safeguard, take Tempest second (really helps with clearing raptors quick), Sonic Wave third. Safeguard first because the clear is much healthier with this.

Blue>Gromp>Red or Red>Blue>Gromp:
Start Safeguard, take Sonic Wave second, Tempest last. No point of Tempest second as were doing single monster camps.

Blue>Gromp>Wolves>Raptors>Red or Red>Raptors>Wolves>Gromp>Blue:
Start Safeguard, take Tempest second (helps speed up wolves/raptors), Sonic Wave third.

Blue>Gromp>Wolves>Red or Red>Raptors>Gromp>Blue:
Start Safeguard, Take Tempest second (helps speed up wolves/raptors), Sonic Wave third.

If you are ever soloing a buff: Start Safeguard and use your Safeguard on youself (halves the cooldown) at 1:26 (for passive and omnivamp) makes it a lot easier/healthier. Always smite your buff if you're soloing. Then proceed to take either Sonic Wave or Tempest depending if you're doing multi-monster camps or solo monster camps.

These are very slight optimizations that will speed up your clear by a few seconds. The sooner you're on the map the better. Remember to always use an ability, auto attack twice and then use another ability and repeat.
Bind your trinket to your Mouse Button (If possible) and smart cast it. This will really help speed up your ward hopping. Which will then speed up your Insec's, Chinese Insec's and so much more.

Sometimes it's better to hold Sonic Wave than it is to use it. The threat of you throwing Sonic Wave can cause enemies to completely outplay themselves. That being said, try to setup easy Sonic Wave's with Safeguard and then Tempest and slowing with Cripple.

Sonic Wave cooldown begins on first cast. That being said, you can land Sonic Wave, wait a few seconds, take the second Resonating Strike and your Sonic Wave will almost be off cooldown again. This really helps when bursting enemies and catching slippery targets. You can Sonic Wave, wait until the end of the cooldown, take Resonating Strike, Tempest, Cripple, Dragon's Rage and Sonic Wave is back off cooldown again to finish them off.

Always use Yellow Trinket (Obviously), don't ever sell it.

Always try to have atleast 1 Control Ward in your inventory, it can net you a kill or save your Flash/life. Don't always buy 2 Control Ward, this can really waste your money, especially if you're behind.

Tagging with Sonic Wave and then Safeguard to a ward to bait out an escape ability or get in range for Tempest/ or auto attacks is a really strong tactic to catch enemies off guard. Most times enemies will think you are using your Resonating Strike when really it's just Safeguard. A lot of times this combo is necessary to get enough damage prior to executing with Resonating Strike

Practice in practice tool. You can practice ward hopping, Insec's, Chinese Insec's, Ghost Kicks, Full Damage Combos etc. This will really improve your mechanics.

Be patient! Lee Sin does take some time to learn. Don't be discouraged, we all start somewhere, with time and effort you will improve!
Detailed Matchup list WIP - If you have suggestions please comment below!



A general rule I use for scaling junglers is I usually try to invade second buff if my lanes have prio. In the case that they don’t, I’ll look to gank the lanes that are pushed in, or counter gank enemy jungles first gank. Disrupting scaling junglers first clear is a huge hit to their tempo and helps to give you an advantage.

After this I like to setup further invades on their buff timers (second red/blue spawn) and invade with my strong side, this makes it easier to win fights, satisfies my win condition and puts the enemy junglers further behind.

If I am snowballing, I'll look for every chance to invade the enemy jungler and put him further behind instead of heavily farming my jungle (Still take your main big XP camps, like red/raptors/blue/gromp). This way I can steal the enemy junglers farm, and take my camps when there aren't opportunities to invade. Thus giving me a greater lead, and putting them further behind.

Hecarim - I like to invade Hecarim when he does his Blue/Gromp clear at around 3:00 Minutes ~.

Viego Lee Sin is favored in the beginning then Viego takes over. I like to countergank Viego first gank, you win every fight against him early given you hit all your abilities. In team fights Dragon's Rage Viego off possessions/off your backline, if he can’t get resets, he’s useless. You can also Dragon's Rage him into a thick wall to CC him for longer so your team can lock him down and kill him. Careful cause when he starts getting items you need to pick smarter fights, he will start to beat you.

Diana Lee Sin is a great pick into this matchup because he can Dragon's Rage her ult away from yourself/your team and ward hop out of Q/R etc. Diana also has no escape if you catch her out in the jungle, very easy to kill when ahead on Lee Sin. Invading Diana on second buff is very effective given you have lane prio. She has no escape tools so landing Sonic Wave, then Tempest , Cripple slowing and wardhopping if she flashes will usually net you a kill. If you ever catch her out, you always win fights even if you’re even. Look to Dragon's Rage her R off you or your team. Do not Dragon's Rage her into your team, this sets her up for an easy ult.

Kayn – The key thing in this matchup is not letting Kayn scale and get his form without punishing him. You can usually tell by his runes/your team comp what form he will want for the game. If you are full of squishies he’ll go blue and bruisers/tanks he’ll go red. He will usually clear towards the lane of the type of souls he wants for form. If he wants blue its usually to bot lane and red to top lane. Look to countergank him as much as possible, and keep his jungle warded so you can setup favourable fights and countergank him.

Kindred - I really love this matchup for Lee Sin mostly because it's a skill matchup. The key thing in this matchup is counterganking Kindred ganks, almost mimicking her clearing and ganking pattern. We are stronger than her until she outscales us. So preventing marks, invading if ahead or have lane prios are good ways to keep her from scaling. Make sure you are saving Dragon's Rage for her ult. Typically I will land Sonic Wave and then Dragon's Rage the enemy out of Lamb's Respite and follow Sonic Wave to secure the kill. Be careful of her using Dance of Arrows to dodge your Sonic Wave if she dodges, you lose the fight. Try to Safeguard / Iron Will and Tempest to slow her then land the easy Sonic Wave.
This guide will be continually updated to add more information. I will keep the guide updated as new patches come out.

Anything else you want out of the guide? Comment and let me know! Make sure to vote on the guide if you liked it!

If you would like to check me out elsewhere, You can find me at:

• Twitch:
• TikTok:
• Twitter:
• Instagram:
• Discord:
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TruckDriver
TruckDriver Lee Sin Guide
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[13.21] RANK 1 LEE SIN - Truck Driver's Lee Sin Guide [In-Depth]

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