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Trundle Build Guide by Navn

Support [13.6] SUPPORT Trundle + Tier list!

Support [13.6] SUPPORT Trundle + Tier list!

Updated on March 23, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Navn Build Guide By Navn 13 0 39,705 Views 0 Comments
13 0 39,705 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Navn Trundle Build Guide By Navn Updated on March 23, 2023
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Runes: Standard All-In

1 2
Hail of Blades
Cheap Shot
Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

Approach Velocity
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order E > Q > W > Max E > W > Q

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.6] SUPPORT Trundle + Tier list!

By Navn
About Me and other Guides
Main account Profile: Navcan
Smurf: Navn
Twitch Stream:
Tiktok: @navcan
Youtube: navcans

Hi there! I've been playing Trundle Support since 3 years ago! This guide is just a very general guideline of how to play Trundle Support, with runes and itemization. If you'd like to ask more questions, drop a comment or drop by my stream! I stream almost everyday, and still play Trundle in Platinum-Diamond occasionally. Thank you for reading!

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Why Trundle? Pros/Cons


- Excellent pick tool for immobile targets.
- Flex pick in draft to top/jungle.
- Good against engage supports/tanks.
- Good skirmishing.


- Pretty squishy.
- Relatively weak team fighting.
- Bad vs highly mobile teams comps.
- Limited itemization.
- Really bad to blind pick.
- Doesn't pair well with most champions in lane.
TLDR: Locket of the Iron Solari is a safe choice, rush your shoes, build the appropriate resists.

There are 2 main mythics to buy, and you'll be looking to rush them. Preferably after your boots choices since you have strong roaming potential. Your early buys can include Ruby Crystal or Kindlegem, and its possible to shift from recipe items like Null-Magic Mantle and Cloth Armor and turn them into their respective tier-2 boots, then build into Imperial Mandate.


Reasons to get Locket of the Iron Solari
- Team has more than enough damage, and you just want to soak up as much as possible.
- Good when you're going even or behind. Even good when you're ahead, but not as optimal.
- All around a safe choice.

Reasons to get Imperial Mandate
- Mana issues constantly spamming Frozen Domain and Pillar of Ice.
- Team composition needs a bit more damage.
- This actually works off Chomp because it applies a VERY short slow.
- Looking to snowball an early lead.

Boots/Shoes Choice
- Plated Steelcaps for vs heavy-auto-attack and/or ad heavy compositions.
- Mercury's Treads for vs high CC and/or AP heavy compositions.
- Ionian Boots of Lucidity nice n cheap, and gives a lot of desirable stats.
- Boots of Swiftness even cheaper, and if they have enough slows like, Ashe or Olaf, then these will do wonders.


Anathema's Chains
- If one particular enemy is extremely strong, and they're going to be in team fights very often, then outright rushing this over any mythic may be the move so you don't die as quickly.
- You can also purchase this if they have one AP or AD threat, chain that single threat, then build all your other resists to match the other damage component.

Knight's Vow
- If you have one particularly fed team mate, and they'll always be in fights with you, then soaking up damage for them would be very valuable.

- Looking to reduce a lot of healing, on top of giving a bit of armor will help a lot.
- The healing reduction ONLY applies if they are actually auto-attacking you. Buying this strictly for the armor is not worth it. So champions like Sylas Aatrox Olaf or anyone that Yuumi rides on would help greatly.

Randuin's Omen
- If the enemy has at least 2 champions that crit a lot, then this is a solid armor choice. On top of enemy adcs that typically built crit chance, Yone Tryndamere Yasuo and junglers like Kindred Graves would be good to itemize against as well.

Frozen Heart
- Plenty of enemy AD threats and gives a lot of desirable stats.
- Look to match this with Locket of the Iron Solari if you can, since the range of the attack speed slow is quite low, and if you can't keep yourself in that range, then this will end up being a relatively weaker purchase.

Spirit Visage
- Enemy team has many Long Ranged magic damage that you need to migigate.
- Synergizes well with King's Tribute Frozen Domain Subjugate

Abyssal Mask
- Enemy team has many Short ranged magic damage, AND your team has a good source of AP damage.
- The aura to reduce enemy magic resist, and gain is relatively low, so keep this in mind for when you approach fights. Champions like Ekko or Diana Mordekaiser Rumble would be effective against.

Watchful Wardstone
- Being able to drop extra wards going into late game will help a lot since Frozen Domain allows you to get around the map pretty quickly.
- This doesn't really provide you with too much otherwise, but it's a cheap Legendary item for your mythic bonus (likely to pair with Locket of the Iron Solari since AP isn't too useful on Trundle for Imperial Mandate)
How to use your abilities
King's Tribute
- If anything around you is about to die (minion waves), big pets like Daisy! or Summon: Tibbers or even enemy champions, using Frozen Domain before they die, will get you a bit of extra healing.
- The range of this passive is actually massive (1400), and you don't have to be that close to get some hp back.

- Actually applies a very short slow, so it works with Imperial Mandate
- It makes taking cs under towers much nicer while you roam/your lane partner recalled, since you can Chomp a minion, and you'll have enough AD to 1-hit ranged minions when they start taking tower shots.
- Look to use this more often on AD threats if you can reach them immediately, otherwise, just Chomp the closest thing to you so you can fight right away.
- This resets your auto-attack timer, so you can auto, then Chomp, then auto for quick successive hits.

Frozen Domain
- This ability has a lot of hidden power behind it as its not just for mobility, but for clearing wards faster, and increasing the healing from King's Tribute and Subjugate.
- If you aren't about to fight but just need a bit of hp back, using this around a minion wave or jungle camp while your team mates are killing things is pretty nice.
- Cast this at maximum range in the direction you intend on going in (usually when leaving your base), and more around you if you're about to fight/skirmish.

Pillar of Ice
- This is the whole reason trundle support is actually viable in niche scenarios. The range and slow allows for so much pick and roam and sets up ganks so easily, as well as much utility.
- In early game, your opponents will often think you can do nothing at level 1, but you can bait and wait for your enemies to try to auto-attack you while standing in your minion wave, then once the auto attack lands, you can immediately use Pillar of Ice behind the person that hit you, and they will be slowed while taking minion damage, and that is when you can look to try and attack them.
- The pillar itself has a small displacement around it's center when you cast it, and you can use it to not only displace your opponents, but yourself and team mates as well. Knock-back effects such as Taliyah Seismic Shove, you can use Pillar of Ice on their target to displace them yourself and possibly save them or yourself from being in a dangerous position.
- Pillar of Ice creates terrain, so using it between the small gap between the tower and the wall can trap enemies into needing to walk towards you or make them Flash to safety.
- Narrow corridors in jungle, you could even outright make it impossible for enemies to get through.
- To peel for your carry, you can place your pillar right between whoever you want to peel (or yourself) and the melee enemy.

- If you're using Subjugate, make sure you're standing on your Frozen Domain for that extra bonus healing.
- Try to use this on high-health targets, since you would be draining a percentage of that to become much tankie for a few seconds.
- If there's one particular threat on the enemy team, making them exceptionally squishier so that your team can kill them much quicker is also very useful.
- Be very mindful of who you use this on, as it can greatly swing fights.
TLDR; Hail of Blades for lane pressure since trundle's laning phase is generally pretty weak, but has excellent punish if your opponents over extend.


Hail of Blades
- This allows you to have kill pressure against laners who are immobile, as well as punish-pressure if they get over aggressive on you.
- This ends up doing very little after laning phase. However a lot of the minor runes in Domination end up being pretty useful afterwards.

- This is against really mobile enemy laners in which, your pillar will not be as useful against your lane opponents, but against the enemy team. If you're forced to take Guardian, then it's likely Trundle was not a great pick in the draft.


Cheap Shot
- Applies off Chomp and Pillar of Ice can get some good damage.
- Only take with hail of blades.

Zombie Ward
- Chomp is an auto-attack reset, so you can clear wards pretty easily all game long, as well as Frozen Domain giving attack speed, you can run from ward to ward with a single Oracle Lens use and quickly stack Zombie Ward.

Relentless Hunter
- You have a lot of roaming and pick potential with Frozen Domain and Pillar of Ice early to quickly stack this. See if you can coordinate with your jungler to get very good angles to ambush your opponents.

Treasure Hunter
- Since Frozen Domain already provides quite a bit of mobility, since you have strong roam potential to stack this quickly.


Approach Velocity
- This is the whole reason you're in this tree to begin with. The more people on your team that have slows, the better this gets.

Biscuit Delivery
- If you plan on going Locket of the Iron Solari this will help with some mana issues.

Perfect Timing
- If you're getting Imperial Mandate this is definitely more of an option.
- Also just good for tower diving to drop tower aggro. Sell immediately after use.
Early/Mid/Late game
TLDR: Take advantage of Pillar of Ice, roam and Subjugate the right target. Avoid full-on 4v4ing or 5v5-ing.

Laning Phase/Early Game

- Almost always start Pillar of Ice. You can look to invade potentially as well and possibly catch someone and get them to Flash.
- In lane, bait your opponents to try and auto attack you by standing just barely out of their auto attack range. Keep doing this, until they end up in the middle of your minion wave, this is when you can look to use Pillar of Ice right behind the person that attacks you, so they tank minion damage as well.
- Unfortunately, if your jungler never comes to gank your lane, and your opponents never over-step, laning will be a bit difficult, since using Pillar of Ice aggressively and walking forward, you will likely be missing damage since you have no ranged damage to poke with, or your follow-up is very easy to defend against.
- If you end up recalling, you can look to buy Boots or any tier 2 shoes, and start roaming to lanes that have no Flash or dashes to get around Pillar of Ice and look to stack some early Hunter runes.

Mid/Late game

- Since you won't be farming a lot, team fighting becomes very difficult because you'll be squishy and be missing a lot of damage.
- Once team fights become 4v4 or 5v5, you'll just die too quickly, unless the enemy team composition has a tank that you can Subjugate first. If the enemy team has no tank, then you can still Subjugate the most fed enemy, so that your team has an easier time killing them.
- Most of the time, you'll be looking to lock choke-points/ramps/narrow corridors and catch people over extending.
- You can also look to run to side lanes with your mobility and maybe help your solo laners get a free kill. Even more so if you took Relentless Hunter.
13.6 Tier List
Grading Explanation below the lists! Check the RANK too!

- Trundle's got some good situational uses to punish immobile champs, and cripple tanks.

13.6 Plat and Below
13.6 Diamond+

Tier List Grading Points

- Winrates
- Champion Difficulty (more relevant in platinum and below)
- Counter-play (more relevant in platinum and below)
- Flex pick for draft (more relevant in diamond+)
- Early game (more relevant in diamond+)
- Late game/scaling (more relevant in platinum and below)

Overall Points:

- Games last longer the lower in elo you go. Therefore, mage supports tend to do much better since you can buy your items, and you basically become another carry threat. This leads to enchanters/engage being weaker in lower level play since you would rely on your teammtes more often.

- Champions that are fundamentally easier to execute on will have higher win rates. Since it is more unlikely players are pilot-ing their champion runes/builds/kit efficiently, the easier the champion, the more likely to maximize their kits. This is especially apparent in Platinum and below.

- I would recommend playing any of the champs in S+, S, or A. However you can climb on almost anything, provided you always look to maximize your champion kit, mechanics, and impact on the game. Winning is the result of improving.
Want to know more?
If you have any questions, leave a comment below! I'll be editing this as I go and be sure to let you know once I have more updates. Or if you'd like to ask me a question directly, you can go to my twitch stream!

There's also my tiktok
And my youtube!

Cheers and thank you for reading! Good luck on the rift

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