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Sett Build Guide by Autolykus

Top 14.13 Autolykus's Challenger Sett Guide

Top 14.13 Autolykus's Challenger Sett Guide

Updated on June 26, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Autolykus Build Guide By Autolykus 2434 112 2,445,103 Views 26 Comments
2434 112 2,445,103 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Autolykus Sett Build Guide By Autolykus Updated on June 26, 2024
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Runes: 2000LP Runes

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

14.13 Autolykus's Challenger Sett Guide

By Autolykus

Hello everyone! This is a guide designed for top lane Sett. Its focus is to help refine your understanding of the champion’s strengths and limitations. This guide will help breakdown and cover various topics such as his abilities, specific matchups, and the items and runes available to him. I have been a challenger player since Season 6. I stream 5-7 days a week at There you can ask more specific questions and learn how to play him.

A two part passive:
1. Sett will alternate punching a target with a Left Punch and a Right Punch. His Right Punch specifically will have an additional 50 attack range (does not stack with his Q range), deal an additional 5-90 AD (+50% bonus AD) and apply on-hit effects.
2. Sett’s health regeneration will become stronger for every 5% health he is missing, increasing by an additional 0.25/0.5/1/2 (based on level). Meaning, the lower he is, the stronger the regeneration will be.
Within 5 seconds of being active, Sett’s next two autos will both gain 50 bonus attack range (does not stack with Right Punch range) and will deal 10/20/30/50 AD and an additional 1% of the target’s maximum health (scaling by 1/1.5/2/2.5/3% per 100AD). He also will gain 30% bonus movement speed towards visible champions within 2000 units.
Passive: Any damage Sett takes, calculated after resistances, will be stored 100% as Grit at a maximum of 50% of his maximum health. The Grit will decay after 4 seconds if Sett is not taking any damage.
Active: When casted, he will punch a conal AoE that deals 80/100/120/140/160 (+25% of his current Grit) and an additional 20% per 100 bonus AD. Anyone in the center of the blast will receive True Damage. He will also gain a shield equivalent to the stored Grit at the time of the cast, that decays after 0.75 seconds.
Sett will grab enemy targets on either side of him and pull them towards him dealing 50/70/90/110/130 (+60% AD). If there are enemy units on both sides of Sett, they will get stunned for 1 second, otherwise they will be slowed by 50% for 0.5 seconds.
Sett will suppress an enemy champion and carry them 600 units, where he will then slam the target and cause a shockwave that extends 250 units around him. Any enemies caught within the center of the impact will take 200/300/400 (+120% bonus AD) and an additional 40/50/60% of the grabbed champions bonus health. Enemies caught outside the center of the impact can reduce the damage by up to 75% but all targets hit will be slowed by 99% for 1 second.

Before we have a look at his runes, it is important to understand what stats are valuable to Sett, and which are not.
Attack Damage: Best stat. All sources of damage scales off bonus attack damage, even the amount his right punch deals.
Health: Second best stat, very close to AD in importance. Heath is a more favorable stat than magic resist or armor because of how it works with his Haymaker (W).
Attack Speed: Good stat in theory, but in application, not so much. This stat is heavily reliant on Sett’s ability to be able to stick to his targets to benefit from it. If you are against a team that can easily kite and prevent you from autoing, it’s a worthless stat. Another major problem with attack speed items is that critical strike is also a primary stat on it, which is a bad stat on Sett.
Ability Haste: Good stat but not a priority. It will give you more opportunities to stay in a fight longer and trade more often.
Armor/Magic Resistance: Good stat to consider when the enemy damage is really high and you are having issues getting combos off.
Movement Speed: A good stat if necessary. Consider getting if you will have a hard time engaging fights without it.
Omnivamp: Eh stat. Your abilities have high CDs, you would benefit more from lifesteal.
Lifesteal: Eh stat. Only good lifesteal option is Blade of the Ruined King. That item is a risk in itself. This stat also has the same issue as Attack Speed; if you’re unable to stick on a champion, you aren’t benefiting from it.

As a juggernaut, Sett has very distinct weaknesses that can be easily abused by other champions that you will face in the top lane. You will want to choose a major rune that will maximize your ability to control the lane in order to farm and stay relevant to the team. Trade patterns of the champion you face will be major indicators on what rune you should consider.

Best for team fighting and dueling. He can stack Conqueror easily like Lethal Tempo, causing his autos and abilities to gain an additional 1.2-2.7(based on level) bonus AD per stack (14.4-32.4 bonus AD at max stacks). Once fully stacked, he will heal for 9% of the damage he deals to champions, calculated after resistances. This keystone is more favorable over Lethal Tempo if you don’t think you can upkeep autos as much.

Best for dueling other champions if you can maintain the stacks. Any basic attacks will grant stacks of Lethal Tempo, 13% attack speed per stack (capping at 78%) and upon reaching maximum stacks, gain 50 attack range. Sett can easily achieve maximum stacks which allows him to auto-attack targets easier with the extended range. Combined with Sett’s passive and Knuckle Down (Q), he can quickly become overwhelming to his target and give him the upper hand in fights.

Best when going against champions where you will absolutely have very little openings for counterplay without a junglers help. This will often be recommended versus champions that will push you under tower and try to poke you down cheesily. These champions usually have utility in their kits that allow them to kite you well or disengage from your aggression. Anytime you are energized (moving and basic attacks generate stacks up to 100), your next basic attack will heal you for 10-100(based on level) scaling on 40% of your bonus AD. Unfortunately, the healing on minions is only 20% effective vs hitting an enemy champion, but you will gain 20% movespeed for 1 second. Paired with your Knuckle Down (Q), you may have openings to run them down if they aren’t careful with their spacing.

A very niche rune to run, wouldn’t recommend taking this rune since Lethal Tempo is a better option. Since most top laners will go Bone Plating versus Sett, the minor rune will negate a decent amount of the damage you intended to cheese them with by taking Hail of Blades. A lot of the minor runes in Domination do not help you as much as the minor runes within the Precision or Resolve trees. This keystone is a purely offensive option that you have to be confident in winning every trade you take, otherwise you will have a hard time contesting anything for farm.

Best for scaling to be a damage soaker, but only when you can get procs on the opponent consistently. This keystone is recommended only if you are able to have it ready to proc on the opponent consistently. Otherwise you will be gaining nothing from it. When you enter combat with a minion or champion you will gain stacks, upon reaching 4 your next auto will deal 4% of your maximum health as bonus magic damage and heal for 2% of your maximum health. Each proc will permanently grant 5 bonus health. You would benefit from this rune against tank champions, or other melee champions you can’t upkeep autos on reliably but can get a quick couple hits on them before they disengage. Any stacks you gain from grasp will help you beef up overtime and become a massive threat for their backline with your Haymaker (W). Notably, against a majority of the tanks within the game, you will have kill potential on them before they buy Bramble Vest or Plated Steelcaps. Once they purchase those items, you will have a harder time capitalizing on any kills, but rather your focus would shift to maximizing stacks.

+ Teamfight Threat - Sett can position himself against any enemy champion that is trying to pressure your team into a teamfight, especially tanks. A poorly positioned enemy can give you a free ride into their backline.
+ Damage Soaker - Upon engaging a fight, if you have appropriate stats, you can cause a lot of chaos and damage simply by being able to withstand the damage they throw at you.
+ Lockdown Potential - Within a teamfight, Sett has the ability to lockdown high priority targets and buy time for his team. He has an easier time dealing with melee threats such as Yasuo, Irelia, Camille as they will come to you. Ranged threats are a lot harder for him to lockdown, since it will require a flank, Flash, or an R for you to get on top of them without taking too much damage.
+ Versatile Gameplay - Sett has the option to build as a split pusher or as a team fighter. Although teamfighting is his strength, he does have that option to split push, while a lot of champions do not.
+ Good at Offensive/Defensive Dives - He is very good at diving enemy champions because turret shots help build your grit, and the shield will help you disengage. Enemy champions will also have a hard time diving Sett if his abilities are up, as he will have access to CC and a shield that will buy time for the turret to do a lot of damage to them.
- Kitable - Although Sett has a small speed boost on his Q and some items that can get him on top of champions, he is very immobile. He does not have any dashes that give him the opportunity to juke projectiles/cc, which means he can lose a lot of HP before even getting close to enemy champions. Other mobile champions can also wait for your grit to decay after chunking you, forcing your grit to build again from its current low HP.
- Predictable - Sett’s kit is very straight forward, which makes his next course of action very predictable. Everyone knows that Sett wants to R the champion with the most health into the enemy team, or anyone who steps too close when he wants to engage. Working around their vision by looking for flanking opportunities can help create opportunities.
- Falls Off - He will always be useful in teamfights, but he loses his ability to 1v1 champions later in the game unless you prioritize items specifically for 1v1s like Blade of the Ruined King. Doing that will make you squishy in teamfights though.

Guide written by Autolykus | Coded by Stheony.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Autolykus
Autolykus Sett Guide
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