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Senna Build Guide by TheMistCollector

Support [14.3] TheMistCollector's Ultimate Senna Guide - SUPP ADC & FASTING

Support [14.3] TheMistCollector's Ultimate Senna Guide - SUPP ADC & FASTING

Updated on February 9, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheMistCollector Build Guide By TheMistCollector 1124 110 2,626,047 Views 128 Comments
1124 110 2,626,047 Views 128 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheMistCollector Senna Build Guide By TheMistCollector Updated on February 9, 2024
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Senna
  • LoL Champion: Senna
  • LoL Champion: Senna

Runes: Marksman Standard

1 2 3 4 5 6
Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal




Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[14.3] TheMistCollector's Ultimate Senna Guide - SUPP ADC & FASTING

By TheMistCollector
Hi everyone. I'm TheMistCollector, TMC or Mist for short. I am a multi-season challenger Senna OTP who has been playing this champion non-stop ever since her PBE release. Although I don't have a dedicated account for each of her roles, I've played ADC, Fasting and primarily support hundreds of games each at a high-elo level, and I'm here to give you a complete guide on how to use this champion the way I do, which has bringed me a lot of success.

Before Senna, I was a Support main, but i've always enjoyed Marksmen playstyle. When Senna got revealed, i knew she was my champion. I was there day 1 analyzing and theorycrafting with Senna, along with others... So yeah, i feel like i really know about this champion.

Btw this is my first time making a guide, so sorry for any inconsistencies and for no fancy table of content and all of that.

THIS GUIDE WILL GET CONSTANTLY UPDATED, any big change that affects Senna will be addressed. Additionally, i'm constantly theorycrafting new items and builds, if i find something OP, i will share it.

Also, english is not my main language, so if you don't understand a section of the guide or you find a small typo, please let me know!

(Apologies for the format getting kinda messy towards the end of the guide for mobile users).
My accounts
You can spy my match history here:

Most active account:


First Account:


Farming and Fasting
First of all... What does Farming and Fasting even means?!


This is your conventional ADC strat. You start normal ADC item, with a normal Support, you farm minions, take kills... Just as a normal ADC, nothing weird here. Throughout this guide i will be using both "FARMING" and "ADC", just so you know that i'm talking about the same thing.


This is an alternative strat that revolves around Mists. You go Support item first, and your duo (non-marksmen) farms with normal starting item. This strategy allows Senna to "protect" her duo by poking so they can farm safely, while she gets fed with Mists and kills. Suddenly in late game, you have a champion with crazy DPS and tons of utility (almost covering both ADC and support role), and another champion with good damage and utility.

Senna can take 1-2 melee minions per wave to reach her maximum potential. Minion gold, Support item gold, and Mists crazy gold efficency make this strategy so good.
Pros and Cons


  • Mechanically simple champion
  • Easy to learn
  • Infinite scaling
  • Playstyle versatility
  • Skill expresion
  • Uniqueness in both gameplay and builds
  • Annoying to play against
  • Cool concept/desing


  • Bad early game when farming
  • Bad mid game when fasting
  • Very reliant on mists (No AD per level)
  • Low elo tilting when fasting
  • ADCs don't like to play with a Senna support (for some reason)
  • Terrible when counterpicked
  • Awkward AAs with low practice
  • DuoQ reliant when fasting (unless Master+)
In this chapter I will talk about the different builds you can go on Senna for each of her roles, and when to go for them. Some of the reasoning for going certain builds are tied to specific matchups, more info in the "Matchups Sheet" chapter.


Build: Marksman

This build allows you to have a pretty safe early game without much stomp potential, and have a really strong mid/late game, with good teamfight potential due to Locket + being a decent DPS threat.

Go for this build when:

    • You're in a lane where you can't snowball.
    • Your team needs a tank killer.
    • Your team needs damage but a Lethality build won't be worth it because of the enemy team being too tanky
    • And/or you're unsure of what to build (most all-around build, can't go wrong with this).

Build: Lethality

This build is focused on the early game. Because of the nature of the build, once mid game comes and you don't have a gold advantage, you will transition into an utility caster, utilizing your high bonus AD values to empower your team with strong Piercing Darkness' healing and slows, as well as threatening a fast burst damage with your Absolution proc combined with your passive. Don't underestimate this build though, because if you get a high gold advantage early on, you can easily take over the game with your fast spikes as long as you keep your distance.

Go for this build when:

    • You're in a lane where you want to snowball.
    • You're in a lane where you need the early AD to survive vs. poke.
    • And/or your team doesn't need a specific build, and you don't need tankiness to survive.

Build: Tank

This build is entirely team focused. You sacrifice a lot of early game power and solo-agency for insane teamfight and peel potential later on. Your playstyle in mid-late game should be to play around a carry, and disrupt enemy assassins/divers who try to shut them down.

Go for this build when:

    • You're in a lane where you can't snowball.
    • Your team doesn't need damage
    • The enemy team is assassin/diver heavy and you need to protect an important member of your team
    • And/or you can't survive with another build.

Build: True Support

This build has a similar approach as the AD Stacking build, but this one is more mid-late game focused and trades some damage for tankiness.

Go for this build when:

    • You're in a lane where you can't snowball.
    • Your team doesn't need damage
    • And/or your team doesn't need a specific build, but you need the extra tankiness to survive.



Best in Slot. Allows to have good early game pressence alongside a good midgame transition.

Go for this build when:

    • You can snowball.
    • And/or there's not a lot of tanks on the enemy team or you're not the one killing the tanks.


Simply the highest DPS build.

Go for this build when:

    • You can't snowball and need to play the long game.
    • And/or you need to go with the highest DPS build because you're the only tank-killer
In this chapter i will talk about the reason behind each rune in all of her builds and how they synergize with Senna, as well as some other popular (but not necessarily good) alternatives.

Main builds:

Fasting/Farming/Support Precision

Fleet Footwork: Welcome to Cut Down meta! Fleet Footwork is the only keystone here that Senna can blindly use. It gives a MS burst which is nice for an immobile marksmen, and the heal helps her play a bit more aggresively. The main reason we go for this though is because of the access to Cut Down. In 12.12b, Senna became the champion with the lowest base HP of the game with 530 ( Yuumi has 550... 13.1b UPDATE: Good news, Senna is no longer the champion with the lowest base HP in the game, bad news, it's not because she got buffed, but because Yuumi got nerfed. Basically, her HP is still low even if it's not the lowest one anymore). Because of this, Senna is the best champion to use Cut Down, and we should always use it when building for damage.

Lethal Tempo: After the 13.4 AS ratio buffs (from 0.3 to 0.4), this rune is now viable on Senna. I'd now say she uses every on-hit effect pretty effectively including this one. She stacks it consistently and the AS she gets is pretty good. Because she already has 600 base range, once it's stacked she can easily keep hitting champions in laning phase to keep the stacks and have 30-42% AS "permanently" alongside the extra range for your Q. After laning phase, this rune also has a really good scaling so you get a lot of extra DPS. I don't think this rune is that good to completely ignore Fleet, but it's good enough to risk your laning phase to use the rune for lategame DPS. Since ADC Senna doesn't want Fleet as religiously as Support/Fasting, this will be the best Standard keystone for her.

Press the Attack: This is an alternative rune in scenarios where Fleet Footwork is not needed and you will constatly fight early 2v2s. Senna can proc this rune pretty fast with Piercing Darkness and from a safe distance to not only boost her own damage, but her allies' too.

Presence of mind: This is still a good rune if you're building tanky, you don't need survivality and/or fights are going to be long. After testing ADC Senna without this rune after the mana buffs, i came to the conclusion that she still needs it. Without the support item's mana regen, and with the fact that she naturally uses more mana than her support counterpart because she has to deal with minion waves, means you cannot use Overheal.

Alacrity: This rune synergizes a lot with Senna's kit. It increases both her DPS and Healing, since Piercing Darkness cooldown gets reduced by 1 second for each auto attack. You also get Alacrity stacks by picking mists (only from the ground, not by poking enemy champions) so it scales much faster than any other ADC.

Cut Down: Explained it in the Fleet Footwork section, but basically Senna has the lowest base health on the game so this rune increases your damage by a lot.

Absolute Focus: Alongside Gathering Storm, they provide an insane amount of raw AD, which would usually only mean damage for every other AD champ, but for Senna it also increases her Q healing and slow. You don't really want to use other runes as Support, since this is the one that brings the most value to the team.

Nimbus Cloak: Alternative choice if the enemy team relies too much on MS. Swap this rune over Absolute Focus.

Gathering Storm: Read: Absolute Focus.

Conditioning: Rune taken for ADC/Fasting Senna if she needs the mid-lategame resistances.

Overgrowth: Only other usable rune if you're going for Resolve secondary and you're not building tank (if you don't need unflinching). It might take away some Cut Down damage but Revitalize's healing is barely noticeable if you don't have other healing effects.

Revitalize: Rune used in the Hybrid build against poke. You can use this rune here because besides increasin Q's and R's Healing and Shielding (which is usually not worth it), it also increases Fleet Footwork and Locket of the Iron Solari.

Taste of Blood: Used in ADC/Fasting Senna when fighting for the early game. This rune allows you to trade more aggressively and benefits from buying AD.

Treasure Hunter: Used in ADC/Fasting Senna when fighting for the early game. This rune allows you to have a faster snowball and a bigger payoff for winning early game.

Support Resolve

Grasp of the Undying: Default rune for the Tank build, it helps with lane pressure with its healing and bonus damage (both scaling with max HP), but the main reason we go for this rune is the infinitely stacking Health. It's just an amazing synergy with the Tank build which is mostly Health stacking.

Font of Life: Another amazing rune that synergizes with Health stacking. It works great with out kit too since Q can slow in AoE.

Conditioning: This one has the best value mid-late game, but you will be trading a lot of early game survivality for it. If you're not confident in your laning consider going Second Wind or Bone Plating instead.

Revitalize: This is much better than Overgrowth, since even though the point of the tank build is to stack health (and Overgrowth seems like the best choice to tie everything together), Revitalize helps to accomplish the same (have increased healing and survivavility), but it also affects other healings/shieldings that don't scale with health, like Piercing Darkness and Dawning Shadow.

Presence of mind: This is still a good rune if you're building tanky, you don't need survivality and/or fights are going to be long.

Alacrity: This rune synergizes a lot with Senna's kit. It increases both her DPS and Healing, since Piercing Darkness cooldown gets reduced by 1 second for each auto attack. You also get Alacrity stacks by picking mists (only from the ground, not by poking enemy champions) so it scales much faster than any other ADC.

Support Sorcery

Arcane Comet: After the continuous First Strike nerfs, I was forced into looking for another Lehtality buildpath. Arcane Comet offers damage which is easy to proc and land, has good AD scaling, and opens up a good tree. The main idea of this runepath is to have as much lane pressure as possible (with a lot of bonus mana and damage) so the enemy bot has never a chance to engage on us, to compensate for our extremely risky build. By having more lane pressence, it also makes it so getting your items and powerspikes is much easier.

Manaflow Band: This, combined with Biscuit Delivery ensures we can stay as long as possible in lane to apply pressure and collect mists. Because of how Senna works, mana directly translates to both damage and sustain, so it is much more valuable to have compared to other champs.

Absolute Focus: Just the better option in this row. Transcendence is more mid to late oriented and AH doesn't give nearly as much value as raw AD for Senna.

Scorch: The best option for laning phase. Even though Gathering Storm gives us that precious raw AD, Scorch's value comes from yet again the extra power in laning phase. With all of the other laning tools we use, we can ensure a safe laning phase with a lot of Mist stacking.

Magical Footwear: The main reason we go for Inspiration secondary is because of Biscuit Delivery, Magical Footwear is simply the best other rune of this page, and we don't need anything else. This rune allows us to focus more on items and delay our boots for a faster and stronger powerspike.

Biscuit Delivery: As mentioned above, this is a runepage focused on laning phase power, and this rune is THE laning rune. The ammount of extra pressence it allows us to have is amazing.

Popular rune choices:

Ultimate hunter: It's not worth taking it because Senna is not really reliant on Dawning Shadow. It's true that Senna's Ultimate has a lot of cooldown, but losing Precision tree for a couple more ultimates is not worth.

Triumph: Ignoring that this rune scales with Max HP (and Senna has the second lowest), it is also meant to be very Skirmish/Bruiser heavy since it allows you to sustain better throughout the whole fight. If Senna wants a defensive rune, Overheal Will be better, since it she's most likely either at full health, or dead/out of combat; you cannot afford to have survivality dependent on getting takedowns. Besdies, if you're using this row, Presence of Mind will almost always outvalue both.

Cheap Shot: While it looks good on paper, when compared to Taste of Blood you realize that the latter is better (Not by a lot, but still better). They both look to gain early advantages, one via damage and the other via healing, but ToB scales infinitely better and it is easier to proc.


Demolish: You outrange its proc range starting at level 1, so it's awkward to use from the start. Besides, the value of Font of Life in a health stacking build is too good to pass up.
In this chapter I will talk about the reason behind each item in all of her builds and how they synergize with Senna, as well as some other popular (but not necessarily good) alternatives.

ADC/Fasting Crit Build:

Core items:

Stormrazor - Highest AD Noonquiver item, AD scaling damage.

Simply the best Noonquiver item for Senna. It has the highest AD of them all, and its passive has AD scaling. Kraken Slayer has too little AD, and Statikk Shiv has been nerfed to oblivion. There are better 1-item powerspikes, but this item is used for a more slower gameplan (killing tanks).

Infinity Edge - High AD, better crits.

Senna has free crit, this item makes your crit strikes stronger, alongisde giving a lot of AD, it's that simple. There are better 2-item powerspikes, but this item is used for a more slower gameplan (killing tanks).

Opportunity - Cheap lethality.

After Youmuu's Ghostblade's nerfs in 14.3, I prefer this item as your cheap lethality option. Opportunity has always dealt more damage than it, but its added survivability + econ was better in comparison, and that's exactly what it got nerfed. This limits your ability to be a proper tank killer later in the game, so it's not built every game.

The Collector - Highest AD Noonquiver item, AD scaling damage.

Alongside Opportunity, the best 2 item powerspike. The Collector makes it so we can keep pushing our advantage with additional lethality, alongisde the crit chance that helps with a cleaner mid-game transition. This limits your ability to be a proper tank killer later in the game, so it's not built every game.

Support Marksman Build:

Core items:

Locket of the Iron Solari - Early resistances

This is a great tank item. it's really cheap and it makes you surprisingly tanky. The active is kind of insane, and because it also affects you, that's another extra tankiness. Another important part about this item is that the early tankiness is a great way to stack Mists consistently. It allows you to go more carelessly than you normally would (remember, Senna has the lowest base HP in the game), both helping to apply pressure in the lane and scaling. Senna doesn't need to push an early lead through damage or zoning the enemy botlane like a Xerath (she definetly can and will though), she just needs to hit her targets constantly, and early tankiness works the best.

Terminus - Botrk but better.

Having a DPS item after Locket of the Iron Solari (whether is this one or not) is fundamental to make this build work. A damage item helps us with a really strong transition to mid-game after collecting a ton of Mists thanks to the safe laning phase provided by Locket. Terminus is BiS in this build because it offers everything we could possibly want. AD, AS, ARP (+ on-hit magic damage + MP for even better tank-killing potential), alongside extra resistances which further synergize with Locket. Blade of the Ruined King used to be the best item here, but after the 14.1 nerfs, this item took the spot.

Support Lethality Build:

Core items:

Opportunity - Cheap lethality.

After Youmuu's Ghostblade's nerfs in 14.3, I prefer this item as your cheap lethality option. Opportunity has always dealt more damage than it, but its added survivability + econ was better in comparison, and that's exactly what it got nerfed. I prefer skipping Umbral Glaive because the item is not as strong as it once was and it currently feels very lucklaster after the 14.1 changes.

Support Tank Build:

Core items:

Heartsteel - Highest HP item

With Radiant Virtue being removed in 14.1, we're back to Heartsteel. Same principle as any item in the tank build. High HP, and/or benefits for having high HP, and this item has both.

Titanic Hydra - Standard HP + AD item. Special interaction.

After the huge 14.1 nerf to Spear of Shojin (which was the previous AD+HP standard item), I was forced to look for alternative. Titanic gives us the best AD+HP stats, although it's 200g more expensive than Shojin. The passive and active also makes this item GREAT. Bonus on-hit damage, good HP scalings and an AA reset is something that's worth spending 200 extra gold. The AA reset is specially interesting because besides having increased ratios, it has special interactions with Senna, like allowing us to instantly collect a Mist without Q orreduce the cooldown of our Q by 2 seconds in an instant.

True Support Build:

Core items:

Locket of the Iron Solari - Early resistances

This is a great tank item. it's really cheap and it makes you surprisingly tanky. The active is kind of insane, and because it also affects you, that's another extra tankiness. Another important part about this item is that the early tankiness is a great way to stack Mists consistently. It allows you to go more carelessly than you normally would (remember, Senna has the lowest base HP in the game), both helping to apply pressure in the lane and scaling. Senna doesn't need to push an early lead through damage or zoning the enemy botlane like a Xerath (she definetly can and will though), she just needs to hit her targets constantly, and early tankiness works the best.

Redemption - More utility, H&S power

Best way to tie this build together. The H&S power of the item increases pretty much every everything present in our champ, inventory and runes, while offering extra long range utility to the team at a cheap price. The HP also comes in handy to further increase the efficiency of Locket of the Iron Solari's resistances.

General items:

Bloodsong - AA Quest item

The most synergistic Quest item for Senna. It greatly benefits from constatly AAing and weaving in spells, and Senna is constantly doing these things. The effectt is also currently very overpowered. Note that you can proc this from a mile away with Piercing Darkness, that's another part of it's great power on Senna.

Celestial Opposition - Vs. Assassins

Giving up Bloodsong is rough, but some matches will simply not allow you to step up and AA everyone because of the risk of getting oneshotted, so this is where the item comes in handy.

Boots of Swiftness - Standard.

Situational boots when MS will make you survive more than standard resistance boots. Either the enemy team has a lot of skillshots, or they're very melee with not a lot of ways to get on top of you.

Plated Steelcaps - Vs. Physical damage or heavy AAs.

These boots should be considered your "default". It will practically always have value inside of SoloQ, specially in the botlane. Champs like Zed, Viego, Jax, Draven Pantheon get destroyed with these boots early on.

Mercury's Treads - Vs. Magic damage or heavy CC.

These boots are great if built in the correct match, it offers a lot of resistance against AP champions, or heavy CC (example of champions that get countered by these boots: Mordekaiser, Morgana, Malzahar, Ziggs, Leona).

Berserker's Greaves

After 13.4 AS ratio buff i believe these boots are viable on Senna. They are not as amazing to drop Swifties/Plated/Mercs completely, but it is good to consider them when you need to or are simply able to give up defensive boots to deal more DPS.

Stormrazor - Good stats with insane AD scaling effect.

Even though this item is meant to be a rush, and its quite good at that, for Senna this is an amazing item after your cores because of its AD scaling. No matter if you're building Lethality or DPS, if you build this item in mid-late game it will hit like a truck, on top of the burst MS.

Rapid Firecannon - Vs. Gap closers or deadly skillshots, special interactions.

This item works really good on Senna. The extra range helps with early survivability and it also helps to proc your Piercing Darkness slow from a long distance. This item shines with Senna's special interaction with it: Q range and hitbox gets bigger (since they scale with AA range), and you can AA+Q combo with one RFC charge (bug? either way it has been here since Senna's release, so almost 0% chance it gets "fixed").

Hubris - Stomp.

Item is just amazing for soloQ after the 14.1 hotfix. It's a good option after your core items if you're stomping or simply want more lethality. (IMPORTANT MISCONCEPTION: Earlier tooltip descriptions of the item stated that the effect only worked on kills, but that was wrong and was corrected after some time. It actually tracks assists too, meaning that's it's also an option if you're playing support).

Blade of the ruined king - Vs. tanks.

Although i don't normally recommend Lifesteal/Omnivamp items, Botrk is just busted. You will shred tanks and get access to extra utility with the super low CD slow. It's not recommended to build it in lethality build same as Wit's End since you will not make a lot of use of the passive extra damage.

Runaan's Hurricane - Great teamfight potential, special interaction.

This is a great item on Senna. Because of her long range, it's super easy to keep firing bolts and poke the enemy team down before they can fight. This item shines against melee heavy comps. Senna's special interaction with it is insane too: Since bolts counts as AAs, they each reduce Q CD by 1 additional second (up to 3 seconds per auto attack). This helps her to deal a lot of extra damge, as well as healing a lot of extra HP.

Phantom Dancer - Runaan's Hurricane alternative.

Alternative early Zeal item where Runaan's Hurricane will not be as efficient (You don't have a great range advantage, the enemy team will not be that close together in teamfights, etc).

Wit's End - Insane survivability, cheap and good DPS.

Adapting to the meta, Senna is surprisingly a good Wit's End user. This item is really broken, it grants a lot of hybrid damage, movement speed and basically free magic resist.

Lord Dominik's Regards - Vs. Armor.

This item really helps with tanks, and it's just a generally good late build. Giant Slayer passive is great on Senna since she's the 2nd lowest HP in the game.

Mortal Reminder - Vs. Healers.

Standar anti-heal item, try to never build this if you're not playing support.

Immortal Shieldbow

Decent item if you need survivality and your team can't peel you properly. It's the best combination of a damage and defensive item.

Guardian Angel - 1st option Vs. High AD damage

The standar marksmen defensive item, it helps a lot with AD assassins because of the armor and resurrect passive.

Frozen Heart - Vs. Melee AD and AS

Great item when you need the extra survivality against AD champs yourself or as a way to peel your priority targets because of its aura effect.

Randuin's Omen - Vs. Crit or Melee AD.

Alternative AR item for when the enemy team has either a lot of crit damage, or the slow can help you survive an AD threat.

Maw of Malmortius - Vs. Magic damage.

Standar defensive item against magic damage. Magic shield scales with AD so that's a great bonus for Senna.

Anathema's Chains - Vs. 1 enemy threat

Alternative defensive item for any role if there is only 1 scary threat in the enemy team. It works great if you've built other defensive items as it only grants health.

Knight's Vow - Supportive option for specific peel

Great item for Support (Tank and Hybrid only) Senna if you want to fully play around peeling a carry.

Spirit Visage - Vs. AP

This is a great item against AP champions. It provides with A LOT of MR, plus some nice extra healing to survive almost anything.

Mercurial Scimitar - Vs. Heavy/Undodgeable CC

Standar Marksmen item against Hard/Undodgeable CC.

Zhonya's Hourglass - 2nd option Vs. High AD damage

This is an alternative to Guardian Angel. It's a little tricky to explain when to take one over the other, but the first thing i would consider is wether i can use the active before i get killed. If the enemy team's AD damage threat is really hard to react (example: Shadow Assassin Kayn), or if they have a lot of CC, i wouldn't recommend Zhonyas.

Mikael's Blessing - vs. enemy CCs (peeler version).

If your team really needs it, you can build it.

Vigilant Wardstone - Standar Supp

This is a must buy if you are the support item in your team. It solves the problem of always carrying a pair of Control Wards in your inventory, with nice stats. Also, the extra wards passive (in both inventory and map) is extremely valuable.

Elixir of Wrath - Standar.

This is the standar marksman Elixir, it gives a lot of AD, and basically free sustain because you don't need more gold at that point of the match, so that doesn't matter.

Elixir of Iron - Additional defense.

This elixir is good if there is still a champion in the enemy team who can kill you like nothing, also the additional tenacity is a nice bonus.

Popular items:


After 14.1 this is not even a Lethality item anymore! No reason to even consider this. Never build this item.

Moonstone Renewer + Staff of Flowing Water

You heal for basically the same with any other build, except that you deal almost no damage and gets one shotted. Never buy these items.

Iceborn Gauntlet

This item is no longer a good purchase for Senna, as she already has a consistent slow on her Q, buying another one is not worth it. 12.22 UPDATE: It now builds out of Sheen, it's way worse now. Never build this item.

Sheen items

Any Sheen item is bad on Senna. They all scale with Base AD, and she's stuck with 50 throughout the whole match, because of her passive. Buying a Sheen item is significantly weaker on Senna compared to every other champion. Never build a Sheen item.

Dead man's plate

Some people build this item as an alternative to Black Cleaver when the enemy team doesn't have enough armor. It looks like a good idea, but the item is generally trash, and it additionally scales with Base AD, same deal as Sheen items. Never buy this item.

Support Crit Build

The build is crazy expensive, expect to start dealing damage at +25 minutes into the match, and most matches are already decided by that point. Also, your team does not need another squishy DPS carry. Never go for this build.

Support Manamune

As i've noted in quite a lot of other chapters, Senna does not need Manamune's high mana because the support item already gives enough of it. If you build it because of the high AD, you're better with something like Umbral Glaive or Serpent's Fang. Never go for this item as support

Guinsoo's Rageblade

The most important part about this item was its crit scaling, which got removed in 14.1. It's now a standard on-hit item that Senna simply doesn't want. Never go for this build.
Summoner spells
In this chapter i will talk about the standar summoner's spells for Senna, as well as some other popular (but not necessarily good) ones.

Main spells:

Flash: This is the best summoner spell in the game, by far. It can be used both aggressively and defensively, and can be used with other abilities (mostly Last Embrace and Dawning Shadow) to create unpredictable situations for the enemy team. Not taking this summoner spell is trolling.

Barrier: This is the standar summoner spell for support, because double Heal is a bad option. it helps for general survivability. If your ADC doesn't go Heal, consider picking it if you don't need Exhaust.

Heal: This is the standar summoner spell for farming and fasting. It helps for 2v2 early fights and for late game survivability. Go for this if you don't need Exhaust or Cleanse

Exhaust: This is a good alternative. It is meant to counter assassins and skirmishers. Against these champions it's always more valuable than Heal, since it shuts down burst damage.

Ghost: Great alternative in matches where Movement Speed will make a great difference. It can be used both defensively (to disengage from a fight, to avoid a gank, etc) and aggressively (to chase down a target, to have better kite, etc).

Cleanse: This is a great summoner spell meant to counter heavy CC ( Ashe, Leona, etc.) or any undodgeable CC ( Twisted Fate, Annie, etc.). I always prioritize this over Exhaust since being CCd means that anyone can burst me down anyways. (avoid using this when playing support, unless you when don't need neither Heal nor Exhaust)

Popular spell:

Ignite: This is NOT a good summoner on Senna, doesn't matter the role. If you are at Ignite range, you are poorly positionated.
In this chapter I will show every ability of Senna, as well as giving general information and tips.

Passive - Absolution

Ability full description

In a nutshell, Senna's auto attacks have reduced attack speed, deal reduced crit damage, doesn't use a proyectile, gives her movement speed and deal additional on-hit damage. Hitting an enemy champion with an auto attack or damaging ability 2 times grants Senna a Mist stack. Each Mist stack gives 0.75 AD, and gives 20 range an 10% Crit chance per 20 Mists (excess crit chance grants Lifesteal instead, up to 35%). Mists can also appear when a unit dies near Senna (chance is different for each unit, also affects if Senna is the killer.)

General tips:

  • This is the most important ability in Senna's kit, since you don't have AD per level, it's important to have a high Mist per Minute ratio. 4 Mists per Minute (40 mists at 10 minutes. 100 mists at 25 minutes) when Fasting, and 2.5 Mists per Minute (40 mists at 16 minutes. 100 mists at 40 minutes) when Farming are good indicators that you're doing good.
  • 40 Mists is a generous powerspike since you gain a lot of gold worth from stats (~1500 gold) and the 40 additional range makes you a much scarier threat.
  • You can lifesteal out of Mist wraiths
  • Ally champions who kill minions with Relic Shield or Steel Shoulderguards are considered killed by Senna for Mist Spawn Chance purposes.

Q - Piercing Darkness

Ability full description

When to use:

This is your main ability, you use it to trade, for high DPS and huge healings in teamfights. If you have enough range you can pretty much hit all 10 champions with every Q, so think about your positioning.

General tips:

  • You should constantly AA anything (if minions, make sure you don't mess up the wave for your ADC) because it reduces Q cooldown, allowing you to trade more oftne
  • This ability can reduce its own cooldown when used against: Enemy turrets, enemy champions, jungle plants and enemy wards, meaning if you Q into AA against any of this things you will reduce 2 seconds of cooldown in no time.
  • This ability cannot reduce its own cooldown when used against: Ally turrets, ally champions, ally and enemy minions, ally wards, jungle monsters (dragons, buffs, small camps) and mist wraiths.
  • If you hit your Q against both a target that reduces its own cooldown and one that doesn't, regardless of target, it will still reduce it.
  • If your Q hit multiple enemy champions, it will reduce its own CD by 1 second for each enemy champion hit
  • You can use Q to clear enemy wards faster
  • Sheen and other on-hit effects procs based on enemy Spawn ID.
  • This ability is currently BUGGED (13.19 last check): If you use it while channeling Dawning Shadow the Q will go towards the ultimate's angle, not the Q target.

W - Last embrace

Ability full description

When to use:

This ability is just a generic CC, you can use it to escape, lock a target, follow up a target or opening a follow up to your allies. You can also use this ability when warding to check brushes without risk.

General tips:

  • You can W + Flash, the ability will be casted to target location from after-flash position. There is a bug that, when timed correctly, will make your W projectile look like its going from pre-flash position, but its hitbox is actually from after-flash position, making it look like it goes through enemies and suddenly hits a random target.
  • You can look to kill a low hp minion close to an enemy champion with W to surprise them with an instant root
  • Malzahar's Void Shift will block W damage, but not the root (as long as he is the main target).

E - Curse of the black mist

Ability full description

When to use:

This ability is the most tricky ability to correctly use.In the early game, you can use it to chase, you can use it when your duo is walking from base towards the lane to surprise the enemy, you can walk towards river and bring your jungler to an easy gank, you can use to scape ganks/all-ins ( Ashe can't kill you without Enchanted Crystal Arrow if you have E for example).

In late game you can use it to catch isolated enemies with a teammate, or it can be used as an overall pressure since the enemy team don't have any information. This ability is super flexible! how you use it will make a huge difference between a noob Senna and an experienced one.

General tips:

  • This ability is a big part of why Senna is annoying to play against, you can hide your whole team before a teamfight so the enemy team can't engage on anyone.
  • In the early game, you can trick the enemy botlane by walking to the sides while your duo walks towards them to engage. (HIGH COORDINATION REQUIRED)
  • Control Wards reveal you. after leaving the ward's area, you will be revealed for an additional 1.75 seconds before camouflaging again
  • If there is a Control Ward out of vision while in E, it will be revealed, so you can take it without risk.
  • You can use this ability when warding to get that extra survivability and movement speed, since squishy champions struggle to ward without being in heavy danger.
  • This ability is currently BUGGED (13.7 last check): Seemingly random abilities can target you even when you're camouflaged. Instances that i have found: Katarina's Shunpo, Nami's Ebb and Flow, Zyra's plants, Aphelios' Onslaught.

R - Dawning shadow

Ability full description

When to use:

You want to use this ability in teamfights where you can hit the most amount of champions. It has a huge cooldown, so try to save it when close to important objectives.

Since it's global, you can also use it to snipe any enemy who got out with 1 HP. You need good coordination / high map awareness.

General tips:

  • This ability DOES NOT DAMAGE ANYTHING BESIDE CHAMPIONS. Don't try to steal objectives.
  • The shield scales with total number of mists.
  • You can R + Flash. The ability will always shoot from the original cast position. Senna will face towards the same original direction, but if you time it perfectly, she will actually face towards the blink direction (similar to Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage + Flash combo). So use it to trick enemies (very situational)
In this chapter I will show main combos that you should know to make this champion easier. Keep in mind that Senna is not a combo oriented champion and these are just simple things.

AA + Q - Basic trading/poking combo

You will use this combo A LOT in laning phase. It's an easy combo meant to deal decent damage and collect a mist from the enemy.

Q + AA - basic long range trading/poking combo

This is a variation of the first combo, it's meant to use your Q to its full potential by using it on minions and hit an enemy at max range, then follow up with the AA for the mist.

W + Q - Basic mid range pickup combo

This is an easy combo meant to catch opponents by casting W with an immediate Q for the slow. You can start hitting AAs after that

Ward + Q - Advanced long range pickup/finisher combo

This combo can be used with 2 purposes. First, you can use this combo to catch an enemy at max range with Q's slow, and you can also use it to kill an enemy out of range.

W + Ward + Q - Advanced long range pickup combo

This is also a combo to lock champions out of range. You W at max range, and then Ward+Q to slow them for an easy W hit.

W + Q + AA + R - Advanced mid range execute combo

This is the most damaging combo. It's used to burst down a single target (or more if your W roots multiple enemy champions). Try to use AAs every time you can for maximum damage. Be sure to time your R when the enemy is rooted, as they could use Flash or any mobility spell at the last second to dodge it.
In this chapter I will explain Senna's synergy with different classes of champions.


By far Senna's best synegry. They are very forgiving so ranged enemies will not be as punishing as it looks. They also carry a lot of CC abilities so they can peel Senna in case of assassins or bad early trades. Their high resistances make Senna's healing more effective.


Also a really good synergy. they usually have great built-in sustain so ranged enemies are not a problem either. Their all-in is better compared to tanks but they struggle to get on top of the enemy botlane.


Overall an effective synergy. They can keep up with the range of the enemy botlane. They have a decent early game but without a lot of kill pressure.


Also a solid defensive option. they are made to help other teammates so there's no adaptaion problems. And it may doesn't look like, but supports with full wave income can be very scary opponents. You will not have a lot of damage in the early game, but you have will have great teamfight potential.


Terrible synergy. They are meant to deal DPS and have no tools to help teammates. If you want to play alongside a marksmen, play support.


By far the worst synergy for Senna. They get destroyed by a ranged botlane, they have no tools to help teammates, and they have really different objectives compared to Senna. Never pair these 2 together
Fasting Tier list

This is a Tier list of Senna's best Fasting duos. It is all in order, meaning that if a champions is above another in the same category, it is better in my opinion. I will now explain every tier:

S - Best

Best champions for Fasting Senna. Conformed by champions with good utility, damage, and tankiness and some specials interactions. If you want to climb with someone playing Fasting, you should start learning at least 1 of these champions.

A - Good

Still really strong picks, but not as good as the first tier. This champions are still an amazing pair with Senna but they might have a problem or two keeping them out of the "Best" tier, like not having enough peel, not having a good wave management or struggling against a double ranged botlane.

B - Average

As the name says, just average picks. The synergy is there, but it's nothing amazing. Some of this champions may feel outclassed by other above them, or they have some problems that are too noticeable to place them in a tier from above. I don't recommend trying to learn a champion from this list, but they're playable if you already now the champs.

C - Below Average

Niche picks. They work but with a lot of problems. Should be saved for specific situations or if you find the champions fun to play.

Matchups Sheet

It's finally here!

Sorry for taking so long, but i wanted to make it right (It has gotten like 3 mayor overhauls before the actual release, lol). Right now (13.9) it's only for Support Senna, but i'm still working on ADC and Fasting. (13.19 UPDATE: Currently NOT updated, but the main idea behind builds, and specially the tips to play each matchup still holds to this date.)

I have a Changelog in which i explain my future plans each update, so be sure to check that if you have any questions.

Anyways, enjoy! Click the text below to access it.

TheMistCollector's Senna Matchups Sheet

Item sets
Here is all my item sets to make your life easier on the rift! :D (Note: Most active items are set to a specific key that i personally use; you'll have to manually change it to the keys that you most like, or fully unbind them.)

Farming Crit

Click Here

Fasting Crit

Click Here

Support Lethality

Click Here

Support Marksman

Click Here

Support Tank

Click Here

True Support

Click Here
Early game

General tips

At the start of the match, do not stay for the Mist after leashing your jungler, unless they clear insanely fast, like a 3 box shaco.

After backing, if you find your jungle clearing Gromp (red side) or Krugs (blue side) you can go near them to get free mists.

I do not recommend using E to get to lane faster. The cooldown is way to big, it's important to have it up when needed (also the MS is not even that big).

In a straight line of enemy minions, and at 0 extra range, Qing the first caster, or the cannon in a cannon wave, will make Piercing Darkness hit all minions for a faster push.

If you start fighting a 2v2, always try to hit all 3 champions with your Q to get the most value out of it.

You can kill a low HP minion with W to root enemies close to it to make an unexpected engage

You can use E to help your jungler gank (or your midlaner if they roam) for an easy and deadly surprise to the enemy botlane.

You can also use E if your botlane partner is coming to the lane after they backed to hide them and opening up an easy engage.

A tricky thing you can do with E is to approach the enemy botlane alone to scare them into thinking you have an ally with you, so they're forced to retreat. You can use this to get some farm or to regain control of the lane while your botlane partner is not present.


Your early game is generally bad, but it's super safe because of your range and self-peel. Your objective in this time of the match is to use your range to safely farm, or to poke down the enemy botlane whenever possible. Your safest way to poke as ADC is to Q a minion (ally or enemy) to hit an enemy out of range, to then follow up with an easy AA because of the slow and Approach Velocity.

Fasting and Support

Your early game is quite decent, but you can really struggle against counter picks. Your main objective in this time of the match is to poke, poke and poke. Poke whenever you can to get tons of mists and gold. Constantly harass the enemy ADC when they try to last hit a minion. Your Q is really powerful when trading, you can force an AA trade with the enemy ADC, then using your Q to heal his damage, while dealing a bit more to them. As Fasting Senna you can take 1-2 melee minions per wave additonally for the best gold-mist balance. As support, try to never use the execute minion passive of World Atlas and its evolution since you will hurt your mist spawn chances by doing so (the only scenario I would purposefully use it is if my ADC would otherwhise lose the farm). You can also use the Q+AA combo in hard matchups to get an easy mist out of range.
For Support only, you also want to roam, but less compared to any support, since Senna likes to stay just a bit more on lane because of her Mists. I usually roam when:
  • I'm in base and my ADC is dead/gone, i'll just walk to another lane or river.
  • An objective is up and my jungler wants to contest, either herald or drake i'll be there.
  • I'm in botlane and i can't gain vaule from anywhere there because of an enemy freeze or similar, i'll walk to midlane, or if it doesn't look gankable, i'll go deep ward the enemy jungle.
Mid game

General tips

Senna's mid game has a little problem: since the laning phase is over, there is no way of getting consistent Mists per Minute. The map below shows places where you can be to get mists from both the camp and the wave if it's crashing near the spot. Blue and Red are the colors of the team, but you can use the opposite if the map has enough pressure. Yellow dots are places where you can get mists from multiple camps if allies are clearing them, not really dependant of waves.

It might sound like niche information, but i assure you, it happens a lot more than you probably think.

Besides the mists issues, Senna has a solid mid game because you already have a decent range to be a scary threat, and also because of your big impact in objective teamfights and skirmishes.


Your midgame should be strong, with Kraken+Guinsoo you deal quite a lot of damage from a safe distance. Your main objective in this time of the match is to set up lanes for Dragon or Herald, without risking your life. Don't overextend to push one more wave, your team will probably lose the objective fight without you. Also remember to ward, it's not only the support's job.
With the Lethality build this is your strongest point (besides hyper late game), but in a different way. You're not that good in skirmishes and teamfights because your DPS is not that high, but what you can do is harass the enemies in-betweem fights with your spells without having to commit, since you have better burst damage than the crit build, so that they can never enter a fight at full health. Use the same tricks of poking in the early game to damage the opponent over and over again when they go to push a lane, or when you find them in the jungle.

Support and Fasting

Your midgame should be strong, whatever build you're using, with the amount of mists that you have collected, you're super strong in healing and dealing DPS from a safe distance. Your main objetive in this time of the match is to set up wards and clearing enemy wards arround river and the Dragon/Baron pit when they're about to spawn. You can also help other laners to push lanes faster or to win map priority. If needed, you can back to get pinks and reset your support item, it doesn't matter if you don't have anything else to buy. try to avoid being in a lane by your own, you can die pretty easily.
Read the ADC/Farming last bit to understand more what you have to do in the Mid game when you play with the Lethality build when Fasting.
Late game

General tips

Your late game is awesome, so much damage, so much healing, so much RANGE. You're a monster, and you should play like one. And no, i'm not saying you go all-in 1v5, just play safe like any other ADC, keep your distance of assassins and any close range threat, and keep yourself alive for as long as you can, while dealing insane DPS.

Farming/ADC, Fasting and Support

Same as Mid Game, but with a much stronger teamfight potential, if you die by overextending or poor warding, your team will lose the most important champion of the match, and will probably lose the game. Don't get excited for beign a damage monster, you're still a piece of paper, and everyone wants to shut you down.
With the Lethality build you're not that much of a monster, you're damage will fall off considerably in teamfights. Poke as much as you can in-between fights to get an advantage, but it's going to be a lot harder compared to mid-game.
Last bit of info and Conclusion
phew, that was a ride, i swear i could talk about this champion for hours. In fact, this guide was started in January (2021), i had a couple issues with coding at the start, and a couple of breaks in between, but it's still a lot of time, i really feel like i said everything that i know.

JK! here is a list of quick minor information
  • True Damage Senna and Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna both grant a small advanatage: The mists on the ground will drastically change colors when about to expire.
  • Always start with Q when hitting towers, you will have more DPS that way.
  • When using Q in a tower, try to line up with other teammates to heal them.
  • Using Q to pick an out-of-range mist on the ground in bad matchups is worth.
  • Allies and enemies can dodge your Q if they're fast enough or if they use a mobility spell.

Ok, now i think that's everything i know. Feel free to discuss anything you disagree in the comments, and one of us will learn something about it. Also remember to vote if you enjoyed the guide :D

Bye!~ ^^
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