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3's TT Morgana AP off Tank

Last updated on October 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Skilling Order
This is generally what i run in skilling order unless the other team is based on heavy caster or strong cc that could potentially kill me or an ally. the other way i go is
1.bind 2.soil 3.soil.4.shield.5.soil 6.ult and then carry on to priority ult->soil->bind->shield

Core Build
I start with boots and 1hp 1 mana pot.
following tear of goddess as soon as i have 9xx gold
then sorc shoes
then i go zhonya starting with needlessly large rod and then blasting wand
ending with archangel

this is my core sorc shoes, tear-archangel, zhonya
following that i go either void staff or abyssal depending on opposing team comp. lot of ap users on either sides i go with abyssal from there you should be owning as this is a 3's match and you don't have that much money unless its a long turtle game. in which i just keep building archangels as the ap stacks pretty nicely

Play style
early game
everyone should know morgana's combo simple soil and bind, but if your not a good shot go bind then soil. going soil first then bind allows for them to sulk in the full duration of the soil. and auto attack then back to last hitting.
During the early stage of the game you will be VERY mana deficient, so i generally just last hit until i get about lvl3 where my combo does more dmg. as long as you are landing them giving them that 3 lvls at the start is no problem. you can easily get them low after deny them of xp by standing behind their creeps etc. it works out good for you because by just last hitting from lvl 1-3 and not using your abilities the creep front will be from your tower to mid. once you get lvl soil you can start farming the back row caster creeps with your soil just cast and then will die. naturally the creep front will start pushing towards the enemy tower, which again is perfect. keep an eye out for the enemies on the bottom and make sure they are there, do not rely on mia cuz the map is so small you can easily get ganked if your not careful. once you hit lvl 6 you should be ready to blue pill buy and buy tear of the goddess. your mana will not be infinite, but it will be enough for battles. by lvl 6-8 you should start ganking when the opportunity comes.
by this point in the game hopefully you landed some kills and farmed whenever you could. having the core build is vital to off tank and do some major dmg. generally in team fights people say casters should stay in the back. yes that is true, BUT once the fight engages cast binding to allow your partners to engage and start the fight. next you follow in right behind acting like a nub, quickly cast soil on yourself or near you where you think the enemy will stand, and obviously you become the primary target. if they have cc its best for you to cast a shield on you before you do this. once they start bashing on you and you can nail all 3 with your ult cast it wait a bit for your health to get mid lvl pop zhonya. if they are smart they will run and once again you are safe. if they keep attacking you, well your 2nd stun will proc and this is where you make your exit and let your teammates clean up. if they chase you bind soil. if they run hopefully you have ghost, activate and stay close but not too close, let your ult proc the 2nd cast soil, then bind and then run again. no matter how the battle plays out morgana gets away safe :) as long as your allies know who they should and shouldn't be hitting. IE tanks.

this is a simple guide i made for my morgana play style for twisted treeline. I would not say its the best, but its pretty effective in 3's. landing kills does not always happen i generally get a lot of assists, but its ok as long as you farm farm farm when you get the chance. please rate it as i'd like to start seeing 3's player guides as itemizing in 3's is a lil different from 5's as the games are shorter and the choices you make on items are vital.