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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheJasMeister

4.9 New Kha'Zix New OP

TheJasMeister Last updated on June 5, 2014
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4.9 Kha'Zix Nerf/Buff

Hello , I am sure you have heard about the 4.9 Patch and the nerf to KhaZix in it . You may think he is completely useless , but I shall prove you wrong.

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I reccomend :
Armor Penetration Marks ( Reds )
Armor Seals ( Yellows )
Scaling Magic Resist vs AD Jungle Flat Magic Resist VS AP Jungle Glyphs ( Blues )
Armor Penetration Quints

Armor Pen will hurt you early , but will make you a COMPLETELY unstoppable force mid to late and maybe early game if you get some early kills.

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Masteries I reccomend just a basic AD page. No need for the reduce monster damage , but if you want you can change it up a little.

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I reccomend items that will be enhancing your auto attack damage due to the buff on his q where when you evolve it you get bonus damage on auto attacks too.

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Skill Sequence

Get W level 1 then get Q then E then get another point in Q then start maxing W
Evolve Q first if you have a lead W if you need the CC and clear.
Then W or Q second depending what you evolved first
Then Evolve E last because with Youmuus and 50% slow , you wont need a long range gap closer.

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I like using Smite and Flash , but you can replace Flash for something like Ignite or Exhaust

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Pros / Cons

Does LOTS of damage and armor cant counter all the damage if you have a Wit's End
Has a lot of CC and catchup potential
Very fast clears
Countered by Thornmail passive
Can be kited if enemy has QSS or Cleanse or something that removes slows
Slow can be negated with a spell shield effect

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Start at the bottom side of your jungle to get the best leash because you have 2 bot and only 1 top , you should let your mid get early xp and also so they can tell where you started from seeing where the mid laner came from .
Keep farming until you have a feral flare or until you are confident you can get a kill from a gank.
Then just keep snowballing by buying wards to see where enemies are and get kills off them until it is time to seige
4.9 Kha has a very strong seiging power due to the W clear. Keep doing this and snowballing your lead and you will for sure win.


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