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4rch3r's guide to WW domination

Last updated on April 5, 2012
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HELLO and welcome to my first build here at mobafire for Warwick the hungry hungry hippo... I mean puppy... I mean wolf! But anyways, as Warwick you hopefully know to always nom them to death :3 You'll see what I mean as I attempt to explain the ins and outs of this deceptively complicated champion.

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Item-wise for Warwick you are trying to minimize cooldown times as quickly as possible while become an unkillable machine (through armor and magic resist). This will allow you to get in close to the enemy and shake off the damage they deal, so you can Q and R them repeatedly. Also, this means that the amount the Q heals you for (80% of 20% of your opponent's health [+15% from spirit visage] is even more significant!). The void staff is to penetrate the puny defenses your enemies desperately throw in your path. IT IS NOT FOR THE AP!!! You are attempting to utilize q's effect where it deals 20% of the opponent's health! Yes, you are dealing 20%** without a single point of AP! **(yea, yea ignoring magic resist but still with void staff it's a good 10-15%)

Build AD/AP
Many people try to say "Well I want AD or AP to deal more damage 4rch3r!" They make a good point AD is alright... it's not bad. The scaling for his ult is 2.0 so it's pretty high, but without the given cooldown items, you have to wait a very long in between ults as well as less Q spam. Autoattack-wise it's just mediocre as there are many champs that can go AD and to reemphasize: you lose out on the cooldown reduction you get from the given build. AP is 100% bad now. There is no reason to build ap since you essentially saying "Screw dealing 20% of their health... I can build AP and do more damage!!11!!" Lets be honest dude, you can't. Sorry. "BUT IT RAPES!11!" NOPE GTFO of this guide then.

Hopefully I've successfully crushed your whims of trollful glee... Goodbye.

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Attack damage reds are good for last hitting and 1v1 situations.
Armor and MR blues and yellows are great for early defense.
I just like a smidgen of attack speed because if I feel up to it I sometimes buy a wits end early.

These runes are to just get you to late game! Remember you almost always win late game 100% so if you don't die top, it's essentially a win for you.

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Skill Sequence

Essentially you max Q since it's your main damage dealer. W is incredibly handy early because of your passive lifesteal and damage. Also a handy little trick with W is that you can steal big wraith if you're bot and their jungler is blue dependant without help. This can give you level 2 in one creep wave which can let you 1v1 basically anyone. Level R every time for cooldown decrease.

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Ranked Play

Warwick ganks the mid and jungle extremely well from top lane.
Mid ganks go 1 of two ways:
1) Enemy mid is pushed to tower - WHO CARES FLASH OVER WRAITH WALL AND ULT FOR KILL
2) Enemy mid is pushing/semipushed - Walk through side brush and (flash) ult TRY TO NOT WASTE FLASH

Jungle ganks:
Ward wraith bush or red bush
Wait for jungler to be halfway started
Ping to mid/jungle like crazy to follow
Try to save ult until your teammates arrive (it's a stun not a massive damage dealer)

I generally discourage ganking bot since it puts you down a ton of farm and generally the other top pushes your tower in. This means that even dragon isn't really worth a tower (perhaps a 1+ kills and dragon would be though!)

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Pros / Cons

Best lategame tank
Decent cc
Best out-of-position catcher (Yes better than skarner [range op])
Weaker early game
Somewhat team dependant
Low attack damage