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5 (13 (14)) vs 5 game

Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Annie Build

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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1

sorry for my bad english xD

this build there are champions which have spell where you can get MORE help

annie + tibbers = 2
heimerdinger + 2 turret = 3
mordekaiser + soul of enemy = 2
shaco + clone = 2
yorick + w and e and r = 4
= 13

the reason why yorick have 4(1) is because q is really short

annie: ap, hp
heimer: ap, hp
morde: tank
shaco: dps or ap or ad
yorick: hp, ad

its funny because for example

tibbers, soul from enemy, clone from shaco and r from yorick can go push
heimer make 2 turrent behind
and you can stay behind turrent

Guide Top

Pros / Cons

- funny
- team have stun and slow
- "more player"
- you can controll for example tibbers
- for example tibbers, you can push with him and you can stay behind
- morde, yorick and heimer can do solo lane, so shaco can jungle
- if shaco have much atack speed so he can make backdoor with clone and push fast
- morde and yorick cover

- not really funny if you are in the other team xD
- if you not can play them so you feed fast
- if the enemy aim heimer and shaco first, so you cant make much dmg vs tanks
- if morde play ap, you make more dmg in teamfights but your team can die faster and more simply

Guide Top

Chapter 3

there are many bad and good things and you you have t play
you have to look after the other team
because for example if olaf is in the other team he has ulti, so he can kill fast the weakest
or vs caitlyn, you have only shaco who can run fast to her and kill her
so it is different how you have to play

thx for read :D


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