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Volibear Build Guide by guider123

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League of Legends Build Guide Author guider123

[5.13] Volibear - The Flawless Bear Boss [Jungle] (In-Depth

guider123 Last updated on July 6, 2015
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Hello i'm Guider. I'm a Plat IV player and Volibear carried me to Plat :)

Welcome to my very first guide. In my very first guide I like to make a Volibear guide. With Voibear, you can go to the Top Lane or Jungle. But in this guide. I take Jungler role.

Volibear is my one of the favorite champions in the League. He has a netural tankyness from his passive. Has too much damage with his W and R. Has too much CC with his E and Q . And has a nice dance too.

This champion is so easy to play. You don't need any special tactics for this champion. But if you needed, I'll learn you something. Hope you like it guys :)

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Pros / Cons

+ Too much damage without items
+ Netural tank due to his passive
+ Good ganks
+ Strong in Team Fights
+ Lane Bully
+ High Early Game damage
- Passive is useless when you get Ingite
- Damage falls down in Late Game
- Doing nothing, when he get CC like Stun,Snare...
- Easy to be kited
- AA reliant champion
- Not dealing too much damage to tanks.

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Champion Abilities

Chosen Of The Storm
Regenerate HP by a percentage of your maximum HP over 6 seconds
Basically, when your HP drops %30 of your Maximum HP, you'll regenerate %30 of your Maximum HP over 6 seconds. If you in a Team Fight, this ability is so useful. In Team Fights, you need to peel all the damage from enemy team for secure ADC and APC for win the Fights. But when you are Ignite'd or Morellonomicon's passive ability is affected you, this abilty is being useless. If enemy team has Ignite and Morellonomicon be carefull at Team Fights. You could be die instantly.

Rolling Thunder
Increases your Movement Speed by a percentage and your next AA dealing bonus pyhsical damage and fling the target behind you
It's Volibear's first ability and main tool for ganking lanes. When this ability activated your Movement Speed increases by %15. But if you moving towards the enemy champion the Movement Speed increase by %30/%35/%40/%45/%50 instead of %15. But it's not end with Movement Speed bonus. Your next AA during this time is dealing 30/60/90/120/150 bonus physical damage and fling your target behind you. In Team Fights, you go for the enemy ADC and fling it to the center of your Team. It's a critical play. Be carefull.

Passive: Gains Attack Speed after an AA by a percentage. Stacking up to 3 times. Active: While has 3 stacks, activate to bite the enemy. Deals physical damage. Stack won't consumed. If the target is a monster refunds half of the cooldown
This is Volibear's second ability and tool for dealing damage. This ability has a Passive and Active ability. Passive ability is after an AA your Attack Speed increases %8/%11/%14/%17/%20 percentage. This ability stacking up to 3 times and lasts for 4 seconds. When this abilty is activated Volibear bites target champion. Deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+%15 of his bonus HP) pyhsical damage to the target enemy. This damage will be turn increase by %1 of for every %1 of the target's missing HP. When this ability is used on a jungle monster, refunds the half of the cooldown. This is pretty usefull for clearing jungle camps.

Majestic Roar
Deals magic damage and slows your opponents by a percentage for 3 seconds. Minions, monsters and pets ( Annie's Tibbers, Shaco's Clone...) are feared instead of slowed for the duration.
This abilty is the tool for ganking as well. Nearby enemy champions takes 60/105/150/195/240 (%60 AP) magic damage and slowed by %30/%35/%40/%45/%50 for 3 seconds. But minions, monsters and pets ( LeBlanc's mirror image, Wukong's Decoy are another examples) are feared for the duration instead of slow. In Team Fights, try to slow all of the enemies. This slow making it difficult for enemies to kill friend ADC or APC.

Thunder Claws
For next 12 seconds, your AA's bounce up to 3 nearby enemies and dealing magic damage both of them.
This ability is Volibear's damage dealing tool as well. For next 12 seconds, your every AA bounce up to 3 nearby enemies and dealing 75/115/155 (+%30 AP) magic damage to 3 nearby enemies. But this ability is pretty useful at Team Fights. Save this ability until 3v3 or 5v5 Team Fights.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Maxing out Frenzy 1st for dealing damage and gaining Attack Speed from it's passive. And this ability is most usefull ability from any other 4 of these abilities.

Maxing out Majestic Roar second for dealing damage and slowing opponents. It's make easy to ganking and dealing damage to your opponents.

Maxing out Rolling Thunder last. This ability isn't usefull than any other abilities. But, if you maxed out this ability, this ability is significantly increase your all-in potential.

Give points to Thunder Claws everytime. It's your Ultimate Ability.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Health

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Now, I'll tell you very basically, why I'm using this masteries...


Fury : +%5 Attack Speed. For clearing jungle camps faster.
Brute Force : +10 AD at 18. Not a good mastery. For unlocking Martial Mastery and Late Game scale.
Butcher : +2 damage to monsters with AA's and Abilities. For clearing jungle camps faster.
Martial Mastery : +4 AD. For increasing your damage output.


Block : Reduce the damage from enemy AA's by 2. For more survivability.
Swiftness : Reduce the slows by %15. For reducing CC.
Tough Skin : Reduce the damage from monsters by 2. For more survivability in jungle.
Unyielding : Reduce the all kinds off damage from enemies by 2. For survivability.
Veteran Scars : +36 HP. For more survivability and increasing damage output.
Tenacious : Reduce the duration of CC by %10. For reducing CC.
Juggernaut : +%3 Maximum HP. For Late Game scale and increasing damage output.
Perseverance: Regen %1 of missing HP every 5 seconds. For unlocking Second Wind.
Second Wind: Increase HP Regen by %10 when below %25 HP. Good combination with passive.
Enchanted Armor : Increases bonus Armor and MR by %7.5. For Late Game scale.
Legendary Guardian : +3 Armor and MR for each nearby enemy champion. For survivability in Team Fights.

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Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk: Every tank junglers takes this item. This item is one of the most powerful items in the League. I really like this item. Espically Stalkers Blade.

Righteous Glory: With Volibear, you must go faster and take enemy target to your behind and kill it. You must do this if you want to be usefull. This item'll helps you so much.

Randuin's Omen: Any tank champion is rushing this. In my opinion this item is the most OP defensive item in the League. Go rush it.

Spirit Visage: Gives you Hp, MR, CDR and a passive with a good combination with your passive. It is the item all the Volibear needs (escept armor).

Frozen Heart Has CDR, Mana, Armor and a passive ability. It's passive ability is all nearby champions Attack Speed is decreases by %15. This item is a nightmare for ADCs.

Thornmail: Gives you 100 Armor and a passive ability. On being hit by standard attacks, returns 30% of damage taken before armor as magic damage. A minimum of 15 damage must be received. Mmm... Not bad.

Basnhee's Veil: A nice MR item. It gives you good HP as well. And his passive is next ability don't affect you. So good item to have. I really llike this item but i don't take it unless enemy has 2 or more AP champions.

Locket Of The Iron Solari: Very good choice to help your teammates. It gives you HP as well. And MR for every teammate around you. And a little bit shield. It's nice.

Trinity Force: Very good choice for Volibear. If Volibear has a Trinity Force, his damage is greatly increase. No one'll stop this bear. Too much damage, but less defense.

Warmog's Armort Gives you chunk of HP, and a passive HP Regen buff. A little bit good combination with passive.

Frozen Mallet: Gives you HP and AD and a passive slow. Every AA slow your opponent %40 for 1.5 seconds. No one will get away from you (except Master Yi).

Ohmwrecker: In any dive situation, this item helps you a lot. And this item gives you good amount of HP and Armor either. Not a bad item...

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the most usefull and most frequently used summoner spell in the League. When I'm in danger, I use it. But Volibear has a Flash mechanic. If your enemy is is getting away, you can use Flash to your opponent's face and fling it to your behind. Flash is very usefull spell for Volibear.

If you go to Jungle, you have to get Smite. You are not a Jungler, if you haven't got a Smite. I don't want to tell what is the Smite :) If you are a Jungler, you have to get Smite.

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Jungling - Ganking and Team Fights


Ok. Let's get it started.

First of all, you will start with Gromp . Use Smite on Gromp to take it's buff and get the Blue Sentinel (Blue buff). In my opinion, after the Blue Sentinel (Blue buff) you can go to Red Bramblebacks (Red buff) without clearing the Greater Murk Wolf (Wolf camp). I play Volibear this way. Because Volibear hasn't got sustain in the Jungle except his passive. But his passive is activated in the Blue Sentinel (Blue buff) unless your team help you in the Gromp and Blue Sentinel (Blue buff). You can use Smite on Red buff to sustain, and go gank Top or Mid, or take Golems and Giant Birds then hit back to your base. Take items and gank somewhere.

Clear the Scuttle Crab as much as possible. It gives you free vision in the Baron Nashor and Dragon . These objectives are very important things in the League.

When ganking, use Rolling Thunder to gain Movement Speed then Stalker's Blade instantly when target is in range and fling your opponent in to your teammate. Then use your Majestic Roar to slow your opponent and fear minions to don't take any damage from minions. And just kill him. Use everything you got. But use Frenzy's bite a little bit later to make maximum damage output.

Level 1 Frenzy dealing 150 damage to Gromp when Gromp 's HP is over 300-500. Level 5 Frenzy dealing 350-650 damage (may change to your Maximum HP) to Gromp when Gromp 's HP is over 400-700. Damage is insane. Volibear is a very good Jungler due to his clear speed and very strong early ganks.


Most important thing in the League. Ok. Assume that you got all of your items. You' re a flawless tanky bear during this time. Anyone don't kill you in 1v1. Maybe 1v4. Whatever...

Use your Righteous Glory and Rolling Thunder to gain Movement Speed. Than use your Majestic Roar in the middle of the enemy team. And use Stalker's Blade to enemy ADC and fling it to your team and kill ADC then go for APC and win fights.

It's not easy in higher elo's. If enemy support take Janna it's the most bad situtation for you. Espically enemy ADC is picked Vayne...Mhmm... But if you use Flash than Rolling Thunder, enemy Janna and Vayne don't make reaction to this and you got Vayne. In higher elo's you save your Flash to take ADC into your team.

Use your Thunder Claws everytime you are in the middle of the enemy team. Your AA's bounce off to 3 enemies and your Thunder Claws is maximize your damage output in Fights.

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Volibear is very fun to play. In higher elo's, Volibear is hard to play but it's a real fun to play this champion. Thanks to Riot Games to make this champion :)

Waow... We finished this guide. I really enjoyed to make this guide. It's need a hard work and a long time to make but it was fun to do it. I apologize for my English. English is not my mother tongue :) Hope you guys enjoyed my guide more than I've enjoyed.

Good Luck and Have Fun :)