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5300+ HP Garen: Mega tank + Hi spin DMG! Read chapters!!

Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Introduction/ Summary.

This build is focused around HP and Armor with some HIGH spin damage you can choose to add during mid or late game Atma's Impaler. So far, I've played 5 games in a row with Garen and won 4 with this build. The one game I lost was because of a backdoor jerk.. but hey, what can ya do?

It's strictly a support build for when the game passes its early stages, so don't plan on doing TOO much killing.

Essentially you want to dominate top lane and keep your turret healthy, all while getting easy creep kills by last hitting and spinning. It's VERY easy to do. When the game reaches it's middle stages, start getting tanky, or go Atma's for the DMG if your team is lacking See: "Item Build" chapter for more detailed info. Once you get Sunfire Cape and Atma's or Frozen Mallet, it should be smooth sailing.

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Just go defense for the Runes. The damage on Garen's E combined with the damage you get from Atma's is more than enough, especially as a support.

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Early game:

The Doran's Shield is BY FAR the best choice for Garen for top solo. The second one ensures that you are able to stay in lane, last hit creeps, and defend turret without having to do much recalling. I am typically highest level all through out the game for this exact reason, even over solo mid.

Ninja Tabai can be swapped out for Mercury Treads if needed.

Heart of Gold is a good choice early on for that lil extra HP boost and extra gold farming. By the time you can afford omen, it would have payed for itself.

Mid game:

Sunfire Cape is a must have. No questions about that.

Phage is good for the additional HP boost, yes, but it's really meant to be used as a means to slow the enemy because you should be helping to gank at this point in the game (depending on the enemies turret situation).

Late game:

Atma's Impaler should come after phage if you think your team needs a little extra DMG. If you think they are managing just fine, continue to get brollic by finishing Frozen Mallet.

Warmog's Armor for obvious reasons. By this point you should have around 5k HP, so you will get about 150 DMG from it! The armor is an added bonus of course.

Lastly, Randuin's Omen for that dominating support-ness. If you think you're doing just fine and don't need the extra armor or slow effect, go with whatever feels right. This is a pricey build, so you may not even be able to buy that 6th uber item.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport for defending the h-e-double hockey sticks out of top lane, and Exhaust for those pesky ADC during team fights. Exhaust isn't a must-have, but Teleport most certainly is!