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Team Guide by sobi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sobi

5's Current Winning Build

sobi Last updated on December 11, 2009
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Nasus Build

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This team is my attempt to recreate the "op-ness" of champions and their builds according to the current game now and make the team build unstoppable.
Feel free to try these builds out and give me the feedback on the games.

Champion Reasoning:
@Nasus - Considered op by some, Nasus can throw his ult and quickly start sapping the enemy team's health. Nasus can easily throw his slow on the carry(s), and with the rest of his spells, he can easily cripple the other team. He is the tank.

@Rammus - Taunt is able to go through cleanse. In case there is a Tryndamere on the other team, Rammus' armor stacks and other spells make him a viable anti-Tryndamere. He would be the initiator for this build.

@Sivir - Since the nerf of turrets' health points, Sivir has been seen commonly in top tier players' recent champions. In team fights, she can activate her ult and give her teammates the speed boost they need. Sivir also has a strong push ability, giving her teammates the "OK" to distract the other team while she pushes towers in another lane. In case her team is losing, Sivir can always counter-push the other team. Sivir is my Ranged DPS / Pusher

@Tryndamere - The op of the op for this patch. There are few places where Tryndamere isn't being screamed op by players on the forums. He doesn't need minion kills to activate his bloodlust, so he will consistently heal even if you harass him like hell. Even with few items, Tryndamere's crits are hell for other players. Oh, did I forget to mention his survivability ult along with the big bonus he gets at this point? Tryndamere is my melee DPS.

@Twisted Fate - One of the few champions top tier players consistently use. His signature move is to ult, gate in front of his victim, and then toss a gold card in the victim's face. Once players get the hang of picking the gold card out of Pick A Card, there's no stopping the stuns. Twisted Fate is the ganker.

Mastery Reasoning:
@Nasus - 21 Points are in Defense. Because he is our tank, he his thus able to grab the damage reduction and increase his fortify spell at the spell at the same time. 9 Points are in Utility. This allows him to grab an increased Ghost and some bonus exp.

@Rammus - 21 Points are in Defense. As an initiator he must be sturdy, so he grabs the damage reduction. As an added bonus, he is able to get improved heal and cleanse as well. 9 Points are in Utility. Points in regeneration never hurt anyone. These points are debatable.

@Sivir - 21 Points are in Offense. This allows her to boost up her Rally and Promote as well as grab damage. 9 Points are in Utility. This is because she is most likely our solo and can out-level the enemy team and grow stronger.

@Tryndamere - 21 Points are in Offense. He is going to rape the enemy team, so going all out in damage makes sense. 9 Points are in Utility. This way he can out-level the enemy team with the bonus exp and get stronger faster. He is a possible solo.

@Twisted Fate - 9 Points are in Offense. With these points, he can grab Magic Penetration at the very least and deal some damage at the same time. 21 Points are in Utility. TF now gets bonus exp, has major cooldown on all his spells (including Gold Cards for tons of stuns), and has improved Clarivoyance to top it off.

Comments are always appreciated.

To Be Added: (Bare with me because I have finals coming up. I'll update ASAP.)
-Runes (Having issues with putting in Runes)
-Descriptions (Why a Champion has this summoner spell)
-What Builds my Build Counters
-Early-Game Strat
-Mid-Game Strat
-Late-Game Strat
-Potential Threats to this Build

Edits will be posted on here to track what builds/champions were on here:

Edit 1 (Suggested by Drggg):
-Tryndamere's heal -> ghost
-Rammus' flash -> heal
-Sivir's teleport -> promote

Edit 2 (My Edit):
-Soraka -> Twisted Fate
-Nasus' Cleanse -> Fortify
-Twisted Fate's Fortify -> Cleanse
-Twisted Fate's Heal -> Clarivoyance

Edit 3 (Suggested by tiDdelz):
-Rammus' Exhaust -> Cleanse


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