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Last updated on April 30, 2014
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All The Rules you need to know.

(Keep in mind there have been very many variations over the years, and there may be some differences in some games than others. Most rules follow these basic guidelines.)

No Teemo
No Evelynn
No Hecarim
No Blitzcrank

Variations In Game Mode
1. First team to remove 60/120/180/240/300/360/420/480/500 Tickets from enemy Crystal wins.
2. All Items OR ONLY MOVESPEED items.
3. No Supporting Allies OR Supporting Allies Allowed (e.g. Using movement increasing items/spells to boost allies and self, or self only.)
4. "Cast Back" OR No "Cast Back" (e.g. An enemy is behind you and without running backwards or stopping to wait for range, you cc them.)

1. Both Teams Attempt to Cap Windmill at start. (Only during this section of the match is corner cutting allowed for the sole purpose of reaching Windmill the Fastest.) THE RACE BEGINS; Controllers of Windmill are the Runners & the "Noobs" are the Chasers. (When Windmill is successfully capped, that is the deciding factor of the initial Runner/Chaser Team assignments. No loitering or lingering to make an attempt at stealing control point.)

2. Track runs Clockwise.

3. No stopping or running Backwards. AT ALL

4. No Cutting corners (no leaving the outside ring of map; no recall; no backing to fountain; No entering center circle aka JUNGLE of dominion Map.)

4b. Both Teams Begin running track clockwise around the map.

5. Runners must leave a Successful Capper as the point defender.(if multiple cappers choose one)

1. Runners may not use Abilities that do not CC (Damage only is NOT ALLOWED(Rylais is only exception))

2. Runners can ONLY kill as a result of using an ability with cc.

3. Runners may substitute Defenders if the substitute has made a full lap.

3b. When making a substitute, defender must begin running track, clockwise as normal, ONLY when the substitute has reached and stepped onto the control point. From this point on, they are no longer the current defender, and the substitute has become the Runners' Defender.

1. Chasers may kill as long as they are not stopping for more than necessary for the length of animation times of auto attacks, and/or casting of abilities. (essentially only the animation time of an attack or ability is excusable. Once animations have ended, the chasers must begin running track IMMEDIATELY.)

2. When a Chaser reaches Windmill, they must cap it if enemy controlled. Chasers may Kill Runners' Defender before attempting to cap point.

3. Chasers That successfully Cap point become the new Defender for their team, and their teammates become the new Runners.

4. Runners that become Chasers, DO NOT have to restart lap, and can begin chasing and capping windmill as usual for Chasers.

1. For any CAMPERS/BACKRUNNERS/CORNERCUTTERS, the enemy team of the offender may disregard such rules (stopping aka camping, running backwards, or cutting corners.) to Kill the offender to stop them from breaking the rules. Repeated Offenders may be subject to Banlists held by Frequent Hosters.

2. Players That choose NOT to leave Windmill such as in a dispute between players over who will be Defender, Can be Called out by enemy team. If called out (a legitimate call out can be made if there are two or more defenders on the enemy team.) the allied team of said defenders must decide within a reasonable amount of time who will be their true defender.

If no choice is made, or after the choice of the Runner Team has been made, and the Decided Offender does not leave point, The Chaser Team may disregard Backward Running, and Corner Cutting to Kill and remove defender from point. If this is the only recourse, Chasers are assumed as having made a full lap, and may attempt to cap point proceeding. Repeated offenders may also be subject to Banlists held by frequent Hosters.

Credit to: Black Tar Hero; StopRefresh; Datsabeast aka datsa going ham; catastrofic; OTD FrostyEggo aka EaglesWings316; OTD ManicMagnet; Wrizzles; Xephonpilot; PandaSK; EntrinkenRyan aka wewaitwebleed; chato the great; and many other awesome people a part of the dominion random ******** game modes community.


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