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League of Legends Build Guide Author Resonar

5v5 Twitchikins

Resonar Last updated on August 5, 2010
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A simple twitch build for stealing nearly every kill from every team fight and becoming an even more supreme ganker.

Obviously being Twitch mid is your best option.

Early Game: (This is where ignite comes in handy its solely for getting early kills on the opposing mid champion
On start up purchase a vampiric scepter and head for the middle lane.
You are going to sit and pick of creeps with your ranged attacks and if the enemy champion comes in range tag them with 2-3 deadly venom's and expunge them. This will deal the damage of your 2 normal attacks plus the expunge damage of around 80-120 if done correctly you can bring the enemy champion down to roughly 1/4 health if not dead by level 2-3 then once you hit level 6 hopefully you will have your Malady if not Boots of Mobility as well.

Mid Game:
Once you have your Malady and boots of mobility you should be level 6-8 depending on the effectiveness of your farming. Now these boots were made for ganking and thats just what they'll do. Your Ambush should be level 1-2 and your Expunge 3-4. Hold your lane untill you see an enemy champion that you deem "gankable" run into the scrub hit ambush if you think it will hold out or do so desire using your enhanced movement 5 you will be half way across the map in no time sitting behind the enemy champion. Wait for them to be in position for your kill lay down your deadly venom's (Use Spray and Pray after you get down your first stack to optimise the attack speed increase from both it and ambush), Expunge; if not dead debilitate or exhaust them follow that with either ignite or stack up a few venom's honestly unless you have no clue what you're doing you probably only need your basic attack and Expunge.

Late Game:
Now with twitch most games end before you can complete phantom dancer thanks to ambush and its increased attack speed killing minions is a breeze sit back and let your auto take over whilst you reap the gold. This is great for pushing turrets kill all the minions and attack the turret whilst your minions get pumbled. Ambushing to gank when your team mates need it of course.

Common Questions I get asked.

Ignite is such a ****py summoner skill late game I still don't understand why you actually bother?
It may not be so good late game but getting 2-5 kills before level 6 is priceless. It is wonderful for taking out annoying champions like Ashe (who commonly play mid even if she shouldn't) who either slow you and run away or stun you and run away. It is just that extra chunk of their health you don't need to worry about.

I don't feel the need to have exhaust as a summoner skill what are some other good options?
Well ghost is good for any build gives you chasing ability and running ability, although I tend not to use it as ambush gives you stealth and after 5 seconds you have movement speed 5 although ghost is useful for chasing other mobility boots users like sprint style veigar. Also if you need that extra speed to escape a slowing assault like Anivia, Olaf (with frozen mallet) or Ashe.
Another good choice although the "noob spell" is heal. You can use it early game to bait enemy champion's into your "low health" ambush traps.
Another Idea is clarity for those extra couple of expunges and ambushs early game. Twitch doesn't really need ANY summoner skills end game he is just too powerful if played right.

What are other good items for twitch?
Anything the increases attack speed or gives on hit effects such as Wit's End or more Phantom Dancers I suppose.

Amazing Farmer
Amazing Player Killer
Amazing Pusher
Amazing Assassin
Fairly "easy" to play
Great chaser
Great at fleeing if needed
He's got a pancake made of gold on his head.

Can be squishy
If you don't get any kills you'll suck
Hard to figure out that "perfect" position and timing for ganks (although not too bad a con)