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[6.16] Crit-lista! (155K Mastery Points!)

Last updated on August 19, 2016
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[6.16] Crit-lista!

Kalista Build

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 18

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Cunning: 12

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Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Kalista with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Her passive slows and stun mess with your kiting potential. Play safe in lane, wait for teamfights.
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Supports that work well with Kalista

Kalista synergyzes best with Tanky Supports. You don't want to be throwing a Soraka into the middle of a teamfight.

Leona: Your W's passive and Leona's hero passive synchronize well, allowing for 100-150 extra magic damage on an auto attack proc. Also The AOE CC they bring to the table with their ults can turn a teamfight. Leona's crowd control allows for Kalista's Aa->q-> aa combo to hit every time.

Alistar: Kalista's ult lets him have a free charge/knockup combo. Then if they flash away, he can just do it again, or opt for the double knockup (Preferrable)

Blitzcrank: A fun thing to do with this combo is when Blitz hits q, and you know it's going to land, you ult him while the hook is still flying. This then pulls blitz to you thus pulling the enemy to you also. My friend and I have gotten an enemy from their bot lane turret to our botlane turret when we both used flash. It's good for picking off enemies from afar. They can traverse walls during this, so have blitz and kalsita in the jungle to pick an enemy off far away from their team.

Tahm Kench: Same idea as Blitzcrank. When Tahm gets three stacks and eats a champion, Kalista ults him as soon as Tahm eats for maximum distance. You pull in Kench plus the enemy. We've gotten blue buff to our midlaner once by doing this.

Thresh: Kalista ult brings thresh into the fight, Thresh ults, and they are then forced to fight within The Box, and Thresh still has all of his CC in case they decide to flash out. Also great disengage. If Thresh gets caught, Kalista ults him and he throws himself as far back as he can, then throws a lantern for Kalista. You can get from Dragon pit to red buff this way.

Nunu: Nunu should max his blood boil when queuing with Kalista. The extra attack speed and movement speed makes Kalista a monster, and Nunu doesnt need to do much except for slow. Also, Kalista/Nunu Ult combo gets some massive AOE CC. Also, If Kalista is getting focused down, Nunu can just ult and the enemies are forced to blow their hard cc on Nunu rather than Kalista.

Lulu: Lulu provides the right amount of ADC saving abilities to allow Kalista to go as ballistic as she pleases. Or, Kalsita can ults Lulu into the fight for the double knockup with Lulu's ult.

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Tips and tricks

Kiting/Hero Passive: Use shift-click. All you have to do is shift/right click behind you and you auto attack the nearest target as well and jump back without having to move your mouse. When kiting make sure to zig zag to dodge skillshots. This is what differs good Kalista players from mediocre. When in a pinch, you can back up to a wall and hop over while attacking.

Q: This is an auto attack reset, and you can hop three times in under a second as long as you have a target, and are quick with your mouse. Use this aa reset whenever your support stuns an enemy so you land all three hits. This is long ranged and can be used to cleanup kills, or get in range for a kill. This pierces through any enemy you kill and carries the rend stacks with it. An advanced trick is to get stacks on a minion, and when you can, kill it with your q to carry the stacks over to the enemy ADC, then engage. They have 3-4 more stacks on them with is at least 150 more rend damage. Use this to jump thin walls also. Use this to steal dragon or baron or any other type of monster. You can use this to get long range farm, or finish off an enemy. Use this to reveal stealthed enemies or enemies in the fog of war. You will know you've hit someone by the sound and the disappearance of the spear. This has saved me many times from Rengar ults.

W: Please always have this on cooldown. It's free moving wards every 30 seconds. Junglers will avoid ganking you and you can prevent ganks with this. If you have a ranged support and she auto attacks a champion, make you sure you also do to get that extra % max hp magic damage. If you're uncertain if someone is in a bush or not, don't facecheck it. Have your face facecheck it for you.

E: If you rend and kill two enemies (Minions preferably), the cooldown and mana are refunded. Abuse it to push and waveclear. When you support initiates a fight, kite on a minion to get enough stacks to kill it, and then attack the enemy once, then rend. You get the rend cooldown back, and the enemy is slowed. Also use this to outsmite baron and dragon. Typically during a 35 minute baron fight you will rend for 1.5k-2k damage. Dragon you should rend for 500 early game, 800 later game depending on how many stacks you can get. Kalista can easily solo dragon with just a BORK and Berserkers. It's a little risky, but in lower ELO's you can get enough stacks to kill them, wait a little bit, hopefully they flash away, and as soon as you hear that, rend. You can still rend when you have no vision or they are invisible, so you can see the particles and know where they are.

R: This can combo with many abilities, see the supports section. You can ult even if your support is under hard cc. It's been countless times where my support and I contest dragon, and I hop the wall, rend, then have to ult him out because he's caught in the middle of the enemy team. When the jungler comes to gank and if your support has no initiate, use this to initiate. You should always ult when you're getting ganked to secure a kill.

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Map strategies

Dragon: When attacking from bottom left side, Q in to the dragon pit across the wall. Then once you have enough rend stacks, kite back over the wall you just hopped and rend at a little more than your jungler can smite. If you're talking to your jungler over voice chat, tell them to smite at double HP of what their smite does. For example, if the jungler can site for 700, you both have to smite/rend at 1400. I've done this plenty of times and I've never had a dragon or baron stolen.

Baron: Same strategy as dragon, but the wall is much harder to jump, but it is possible.

When hopping walls, cut corners. Not a lot of other champions can do that consistently, so it gives you an extra edge to put distance between you and your foe during combat.

Here's a picture of walls you can hop. Forgot to mark the dragon and baron pit walls, but you can jump those.