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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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(6.20) Jax Jungle Official (Experienced) - Diamond Jax Jungl

Last updated on October 18, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Jax with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Evelynn Poor Eve never stood a chance, has a rough early clear. Often cheese ganks level 2. use this time to steal her camps. Leave behind wards on her camps & catch her off guard. Jax outscales very hard.
Ekko Ekko needs to kite Jax but stormraiders keeps up with his pace, and stops him from slowing the Grandmaster. Use e right before ekko goes in to complete phase dive. Avoid his stun at all costs. Easy matchup at all stages.
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My name is Purple Jebus, a Diamond jungle main. I've been playing Jax since i was level 8. I had no idea how to play & there was a Jax on the enemy team who made me cry. So i bought the champ and did the same to others kappa. I've played thousands of Jax games over multiple accounts & have tried just about every possible combination with this beast of a champion. What did i learn? How to Master "The Grandmaster at Arms" which is why i labelled this guide as "experienced".

The knowledge I will be sharing with you requires a high skill cap to perform as the intention of everything i mention is a "squishy assassin" style Jax involving the ability to dodge skills & win 1v1 1v2 1v3 scenerios.


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Champion review

Jax is the 1v1 king who can win every split push matchup & is capable of outplaying situations where he is even out numbered; this is due to the versatility built into his kit

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Pros & Cons

+ Scary Late Game Threat

+ Building Damage Makes Him Tanky

+ Split Pushing God

+ Assassination Capabilities

+ Epic Monster Objective Control

+ Good Ganks / Strong counter ganks

+ Catch me if you can!


- Avoids early game confrontation

- Weak to invades

- Gold reliant Champion

- Weak to CC chains

- Auto attack reliant

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Why so much attack speed? Simple.
The more auto attacks he gets off --> the faster his passive caps --> the faster machete/ %hp / 3rd auto all procs.

Its important to get Jax to to 2.5 attacks per second as possible. With these runes only 3 attspeed items are required to reach that cap Example: 1. Bloodrazor 2. Trinity Force 3. guinsoo's rageblade

If the enemy jungler wants to scale as well, bring scaling armour or hp
IF the enemy jungler has a strong early game, bringing flat armour is highly recommended

Scaling MR always.

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This is an experienced Jax guide, no standard fervor or strength of the ages here. We use Stormraider's Surge in the jungle.
Our goal is to assassinate & escape. Jax wants to eliminate the enemy carries as fast as possible rendering their damage useless!

In 1v1 scenerios Jax's up front burst can force enemy carries to burn summoners while stormraider's chase potential allows you to keep up without using your own.

Even against bruisers with the right build jax can surprise enemies with his stick-ability leading to less gaps between champs and more consistent damage as they realize they are losing the 1v1 and start to run away.

Everything else in the mastery section is designed to maximize cooldown timers, strong burst, and fast clears.

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Leap Strike - you jump on a target and deal damage. This is your gap closer spell that helps you chase people. When you have blue buff use it in the jungle to get to camps faster. You can also use it to jump on wards and allies as an escape.

Empower - empowers your next basic attack to deal bonus magic damage. This is your main spell for farming and dueling. You should always use it right after basic attack to reset your AA timer and get 2 hits off instead of one.

Counter Strike - for a few seconds you dodge all basic attacks and take reduced damage from aoe spells. After that you stun everything in a small aoe. This is your utility spell. In the jungle use it in every camp to take almost no damage and to kill the monsters faster. In teamfights use it, then jump on a target and reactivate it for instant stun. Let your damage do the rest.

Grandmaster's Might - passively every 3 hits you deal extra magic damage. When activated you get bonus armor and mr for 8 sec. These bonus resists stack with ad and ap. This is the spell that makes Jax the legendary raidboss he is. The scaling defences provided by this spell make you into a super tank who can outdamage everyone else in the game.

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In the item build section I mention a little note for each item & when or why to build it.

Here, I will go into depth of a rather core Jax build

Bloodrazors - by far the best jungle item for Jax, probably makes the greatest use out of it over any other champion in the game. The % hp makes tearing apart enemies & objectives simple

Trinity Force - This is the core item to have on Jax, the quicker this is built the faster he can start tearing apart everything on the map, towers champions objectives, once these 2 items are build Jax has everything he needs except:

Sustain - And incredibly important part of Jax's Power, with any combination of 1-3 sustain items even with healing reduction on him Jax can power through & gaurentee his enemy will fall. (In some scenarios Jax can sustain more life than damage taken leading to multiple kills)
This also allows Jax to sustain off creeps/ minions/ wards so he doesn't have to base every time he gets low.

Boots - We cannot forget how OP boots are even though they are a pain to buy. The sooner boots become Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi the better. Boots lead to faster clears, escaping/chasing success, & make you harder to track moving quickly around the map.

So a simple Core Being Bloodrazors, Trinity Force, Mercury Treads & Hextech Gunblade, we are left with 2 slots (1 that should always have a pink ward!)

With these 2 slots just about any item in the game can be built on Jax
Which is why im calling these 2 slots "counter items"

Use these slots to build what ever is required for Jax to have success in destroying the enemy nexus.

A build i often find myself running is: Bloodrazor, trinity, mercs, hextech gblade, mecurial scimitar, & thornmail/Gaurdian Angel/Omen (1 of those 3)

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Early Game / Jungle Clearing

Jungle Path - I prefer to be as efficient as possible, in solo que cooperation isnt as strong, so hard farm routes are often successful

1. Standard path - Krugs(smite) --> Raptors --> Red (Smite) --> Scuddle --> Potential gank/enemy blue side invade/ walk to your blue side --> Other side Scuddle check --> Wolves --> Blue(smite) --> Gromp or Gromp --> Wolves(smite) --> Blue
(this clear is simple and leads to trackers knife buy minimum (ALWAYS GRAB A PINK IF POSSIBLE)

2. Secret Path if Blue side - Leave base right at :15 run to enemy red side jungle bush near baron pit. (Don't Ask for Leash)
- if u dont run into the top laner or jungler while doing this, start the enemys raptors, (auto e, eliminate little raptors then do big 1) dont smite this camp. Ward bush near by right after completion
- at this point u will know if enemy jungler started blue side or red side, if jungler started blue side, u may move onto do the enemies red buff (check the map carefully while doing this camp, make sure your not being collapsed on, if all is good complete this camp, smite to secure RED)
- Move onto enemy Krugs, clear little first then big 1 smite to obtain stun buff. (Sometimes the jungler moves to red quadrant while doing this camp if possible finish camp, if not leave before you are spotted!)
- If still no sight of enemy jungler look for potential gank top lane, dont gank to burn enemy flash as it gives away what you've been up to. Gank only if u know kill can be secured.
- Take Baron side Scuddle,(warn mid/bot of potential ganks if enemy jungler has not crossed your ward near raptors)
- if jungler has crossed that ward by raptors warn top/mid of potential ganks as enemy jungler has no camps to farm so he either 1.Bases 2.ganks top/mid 3.invades your blue side to get revenge, 4 rushes to your red.
1. Bases - if the enemy jungler bases here continue to farm your blue quadrant moving to your red side
2. Ganks top/mid - warn these laners of potential ganks, continue to farm blue side quadrant
3. Invades your blue side - once spotted in your jungler ping team to assist, as enemy jungler should be low from not securing his own red buff (if they dont come surrender this side and move onto red quadrant giving u the slight edge in experience and gold) or fight enemy jungler if possible
4. Rushes to your red - The enemy jungler may get mad and gank mid or cross mid after knowing his red was taken, have support or mid ward near dragon/red buff brush for security, if he is spotted moving into your red, immediately rotate down there and punish enemy jungler

If above goes smooth you can get away with full enemy red side clear, scud, full blue side clear, full red side clear finishing at your krugs (this clear gives u roughly 1300gold allowing for trackers knife, hunter potion upgrade, brown boots, and a pink ward)

The same style cheese can be done from red side by invading enemy blue quadrant quickly and starting on enemy wolves(ward beside camp upon completion) --> enemy blue --> scuddle --> krugs(smite) --> red(smite) --> raptors --> gank mid/ clear blue side --> base/ gank bot

Continue to farm/ counter jungle/ gank when possible, once jax reaches lvl 6 he is capable of soloing drag by using his ult with only trackers knife, though it is suggested to pick up a couple daggers for safety (ALWAYS PINK THE PIT) clear scuddle previously so enemy jungler doesn't feel obligated, potentially spotting you doing drag!

It is possible to finish bloodrazor + Trinity force with brown boots pree minute 20. If the sheen and phage are picked up (usually around 15-17min) JAX CAN SOLO RIFT HERALD

RIFT SOLO - Pink the pit, clear the scuddle.
- hit it a couple times then use E (blocks rift herald attacks)
- once E is finished use R consistently proc'ing sheen
- use all abilities as often as possible to maximize damage
- make sure to be full hp as it will take you low if soloing
- SPAM Hunters potions
Now its roughly 20 minutes into the game Jax should have secured 2 dragons, 1 rift herald, finished full tier boots, trinity force, & bloodrazors


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Mid Game

Now as Jax its important to not worry about feeders, because we know we can carry all we need is gold!

If the early game was successful as above start using this trinity spike to set up ganks/dives/ solo kills to extend your lead, if done so correctly all outer turrets can be down within the next 5 minutes of the game. Jax with ult on can dive very easily against unsuspecting laners.

The goal for Jax in the mid game:
- Farm your jungle extremely fast finishing the clear near the turret you want to take.
- Continue to secure dragons (I prefer to solo with pinks as its less likely the enemy team knows via all 5 members missing from the map)
- knock down all outer turrets
- Have sustain item built
- Once 4 items completed (trin,jung,boots,sustain) take over a side lane, ward enemy quadrant near the turret u want to take, control vision, and catch adc/sups in rotation
- secure inner towers on side lanes, when side lane is being defended rotate to take mid and so forth.
- by 30 minutes all turrets except inhib turrets can easily be down, giving you everything your team needs for Success

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Late Game

Now, for some late game is only when everyone has 6 items, i disagree.
When losing this may be so, but when winning we want to make NOW late game.

Once all turrets outside of the base are secured we can start to secure baron control with vision in the enemy quadrant opposing baron

Jax is capable of doing Baron easily with his core as long as he has 1 member with him
(to heal or to take agro at some points or just to do raw damage to it)
PINK WARDS EVERYWHERE they are so strong for vision denial as Jax needs to keep trinket for ward hops.

If your team gets a pick rotate to baron for bait, if 2 -3 are dead just straight up do the baron.

Use Baron to split push and pull multiple members to you, as your 4 members attempt to deal damage to another tower. Once all 5 rotate to them, they must back off slightly allow you to chip your turret.
If Jax is left alone for even 5 seconds this tower will fall & vice versa.

Once the base is broken its inhib time, take out 1 or 2 with baron buff if possible.
as baron wears off reset the map and allow super minions to push down those lanes, 5 man seige the final tower or split seige if there are still 2.

When an enemy champion is forced to clear the supers from the nexus turrets apply more pressure and start to take out the turrets. When they return relax and wait for supers.

Repeat this process until all 3 inhibs are down

Sometimes the game can be ended here, if not back off heal up and return to the destroyed base and use all 3 lanes of supers to end the game

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Jax Tips & Tricks

- Saving Jax's E until after the enemy has used their dash is a strong way to gaurantee its success

- when going for a solo kill vs. a squishy target, obtain the element of surprise. if they walk into your brush auto --> w --> 3rd auto they will panic flash or dash away, if so now use qe to jump onto them and stun, stormradiers should have proc'd already making the chase at this point easy, using any active slows after this point is highly suggested just incase they dashed and now just flashed, giving u more chase potential.

- Get comfortable with using wards to hop walls or even speed up your clear.
- Example: Jax is splitpushing, the enemy collapes from all areas around you, find a squishy target using only q and w ( r if necessary ) to proc stormraiders, use this speed to dodge any skillshot snare/stuns with trinity and maxed q (cd is 4 sec) use q to jump over anearby wall. if they follow start your e to stun them. forcing them to back away. If still adamant, use item abilities to slow them more. with 2 wards any situation can be escaped from.

- TAKING TURRETS: use abilities to constantly proc trinity force for added damage,
spell rotation (w q e e q w) e can be used to proc sheen twice as sheen is 1.5 sec and jax e is 2 sec

- Surprise Burst: 2 autos on minions, q to enemy champion, followed by w empowered 3rd auto
This combo can easily proc stormraiders often resulting in enemy flashes and a won fight for JAX

- SOLO RIFT HERALD: "Check Early Game / Jungle Clearing" Section

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To Master this guide is to Master the Master himself

If you would like to see this style JAX play in action go to "" and search "Purplejebus"
Here you can watch Stormraider's Surge Jax & visually see how the early/mid/late game works

GL to you all, Happy Climbing!