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[6.5] The eye of the tiger

Last updated on March 17, 2016
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awalys start this, even if you start blue

This is the best first back for him, you can get s

Get this eventually, no really need for this early

get this enchantment, this is tiger!

swiftness is the best in the moment, the movespeed

Get this if you not dying

Get this if you dying

Get this, is you core item. Getting this item mean

This is the item for splitpushing security, a litt

the godlike split item in the moment, the movespee

the final touch on the build, perfect to help get

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Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
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Resolve: 18

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Ok, let introduce myself, im Icaro, a br platium br server player, and i play a lot league :D
I always playerd in the perspective of win, even when i have to change my playstyle.
I play since season 3, and i end up as bronze II, season for i got gold III, season V platium, actually gold II, lets say that i dont have that much time to play :P
So, with climb goal and little time, i just main certain champions to climb, and the champions i played a lot are kassadin, talon, viktor and udyr. Just that. Mid lane have been my way to win matchs, so i worked on trhee champions that do things. If you look at my profile (mightym br server) there will be a khazix main, but i just played a lot khazix normal games and i dont really thing his good at ranked cause he needs snowball to do impact, maybe now his good but i prefer udyr over him. Why? well, udyr is a versitle champion that has early game potencial and split push potencial, thats all.

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The runes that i go is just simple as other udyrs players, movespeed, atackspeed and cdr, simple and straight, his is just too good on these runes at any build.

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Ok, here a miss on this build, this build is focused on splitpushing, thats all, the titanic-warmogs-zzrot combo is a very effective item combo for spliting, you will do almost nothing if you go these on a team fight. Why i go this way? Cause this is soloq, you will depend on a lot of things if you go for team player, splitpushing is more effective, after all, a team fight is to get objetives right? Ok.
The use of each item i gonna explain later on.

"Where trinity?" leveling up you bear will compensate this

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Skill Sequence

Ok, tiger oriented has a easy time on jungle once you have any ad, and there is just one fenix stance lvl 2 cause you use the lvl 1 tiger damage and atackspeed on the lvl 1 magic damage from fenix. You can switch what you get first and dont matter that much, as you gonna get both on first buff camp. You can thing that good idea get turtle after first clear, but, the switch cooldown dont let you use the shield and the atack speed on the same time, i mean, you can, for 2 seconds, what dont worth it.
When you start getting points on tiger stance, you do a scheme on the use of the stances when you arrive on the camp to clear:
1-Active tiger and hit
2-Wait to the cool down have 2 seconds left and active fenix
You will use the 2 second switch-stance-cooldown to use AoE fenix damage, what gonna proc the talisman passive, is pretty good.

When you have warriors and 5 points on a stance, you can reactive the stance before monkey agility runs out. Its a good hint.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing game changing splitpush power, tower destruction and wave clear
Runs fast as f**k
Eat a enemy squishy that things you dont gonna tower dive him
Surprise the enemy with warmogs strategy
Great early game damage (seriously, you gonna thing awesome)
Great duel potencial with health scaling damage (titanic).

Squishy until titanic (thats means, until you get the second item, what counts a lot on a hard game)
Bad team fight (I dont ever teamfight, i put down a tower instead)
Bad late game damage

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Creeping / Jungling

Well, his the clear strategy that i use:

Blue side:
1 You clear groump and do blue, switching tiger and fenix until finish it
2 You choose: do scuttler and gank a easy lane or continue jungle
3 In first case, you lvl up bear and do scuttler then gank.
4 In second case, you do wraiths and go base.
5 You will get ~550g with groump-blue-wolfs-wraiths clear. Buy hunter's potion and boots, get back to down side of the jungle.
6 Do krugen then red then gank if possible, use smite on the thing is better, dont realy make difference at this point, you have hunters potion anyway.

Red side:
1 You clear krugges, do wraiths, switching tiger and fenix until finish it
2 You choose: do scuttler and gank a easy lane or continue jungle
3 In first case, you lvl up bear and do scuttler then gank.
4 In second case, do wolfs and blue then go base.
5 You will get ~550g with krugges-wraiths-wolfs-blue clear. Buy hunter's potion and boots, get back to down side of the jungle.
6 Do krugen then red then gank if possible, use smite on the thing is better, dont realy make difference at this point, you have hunters potion anyway.


There are conditions to gank that make you gank:
Enemy is really agressive at point to be pushing the lane.
The enemy has no have or mana.
There are more of your team going to gank.
Dont go for forced ganks, is such a waste of time, even more if your team mates are not good enough to make it happen.

You must go for behind.
Mid have really good behind spots to gank, one on each side, but the oponent must be agressive in lane.

Tri-bushs are the best option to gank as udyr.

You must kite with bear and tiger, get bear stance before gank and get there without use anything and use bear as soon they try to run. Always be in front of the oponent, so you always will be capable to stun him with bear.

You dont go alone for ganking fed oponents, call for help of the mid laner, is safer.
Camp a easy lane to gank, you killed once? kill him more times, but dont go obvious, be careful for a counter gank.

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Phases of the strategy

Ok, his the most important thing in this guide, so ... listen (read :P)

All game you are a oportunist, remember that.
You gank if possible, remember that. You are squishy, so evade situations of risk, such as go on a ganked team mate or be alone where the enemy team know you are.

All game you are a oportunist, remember that.
You run and sustain a lot, use this to be everywhere getting farm and help to kill without die.
You always know where the enemy team are, even the oponent jungle, try to know where his start then track him by wherever he pass through. Ping the map when you see him and where you thing he's going, make your team know.
If there are no one on the lane? push the wave until to the tower, dont die for it, but try your best.
Jungler is on top lane early on, go drag then his jungle, but dont over stay.
You know you are ahead of their jungler? go on his jungle, ward and steal camps.
Enemy team is skirmishing on the mid, push out a tower until they get off while you comunicating your team to not fight, just hold the tower if possible.
Enemy bottom inib down? Wait until superminions force them to hold their base then baron.

You have dps! With this build, you can do over 1k damage with 2s AA'ing, remember that if you have to fight
You gonna have almost 3,5k hp and gonna be destroying tower at 7 seconds.
The magic of warmogs is when you have people after you when you hitting a tower and you get off with low health, they appear on the map, there you are, hitting the same tower with full health.
Dont forget to get blue, red and krugges buff, with this three, you will be in the map destroying tower unless you be sloppy and get caught

Early game you are just a chaser and dpser, only go for 2x1 ganks and easy kills
Mid game you keep eye on the map and get gols without fight, fighting probrally you will die.

Late game you still pushing, but this time you will be with wards all over their side of map and dont showing yourself when you dont know where the enemy team are, seriouslly, dont fight unless its a squishy adc or mage by his on.