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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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[6.7] The Real Carry - 1v9 Darius Guide! Play to Win! (S6)

Last updated on April 9, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why you should believe this guide!

I've been Playing Darius for almost 3 years now.
He is my favourite champion and I believe this guide, however unorthodox, is the best.
I've used him to climb and am still doing so today!

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When it comes to laning, what you should do is run into middle brush and wait for your opponent. Walk out and cast Q then Auto and you should have a 2 stack lead with damage on the opponent. After you get the auto off you should use 1 corrupting potion. 9/10 This will get you first blood. Stormraider's Surge procs after the 3rd or 4th Auto Attack so he won't be able to get away.

You can stay in lane due to corrupting potion and chances are when they teleport back to lane they won't be able to fight you. You make them miss a whole wave or 2 of farm and you still have lane dominance. Also they don't have tp for when you kill them again.

Once they are scared of getting penetrated again, zone them away and freeze the lane. As soon as they come near you, walk towards them but don't use E unless you are sure it will hit.

Getting Ganked:
People usually complain about getting ganked.. not Darius. If they have a ranged Jungler with a lot of CC such as Elise, you must dodge the cc. Burn flash as a last resort. Due to having Phage and Stormraider's you should be able to get out pretty easily of a gank. Get a pink ward after your first back as you won't need pots due to corrupting potions.

If you get ganked:
Try to get 5 stacks on the enemy laner or jungle as quickly as possible. You will realise
when you get ganked that sometimes the laner doesn't react quickly. Go for the jungler
who will be lower level than you. Once you get 5 stacks, kill them both, even without
ultimate. If one is low, focus them and try to finish with your ultimate.

Run backwards and hit Q's for healing + movement speed.

Do NOT panic, stay calm and dodge skillshots.

Mid Game:

You should be farming a lot due to your lane pressure, try to hit 180 CS in 20 minutes, or 150 at least. Once you have the first tower you can often roam mid if they are pushed. Keep looking at the map. Trade your trinket for Farsight (blue) mid game and once you take your top tower, if the enemy top starts roaming, push to tier 2, if not, roam mid and take that tower. (Trinity Force makes this very quick).

Late Game:

YES, you can actually 1v5. Do not jump into them but use your movement speed to your advantage. Try and get picks around the map, this is how you will get even more fed after lane. Aim for squishy targets, again, Trinity Force is a blessing as your W will crit a LOT and will do just as much damage as your ultimate late game. Get a squishy target and then go into their team, even if you are 1v4. You land a Q, you will put 5 stacks on everyone then you can auto attack once and ultimate to kill all the squishy targets. In teamfights, you are NOT frontline. You can be but in late game (40 mins +) you want to wait with the backline for someone to get low, get the kill and then you will have your stacks. If you can't get a kill, auto attack a tank in the frontline and get 5 stacks, then go in. You will get movement speed from Phage, Keystone and your passive will be up too!

Very Late Game:

You are Darius, kill the nexus already.

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Pros / Cons


Strong throughout the Game:
Let me explain, from Level 1 he can 1v1 almost anybody. When he gets gank at level 3, he can almost always 1v2 if played correctly. He can 1v4 if he gets his hands on a squishy target.

Gets tanky VERY quickly:
He isn't exactly Shen but for his damage output, he is REALLY tanky. He can have 3000 health after just three items. That means by 20 minutes he is SCARY.

Ultimate Animation:

Versatile Builds:
There is no Fixed Build. You can build almost anything on him, Infinity Edge even works! P.S. Do not try that for the love of god. But he can adapt to each game with the same strength. Against Full AD? No Problem, Triple AP? No problem, 5 Blitzcranks? No Problem.

You're fighting without Darius???!!! Oh good, now it's his turn to take the court. Land the Q and press R, oh, 5 stacks already? By the time your team is spamming back off you will already have got the Quadra Kill. Oh, now you wanna let me play? Heh.

He can be pretty much anyone in lane with ease, honest to god the only lane I've lost in the past year was against an Urgot.. we will not speak of that.

HE CAN HARD CARRY, DO NOT EVEN SUGGEST HE CAN'T *coughs, lord dunk, coughs*
Also.. low mobility? Are you for real? Mr Lord Dunk, with your popular guide, you need to take a look at this.


You don't get credit for your plays:
Yes, this is a con, when you pull off an amazing penta kill and people say "noob champ, press R and win, easy champ to play".. hell nah. I'd like you to do what I just did.

When someone else plays Darius:
This guide will make you so good, when you see other people playing Darius it makes you facepalm.

Can't Deal with Hard/Chain CC:
Most of the time this isn't a problem due to your tankiness, but if you get 4 stacks on someone and you get chain cc'd.. it can be annoying, cause it's hard to stack again when you have only 1000 hp left.

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Main Combo:
You should always start off with Auto, W and Q. This will get you 3 stacks in 1.5 Seconds.
Auto Attack and use W to reset the auto time. After the slow from W use Q and walk back in with Stormraider's Movement Speed! GG WP SURRENDER AT 20

That side thing, I don't really have a name for this, let's call it the Ikori:
This is when you get 5 stacks on someone, and you flash into their team, while in the flash, do a triple front flip somersault and land on your nose, Q their team and press R 4 times.


So yeah.. that's how it goes!

Guide by Eli Pajo (EU West - Ikori)