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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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(6.8) Surprisingly Viable Jungle Lucian

Last updated on April 25, 2016
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Threat Champion Notes
Sejuani Sejuani, along with other champions similar to her (gragas, etc) can be bullied hard in the early game since your e can dodge their key CC abilities.
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Welcome to my Guide!

This is my first guide on this site, and there will be more to come based on the feedback and popularity these guides get.

I'm dankjungleguides, known as many things on the NA server. I like to jungle out of the meta, but in a viable sense. I'm always looking for strong, off meta picks to play, and jungle Lucian is probably my favourite, which is ironic, because I hate playing ADC.

I haven't been playing league for too long (1 1/2 years,) but peaked plat last season and am high Gold on my main account right now.

I'm really excited to share some fun and strong off-meta jungle picks with you guys that you can play successfully in both normals and ranked, and hope I get good feedback and views from this one to flare my passion for sharing these off meta picks :)

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Pros and Cons

-High mobility
-Great scaling
-Good early game bullying potential
-Decent ganks when well executed
-Great outplay potential
-Fun to play, especially with this build
-Can carry solo queue
-JG adc means more versatile comps

-High skill cap
-Squishy without steraks
-Weak if behind
-Kit is hard to get used to
-Not good with all comps

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Umm, Jungle Lucian? Wtf?

Lucian is more or less only an ADC champ. Well not really, since he's seen pro play in top and mid in the past. Anyways, he's never really been seen in the jungle, but is a decent pick that synergises well with the current JG adc build.

To further convince you guys this build is strong, I'll compare him to 'viable' other ADC JGs.

Graves: Both have burst damage with Q, a more or less useless ability in W, a dash in E which is reset by auto attacks, and an ult with massive damage if used correctly. Both also have lackluster ganks and fantastic clear. Lucian however trades the tankiness of graves for more DPS and mobility.

Quinn: Both have high damage in Q, a more or less non damaging ability in W, kiting and aggression power with E, and the main difference are the ults. Lucian has a damage+mobility ultimate while Quinn has an ult dedicated to roaming and map/gank pressure.

Builds: All 3 of these champs build more or less the same things.

So as you can see, Lucian seems pretty damn good when compared to other junglers, with that JG adc build, which he synergises well with since he scales well with armor pen, CDR and ability damage items.

Still not convinced? Here's Huni playing Lucian top in the LCS:

Yeah, they lost. Yeah, it's top not jungle. But Graves and Quinn lose too. And Graves and Quinn are viable both JG and top too. Oh, and he went a bit of a different build. More of an ADC build. That doesn't make the armor pen build bad, however. I still find my armor pen build to be better. Here's a Lucian top video, this time EU LCS, with Cabochard and the armor pen build:

And, vitality won. Maybe that's saying something? Or then again elements is a pretty weak team lol.

Either way, hopefully your convinced enough to try this build out. I will admit though, it is more fun that it is viable, but that's only because it's super fun.

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I explained the items in the 'Build order notes' for each of the builds, but most people miss them so I'll paraphrase them, get more in depth, and restate them here.

I kind of struggled with these, and to be honest, they really aren't core. Other zeal components can replace PD, and youmuus really isn't core as Maw will replace it more often than you expect. Overall I came up with this:

Build warrior into zeal into youmuus into PD,
unless of course you're considering one of the situational substitutes for youmuus or PD. NEVER get hunters potion. I really dislike the item as you're spending almost an entire kill's worth of gold for jungle sustain you really don't need on most champions, and this one especially.

Also looking at other JG items, Trackers sucks on a carry like Lucian, and stalkers is just lackluster compared to the duelling power of skirmishers. Also, emphasis on the no Hunter's potion item. It sucks, especially on champs with good clear like Lucian. Seriously. Consider Maw over Youmuus second if enemy AP is snowballing.

Lucian JG has a very diverse build path. Almost every game there will be at least one change to your full build. Here's what I overall recommend for the items though:

For last two items I usually get Steraks and Deaths dance, but if the enemy has heavy CC, go for scimitar or little single target damage Bloodthirster for lifesteal. If the enemy is stacking a ton of armor, consider one LW item. If the enemy has a lot of AP, Maw is a great option over youmuus, and can also substitute steraks if you don't need tankiness. Duskblade can also substitute Steraks, but generally I don't get it. One lifesteal item is more or less required, but sometimes I don't get one. Shiv and rapidfire are situational replacements for PD, depending on what you need. Cleaver is a steraks substitute, and is pretty good, but don't overpower your CDR cap.

To emphasise on when to get what, I'll give matchups.
5/0, no fed enemy AP? Duskblade > Steraks.
Team with heavy AOE (Ori, Malphite, Morg, Sivir, Graves)? BT > steraks.
Getting focused down by hard CC, from champs like Taric, Annie, Maokai? Scimitar.
Champs with threatening engage, and you really need range? Rapidfire > PD.
Want AOE dmg and more burst over duel potential when facing AOE and heavy backline teams? Shiv>PD
Tanky *** enemies building armor, or Full AD ally team? LW item > Steraks
Mother. ****ing. Mundo (or other heavy heal champs)? Mortal Reminder > Steraks
Ahead, and want a middle ground offensive substitute for steraks? Make sure you got non-CDR boots or no youmuus or no deaths dance, and Cleaver > Steraks.

That's pretty much it for that. The more you play JG Lucian, the more you'll get the hang of and experience the power of building creatively.

I'll be honest. I almost never get any of these. But they're damn fun. A few of them are viable and situational, however. My description below is pretty much all I need to explain what to build when:
BOTRK is situational, but the most viable out of these bunch. If enemies are stacking health, and you want more attack speed, go for it over Deaths Dance. Frozen Mallet is a decent substitute for steraks if you want to kite over survive, but I rarely get it, and only if i'm ahead. Banshees I don't like because I think maw is just a better option, but at times can be useful. IE only if you're REALLY ahead and need to hypercarry, and as a sub for steraks. Runaans is super situational and works best if you go for frozen mallet, but I rarely get it. The rest of these items are pretty ****, and I would only build them in normals or if my team stupidly ahead.

Overall, aside from BOTRK, IE, Mallet, and sort of runaans, all other items kinda suck and aren't viable in ranked. But go wild if your team is dominating, and you aren't gonna throw, since most of these are actually pretty strong.


Pretty Simple. TL;DR: Lucidity, or Mercs if you want tenacity, and swiftness if ur building 40% CDR in your full build, Never. Berserkers.

Mostly I get CDR boots, but when the enemy has heavy CC and I'm not building Maw I sometimes go mercs. Swiftness are a decent overall pick, but I usually don't get them. Many of you will wonder about Berserkers, and my answer is they aren't good because there are so many better options. Furor is for kiting, alacrity is for overall movespeed. It's usually a 50/50 with these.

It's all confusing at first, and just go with your personal experience and intelligence on what to build when. I recommend watching pro play to see what is viable to build at what time, and listening to casters. It's where I get most of my experience from. The more you play a champ, the better you become at seeing the difference in builds and knowing what to build when. Practice, practice, practice!

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No surprises here with the order. Same as Lucian ADC. But hey, I won't waste a page for you, so lets get in detail with abilities!

Q: Combined with Lightslinger, your main source of burst. Mid game with a bit or armor pen and the AD from your items will deal surprisingly huge damage. Use whenever early game, but keep passive reset in mind, and late game only use to hit multiple targets or to reset passive. Also, keep in mind the abilities potential. Look for minions to shoot to finish off champions, since the ability range is twice as far as the cast range. Make sure you hit as many minions as possible when clearing.

W: It's a passive reset. Nothing more. After getting PD, don't use it mostly, since usually you'll be using Q, auto attacking, or using E, or even R. Early game though can be useful for duelling because of that passive reset.

E: Love the ability. Mobility, Kiting potential, Passive and auto reset that resets from passive. Use it more or less whenever necessary, to reset your auto attack timer, kite, or to just get a passive reset. Keep the AA reset mechanic in mind though. Can be the difference between a kill and not a kill or even a death in the early game.

R: When used well, is damn powerful. Late game a full culling channel should wipe out a squishy and a half. It lives up to it's name, that's for sure. Use it when kiting to get free damage on champions that don't have their mobility spells up or in their kits, or to finish off kills, or maybe even to help your lanes push in (don't take CS unless it's tax though.)

Flash: Bonus for you! Always have flash on the F key. F is for flash :)

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Pretty straightforward. AD burst masteries. Lucian JG is pretty much that, but just in ADC form. These are the runes both Graves and Quinn JG use too.

Now, I like to make sure alternative options are there when necessary, no matter how little the viability. I, however, rarely change the runes. If I do though, it's like this:

Scaling Armor: If you're going warlords, go for it. The problem is it takes way from early JG clear, maybe too much, but warlords compensates.

Flat MR: Why? I don't know. I very rarely go this. But if the enemy is heavy on AP and you feel like you need some more early-mid game MR, might as well.

Attack Speed: Nah. Don't. Lucian JG is a marksman, not an ADC. He's like an AD caster, or even assassin, with an ADC niche. Like a more AA focused Varus with more mobility. You don't need these. Armor pen is way better, especially in the early game.

Scaling/Flat Health: If the enemy has no AP, might as well go for it over the scaling MR.

Yeah that's more or less it. If you have one rune page for this guy, that should be all you need really, since this pick should be situational in drafts anyways. But hey, there are other options, so they're there.

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Also pretty straightforward. Covered these for the most part in the description of them.

Strength of the Ages isn't bad but fervor is just so good right now. Sometimes I get strength if my team doesn't need much more dmg. Warlords bloodlust is good for sustain, but after getting your jg item becomes mostly useless against minions (especially with recent nerfs), and giving up the fervor champion damage is just too good most of the time.

Another option is maybe thunderlords? Better early ganks, and I have gone before with tolerable results. Overall though it's really not that good compared to the other options.

When picking your keystone, don't look at all 3. Look at fervor, and only if you REALLY feel that another keystone is good, then go for it. Just know that late game fervor can be 10-20% of your damage output on a champion. Not kidding, read death recap sometimes.

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I put some descriptions for matchups above. I recommend you check them out, so you know how aggressive you can be, because early game is a big part of Lucian's power. Knowing your limits and capabilities can be really useful and make the early game more fun. Just know that Sejuani and Xin are not referencing themselves individually, but champions of similar concepts (High DPS and Duelling potential but lack of mobility+tanks with mobile CC that can miss respectively.)There are stated exceptions, however.

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Conclusion, and Thanks for reading my guide!

Hey, you made it through my guide! Thanks for reading! As a conclusion, Lucian JG is a surprisingly viable JG ADC pick with high early game bullying potential, and great late game scaling too. When executed well, has good early clear as well. He has a high skillcap, and great outplay potential. Knowing your capabilities can play a big role in your impact.

Just wanted to say thanks for reading. I get that this guide is dull and boring, but I'm hoping the detail and information compensates for that, and hey, it's my first guide, so bear with me as I settle in to the art of making champion guides!

If there are any grammar issues or things you suggest I add or remove to the guide, please do leave some feedback and constructive criticism. Both are strongly appreciated.

More off-meta yet viable guides like this to come, especially if it gets good reviews and feedback. Thanks once again, and have an awesome day! :D