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Quinn Build Guide by gladiatorrr4

Top diamond

62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 10.12 SEASON 10!

By gladiatorrr4 | Updated on June 20, 2020
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Runes: ALWAYS a good choice!

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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Aggresive Laning
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #18 in
Top Lane
Win 54%
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Ability Order W - attackspeed & kite max (recommended)

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Champion Build Guide

62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 10.12 SEASON 10!

By gladiatorrr4
Who am i?
I'm a Diamond Quinn onetrick, with over 800.000 points on her. I'm currently Diamond 2 with a peak of Master.
I've got 62% Winrate in 300+ games with Quinn.

Also: Check out QuinnAD's stream and videos! You won't regret

He's been helping me a lot recently and i did improve a lot watching his streams and videos.
He is a Grandmaster Quinn onetrick and also answers lots of Questions during streaming. Just ask away. Shout out to ma boi QuinnAD.

I hope this guide will help you guys in certain matchups! :D

Have fun, Chris!
Playing against Squishy's Back to Top
If you play against a team full with "oneshotable" targets, you can stack pure Leathlity into crit or just full crit (Infinity Edge + 3x cloak for example). You want to burst your targets pretty quickly. Check out the recomended item build:"play against squishy's" above!
Don't forget that you want Stormrazor! It's a great item since preseason hit the live servers.
Playing against Tanks/bruiser Back to Top
I'd recommend you Phaserush if you are playing against tanky enemies. (For example: Darius, Garen, Nasus, Olaf, Mordekaiser, Riven...)
Also, rushing Blade of the ruined king, is really good against all tanks. You'll sustain the lane easier and you can go for good trades. If they get too close, you can use the active to slow them down.
Quinn's early Back to Top
Try to play as aggressive as you can. Watch out on the enemy jungler.
You can bully early pretty good with Quinn. Try to reach your lvl 2 Powerspike before your enemy does. This will give you pressure on lane.

Buy Control wards to get more vision on your lane. You don't want to be ganked and losing your pressure.

If you can't do anything on lane, try to roam. You will be surprised how often you will have success with roams.
Roaming and Scouting Back to Top
Once you reach level 6, you should look for a back to get some items.
If your lane is pushed in, you can try to roam towards midlane or botlane.
You can also try to scout the enemy jungle to check where their jungler is.
This will allow your jungle to track their jungler down.
it will make ganks and rotations more obvious if you know his position.

You should always be aware of jungler and warn your mates!
Splitpushing or Teamfights Back to Top
Quinn is doing really good in flanks when it comes to teamfights.
Wait for your team (or theirs) to open up a teamfight. Try to get to their backline and destroy them. Watch out on their team eventually turning on you once you're in.

Quinn can also be used to splitpush lanes. You can apply a lot pressure to lanes, and you'll even get away with your R - Behind enemy lines.
Watch out on their team moving towards you, once you show up on a lane in later stages of the game.
Keep the lanes under pressure! Eventually you can go for picks then.
Try to make picks! Back to Top
If you are ahead, try to make picks on their team. For example their Adc is botlane while his complete team is either midlane or topside.
You can hunt everyone down. Apply presssure to all lanes in later stages of the game.
One pick can be the reason your enemys lose an important fight.
Don't tilt! Back to Top
Even if you fall behind, you can make everything up with Roams on the right times.
Tilting somebody in your team won't help anyways.
Also you shouldn't be mad at yourself. You lose some and you Quinn some.
Tips n' Tricks Back to Top
Use your E - Vault to cancel your autoattack animation. Your atuoattack will do damage. No worries.

Try to get for poke with your passive Harrier.

Your Q - Blinding Assault does AoE damage. You can hit it on minions for poke aswell.

You can also use E - Vault to get over walls when positioned properly. (Sounds like some easy escape if you aske me)

Your E - Vault can also interrupt channels or jumps like: Karthus R, Katarina R, Jax Q, Rengar passive and Ultimate Jump! You can do a lot with it!

I really hope i was able to help you out when playing Quinn, my favourite champion.
Anyways guys, see you on the Rift!
Thanks for reading! Back to Top
If you've made it to that point, i really want to say thank you for checking out my guide.
Leave comments if you've got anything to ask or other things, i'll reply pretty soon to them! Make sure to tell me, what you've liked on the guide, and what i could have done better. Always looking to improve my little guide here!

In hope you could learn anything, Quinnpin!
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